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David Farrant Talk for The Secret Chiefs

Since 1973 David Farrant has given hundreds of talks for libraries, Pagan groups, lecture circles, and national conferences and events. He currently gives around 8 talks per year, many of which are for private member organisations and are not advertised or open to the public.  Most talks take place in London, and we know from feedback that this is frustrating for people in other parts of the country.  Because of this the B.P.O.S. film talks whenever possible, and you can watch some of these and check out photographs and other coverage below. 


Upcoming Events and Talks

Watch this space for upcoming Talks in Spring 2015!


Write-ups and films of some past Talks


Della Farrant ‘Haunted Highgate’ Book Launch

WHEN: Hallowe’en 2014


FOR: The ball and chain! This is an invite only event.

Muswell Hill Geisterfest Thumbnail

The Muswell Hill Geisterfest 2014

WHEN: Hallowe’en 2014 – Friday 31st October from 4pm

AT: O’Neills, The Broadway, Muswell Hill N10

FOR: Muswell Hill Traders Association / All People All Places Homelessness charity


Written in Blood

Paul Adams ‘Written in Blood’ Book Launch

WHEN: 10th July 2014

AT: The King & Queen, Foley St., Fitzrovia, London

FOR: Paul Adams in association with The Spooky Isles

London Haunts and Horrors

The Highgate Vampire : Fact or Fiction?

WHEN: 23rd September 2013

AT: The Green public house in Islington, London

FOR: London Haunts and Horrors, with David Saunderson of The Spooky Isles

ASSAP Seriously Strange 2013

The Highgate Vampire Revisited

WHEN: 7th September 2013

AT: The University of Bath

FOR: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) Seriously Strange conference

Gatehouse Highgate

Gatehouse Hallowe’en Event 2012

WHEN: October 2012

AT: The haunted Gatehouse tavern, Highgate

FOR: North London Paranormal Investigations (N.L.P.I.)

Pendle Witch Camp logo

Pendle Witch Camp 2012

WHEN:  Summer Solstice 2012

AT:  A field near Pendle Hill!

FOR:  Pendle Witch Camp organised by Ade Lord


The Secret Chiefs August 2011

WHEN:  15th August 2011

AT: The Devereux Arms, Temple, London

FOR:  The Secret Chiefs Pagan Moot

David Farrant In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire cover

In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire Book Launch

WHEN: April 2009

AT: Muswell Hill Bookshop

FOR: David Farrant for once!