Even More Bizarre . . .

Its been so quiet today, which is only to be expected I suppose with the holiday. Not that I haven’t been busy. Most of the text in the new book is done now – just some references and some pictures to sort out. But those can come last.

Few emails and PM’s as usual. Nothing special but a couple more book orders for the last one. Who said people don’t want my books!? I suppose I should thank those people who have given me such bad publicity in the recent past, because it has increased peoples’ interest to know what actually happened. So thank you both! You’ve both been helping my book sales! Sold about 50 too date (or got definite orders for them, which isn’t bad since the 23 of February!

If it goes on like this, I’ll have to get another few thousand published for next year.

There’s not much other news. As I said, its been fairly quiet.

I had to laugh a little while ago at something I wrote. Something I had forgotten I’d written but I only remembered it as I was reading through.

I was quoting a passage that somebody put up on an old Message Board informing some ‘religious’ bigot of some ‘great scandal’ (involving myself. who else!) that she wanted published. (Well, more than that, she was inviting him to publish it!). Strange how the human mind works sometimes. Seem to remember one of her previous persistant words . . . “Always”. Which makes the whole thing even more bizarre!

Going to open a good bottle of wine soon. Been working a bit too intensely maybe, and could do with a break.

So for now everyone,


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