I really don’t like this cold weather. Its really too cold to go out (unless I really have to) and inside my flat is not much better. Its not exactly helped by the state of the house, but that problem is in the process of being sorted out. But in the meantime, there is no choice but to endure it.

My writing is coming along well though; that takes priority whatever the weather. The finished books will be well worth the effort. I will certainly be sending a few advance copies to faithful people who have been emailing me, but most people will have to wait until the official release date. We have already got several large outlets lined up, so you see, it is really ‘all go’!

That reminds me, I got an official acknowledgement from the British Library this morning for the comic book (which has 24 pages incidentally, not 12 as has been erroneously stated on an Amazon review), some two months after it was lodged. All the other University Libraries sent acknowledgement receipts within a week or two, but the BL is notoriously slow.

Still, its nice at least that all my books have been catalogued now.

Well, I did intend to open a beer not long before I started this, but the temperature seems to have dropped even more now so think I’ll give that a miss. Beer is just not enjoyable when its really cold. Might have a hot whiskey though. Simple to make really. Just whiskey, ginger wine heated and mixed with a slice of lemon and a little honey. And no, I haven’t got a cold – but I am COLD!

Still ‘cold hands, warm heart’ as the old saying goes! (If you forget all the gossip, I am quite a soft person really!).

For the moment,


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