It a good job I made no commitments to write here every day as there is just some days I just don’t really feeling like writing, and today is one of them days! Nothing has really happened of any interest and I don’t want to bore people with mundane things; such as’ what the weather was like or what I had for breakfast (speaking metaphorically here as I rarely eat breakfast, and in any event, I slept right through it!).

Suppose there was one thing from my point of view as an author (and people interested in the ongoing Highgate ‘vampire’ case).

Got personal confirmation from France yesterday about the publication on a new book there being published in October. Yes, I know what’s in it but this is an independent work so I can’t say now. Except maybe much of it is about myself, and they’re using a load of photographs both old and new. Any other people included? Yes, and that’s going to be the funny part! But I’ll mention that nearer the time; in fact, much nearer the time to avoid any ‘complications’!

But aside from that, I’ll just have to leave this as a ‘boring post’. Least its not too long!


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