• David Farrant circa 1980

  • Over the years David Farrant has contributed a prolific number of articles to magazines, forums and journals, on matters metaphysical and paranormal.  A selection are available below, with more to be added in the coming months.  If you have an idea for a fresh article, would like to see one which you have read in the past, or would like to suggest a new article for your publication or online magazine, please get in touch using the CONTACT FORM.


    Vampires – Fact or Fiction?

    This article first appeared in The Camden Journal  on May 5th 1972, a  (then) sister paper of the Hornsey Journal.

    The Black History of Highgate

    This article was first published in The Islington Gazette on September 29th 1972.

    Magic or just Mumbo Jumbo?

    First published in The Islington Gazette 22nd June 1972.

    The Golden Age of Wicca

    This article was first published in 1995 in Dutch vampirologist Rob Brautigam’s magazine International Vampire.

    Is Robin Hood’s Ghost Really at Rest?

    This article first appeared on The Book of  Thoth (2005)and Supernatural World websites and has been republished on “Ghosts UK”.

    So What Are Ghosts?

    This article was originally published online in 2004.

    Veiled Existence

    This article was first published on the website of Fortean Times magazine in 2004.

    Ghosts and Legends – Some Interesting Cases

    This article by David Farrant was first published in the August 1987 edition of The Unknown magazine, edited by Ruth Macarthur. This magazine, much like Beyond magazine, specialised in the reporting of unusual and inexplicable phenomenon across the globe.

    Mystery of the Monster Cats

    This article first appeared in Take a Break magazine in 1991

    They Come By Night

    Adapted from the book Dark Journey by David Farrant (2004)

    King Arthur and Cadbury Castle

    First published in The Unknown magazine, April 1987.

    The Black Monk of Llanddeiniolen

    Printed in the Caernarvon and Denbigh Herald, May 1984

    The Hooded Spectre of Netley Abbey

    Published in The Unknown Magazine, June 1987