Another Thing Entirely

Do you know, its almost 3 days into the New Year, and I haven’t really noticed the time go.  I mean, it seems to have dragged a bit over these past couple of holiday weeks, but apart from that, ‘time’ really hasn’t gone anywhere.  Don’t want to get too ‘over-philosophical’ here, but ‘time’ has never really meant a great deal to me.  For example, people say ‘its Christmas Day’, when to me it might be just an ordinary Friday.  The only difference is, you seem to notice that everything has come to a ‘standstill’; no transport or hardly any shops open, and so on.  But to me, it just remains (or remained) just one more weekday – I guess the only difference being just how people treat it.

 For most people, Christmas I a sign of ‘Goodwill’, and that’s one of its major assets: there’s nothing wrong with that, but then, why cannot people show such Goodwill  and hospitality towards each other, every other day of the year, is what I really feel inclined to ask?

 Fascinating question, I guess, but as yet nobody has really given me any answer!

 Anyway, regarding more material things, my writing has been going well.  One draw-back has been the cold, and it has certainly kept me stranded indoors when it has been icy. 

 But all in all, I’m not complaining and the next edition of my autobiography is coming along well despite all that!  (It WILL be finished soon Yolande, so don’t worry about that!).

 But I just wish it wasn’t so cold!  Still cold never lasts forever; at least, as long as cold temperatures are concerned.  ‘Cold spirits’ or other such afflictions in human nature, are another thing entirely!


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