David Farrant on French Television 2008

Got a bit colder even, but I think London’s going to escape any serious snow.  Which is just as well really as I find it pretty difficult to walk on ice or slush.  Well, at least my injured back is consistent now, and doesn’t give me any pain.  In fact, it hardly ever has done (except when I had the initial fall back in 2000) but its somehow affected my foot.  Anyway, its only really a problem if I run out of stuff (thanks Semera for thinking of me I appreciate that),   but I’ve always got the telephone.

 Phone call from my friend in Paris last night.  Apparently that French TV thing I did in 2008 has been repeated again.  It seems the French public are fascinated by the Highgate vampire case and just can’t get enough of it.  Must get over and visit my friend in Paris; especially now I’ve had an invitation.  But it wont be until the late Spring or Summer now  Thanks Odette, and of course we’ll stay in contact in the meantime.

 Actually, I’ve been thing for some time now about my autobiography translated in to French.  Well I am well known there (at least in connection with the Highgate thing) and a large part of my book deals with my travels in France, Italy and Spain.  Problem is, the book is some 275 pages and my French is not that good, so it would have to be commissioned by a French publisher who would take on all that work.  Still, I’m seriously thinking about it  We’ll see.

 Anyway, just thought it about time I wrote another Blog.  Things have been frenetic on the Supernatural World. Forum, and I’ve had to deal with things there, so this is not an excuse.

 For now everyone

 David Farrant

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