3 Blogs In A Few Hours!

Well, its a good job that Court thing is out of the way.  I did win it as I’ve said, but don’t think I’ll risk putting up the newspaper report yet until Karen can get it sorted out for me.

 I said there was some other news . . . and there is.  But that can wait ’till next time as its a bit complex.

 Basically, its about further filming; and so I can’t really give too much away at the moment anyway.  But I will once its been completed.

 In the meantime, I really must catch up on some sleep soon.  I pretty resilient, but even us ‘witches’ (if you believe the Press) have our limitations.

So really that’s all now until Sunday.

 No doubt that blasted Cat will be meaowing again soon on the replies; but that just makes for a normal head-ache!

 Take care everyone, and do post if you want to. Its just as easy to answer here as it is to send emails; unless its personal, of course,

 For now,


  • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

    -“that blasted Cat”

    This blasted cat has heard a rumour that bonky is advertising for a free solicitor to press a legal case against your mate the radio show host from the USA. Is it true, or is this more Brighouse Drama?

    • reply David Farrant ,

      I saw some asine post myself to this effect, but I honestly can’t remember where now, except that it was by ‘him’.

      I wouldn’t imagine Don is exactly ‘quaking in his shoes’ about this though.

      Ecrything that he has been sayibg sayingis true!


      • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

        -“Ecrything that he has been sayibg sayingis true”

        Must have been quite a piss up last night.

        • reply Columbine ,

          A free solicitor? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! He’ll be lucky!

          • reply David Farrant ,

            Hi Columbine,

            I guess he means on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

            That’ll be funny alright because he hasn’t even got any case!

            ‘Suppose if nothing else, all the silly antics provide some amusememt!


            • reply Columbine ,

              What’s happened to ‘Michael Thane’, then? Has he been ‘sacked’?

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