June 2020

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse June 2020

Hi all, this is Della.

Thinking of those of you are working with tonight’s Full Moon and eclipse, for positive ends. 20.24PM seem optimal for those of us in London depending of course upon what you are working – and especially for those us close to some of the highest natural points. Support flowing from myself especially to a friend who has been struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic and has been planning around this night for some time – you know who you are.

For inspiration, here’s a pic of a full moon which is not eclipsed, with the shade of David Farrant looming over Highgate Woods (view from our front room). It was mocked up by a friend for their own amusement but I thought some might enjoy it although it has no astronomical accuracy!

Moon Over Muswell

Some other exciting events over the next few nights:

June 8: Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter.

June 9: Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn.

Best wishes,