December 2015

2016 APPROACHETH . . .

Well, the New Year is nearly here, and once the crazy celebrations are out of the way tomorrow, we hope to catch up on some long over-due news items.  There are already at least 3 pre-recorded films of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case scheduled for release by independent Film Companies and Broadcasters, although I am  limited to what I can say about these until they  have been made public.  I would love to be able to tell you: but alas, I can’t being bound by contract.  But you will not be disappointed, I can assure you of that!

And then,of course, there are the two remaining episodes from The Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 which will be uploaded for you in the next few weeks. (Just ‘Watch this Space’, as they say!).  Really the Symposium films should have been completed by now as all the episodes have now been filmed and are just ‘waiting to go’!  Unfortunately, as many of you know by now,  a certain ‘Bonky person’  took exception to the Truth coming out and tried to suppress the coverage as this didn’t suit his frivolous ‘vampire story’   But it didn’t work and so people will be free to watch the whole film saga in just a few weeks. It appeared the person just got tired of playing with his Hornby train set in his bungalow and wanted to spoil the enjoyment of others,, not least by releasing photographs of himself stuffing down his displayed Christmas dinner and surrounded by cheap Christmas decorations instead!  (All photographed for self-publicity and some sympathetic effect, of course!).

But anyway, life goes on, and we do hope that you can join us all for the New Year, and perhaps take solace in the more serious issues that life has to offer!

Happy New Year when this inevitably comes now the day after tomorrow . . .


We can do the looking, all you have to do is the reading! Happy 2016 David Farrant
We can do the looking, all you have to do is the reading! Happy 2016 David Farrant






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Seven hours into Boxing Day and it’s all so quiet. A solitary car passed by about half an hour ago but the birds had not woken up yet in darkened Highgate Wood across the road; only a lone fox could be heard barking intermittently from its sleeping confines.

But all in all it was a very quiet day . . . at least from a ‘physical’ point of view of having to expend energy on socialising or entertaining guests. There weren’t any! We had just decided to have an uneventful Christmas day instead.

In fact, things have been very hectic of late, although perhaps not quite as bad as events leading up to The Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 which took place last July. That involved a lot of organization and work but, after all’s said and done, it was a huge success and well worth it. The whole thing was successfully filmed throughout its 7 hours of sessions, but ‘unofficially’ it went on much longer than that as speaker Patsy Langley led an hour and a half long “Ghost Walk” around Highgate and the borders of its famous cemetery afterwards and, after that, quite a few people came back to my Highgate-based home for further discussion.

There are approximately 3 sessions left now, and these will be especially interesting ones: we have Carrie Kirkpatrick, a local TV producer and presenter from Highgate who is well acquainted with the area and has participated in Pagan ceremonies in mysterious Queens Woods; ex-Highgate Cemetery tour guide Samantha Perrin who runs an Internet site devoted to research into the history of The Magnificent Seven and its slumbering occupants – including Highgate Cemetery. In the following session we also have paranormal author John Fraser, a longstanding member of three of the oldest paranormal research organisations in the UK (the SPR, The Ghost Club and ASSAP) sitting with American Broadcaster Gareth Davies, Founder of Mindset Central, and author and parapsychologist, Andy Mercer, whose writings and research into the paranormal and the Occult have appeared in his many published articles and books.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the final two or three Symposium sessions when these are put up, but they’ll be advertised well in advance on line so you don’t miss them.

All the best from Della and myself for the coming new year.

David (Farrant).



I expect most of you will have heard by now (especially those who have been following the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga over years) that the current video from the Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015, “The Vampire Theory” Part 2, was suspended by You Tube recently following a complaint made by one Patrick Sean Manchester again myself for ‘copyright infringement’. Mr Manchester insisted that he had undertaken Court action and demanded the permanent removal of this session while Court proceedings were pending. This would have a perfectly reasonable request . . . if true. The only problem was – it wasn’t! While it is true that Mr Manchester made the complaint cited above, it is NOT true that Mr Manchester had instigated any legal action to substantiate his complaint against myself and was therefore unable to supply any evidence to YouTube to the effect he had done so.

Accordingly, the video was restored on December 10th and people are now able to view it at

should they wish to do so (it is approximately 58 mins in length).

The Symposium was compered by publisher Paul Adams of Limbury Press, and the Speakers in this session included: author and paranormal researcher Jon Kaneko-James; Patricia Langley, whose book The Highgate Vampire Casebook caused quite a furore among esoteric circles upon its publication in 2007 and Dr. Jacqueline Simpson the former Secretary of the Folklore Society whose book Lore of the Land [2005] contained a detailed chapter on the so called Highgate ‘vampire’ case. I was also invited to give my humble opinion on some of the evidence presented to the Speakers during this session.

Some of this related ‘evidence’ was screened for the audience to see and was directly relevant to what the panels of expert witnesses had volunteered to discuss. Invariably this basically involved the published affirmations of some other people to the Media – including authors such as the late Peter Underwood – that the long-sighted apparition or ‘ghost’ witnessed at Highgate Cemetery was in reality a ‘blood-sucking ‘vampire’!

This latter point, of course, was one of the main objectives for holding the Symposium; to finally allow a team of experts to sift through the available evidence and decide how much of this was reliable in suggesting some ‘vampiric entity’ (or similar) could have been a possible causation for many of the ghostly sightings.

The Symposium proper lasted for approximately 7 hours, and by the end of this time, most people present – including the audience – concluded that while something had undoubtedly been witnessed in and around Highgate Cemetery (indeed, was still being witnessed) there was no real evidence to point to ‘vampires’ apart from earlier years in the cemetery’s history when in the late 1960s and early 1970s Hammer Horror Films had used the cemetery to film some of their most famous ‘Dracula films’. The rest was really just history – and fictional history at that!

David Farrant, President, British Psychic and Occult Society.