November 2015

David Farrant (c) Gareth Davies Mind Set Central


David Farrant (c) Gareth Davies Mind Set Central
David Farrant (c) Gareth Davies Mind Set Central

Don’t worry everyone – I’m still here! But I have been kept pretty busy lately, hence no recent Blogs. Just to announce really that Part 2 of the Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015, The Vampire Theory, has now been released.

Guests include paranormal author and researcher Patsy Langley and folklorist Jacqueline Simpson, both of whom continue to discuss the Highgate ‘Vampire’ case. Compere Paul Adams and myself also discuss the actual evidence available for the alleged existence of a blood-sucking vampire in and around Highgate Cemetery. Enjoy everyone!

As I’ve said before, the complete 7 hour session (Sunday July 19th, 1-8pm) was professionally filmed, although the day proved to be much longer than that with Patsy Langley leading a Highgate Ghost Walk after 8pm and many guests and Speakers coming back to my ‘humble abode’ afterwards. All in all, it was a VERY long day. And still on the Monday morning, people were calling in to say their goodbyes.

One of these was Gareth Davies (from (Mindset Central fame) who was one of the Speakers at the Symposium, and his brother Richard. We all had some coffee (or maybe tea – I really can’t remember). Gareth was due to head back to Los Angeles a few days later and wanted to put a short interview with myself about the Symposium on film to take back to America. Well, that was fine by me – the exhaustion of the previous five months arranging all the details for the event with Della, finally being over. Here is the interview again if anybody missed it on my Facebook Profile page (about 20 minutes).

Well, hope you enjoy the late ‘catch up/s’ – although not really so late as there’s still two more filmed sessions to release for you all and this current one was only released 2 days ago.


David Farrant.