January 2014

Patsy Langley Paranormal Lives (1) – Presented by Jeremy Evans

Jeremy Evans, centre, at his meeting with David Farrant and Patsy Langley (fourth from right) at the Olde Gatehouse Occult Convention Oct 2012 (c) NLPI

Just before Christmas 2012, I gave an interview for Jeremy Evans who ran a Website called Paranormal Lives.  I, in fact, first met Jeremy the previous October, at The Old Gatehouse pub in Highgate where I’d been giving a filmed Talk on ghosts and the Highgate ‘vampire’, and he asked me  afterwards if I would agree to be interviewed for his Website.  I published this two part interview with myself here in June last year

This interview was published Paranormal Lives in two parts beginning early in January 2013 and titled simply “Interview with David Farrant”. .

Also present at this October Talk was medium Patsy Langley giving her own Talk on the Highgate Vampire.  Patsy had published  a book on the Highgate case in 2007, “The Highgate Vampire Casebook”, but Jeremy was especially interested to interview her for his Website to learn a little more about her background and those factors in her life that had led her to being trained as a medium. She was interviewed by a colleague of Jeremy’s,  Larry Ferguson, who went to interview Patsy at her home in Feltham and this was accordingly published on Paranormal Lives.

As these interviews had been received quite well on that Website, I decided to release them again on The Human Touch, for the benefit of any who might have missed their original publication. They are, after all, really timeless in origin and some shrouded past events may perhaps become clearer if viewed with a more up to date perspective.

Anyway enjoy everyone.  Part 2 of Patsy’s interview will follow in a couple of days.  Just as I had been influenced by my mother’s deep involvement in Spiritualism; so Patsy as well, may have had her path shaped through her own involvement in Spiritualism.

David Farrant.

Patricia Langley: Origins

January 23, 2013 by Paranormal Lives

Patricia Langley is a medium, paranormal investigator and a part-time author. She also trains new mediums, runs circles and offers spiritual advice. Patricia is a member of the British Psychic and Occult Society, and the Spiritualists’ National Union. Outside of her life in the paranormal, she has studied geology and earth sciences and works full-time as an assistant accountant.

In the first of two interviews, Larry Ferguson speaks to Patricia about the origins of her interest in the paranormal.

Q. When did you first become interested in the paranormal?

Well I can’t say exactly when, but I know that I was a very small child. When I was probably about two years old we lived in a big old house in Brentford, and I’m sure there was something in that house. I used to see odd white forms on the stairs and I was quite frightened by it.

I was always writing stories at school about ghosts and phantoms. And if there were spooky films on television, I would always be interested in watching them even though I was young. This has carried on through the years and as I’ve got older the more interested I’ve become.

Q. Is the paranormal just about ghosts, or is it more than that?

It’s more than that. Much of the time it’s the sensing of others – it’s the sensing of other people, living people. It’s about living sentient beings creating an energy that another sentient being can certainly pick up on, and it doesn’t have to be humans either. Lots of animals, especially insects, pick up on this, and one finds this when there’s lots of earth energy.

Being trained as a geologist, I know that before an earthquake or volcanic eruption happens there’s lots of paranormal phenomena experienced beforehand – animals behaving in odd ways, people seeing and sensing things before an eruption or a tsunami. And that can be construed as paranormal where it’s beyond the normal. In normal daily life they wouldn’t experience it.

Q. For somebody to experience ghosts, do you have to believe in them, the paranormal or the supernatural? Do you have to in some way be predisposed to that?

It helps, but not necessarily. Some hardened sceptics I’ve known who would not countenance belief in ghosts or the paranormal whatsoever have had experiences that they just cannot explain. It certainly helps if you have an open mind.

Q. Is the paranormal more powerful than religion – or religious belief?

It depends on how powerful one’s religious belief is. Speaking as a medium, as a Christian who believes in God, I would say that certainly if it came down on one side or the other, the sensing of spirits and the seeing of ghosts – the paranormal – would trump anyone’s religion.

Q. You train mediums, run circles and offer spiritual advice – tell us a bit about that.

Some people come and see mediums if there’s some kind of crisis in their lives. I would never offer a spiritual reading to someone who is vulnerable. I would ask them to get some counselling, work through that first and then come back. If they still want to have some spiritual advice I would normally start with a reading, but I’d’d ask them why they want a reading, what they think they will get out of it.

I tell them that there is no guarantee of success that the person they wish to speak to, if they are bereaved for example, that they will actually get through to them in the spirit world. A reading with a medium is and should be a total spiritual experience so that whole spiritual energy envelops the medium, the sitter and the spirits coming through.

Training mediums, that’s a bit more difficult. It depends on why someone wants to be a medium. I’ve had people come in my circle and say I want to be famous, I want to end up on the television, I want to be like Derek Acorah. That’s totally the wrong reason. Most people will come and say they want to be a medium because they’ve had an experience – they’ve either been seeing ghosts, want some direction or want to know more about it.

We would start off with meditation, getting to know that person, followed by weekly meetings. Sometimes that person will go on to work with the general public, sometimes they won’t. It all depends on why they want to be a medium. Sometimes they want to help people; sometimes they just want it for themselves.

Q. And what was involved in your own training to become a medium?

The training involves deep thinking, deep breathing. Meditation forms a lot of being a medium – getting vibration right, practising, lots and lots of practising when you are reaching out to the spirit world. I would sit in a restaurant and look at a person and try to pick up their guide and what the guide was telling me about the person. We were told to do lots and lots of leg work like that to sharpen our skills.

Q. Does this take a number of years?

It depends on the person. Some people can do it in a couple of years, some people can do it in six months, others can take many years.

Coming soon: Patsy Langley’s guide to investigating the paranormal


He Heard A New World …

Joe Meek in 1966; photo copyright David Peters

All been fairly peaceful after the long holidays.  In fact, its 6.30 in the morning now, and all is pleasantly quiet.  No cars or buses – that will all start in a couple of hours,  with the stir of human existence;  just to remind you, they’re not really all dead – they’ve just been sleeping.  Problem is, I’m not really tired right now; just taking advantage of the quietness.

So what of any relevant news?  Well, I was pleased to learn earlier today (or was it yesterday?) that the new film “A Life in the Death of Joe Meek” directed by Los Anglers based, Howard Berger,  is still all on schedule and apparently getting some good reviews in America where a pre-release has been shown to some selected audiences over there.  The film tells the story of the Life of Joe Meek, the creative Rock Icon of the 1960’s of Telstar fame, the start of a series of major hits that topped the charts leading up to his tragic death in early 1967.  Fame caught up with Joe very quickly: in fact, so quickly that his success somewhat obscured his fame in later life, and caused some conflict among his associates in the music industry.  Some of these were opposed to the new sound he had introduced . . . or was it perhaps because this ‘over-night boy’ had hit upon success too quickly to please the acceptance of  his old style  contemporaries?  That is perhaps another story, and might best be left for explanation in Howard’s film when it hits our screens in the near future.

I first met Joe in the early to mid 1960’s.  He lived fairly close to my Highgate home in a small flat he was renting in Holloway.

Looking back at it all now, I seem to remember Joe had written me a hand-written letter introducing himself and asking for a possible meeting.  Couple of letters followed exchanging phone numbers (we should perhaps remember that there was no Internet or emails, in those early days).

He came to my home one evening, and I learned that he had a profound interest in things of an occult nature; indeed all things spiritual.  He had learned about my own involvement in things occult; not least from David Sutch (“Screaming Lord Sutch”) a Rock associate of his that I had met a few years earlier.  I remember that he was completely dedicated to contacting (and recording) ‘spirits of the dead’ and, to this end, he told me he had some very interesting recordings of ‘spirit voices’ he had recorded in London’s Highgate Cemetery.  He had spent the night there on several occasions, he told me, and if we could meet again, he could let me hear some of these.

We did meet again, and he played me a couple of tapes.  And not long after that, we both visited Highgate Cemetery.  It was open by day, in those days, but I was interested in finding the locations he told me he had made these recordings.

I had listened to these recordings with interest; but again, although made at night, with the absence of any London sounds, it was difficult to discern some distinct ‘voices’ from the sounds of owls calling in the distance or the wind as it made its passage through the still trees.  But Joe was convinced that one high-pitched female voice on one of the tapes, was trying to convey some message to him personally, and he was convinced this was a message hat had been given to him as it was meant to convey some guidance from the ‘spirit world’ that could affect his life personally.

I really didn’t know.  But I was sure at least he was sincere.  And I was sure, at least, he would not have spent several night in the darkened Highgate Cemetery, unless these recordings were of essential importance to him.

But that explained, those were my early meetings with Joe Meek.  And I look forward to hearing further accounts from other witnesses in Howard Berger’s completed film, which may provide some more exact information about the turbulent life of this legendary music producer. . .

On another matter, the 6th episode of “Tulpa” will be released on YouTube later today.  I will put a link to it up here later.  Joe would certainly have been familiar with some of the locations shared in this film – not least those that might have inspired him so much in the eerie grounds of London’s Highgate Cemetery.

All for now everyone, anyway.

Hope you enjoy the latest episode,

David (Farrant).


Almost forgot!  Here is the link to Part 6 of Tulpa:


BPOS Ferrestone Road Investigation (Hornsey North London)


Well, first day of 2014 and so far a quiet one.  In all, quite a quiet Christmas holiday, but that’s the way I prefer it.  Accordingly, not much news.

Except maybe perhaps, we have just released another YouTube film in advance of the 5th episode of “Tulpa” due for release at the weekend.

Its about an investigation the BPOS were conducting in 1999 into a haunted house in Hornsey;  really an update on the original haunting which seemingly occurred at the house in 1921.  Della has gone into this in more detail on the latest post on her Website,  so it might be more practical to read this first to ascertain the background information.  The link to that is here: http://hidden-highgate.org/8-ferrestone-road-hornsey-coal-ghost/

I was first called in 1999 by the present occupant of the house, Pauline, which is in Ferrestone Road in Hornsey,  as she wanted some possible explanation as to yet more supernatural occurrences which appeared to have started up at the property.   On my first visit to the house, my initial interview with Pauline was filmed, and it was during this that a strange ‘tapping sound’ was heard in the front room.  It seemed to come from just below the ceiling, but nothing was visible although this sound was recorded on film.

But perhaps just as intriguing as this, was that the garden of the house backed onto a disused graveyard which it appeared at one time had extended right up to the house.  Whilst planting some shrubs in the garden, Pauline and her husband had discovered several old gravestones lying just below the surface, and further digging revealed a flight of concrete steps like those leading down to a private crypt.  This seemed to confirm that the house itself had been built directly on the site of this old cemetery which had been serving the parish of Hornsey for over 700 years.

David Farrant and Pauline, the present occupant of No. 8 Ferrestone Road at the garden's boundary which borders Old St Mary's graveyard (c) Dave Milner / BPOS 1999
Gravestones visible in the back garden of No. 8 Ferrestone Road, adjacent to the crypt entrance (c) Dave Milner / BPOS 1999

We were very pleased to discover this surviving footage recently, as the original video tapes had been damaged and those converted to digital format had been feared lost.  Obviously we (the BPOS) are not holding the mysterious rapping sounds which can be heard on the film up as ‘proof’ of supernatural intervention.

David Farrant and the present occupier of No. 8 Ferrestone Road filming in what was the original kitchen where the 1920s disturbances first began (c) Dave Milner / BPOS 1999

The footage (and subsequent audio track) are probably too degraded in their surviving format to offer up for scientific scrutiny of the kind which would satisfy skeptics. Nor can we ‘prove’ the controlled conditions within which the film was produced. But personally I, and the rest of those present, felt rather unnerved at the time and still find the playback somewhat disturbing and bizarre.

Anyway everyone hope you enjoy it all the same! And don’t miss Part 5 of ‘Tulpa’ this weekend.

David (Farrant)