October 2013

A Hallowe’en Treat For You All – The "Tulpa" Trailer

Here you are everyone . . . a Hallowe’en treat for you all – the trailer for “Tulpa” which will be serialised on YouTube soon . . .

TULPA – A Film by The Sycamore Brothers

Featuring David Farrant

‘Tulpa’ – the long awaited film from the London-based Sycamore Brothers – is scheduled for release in October 2013.

The film tells the story of the true facts underlying the now legendary Highgate ‘vampire’ case which gripped north London with fear in the early 1970s. Tracing the early life of David Farrant, whose name has become synonymous with the case, the film explores the background of a man who, in his own words, ‘became a kind of story which people could read in bed on a Sunday morning’.

Several years of painstaking research and interviews have culminated in ‘Tulpa’ – a film which captures the zeitgeist of 1960s and 1970s London, and reveals the man behind the myth.

All syndication and film festival enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

All content © The Sycamore Brothers


Have fun everyone and enjoy. (Just in time for midnight!).

David Farrant.


Adventures In Margate – And The Launch Of "Tulpa"


Having fun at the 2nd UnXplained Conference in Margate (c) Della Farrant

Hello all,

Just to let you all know that my Talk at Margate on Saturday 26th of this month went well. Unfortunately, we were curtailed a little because of time on the way there, and with having to catch the last train back. The host, Karl Serveld, had very kindly booked us a double room for the night but we had to get back early for a BPOS meeting on the Sunday. However, Karl’s generousity was much appreciated.

I think the Talk went well (then again I would say that wouldn’t I!). But it was reassuring to see that the audience were listening attentively and a little later on were asking questions.  Most of the conference attendees seemed to be from the Kent and London area, and it was good to meet some new people and forge some fresh networks.  I am very much hoping that they will invite us back again next year, as we would very much like to make a complete day of it. I understand the other speakers’ Talks were also well received, and the atmosphere over all was very warm and friendly. I feel Karl’s annual conference has a lot of potential. The one we attended was the second, and in the downstairs area of a large hotel. It had been prepared carefully with camera equipment, stalls for attendees’ publications and aprojector screen for presentations (and of course an open bar!) so altogether a very professional endeavour which I am proud to be associated with.

What else?  Well in other news I am pleased to announce that finally the film “Tulpa” is due for imminent release.

The film tells the story of the true facts underlying the now legendary Highgate ‘vampire’ case which gripped north London with fear in the early 1970s. Tracing the early life of David Farrant (myself!), whose name has become synonymous with the case, the film explores the background of a man who, in his own words, ‘became a kind of story which people could read in bed on a Sunday morning’.

Several years of painstaking research and interviews have culminated in ‘Tulpa’ – a film which captures the zeitgeist of 1960s and 1970s London, and reveals the man behind the myth.

So do keep an eye out for the trailer which will be released on YouTube any day now.

So, another tiring week, but as you may all have gathered by now, Della’s new website http://hidden-highgate.org is finished and went live on Friday.  She has put a lot of work into it and I admire her determination not to allow the negativity of Highgate ‘vampire’ fixated plaigiarists and hangers on to detract from her original research. After all the project was developed for people with a genuine interest in Highgate’s paranormal past and not politics and back stabbing – and it seems to be very popular with its target audience, generating an average of 150 visits and 500 pageloads a day. So all in all a success! And if one multiplies these figures over the coming weeks and months, the sky will literally be the limit.

Poor Della is used to the usual round of interviews and appearances which I am asked to give each Hallowe’en, but this year she has had her own to manage as well. Somehow on top of a full week at work, caring for her brother, and staying up all night on two hours sleep working on the website she has managed to give four interviews and a photoshoot and participate in a live phone in, as well as accompanying me to Margate. But it has all been worth it, and we have finally managed to relax this evening with a nice meal and some wine – before it all commences again on Thursday night!

So keep an eye on this blog for updates about “Tulpa” , and enjoy the build up to Hallowe’en – now we have snatched 5 minutes to ourselves we certainly are!

Yours for the moment,


Della's Hidden Highgate.

As some people will already know, Della has just done a news interview on Mindset Central’s Para Talk radio hosted by Gareth Davies and his Co-host Reeves about her new Website “Hidden Highgate”.  This was pre-recorded simply because there is an 8 hours time difference between California USA and the good ol’ UK.  (Della works hard enough as it is without expecting her to go live over air at 4 or 5 am!).

I have since spoken to Gareth Davies and apparently her interview was very well received; so much so that he would like her back on the show again soon.

Della has also done another interview for Mickey Gocool’s North London Paranormal Investigations (NLPI) about her new Website which can be heard this coming Friday between 9pm and 11pm.  Although this interview was also pre-recorded because of Della’s busy work schedule,  I am pleased to say that both Della and myself will be tuning in live to Mickey’s programme in the event that any listeners have any questions that are Highgate related.

I know Redmond Mc Williams has already put a link up to the programme on his own group The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society  but here is the link again in case anybody missed it:   


People have already been informed on Twitter of the new Website’s imminent launching, but the static Internet page also warns people that the content of Hidden Highgate will literally be in accordance with its aptly chosen title i.e. about the hidden mysteries and legends of old Highgate – including the paranormal ones –  that were once so dominant in the lives of this class conscious community.  But other than that, in the pre-publicity leading up to its official opening, Della is quick to reassure her readers that her new Website can be taken seriously and (I surmise) will not be wasting time on the usual ‘vampire’ fiction that is so commonly circulated about quaint old Highgate.  It is to be a ‘vampire-free zone’ she so proudly informed some inquisitive readers.  We’ll have to wait and see how she intends to deal with that.  But I imagine it simply means that she intends to deal with provable history; rather than waste time by introducing fictional accounts and opinions which, in any event, are ‘unprovable’.   However she does it,  I am very proud to be a part of  Della’s Hidden Highgate.

 I have to give yet another filmed Talk in Margate on Saturday on the Highgate case.  Haven’t really decided what to go into yet, but the Highgate ‘vampire’ case will most likely get a mention.  I am not so interested in speculating what the Highgate ghost or entity is, was, or could have been;  but I will certainly empathasise that any notion that it was/is a ‘real vampire’ belongs to the realms of invented fiction!

So, all in all its proving a pretty exhausting week – or will be by the time it is over!

But I’ll keep you all up to date.  Should prove eventful!

David Farrant, President, BPOS. 

But I Managed To Struggle Through


Sorry all for the delay in putting a new blog entry together. As you all know October is always a busy month for me, and September was no quieter with my ASSAP Talk in Bath and my London Haunts and Horrors Talk in Clerkenwell. The latter was held in a packed events room above The Green public house, and it was standing room only by the time the Talk commenced, with around 50 people packed into the venue. This event was unusual in that it featured in addition to myself three other witnesses to the ‘tall dark figure’ often seen in Swains Lane and other parts of Highgate. It is all now up on YouTube in three parts for those who were unable to attend. This event was also marked on a less positive note by the fact that I had a cracked rib, but I managed to struggle through and by and large from all reports it all went well. 

But there seems to be no end to the demand for these Talks, and just when I should be recuperating and being fed grapes and whisky (medicinal) in bed, I am off to Margate this weekend for the UnXplained Hallowe’en Conference 2013, which is going to mean an overnight stay. I don’t really mind the stay so much, as doing the travelling there and back in one day might have otherwise proved a little tiring.

I know I have a lot of readers in Essex and Kent, and if any of you would like to attend here are the booking details, and links to where you can find out more:


Saturday, 26th October @ 7.30pm – 11.00pm

Location: The Glenwood Hotel, 19-25 Edgar Road, Margate,
CT9 2RG.

Tel: (01843) 292137

Price: £10 admission (full day)

From 2pm until late

David Farrant will be a guest speaker at this forthcoming all day event that will consist of an afternoon and an evening session; with breaks in between speakers. Food and refreshments will be available throughout the event. Guest speakers will include: Scott Costello (UNXplained), David Papa-Adams, Gary Gary Heseltine (PRUFOS), David Weatherley (author of ‘The Black Eyed Children’ via live feed), and Ian and Mandy (members of a local Wiccan coven).

Further info:

1. http://www.unxplainedconference.com/


3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UNXplainedconference/

It would be great to see some familiar faces there, just as it will be to meet some new people with an interest in the paranormal.

In other news … I understand that my friend and colleague Mickey Gocool, founder member of North London Paranormal Investigations is also planning a Hallowe’en Event. More details on that to follow. But he has also managed to squeeze in a Hallowe’en special on Friday night on his NLPI Radio show (co-hosted with Kurt Logsdon). He will be interviewing my wife, Della, about her forthcoming book ‘Haunted Highgate’ which will be published in Oct 2014, and her new website http://hidden-highgate.org which goes live this Hallowe’en. Her new website details many of the haunted locations in and around Highgate and encourages the community to contribute their own experiences of the paranormal. She has put a lot of work into what is a very original idea, and all is going to plan – and gathering a lot of interest from various quarters.

So perhaps you can understand now why I have been a bit lapsed with my blog entries – I simply can’t get access to the computer!! Anyway, that’s it for now, everyone, and I’ll certainly keep you updated about Della’s Hallowe’en interview later this week.

For now,



Alla goda ting är tre – And Welcome To England


Paranormal Hunters (Sweden), North London Paranormal Investigations and British Psychic & Occult Society Meet Up September 2013 (c) Della Farrant

Well everyone, earlier than expected part 2 of my filmed Talk for David Saunderson’s London Haunts and Horrors is now up on YouTube. Part 3 will hopefully follow in the next few days, and includes testimonies and discussions with witnesses of the Highgate entity in recent years.  You can view part 2 in the meantime however here:

I always seem to be especially busy at this time of year – well the build up to Hallowe’en is part of the reason for that I suppose. Just as soon as I had finished recovering from my Talk in Clerkenwell it was time to meet up with some Swedish colleagues in the paranormal field, who had come to England especially to visit Highgate. They have been researching the area’s supernatural background for sometime, and it was a pleasure to meet up with them at my flat, along with some members of North London Paranormal Investigations who were kind enough to show them around Highgate after dark and keep them safe. They asked me lots of questions about Highgate and its various entities, and it is very unfortunate that they just missed my Talk on the Monday because of teething problems navigating London upon their arrival early that evening, but I hope I managed in some way to make up for that. I am also happy to report that they made it back to Sweden safely. So if you are reading this, Maria and Marina, it was lovely to meet you.

Additionally, it was great news to learn that North London Paranormal Investigations will be represented at least as convention attendees at another Talk which I am giving in Kent at the end of this month, but more on that to come tomorrow.

Well that’s it for now, but as I say part 3 of my Talk will be up soon and I promise to let you all know about my next forthcoming Talk imminently. After all, as they say in Sweden, all good things come in threes!

For now,


Reasons to be cheerful - 1, 2, 3! (c) David Saunderson / Spooky Isles / London Haunts and Horrors

Trying To Make Me Laugh!


Yes, late again with a Blog!  But really have got a good excuse this time.  Somebody (who has asked not to be named) just sent me this picture from my ASSAP Talk on the Highgate Vampire on September 7th.  Thank you my friend, and it was good to meet you there as well.  ASSAP have already put up the audio of my Talk, which was fine, but the visual effect was very dark.  This doesn’t matter so much as long as people could hear me, but your picture (taken just before the beginning of my Talk)  does show the proceedings in more light before the lights were dimmed. 

I will be putting up Part 2 of my recent September 23rd Talk “The Highgate Vampire – Fact of Fiction?” this weekend on here.  So please do watch out for that.  Quite funny in parts.  It wasn’t deliberate, but a couple of people just kept trying to make me laugh when I was talking about the ‘Highgate Vampire’.  I had an injured rib so was trying to avert any unnecessary effort or laughter, so their laughter didn’t exactly help!

Anyway everyone, please tune in at the weekend for that.

 Apart from that, everything quiet really after having met a few deadlines on other publications.

 So hopefully a quiet night ahead.  Unless I get disturbed by any bloody vampires!

For now everyone,

David (Farrant)