August 2013

No Sense Of Sleeplessness


Very, very late again last night: in fact, didn’t get to bed till traffic started moving on the road, and by then it was light.  But I like working by night.  Everything is quiet; most people are asleep and nothing to disturb you.  Della was asleep in the back room, so in turn I didn’t disturb her.  She has to start getting ready for work about 8, but it never really surprises her to find me still working.  I don’t do it that often; only when there’s projects to get finished which can’t be done so easily in the with disturbances in the daytime.  Phone ringing, messages coming in; screaming cat to feed, book orders to answer, other mail to deal with . . . the list seems endless.  I’m not complaining though.  I realize that’s just the price of being well known in the paranormal field.  But it’s a price that also brings a lot of personal responsibility and commitment – commitment not only to the work itself, but towards those people who approach me and whose support has enabled me to have my work recognized in the first instance.  After all, if people take the trouble to attend my Talks and read my books, that itself is sufficient to bring about a sense of ‘oneness’ with others who share similar interests.

Having confessed to my occasional ‘sleep patterns’ (although some might argue with the word ‘occasional’ here!), it should not be assumed that I spend the day having to catch up on missed sleep. No.  Not at all.  Believe it or not, I am often up well before lunchtimes, so in that respect, I probably get less sleep than most people!  Its just that I take sleep at different times to ordinary people and so no sense of ‘sleeplessness’ ever applies!

 Anyway, that particular project is finished now, and so I can relax just a little.  Until the next one comes up, which it inevitably will!

 But in the midst of all the serious stuff, life often provides some lighter moments: some would say ‘amusing’!

 It is a well known that I have a well known ‘stalker’ on the Internet who follows me everywhere with a fanatical obsession that could reasonably be compared to the Third Reich mentality that provided Adolph Hitler with such power during his rise to fame that resulted in the Second World War.  Of course, in the greater scheme of things, this was only a temporal power (we all know what happened to him!), but it was all too real during the process in which it ‘reared it ugly head’. 

 Of course, there was no Internet in that dark period of human history, and the black propaganda had to be spread in other ways.  (State control of the Press and over the right of the individual to believe what they wanted, to name an obvious two) But the underlying principle remains the same . . .  keep repeating a lie often enough, and in the end some people come to believe it.

 One story currently being spread by this particular individual (and most people realize who this bonky person is) is that this author (that is myself, David Farrant) ‘colluded’ with a friend of his (whom he refers to as “The Eggmanne” or “Mad Arthur” when not giving the person’s real name) to ‘hoax’ a ghost story at London’s Highgate Cemetery back in 1970.  He states that the ‘Eggmanne’ has secret tape recordings that can ‘prove’ this and passed to himself (the bonky individual) as ‘evidence’.

 Well, despite the fact that these tape recordings have never been produced (and this has not been through lack of trying on my part), it would seem that this claim only serves to back up my original observation and example given just previously i.e. tell a lie often enough, and people will come to believe it, etc.

 But perhaps I could  set the record straight here . . . by simply telling the truth!

 I was living in a converted basement (or ‘coal cellar’ as the bonky one keeps referring to it) for a short period in very late 1969 when the ‘Eggmanne’ and his wife kindly put me up.  It was after my first wife had moved out of my Highgate flat, and I was awaiting the tenancy to expire on another flat in Highgate for which I had signed a new Tenancy Agreement.  So I lived at their house just across the road while this was in the process.

 There was absolutely no ‘bad feeling’ between these people and myself, although the ‘bonky person’ I’m referring to often used to visit their home there., which is on one of the earlier occasions I first met him.  But as the basement was self-contained, I frequently used to entertain friends there and some of these just happened to be young ladies. (Yes, no evasion here, some of them used to stay overnight!).

 One of these people was a young lady, I will just refer to as ‘FB’.

 Often we would be awakened during the night to hear the sound of ‘crackling’ or ‘electrical echo’s’ which seemed to come from above; somewhere on the ceiling.  We didn’t take too much notice of this, but my suspicions were slightly aroused on day when the ‘Eggmanne’ confided in me that that particular room was ‘haunted’.  By whom or ‘what’ exactly, he did not say – indeed he only mentioned this in the first place when I happened to mention these spasmodic nocturnal noises.

 Then one day, I was upstairs having coffee with the ‘Eggmanne’s’ wife and I also mentioned these noises to her and the fact of what her husband had said about the ‘ghost’.

 Well, she burst out laughing, and eventually told me that her husband had been trying to get recordings of me with young ladies who I took back for the night.  I asked her ‘why’ and she said he was ‘just a pervert’ and that I should know what he was like.  She also said that he used to take pictures using a powerful tele-photo lens which he had focused on girls sharing a flat which over-looked their bathroom window.

 So, no ‘ghosts’ whatsoever! Just her husband trying to satisfy his own rather peculiar perversions!

 End of story really.  I never heard any of these tapes, but would certainly like to do so.

 When I told ‘FB’ what the real cause was, she just thought it was funny.  I seem to remember her saying that ‘thank God it was only a portable tape recorder’ as he’d sure ‘seen something worthwhile’ had he ‘managed to get  a camera down there’!

 But so the Internet nonsense goes on.  As I said earlier, at least it provides some amusement away from Highgate Cemetery and its alleged vampires!

 Well, that’s it for tonight everyone,


Full Moon Blues . . .

Moon Over Muswell

 Been an exceptionally busy week so far; just can’t seem to get everything done.  Or rather finished.  Undertake to start one thing which on the surface seems relatively straight forward and easy; when something comes up to divert it, and it takes two or three longer than normal.  Don’t mind so much if its things you can just put aside for later, but most of the stuff I’m referring to concerned deadlines, and time limitations.  Still, mostly got through it all now, so the end is ‘in sight’.

 I think last Tuesday was the worst day.  I started on a couple of things that were seriously overdue.  It was about 8 o’clock in the evening with a bright full moon visible in the failing twilight, and I kept working on the two projects till the dawn broke when I realized I’d nearly finished.  I tried to ignore most of the emails that came flashing in a little earlier on (or at least the ‘domestic one’s), but even so, that night just seemed to go on and on.  I went to bed around 6 am, and managed to get a good sleep till about 11, when the cat woke me up wailing for food.  So I had to get up.  I realize she is a dear little animal, but at times like these, she can seem like some unwanted alarm clock!

 Anyway, enough of this boring stuff . . . A few days ago I also received a visit from a very interesting person who had had a ghostly encounter with some inexplicable apparition at Highgate Cemetery when he was passing the gates in early 2000 with his (then) girlfriend.  He had heard of myself during an online broadcast of the Paracast a couple of years ago, and apparently thought I was the ideal person to contact – which he did, and hence our meeting.  I will be giving further details of their encounter a little later here, but first I would like to meet his again to get any further details.  He lives in North London anyway, so there is no great distance involved. 

 I did tell him that I would like to include his account in my next revised edition of “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” for which he has kindly given me his permission.  I somehow do not feel it would be right to release these prematurely: especially when there are so many ‘Internet plagiarists’ out there, who would do anything in order to ‘filch’ any new information on the so-called Highgate Vampire.

 Anyway, apart from that, things seem to have calmed a little lately.  Still got quite a few emails to answer, but none that cannot wait until I have opened a bottle of wine ad enjoyed some well earned relaxation!

 For the moment,  everyone,


 PS  I told a friend about the ‘full moon blues’ I was getting last Tuesday, and they just sent me a marvelous ‘artists impression’.  Very appropriate, and thanks  . . . .  Well, you know who I mean, no need to say who you are!!   D



Party Time Again Soon . . .


Party time again soon . . .

Well I declare!  Whatever I seem to do – or rather, not to do – my name just seems to be spreading across the Internet.

 The latest are references to myself (and other ‘bonky’ people) are in a Blog called  “The Hearth of Mopsus: Beyond the Fringe”.  Its creator is seemingly an anglo Catholic who, curiously,  has a penchant for all things Gothic.  He also appears to be deeply unhappy with a wave of pseudo ‘bishops’ who have sprung up around the UK (although I presume he is taking America into account as well!) and are ‘peddling their wares’ – with a general lack of any churches or congregations – dressed up as ‘real’ bishops devoid of any proper credentials, except perhaps the ‘fancy dress’ religious uniforms that are used to convince a gullible few of their ‘real’ validity.  Its author points out (and well done him) that the titles such people attribute to themselves (such as ‘bishops’ or ‘arch- bishops’ of the ancient see of Glastonbury) are equally dubious, as Glastonbury only exists in mythical legend, and many of these priests and ‘bishops, appear to have been registered  – or originate – from the comparatively modern seaside town of Bournemouth!  (Well, I suppose it nowadays pulls in the tourists, at least!).

 So how does my own name feature in all this?  It doesn’t really – at least in reality. 

 Its author seems to imply that I must be involved in all this somehow, as I have created a number of Blogs ‘attacking’ one of these self made ‘bishops’.  I rarely get involved in such disputes, but I had to point out in a reply to “Hearth of Mopsus”, that I do not get involved in stupid ‘hate Blogs’, and I gave him a link to this Blog inviting his readers to scrutinize it and perhaps tell me – indeed publish on his new Blog – anything I have said that could be construed as ‘hateful’ to anybody.  I pointed out that this Blog was not set up for such a purpose and only dealt with mainly with my own involvement with occult investigations and the paranormal.  That has always been the case, and it will remain so.

 On that subject (the latter), its only three weeks or so now away from my ASSAP Talk on 7th of September at  Bath University.  Really looking forward to that actually.  A two day break, and should be a lot of fun. Quite a lot of professional people and authors going apparently,  but all in a day’s work (well, two days work!) and will make a welcome break.  There is a dinner and disco afterwards (I should say ‘occult-themed disco’ really as I understand there will be ‘spooky songs’ and music); although I think I’ll have to skip the latter as I’m still having trouble in crowds with my half-lame foot.

 And then I have another Talk in London on 23rd of September and the requested subject?  Yes, you’ve guessed it!  The Highgate Vampire!  No lavish dinner for this one, but there will be a bar as its in a pub.  Probably need a drink after this one! So party time again soon!

 Well that’s about for now everyone.  Had a bit of time to spare as Della’s working late again, so I just thought I’d bring you all up to date.

 For the moment,


Still No Rest For The Wicked!


Just a quiet day for me today; not for Della though who has been working on resurrecting an old ‘archive’ which has required endless converting and ‘cleaning up’ in order to make it comprehensible to a modern audience, although the quality has turned out really excellently – watch this space! She has also been doing quite a lot of research into ‘shadow people’, an area which seems to get overlooked with regard to Highgate. It seems that these entities appear as tall, slim men in long black cloaks and top hats and invade people’s homes in the dead of night. Well I thought Della might be getting a bit overworked with it all, burning the midnight oil and scaring herself silly reading these horrific tales late into the night, so decided to give her some light relief when she came back in from the kitchen!

Just rehearsing for the new film, honest! (c) Della Farrant 2013

Sadly she was not amused.

Anyway, the forthcoming film is getting closer and closer; provisional title ‘The Devil Rides In’! Apparently it’s a story all about possession within the younger genre who dabble in the occult arts, black magic and Satanism. There are a variety of well-known stars in it (including myself at the risk of sounding immodest) and it has been filmed in various locations in and around North London. Some well known faces in occult circles have already featured in the film – well, some well-known, some not so well known …and some choosing to wear masks (as usual). There are plenty of exploding altars (well, have to keep today’s audience happy!) and the Magister himself is even rumoured to be making an appearance, although whether he will consent to new scenes being shot or force the producers to rely on never before seen archived film reels is yet to be confirmed. We somewhat doubt the former; because now with his completely bald head he would be in danger of being instantly recognisable should a stray spark of sulphur ignite his ‘occult shower cap’. But we mustn’t be unkind to the old boy; after all, he has had a good run, and he will be 70 next year! I am reliably informed that playing dress up is still a regular hobby however so we live in hope. I believe Cousin Hoggy is also due to make another well-timed performance, although this was really not my idea. Due to the success of Hoggy Hallowe’en we have been besieged by fans, including readers of KentishTowner, entreating the producers to ‘bring him back from the dead’, if only so that he can be kidnapped by aliens once again and given a proper, uncensored probe live on film up in their galaxy. 

But there will be a few serious interviews in the film; I mean with SERIOUS practitioners of the occult. Patsy will be there again  I am informed, if she can get the night off from choir practice and can persuade Ricky to go on a slimming diet so she can squeeze him through the roof of the catacombs of Highgate Cemetery to discover just what devilry really went on there.

Anyway I digress. The film is only in its early stages yet, although its all looking good so far. The props department have been experimenting very successfully with a hairdryer and bags and bags of flour; I can’t imagine what they have been perfecting but I did hear a big whoop of joy from the back room earlier today followed by ‘IT’S A WRAP!’ and the main star stumbling out looking like an extra from a Hammer Horror film on Shrove Tuesday. I think the producers have a plot lined up for the final scenes in the cemetery that involve some spectacular action and bacon sandwiches all round!

But seriously everyone, Della and I really have been very occupied with a few things lately – serious filming included. I guess its so easy for some young inspired film directors to want to spoof the ridiculous Highgate ‘vampire’ story as it remains on record (in some quarters) but who am I to condemn them having been at the centre of that whole ridiculous episode back in the 1970s?!  But some people really DO take the whole Highgate ‘vampire’ scenario a bit more seriously, and in-depth articles continue to appear on the internet; not least, quite a few interviews with myself about what really happened there.

So getting to the serious side of it, The Butcher’s Apron, an independent yet escalatingly popular internet based radio show interviewed me in March this year and have just given me permission to reproduce the full interview here. All I did was answer the dedicated questions put to me by the presenter, Emma Gibson, and if you would like to hear the Highgate extract from the show it can be listened to here; Episode 8 – “Desire”.

Anyway, yet another two more serious talks coming up in the near future : I have been invited to speak at ASSAP’s annual conference on 7th September, so will be away for two days for that. Then on September 23rd I have another local talk to attend in London for London Haunts and Horrors, which will again deal with the subject of the Highgate ‘vampire’ (no rest for the wicked!). Quite looking forward to them actually, although have not prepared any script for my Talks : well, don’t need to really as all I have to do is to relate these facts as they happened.

That’s it for now, but another Blog soon I promise,

“Don’t have nightmares”!