June 2013

Going Live with Patsy Langley – Don't Miss It This Friday!


(c) Redmond McWilliams / NLPI

Just a short Blog tonight as feeling a little tired. That’s not to say a lot has not been happening; but its all too involved to write about quickly.

Really just to say that on Friday this week (28th June) my friend, and Secretary of the British Psychic and Occult Society Patsy Langley will be speaking on North London Paranormal Investigations (NLPI) Radio hosted by NLPI ‘mogul’ Mickey Gocool and his U.S. associate Kurt Logsdon. The radio station has not been going for very long, but has come a remarkably long way since it first started, only a few shows back – with some shows’ downloads already tipping the 1700 listeners mark.   

One of the topics of Patsy’s broadcast is going to the paranormal history (in fact and fiction) of Highgate Cemetery, the Highgate Vampire case and haunted Highgate and Middlesex generally. Patsy is of course author of The Highgate Vampire Casebook (2007) and has nearly completed with her co-author Ricky Sorenti her upcoming new book Haunted Middlesex which has involved a LOT of field research.

Patsy and Ricky will be coming to my flat to take part in the broadcast. I really don’t know what she is going to say in the interview, but with her knowledge of Highgate’s history of supernatural occurrences, I assure you that it will not be boring! And we will be “going live” at 9pm so don’t forget to tune in, good people.  

You can listen to the show here:


And here is the official pre-show publicity:


– With special guests including Patsy Langley!

On this Friday’s show with Presenters Mickey Gocool and Kurt Logsdon, NLPI RADIO are pleased to present our valued guest: Patsy Langley, Secretary of the British Psychic and Occult Society (and THCVAS member).

Patsy first became interested in Highgate Cemetery because of her interest in Pre-Raphaelite painters and poets. She has a degree in Earth Sciences and Humanities, and is an historian and a chartered accountant. Patsy is a trained Spiritualist medium, and the Secretary of the British Psychic and Occult Society. She is currently working on an expanded and updated edition of her best selling 2007 book ‘The Highgate Vampire Casebook’, as well as a new book about haunted Middlesex. She has previously published many articles about ley lines and earth energies. Patsy is an active member of her local church choir and Royal British Legion.


You can also join the Facebook event for the show here: https://www.facebook.com/events/322861901180502/?notif_t=plan_user_invited


In the unhappy event that you are unable to listen to the broadcast on Friday, please do not despair as Mickey is always very quick to get his shows up in the archives for later listening, and you can find these at the Blogtalk link above also.


Well that’s it really. Different news to follow about what has been happening lately re: films etc, but just wanted you all to know about Patsy’s broadcast on Friday.


Ricky and Patsy (centre), with our friend Drew (left) and myself last week (c) Della Farrant


For now my friends,



Bram and Jerusalem

David Farrant addressing the Gothic Valley Women's Institute (c) Jamie Farrant
David Farrant addressing the Gothic Valley Women's Institute (c) Jamie Farrant


I gave a Talk on the Highgate Vampire on Thursday evening for the Gothic Valley Women’s Institute (WI) based in North London.  It was at a quiet pub on Hornsey Road where they regularly hold their monthly meetings.  I’m not too sure why they invited myself (although I have heard a rumour that my wife Della ‘loaned’ me to them for the night for an undisclosed sum); but it was probably because I was always considered central to that case when it first broke in the news in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.  A ‘real life’ vampire lurked in the dark decaying Victorian tombs in Highgate Cemetery – at least, according to some.  Although never to myself.  The British Psychic and Occult Society had only been investigating sightings of a ghost that had been sighted there by several local witnesses: it was certain other people who had approached the local Press at that time claimed that this reported figure was in fact a ‘blood-sucking vampire’, despite them knowing full well that this was a figment of their own imaginations designed to attract the sensationalist Press.

Such claims always amused me at the time (they still do!), but circumstances at the time led myself to being arrested in Highgate Cemetery whilst trying to conduct a psychic séance there to communicate with this restless spectre which had been sighted by so many people. 

The police arrested me for ‘being in an enclosed area for an unlawful purpose’, this ‘purpose’ being (at least according to the police) to break open coffins until I found this ‘vampire’ and then to ‘stake it through the heart’.  At least, that is what the police claimed in Court.  And they even produced a hand-written statement to this effect purporting to relate what had said to the police following my arrest – although this statement was never signed by myself!.

I denied having made such a statement to the arresting police officer and the Court ruled that the ingredient of  ‘for an unlawful purpose’ in the charge had not been proved following my denial of ever having made such a statement in the first place!

I was eventually acquitted of the charge, but not before another two Court appearances after I had decided to fight the case.

I explained all this (and much more) during my Talk on the Highgate ‘vampire’ on Thursday evening,  and I have to say, I felt this was sympathetically received after they had invited a supposedly notorious ‘vampire hunter’ as their guest!

But it was a pleasant evening, and the early summer sun was still giving its soft light until approaching ten.

All the ladies there were very amicable, and it almost made a change to be able to speak directly to an audience who had learned the facts of this case first-hand, as it had really happened.

My son Jamie drove me to the Talk, and we both sipped a drink before it began at about 8 O’clock’. And yes, we WERE the only men there! The photos above were taken by Jamie Farrant, but following the Talk the organisers asked me to be photographed with themselves, and as soon as this picture comes through (which is their copyright) I will post it up.

We then collected a takeaway meal before driving back to enjoy a much-needed glass of wine at home.

So, another Talk over.  But another big one coming up for me in early September when I have been invited to speak at ASSAP at their bi-annual Conference in Bath.

Subject?  Well, need I hardly remind you all . . . The Highgate Vampire!

The link to the Gothic Valley WI is here . . .


All for now everyone,

David Farrant.



Boys back to Brazil (Or Partida Para o Brasil)


Well their filming is finished!  After spending three long months in North London, which was intermingled with trips around the UK to as far afield as Scotland in search of ‘vampires’ and the macabre, film makers João Paulo Ferreira and Vinicius De Moraes Luz have completed their unique film on the Highgate Vampire, London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries, and cases of ghosts and unexplained phenomenon.  It is not my role to provide details about the content of their exclusive film, but I think I can say that they have been in contact with and / or interviewed many of the people living in the UK who have an intimate knowledge of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, including Patsy Langley, Redmond McWilliams, Kevin Crace, Della Farrant, Gareth J. Medway – and of course myself (I am joking but yes, I was filmed as well!)

I found it interesting to meet serious people from other parts of the world  and to find out about their interests and beliefs in the supernatural; and equally intrigued to discover that the current interest in vampirism has almost achieved a ‘cult following’ in Brazil. My line of work brings me into contact with people from all over the world, including Holland, Switzerland, France, America and even Australia. But I don’t believe I have ever met anyone from Brazil before and it was an interesting cultural exchange. For one thing, Della and I spent 2 months in advance of their arrival practicing the correct pronunciation of João – not realising that João was happy to be called John!

João visited us for the last time (this time!) tonight, before he and Vinnie return to Brazil where they will being work on the editing stage, and the rest of their team will finally get to see their footage. When the documentary is completed it will be screened as part of an annual national film festival and is anticipated to receive an excellent response because the topic of Highgate Cemetery is so relatively unheard of in Brazil. I don’t know yet if they will take him up on his offer, but I understand that some of the soundtrack for the documentary may sample some of the OST from Kevin Crace’s forthcoming film, as well as commissioning independent local artists. 

Unfortunately Vinnie could not make it tonight because of a prior engagement with a …ressaca…? But hopefully João and Vinnie will be returning to the UK in the near future, and Della and I miss them already. Goodbye guys, or should that be até breve?

That’s it for now all,


David Farrant Interview for paranormalives.org Part 2

Jeremy Evans, centre, at his meeting with David Farrant at the Olde Gatehouse Occult Convention Oct 2012 (c) NLPI



After meeting journalist Jeremy Evans at the North London Paranormal Investigations event at the Gatehouse in Highgate last October, I gave an interview for his new website ‘Paranormal Lives‘ . The website is a new venture, and has just had a major facelift – well worth a visit.

Here is part 2 of my interview. Thanks to Jeremy Evans for allowing me to reproduce it here.

David Farrant is Co-Founder and President of the British Psychic and Occult Society. In his second interview with Jeremy Evans, David explains how his beliefs cross over with magic, evil and religion.

Q: To you was the paranormal just an interest, a hobby – or did you also feel a sort of duty?

I felt it was more of a calling. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I just felt sort of drawn towards it – the paranormal, the life beyond the material world as we know it. I just sensed it, I knew it.

My mother encouraged me, albeit in the limited way that you can encourage a young child. And she taught me about not so much what beliefs were but what they were not.

That there was no God sitting up there in a rocking chair going round in orbit and sending people to hell. I’m being serious, people really believe that and take it literally. I mean no offence to anybody – I have this all the time, as my wife’s a Catholic!

Q: So do you believe in heaven and hell?

No, not in the normal concept. This might surprise you, and even outrages some people – I don’t say it with any disrespect – but I don’t even accept the existence of the devil. And hence it follows that I don’t accept the existence of, if you like, evil spirits.

Where this confuses people is they think I’m trying to say there’s no evil. And that’s the last thing I’m saying – this world is absolutely brimmed full with evil, animosity, jealousy, wars, violence, famine, pestilence, illness. I’m not denying the existence of that; you’ve only got to open your eyes, open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV.

But it’s only the product of the human mind. It’s in human nature, human thinking. If you’ve got no human mind, you’ve got no evil. And the same applies to goodness.

This spills over to white magic and black magic. Magic in the universe is a neutral power. People can tap into that if they know what they’re doing. If it’s used for goodness then you can safely call it white magic. But it can also be used for a negative purpose.

People try and form rituals or ceremonies, and people do this I assure you – I’ve met them. If you use that power for harm, for self-gain at someone else’s expense, you can safely call the use of that power black.

But the magic itself is neutral. It’s just a tool. But it’s a tool you have to understand – you can’t just tap into it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Q: So how much do you know about where the magic comes from? Is it the same sort of energy as spirits and apparitions?

Let me put it this way; they’re all linked together.

There are different categories of unexplained phenomenon. The most common is the one we loosely term ghosts. And that’s a word I cannot stand as it automatically sums up visions of figures in white sheets, clanking chains or carrying their heads. That’s not what I’m saying; it’s absolutely ridiculous.

But what I am saying is that a lot of these apparitions don’t actually have any real intelligence, they’re just reflections of past events. If these apparitions appear naturally and are merely witnessed by people, which is what happens most of the time, they’re just appearing under their own volition. It’s like a recording. But they’re dependent on certain conditions.

Atmospheric conditions for example: you’ll find a lot of these apparitions appear in or around water – rives, lakes, underground streams, that sort of thing. And they usually appear under conditions where there is low pressure in the atmosphere, such as the heavy atmosphere before the thunderstorm when the air’s charged with electricity. You could say it’s all to do with the amount of energy around at that point.

Previously –
 David Farrant: Discoveries

David Farrant Interview for paranormalives.org Part 1

After meeting journalist Jeremy Evans at the North London Paranormal Investigations event at the Gatehouse in Highgate last October, I gave an interview for his new website ‘Paranormal Lives‘ . The website is a new venture, and has just had a major facelift – well worth a visit.

Here is part 1 of my interview, with part 2 to follow. Thanks to Jeremy Evans for allowing me to reproduce it here.

David Farrant is Co-Founder and President of the British Psychic and Occult Society.

He grew up in Highgate, North London, where he still lives, and quickly gained media attention due to his activities and writings.

In the first of a series of interviews, Jeremy Evans talks to David about the origins of his career.

Q: Could you tell me a bit about how you got into spiritualism and the paranormal?

Well, you know, it’s going to be a long story, so I’ll have to keep it really simple!
I got into it really because of my mother’s involvement. She used to attend a couple of spiritualist churches in North London: in Finchley and Kentish Town. I was greatly influenced by her. In contrast, my father was a businessman, a company director. He didn’t believe in things like that.

But she was very interested in the paranormal; in communicating with spirits, because that’s the whole purpose of spiritualism. She mixed with other people who were involved in it, people from the church. They used to go to each others’ houses for coffee or tea or wine or something like that. So the simple answer is because I came under my mother’s influence.

She died when I was thirteen years old. After that I still kept the interest. I left school at fifteen and I went to seek out friends that had known my mother. All were involved in the field, all interested in things like hypnosis, contacting spirits, unexplained phenomena, all things like that. And that’s gradually how I got the interest. It was there I picked it up and then I just developed it.

Q: When was your first real paranormal experience, your first piece of, as it were, evidence?

The evidence was always there. The house that I was born in, which is still there actually, was in Shepherds Hill in Highgate. It was a huge Victorian house – I mean huge, huge garden and everything. Some years later it came that, in the course of my investigations and developing, I learned about ley lines, and I think the house was situated on such a leyline. And that might be quite significant because a few strange things happened in that house. I don’t like the word ‘haunted’, but there was some presence in that house.

And I actually saw a figure – not that many times, but it had a very deep impression on me. It’s not the type of thing you forget. When you’re a young child – nine or ten – and you see something like that, you just remember it. It was so vivid, and actually so real.

I think I only saw that figure only about three times over the course of a few years. But I saw it distinctly and it would seem to materialise out of one of the walls, and then either disappear through the big bay windows or through another wall. Or sometimes it would walk round the corner where I couldn’t see it, but I always knew it was there. I just sensed it was still there. So I had no doubt from a very early age that there was something, if you like, beyond the material world.

And if I didn’t see that figure, I used to wake up in the early hours of the morning. I’d always be asleep and then suddenly I’d be wide awake. And I just instinctively knew it was present. And if I didn’t see it I would hear a strange voice coming out of the wall. It wasn’t my parents, it wasn’t the room next door, because they were in bed – the whole house was in blackness, in quietness. And there was this really strange, ethereal voice. I couldn’t understand the words, funnily enough; it wasn’t as if I used to get messages. I just heard something talking to me. So I was actually brought up in that atmosphere.

Q: So it wasn’t a question of whether you believed in these things, but of how much you wanted to pursue it?

Yes. I used to tell my mother about these experiences and she was very understanding. She put things differently to me. She told me not to be frightened of these things, that they can’t hurt you. She put it in a way that a young child would understand. She said it’s very rare that these entities can try and harm you, unless you go out of your way to try and call them, or pray to them like you pray to God. She calmed me down.

My father was actually completely the opposite. He wouldn’t accept that I’d actually seen anything; to him I was just having a bad dream. My mother would never talk to me in front of him about it, because his attitude would be “don’t encourage him”, “don’t talk about it”.

Her involvement in spiritualism used to cause a lot of conflict between them. She used to come back from meetings, sometimes very late at night, after having been to the church. So I grew up with that conflict. My father was a very good man, don’t get me wrong – but he wouldn’t accept anything like that.

I think it was just in his nature. I might be wrong but I think when he met my mother – she was a nurse, stationed in London – he was aware of her involvement. He didn’t want to interfere – if people wanted to believe in God he would accept that. He wasn’t an atheist, he was just indifferent. But that was in normal religion: when it overstepped the boundaries as far as he was concerned and went in to spiritualism, and actually involved gathering in churches and using mediums to try and contact spirits, he didn’t really approve of that. But I just felt drawn towards it.