May 2013

The Magnificent 7


A scene from the shooting of the Brazilian film (c) Joao Paulo and Vinicius

Well, I met with my two friends Joao and Vinnie again this evening to be interviewed for the film documentary they are planning to show soon at a film festival in Brazil.  Filming went well, although I was unable to offer them any coffee this time as I realized I was out of sugar!  That’s typical of me probably: forget the very thing I originally went out for!

They have already interviewed several other people for their film and visited the ‘Magnificent 7’ cemeteries in London.  Some really good footage there, and should surprise the unsuspecting Brazilians!  You could say; the Highgate ‘Vampire’ now travels to Brazil!  Well, it got on Russian TV last year, so he does seem a bit unlimited!

I’ll keep everyone updated on the film’s progress, anyway, so just keep watching this space.

But I’ll keep this fairly short tonight.  Pretty tired after a long day.

Della went out for an ‘after work’ drink tonight and could be back any moment.  No problem really, but as usual I haven’t done the washing up!  So at least I’d better try!


“I Am Not a Vampire” (UNOFFICIAL!)

Its been a lovely sunny day, but Della and I have been working quite hard dealing mainly with Society and film matters (the two often go together).  I guess many of you will have heard of Kevin Crace’s forthcoming film  “The Highgate Vampire Chronicles” which is due for release in the near future.  The film is to tell the whole story of the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga, which obviously includes my involvement as a central figure in that long case in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Kevin is soon to announce the name of the actor chosen to play myself – and I think that will surprise a lot of you!

 But I digress . . .  Kevin has also had a title song composed for the film titled “I Am Not a Vampire” which he has already released on his Facebook Group via Soundcloud, but has since given myself permission to release this on my YouTube channel.  I have now done this, and also added a few nostalgic film clips to accompany the audio so people can also have relevant  material to watch while they listen to the 5-minute audio. In fact, as I began compiling the clips into a form of sequence, something resembling a music video emerged, which I (at least) think works rather well. Various members of the BPOS have had fairly extensive experience of producing music videos for goth bands, especially during the 1990s and early 2000s. On this occasion the video arose from an 8 hour random collective of members who just felt ‘in the mood’ to work together on something striking, utilising the vast archive of media footage old (and very new) which they had to hand. Of course, one has to bear in mind that the video is unofficial, and does not necessarily mirror the plot of Kevin’s film. But nonetheless, I think the clips all cover the relevant Highgate ‘vampire’ period and fit in quite nicely with the complexities of the case.

Well anyway, I hope you all enjoy Kev’s musical composition – executed upon Kev’s commission by ‘Monty’, and can ‘kick off your shoes’ for five minutes to give it a listen.  But I’ll keep you all updated as it comes in.

Oh, by the way, I don’t always ‘think the worst’ as per the lyrics – in fact, quite the opposite!  I am just realistic.  And as I point out in the clip below, in my line of work there are often people (for whatever misguided or pointless reasons of their own) – and indeed, entities or forces – which are out to do one harm.

All for the moment though,



(c) BPOS / Della Farrant


Some good news for all of you following the Kev Chesham saga . . . Kev is finally back in UK after two long years in Saudi Arabia. – with a few surprises in store. He brought with him the almost finished manuscript of his forthcoming autobiography which chronicles his adventures in Highgate during the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga.  It was nice to meet him in person again after his 2-year absence, the only contact having been restricted to emails and the odd phone call / Skype conversation.

Kev was looking extremely healthy and fit, and is looking forward to some  ‘sporting’ action in the UK, but is also going to take advantage of his stay in the UK to take care of some personal matters at the same time.  Then its back to the real heat again. Incidentally, I could add that Kev complimented me on how well I was looking; which was indeed a great compliment coming from him! He put it down to excellent nutrition, mindfulness and the love of a good woman (well I better not say any more about that here at the moment, although Kev does know all about that!).

A good friend of mine, Redmond McWilliams, founder of the Facebook Group ‘The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society’ and all round Highgate Vampire expert was very keen to meet Kev, having heard of his imminent return to the UK some months back. As I knew the feeling was mutual it made sense for Kev to meet up with Redmond, Della and myself… plus another BPOS member … for a visit to Highgate’s famous cemeteries. Kev has been a ‘paid up’ member of the ‘Friends of Highgate Cemetery’ for many years, and always like to pay – literally – a visit when he is in the UK despite the fact that his membership grants him free admission.

Anyway, we all met up and many hours were spent in both cemeteries, catching up, and we all had a few very unexpected experiences … and got some very good photographs to substantiate these!

But I’m afraid you’ll all have to wait at the moment. Although Kev is back in the UK now for some months to come, and we will be seeing him again shortly, I think our cemetery experiences at Highgate, at least, can wait until the next blog.

But there’s a lot more news apart from that. We have now read Kev’s autobiographical manuscript, and indeed it kept Kev and Redmond involved in conversation for some time, regarding its possible progress. But as I said, more of that to follow.

Above is a picture of three of the ‘Famous Five’ on our excursion to the East Cemetery in Highgate. There are many more to follow, including those taken in the West Cemetery, but as I say, please just watch this space.

Adieu for now,


A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek


David Farrant In A Still from A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek (c)

Several years ago I was interviewed by a visiting film crew, who were (and still are) making a documentary about the life and death of musician Joe Meek. In fact the film crew approached me after learning about my friendship and involvement with Joe, in the mid 1960s; a period when the late composer and producer approached me to pursue a personal interest he had in Wicca and spiritualism. He told me he had visited London’s Highgate Cemetery only a year or so before this and played me some recordings on an old cassette player, of spirit voices which he had captured there on one of his nightly excursions. The sounds did indeed seem to contain the ‘unearthly voices’ of discarnate entities, which Joe was convinced were trying to communicate a message to him. We met on about three occasions after this, and had long discussions in my Highgate flat and at a local café which basically involved him wanting to become involved in my group Sadly this never happened, as Joe also had other ongoing problems at the time, mainly involving personal disputes with other songwriters and singers involved in the record industry.  I was also concerned that Joe’s desire to become involved in occult matters would have been somewhat dangerous to encourage due his fragile emotional state at the time; a state which, I understand, eventually led to his untimely suicide on 3rd February 1967 – coincidentally the same date on which Buddy Holly died in a tragic plane crash.

(c) NME

Although the film project is not yet complete, the team behind the documentary – ‘A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek’ – will be screening a 30 minute preview at the Ugly Things magazine 30th anniversary celebrations from (May 24-26, 2013) in San Diego. You can read more about the screening here: and more about the film itself here:

The team have been campaigning and fundraising devotedly and with great energy since 2003, and it seems that they are now in the final stages of production. Any fans of Joe Meek who would like to help the film get to the distribution stage can keep an eye on this page which tells the public how they can support the project:

But I will keep you all updated on the progress of the film.

For the moment,


Welcome Home Kev!


Kev and myself at my flat in 2011

Lovely day in London.  Makes you feel better after last month’s cold is gone.

 My friends Joao and Vinney from Brazil have been getting on well with their filmed documentary on Highgate Cemetery and ‘vampires’ – or its alleged vampire!  They have already done several location shots which have included filming getting film footage of the “Magnificent Seven” cemeteries – which also obviously includes Highgate.

Last week they made a filmed interview of Gareth at my Highgate flat, and he was also talking about his own experiences at Highgate and his knowledge of the ‘vampiroid culture’ in and around London.  He actually investigated a lot of these groups at the time, so what he had to say about some of their activities (and beliefs) was informative rather than speculative.

 Thank you to all who have sent private emails.  Have not forgotten any, but sometimes just so busy with things to keep up with.

 What else?  My friend Kev is arriving back in the UK soon from Saudia Arabia.  He’s been over there for almost two years with his wife Bev representing the UK at International sports events and training teams involved in these.  Its seething hot in the summer over there (sometimes touching 40 degrees) but he doesn’t mind the heat so much, and has got used to it now!

 But he’s looking forward to a couple of months on the somewhat cooler coast of the South of England.  We will be meeting him during this 2 month period and, hopefully, will have some news to relay they about his forthcoming autobiography which covers his ‘rise to fame’ in North London from the early 1970’s.  A very interesting book (from the parts I’ve been privileged to read) and he totally ‘explodes’ stories about the alleged existence that was said to haunt   London’s Highgate Cemetery. 

 He’s also be saying ‘hello’ to some old friends whilst in the UK.

 Well, all for now really.  But hopefully more news on Kev’s revelations in the near future.  I leave you with a link to Kev’s latest Blog entry which also gives some news on the forthcoming autobiography.

 So for now everyone  . . .