December 2012

Very Nearly Could Be True!


Not long ago Della and I hosted a small dinner party for friends which by happenstance featured an untypical mixture of business acquaintances and BPOS members. Also in attendance was a dear friend whose name I shall not mention, suffice to say his reputation is well known in Occult circles and best left without further elaboration. It was an interesting, and rather exceptional evening – but I guess these Blogs usually are about exceptional circumstances – and so I thought it would be OK to share it with you all. OSo, here you go …

As gracious hosts, Della and myself of course supplied no small amount of fine wines and cocktails, which assured that the ensuing talk was lively and covered a multitude of topics far and wide. Eventually the conversation got around to the Kirklees Development Project that I, along with some of my guests, were so deeply involved with. I’m not sure who raised it, but the question came up of how the estate’s historical residents might view the current plans, to which my dear old Occultist friend quickly piped up,

Well, why don’t we ask them?

My friend assured me he’d assume full responsibility, so I put away any misgivings I had and consented to let him try. All of our guests agreeable, we doused the lights except for a few sacred candles, and gathered around a table to invoke the spirits of the long-departed residents of Kirklees Estate. Soon the the room was eerily silent except for the occasional distant cry of owls in Highgate Wood opposite, and my friend’s low, repetitive chanting. Nothing much happened for quite some time, and we were nearly about to give up, when all at once – the candles went out – and the room was plunged into utter blackness! A glowing orb of energy danced above our heads, a cacophony of voices emerging from it. A silky female voice quickly sorted itself out from the rest;

“David,” it giggled coyly, “Guten abend! Wie gehts? So sorry about that bloody silver lighter. If I knew it would cause such problems, I’d never have given it to you.”

I instantly recognized the voice as belonging to a person I’d had many deep, often personal conversations with in years past, yet I must admit I was shocked and somewhat unsettled to hear it coming from beyond the grave – or of more immediate concern – from the vicinity of the suddenly, eerily swinging chandelier!  Women land me in more trouble, it’s true. Just my lot in life, I suppose. “Your Ladyship?” I called out, tentatively. “Oh, never mind that toffee-nosed twaddle!” she shot back, “Call mich Margo.” I proceeded to assure “Margo” that I had suffered no real problems concerning her gift, aside from a bit of nonsense posted on Facebook by a mentally unstable individual or two. I also told her the local “Robin Hood society” that had been such a thorn in her side was largely disbanded and the ex-nurse who led it was thoroughly discredited by scandal. She enquired if the development of the estate was on track, saying that she was most happy with the Victorian design I’d selected for the decorative cast iron fencing.

By then my other dinner party guests guests had become a bit restless, protesting that Margo was “dominating” our impromptu seance with “shop talk” and they were anxious to see if other spirits were lurking about and could be contacted. One fellow (an old cricket team mate, rather brash and outspoken in the best of times) loudly demanded we try to “conjure up” the ghost of Robin Hood himself. Another insisted we attempt to contact King Arthur. “Quiet please, everyone!” warned my Occultist friend, “All this bickering is disturbing our fragile connection to the astral plane!” But it was too late. Suddenly we heard a sound like thunder and the room itself seemed to shake. Abruptly, the lights in the flat came on, and we found ourselves sitting around the table, drinks in hand, as if nothing unusual had transpired. No one spoke a word about our experience, and indeed, I found myself wondering if had really happened at all. Then again, it very nearly could be – or indeed could be –  true that we had bridged the gap between this life and “the other side” and I alone had been selected to retain the memory of it!

Anyway, see you all again soon,


A House Divided …

Well, scarcely a day left to the dreaded Christmas now and I certainly will be glad when its over.  Its not just the last minute Christmas rush I refer to; it starts in September when shops and businesses start ordering Christmas merchandise, all foreseeing greedy profits.

That said, Della did leave everything to the last minute, and has just come back from the shops laden like a mule!  That said, she is a very busy person and apart from Christmas dinner, and some other essentials – such as port and brandy – she seems to have purchased  Sainsbury’s entire supply of cleaning products.  This seems to be some adverse reaction from having time off work.  I keep telling her to take a break and put her feet up (like I am) but she prefers to keep busy, so I just let her get on with it!

I’ve been very busy myself lately; what with trips to West Yorkshire and monitoring the progress of certain investments.  I can’t say too much about that at the moment, but apparently certain local officials have been so impressed by my contribution to the local community up there, that they commissioned a local artist to create a portrait  of myself which I am told is now hanging in the Lord Mayor’s private chamber.  As not many people have the opportunity to enjoy an audience with his worship in private, I asked if I could reproduce the commissioned piece here for the benefit of the wider public.  I really am charmed by the sentiment expressed in the image and hope that you all are as well, although inevitably, I am sure that it will not find favour in some of the remote areas in the Green belt! Actually, this is not really surprising as the Green Belt resident in question is notorious for blowing hot and cold at the slightest challenge to her ‘supremacy’ (at least, as she sees it!).  My friend Drew informs me that he spotted a reader’s letter in a small local newspaper recently, which indicated that this person’s now rather miniscule club – or should that be ‘one woman band’ ? –  is presently seeking yet another new Patron.  Drew considered applying himself, but later found out that the position had since gone to a ‘Swedish’ candidate who has apparently written  about the ‘Yorkshire Robin Hood case’ for several years, primarily via Blogs and forums.  He also co-admins a Facebook group called “Kirklees Scandals Past and Present” which has almost four members  . . . Well, I can only wish him the best of luck, although I doubt somehow (unlike myself) that he will be making any public appearances in support of his beloved cause!

As I mentioned, I am not a big fan of Christmas.  But that is not to say that I have a problem with Christianity or Christians in general –  ones that practice what they preach, that is.  I am married to a Roman Catholic, after all, and I don’t intend feeding her to the lions any time soon – at least not before she’s cooked my Christmas dinner!  In fact, she has just reminded me of a passage from the Gospel of St Matthew, which she feels could help the local mad woman begin to understand her present predicament . . .

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”. .

This advice, borne of ‘nowt’ but Christian charity, will no doubt fall on deaf ears.  But one can but try.

Well I’m off now to enjoy my pre-Christmas supper.  So at the risk of sounding contradictory . . . Happy Christmas everyone!  And peace and goodwill to all men, (and women!) whether they deserve it or not!

David Farrant.

PS And that goes for you for you as well, Anthony.

And You’re Still Not Getting My Autograph!

My friend Ian, and myself, getting ready for our French 'tour' - makes a change from the cricket pitch, anyway!

Thought I’d share a pic a friend on the Tour de France Committee jokingly sent me. He and I recently sat through a long and drawn out council meeting together, the details of which are supposedly still under wraps. However I don’t think it would be too naughty of me to hint that it has something to do with the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, and lending my reputation as a consultant and friend to Calderdale business interests to the mix in hopes of adding a bit of “glamour” to entice some big names in the sporting world to invest in the region and its people.

Speaking of councils, well this was the scene (or very close to it) a few weeks ago when I was compelled by the Consortium to make a presentation to the Council members regarding the commercialisation proposal for the Kirklees estate. Much of my talk was given to boring details such as sanitation specifications, environmental surveys, rainwater runoff mapping, road expansion phases, tax plots, and last but not least the stimulus of much-needed jobs and revenue to the poor people of Calderdale. I think I did manage to get across the importance of preserving the estates historic significance to the public, and developing the attraction in such a way as to honour to the trust that the late Lady Armytage so kindly put in me.

On another note, it saddens me to hear a former friend has gone further ’round the bend’, being gripped by a form of what I can only call madness that has driven her to come up with some rather odd conspiracy theories regarding myself and my expanding role in Calderdale’s affairs. Lately she has even taken to pestering officials with emails and phone calls. It stands to reason that all council members, their staffs and liaisons have been instructed to “humour” this person and respond to their enquiries by saying ‘David Farrant is not involved’, which we all agree is the kindest thing to do in such a situation.

But enough of the ‘local mad woman’. Not long till our bedtime now. Mine and Della’s, I should clarify, not mine and the local mad woman’s! She can but dream – but the answer remains ‘no’ – and you’re still not getting my autograph, especially in the place you suggested, or any place at all!.  But I digress; before Della and I turn in, here is a link to the Nocturnal Frequency Radio interview which I gave on Sunday. It is well worth a listen, and you can download it from the link.

So goodnight everybody,


Then May Be In Time . . .

A little bit tired today.  I was up till 8 this morning, so I suppose I’ve got an excuse!  Did go to bed after that, but couldn’t seem to sleep.  Sort of  ‘half slept’ till about 2pm, then gave up turning in bed,  and decided to retire to my armchair instead.  Still had a lot to do; not least going to the post office to post three of my books by RD.  But somehow I just couldn’t face the queues at the post office, so managed to fall asleep in the chair instead.  Woke up at 5 by which time it was dark.  Not so cold as its been lately, but so very dreary!  But I still had to go out as provisions were running low, and I needed a couple of glasses of wine to recuperate!

One reason for my recent ‘time patterns’,  is because not all times coincide with theUK.  If they did, be much easier!  For example: had to stay up till 4am last night to give an interview for Nocturnal Frequency Radio where Steve Genier had billed me to talk with Chris Holly, a Canadian paranormal writer who is quite dedicated to this subject. Of course the Highgate ‘vampire’ case was mentioned, although I did not go into this in great detail being much more interested to hear her own views.  Be nice if she’d post on my own Blog.  Getting so fed up with answering repetitious nonsense on other Blogs from people only really interested in pursuing their own obsession with myself and the ‘Highgate vampire’ – can get very tedious and boring!  So Chris, if you reference this (as I advertised on Steve’s show) please do post something if you want!

Well think I’ll make another attempt to get some more sleep now.  Then may be in time to post those books tomorrow!

For the moment everyone,








Yorkshire Detective Stories …

Apologies are in order since I realise that I haven’t been keeping everyone up to date on the status of the Kirklees project. This is not because of any requirements for secrecy but simply because there hasn’t been any significant movement on complex negotiations taking place between the Consortium investors, the council members, and the dozens of various contractors that must be necessarily involved in a large project of this type. However my associates in Yorkshire tell me that some people (really, only one person in particular!) has been stirring the pot with wild speculation and rumours about this project as the result of her very clumsy and insulting “amateur detective work.” It follows that she has gotten some key details dead wrong, and I feel it’s only my duty to clear up at least some of gross errors of fact.

Some of you may recall that some weeks earlier on this blog I had reproduced correspondence sent me by a leading foundry in Japan, who just happen to be world renowned specialists in the reproduction of antique iron fixtures. A key component of the planned development at Robin Hood’s grave in Kirklees is the enclosure of the vast entertainment and cultural complex within decorative security fencing. The fence itself (over 3 miles of it) will be a faithful copy of the original Victorian iron fencing that now exists at the grave. Naturally at the time, the Japanese iron contractors name was obscured from the document for privacy reasons (and to discourage any “local mad women” or “bonky people” from calling them up and bothering them), however now that that bid has been superceded by another vendor, I can safely reveal the facts.




The Entity Sighted Was Well Over 6ft Tall.

Just a quick Blog tonight, as I thought some – or most – readers might be interested in the following.

Reports of a ‘tall dark figure’ seen in and around Highgate Cemetery, have dated back for decades; indeed, to the days when Highgate was an exclusive Victorian suburb that catered for the living styles of the elite. All regular readers of this Blog will be familiar with reported encounters of this ‘tall dark figure which has come to be referred to as the ‘Highgate vampire’. Here is yet another independent report referencing an encounter with this ‘ghostly entity’. It was described by the witness as a ‘huge towering dark presence’, sighted near the cemetery, and from the witness’ description we can infer that the entity sighted was well over 6ft tall.

This letter appears in the current issue of Fortean Times magazine, and is really self-explanatory.

So, yet another independent sighting of  a tall, dark figure on the trajectory of the ley line that runs through Highgate. If anyone has experienced any similar phenomenon please feel free to email [email protected]

All for now folks,


BPOS Certificate Of The Year

So what’s been happening in the last 7 days since my last Blog?  Well not that much really- or not stuff that I can easily relay here because of privacy purposes.  I am not talking about ‘tittle tattle’ secrets of the kind which would be more at home in popular soap operas, but important BPOS projects which I am under confidence not to disclose.  Not that I would anyway.  Well, I am the President and supposed to set an example!  So maybe be better to leave that till a little later when a few things should have been finalised.  Even then, I have to consult the Committee with any proposals to make things public.  You see, there must be a fine ‘dividing line’ between what will ultimately become in the public domain, and how many details to release before it does so.

Readers of my last entry may have noticed that I made one small entry to my old Australian friend Anthony Hogg (no, that is his real surname, really!) who has apparently for long had a magnetic interest in myself and the Highgate ‘vampire’ case.  Well as the latter always go together, perhaps that is understandable!

I merely remarked in passing (although seriously) that Hogg’s interest in the mysterious Highgate ‘vampire’ always resulted in him getting things wrong about that case (of which he proclaims to be an ‘investigator’).  Well, it seems it doesn’t take much to upset the dear fellow! (known affectionally amongst his friends as “Hoggy”!).  Anthony was quick to respond on a site of which he is co-founder of with Redmond McWilliams,   The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society,  by challenging the result of a Court case I was involved in back in 1970.  With absolutely no regard for the true facts, other than a pre-determined obsession to ‘prove’ some theory he had formed about the case,  he resorted to a literal barrage of posts on the said site (HCVAS)  to attempt to get his own disjointed views across.  There were about 50 replies last time I looked and, interestingly perhaps, most of these were not from supportive members, but replies he had made to myself.!

Anyway, the BPOS were having a meeting this evening,  and I happened to refer to this matter as it had since been brought to my attention.

The outcome was, that it was decided to honour Anthony with a special award, BPOS Certificate  of the Year– if not for his contributions over the years to Society investigations; but for his sheer determination to spread my own name and his own across the Internet in connection with the Highgate ‘vampire’ matter.  Well, its all publicity, I suppose, so we just decided to award him with an Honorary Certificate (reproduced below) for his dedicated ‘support’ of the BPOS and myself over the years.

Well, I suppose he does deserve something for all his trouble!  Sleep tight Anthony,  and  best of luck with your new book!

David Farrant.

Hoggy honoured – sort of!





My Personal Chauffeur Is Stuck Up In Yorkshire

Sorry about the longer than usual delay everyone, but a few things have been happening which have demanded my urgent attention. I can tell you some of it, but obviously not all as secrecy is sometimes of prime importance when involved in exclusive projects. Most of these events have been taking place in London, although I am still deeply tied to some commitments in West Yorkshire. In fact I was supposed to be up there yesterday and today, to turn on some Christmas tree lights near Brighouse. But unfortunately this cold weather forced me to cancel the trip at the last minute. Sorry to let you down Malcolm, but as I explained on the phone, will try to make it next week if I can arrange some transport. Unfortunately however, my personal chauffeur is stuck up in Yorkshire working on another film assignment, but I’ll try to get something sorted out. Hope the bridge isn’t looking too bleak.

Onto other news now, and I was quite surprised to learn recently that my old friend Kevin Crace (yes, the same fellow who escorted Ronald Biggs back from Brazil for urgently needed hospital treatment a few years ago) is promoting a film he has been making on a new Facebook Group called “The Highgate Vampire Chronicles – A Factual Movie”, which has myself as its subject matter. Kevin has been working on the film intermittently for several years now, but it is near completion and he has given its release date as November 2013. There is no need for me to give any more information here really, as greater details can be found by merely following the given link above. I should add though, that I was greatly honoured to be chosen by Kevin in the first place to give a definitive account of what really happened concerning the so-called Highgate vampire, back in the late 60s / early 1970s.

I see that my dear friend Anthony Hogg has already announced his intention on there of ‘following developments very closely’. Anthony and myself (as I think everybody knows) have never seen eye to eye on quite a few matters. Perhaps this is because he is a chronicler … when he occasionally gets something right – which is only very occasionally! Whereas I am more of a ‘do-er’. However, it can only be hoped that Kevin’s film meets his exacting standards, or no doubt we’ll be hearing more about it! Kevin recently acted in the capacity of occult consultant for Asa Bailey regarding the filmic version of his book ‘The Vampire of Highgate’ – but he can tell you all more about that himself if he chooses to do so. Who knows, maybe Kevin will decide to employ young Anthony Hogg as a consultant for his film about myself – as apparently he knows far more about me than I do myself!

Anyway enough of that, but I will leave you with a still taken from the film, so you may perhaps get some of the atmosphere. But please note any bonky people out there that the copyright of this exclusive photograph exclusively belongs to Kevin Crace and his excellent photographer Marie Muscat-King.  You can view more of Marie’s work, (including some more photos of myself if you are interested!) at the online Saatchi Gallery here

Well sorry again for making you all wait for the latest news, but will try to be back here in a day or so. All for the moment though,

David Farrant