November 2012

A Treasured Gift

Well, not really another Blog tonight (some people expected soon), but an appendium to the one yesterday.  It occurred that I had forgotten to include a photograph I had intended to go with my short write-up about Robin Hood’s grave in Brighouse, and the Japanese interest in the site.  Nottingham Council most certainly are interested also, with their own £15,000,000 project (with I did not mention incidentally as they are in ‘competition’ with the Japanese proposal), but I digress from my subject.

It is fairly well known that my own involvement with the legendary outlaw’s grave site dates back to early 2000  and, perhaps, more accurately, to when I was in communication  with the late Lady Armytage (who owned the Kirklees Estate) and her manager in 2005/6/7.  The main purpose of this correspondence and fairly numerous telephone conversations was to try and reach some ‘middle ground’ with the Estate – or rather some settlement – whereby access to the Grave could be agreed which would neutrally satisfy the owners themselves, and an interested public, many of whom had already (then) formed small groups and committees which had Petitioned for some sort of restricted access. Some of these groups represented local public opinion whose cause for access had often been reported in local and regional newspapers.

There was, of course, much hostility and suspicion to be overcome by the Estate owners and their agents, who were highly dubious about ridiculous reports about ‘ghosts’ and ‘vampires’ which had been circulated by certain individuals who were just trying to ‘cash in’ on the Grave issue. Lady Armytage herself was well aware of his, and it is one of the issues which I was continually forced to deal with. At this time, I had already been made a Patron of one of these much smaller groups, but my attitude towards their true motivations and clandestine activities had made me increasingly aware that I could not agree with their policies; or indeed their harassment towards Lady Armytage and other personages of the Estate.

In fact I felt so strongly about this matter, that this lead to my resignation from this small society, and perhaps afforded me a much more favourable insight into the whole Robin Hood Cause by the residents of Kirklees and Lady Armytage  herself.

Anyway, that is probably old news now, even though much of it was widely circulated on the Internet at them time.

Well,  to cut a long story short, and to get on with the missing ‘appendium’ – Lady Armytage was apparently so concerned, or impressed with my sincerity, that she had engraved for me at the time a rather splendid silver cigarette lighter, to commemorate the change in her favour which I was now afforded.

I was deeply honoured at the time (indeed I still am) but always kept this small momentum quite secret to all but a few, and I have only recently decided to share it with genuine adherents who have been following the true Robin Hood cause.

I thank you again, Lady Armytage, and this time in public! I hope if by some chance you can ‘see’ this from wherever you are, you may now realise my true appreciation of this personal gift as others also will.

David (Farrant)

“I Feel About 12 Now!”)

And now for the second Blog, which I mentioned yesterday but never got around to writing (usual story!)

Well, it was Jamie’s birthday this week, and he turned up at our humble apartment with his gorgeous girlfriend, Jo. We put a few decorations up to honour the occasion, ballons and such like, which I don’t think he was expecting (in fact he remarked  “I feel about 12 now!”) . He had decided to wait to celebrate his birthday until he got here, which was in fact a day before his actual birthday, but he didn’t seem able to wait! Possibly aided by some days off work and copious amounts of red wine, Jack Daniel’s and vodka jelly! (And I thought “I” was bad!)

Jo gave him a book he had been after about Pete Townshend from the Who, which Jamie was particularly interested in due to his connections with Muswell Hill.

Among his other presents (courtesy of Jo) was a full bottle of aforementioned Jack Daniels, but a new honey version which he graciously shared with everyone. And we all recommend it – but perhaps not the memory loss after 4am!

Got my hand away just in time before Clawdia took another bit out of me! She loves me really. - sometimes!

They had a good night’s sleep afterwards (hopefully anyway!) before they decided to travel back into central London the next day and see some sights, including the Science Museum and have a meal out. He had very wisely  left his car in Highgate to save all the traffic problems getting around. It sometimes really is quicker to take buses or tubes in London than having to worry about parking restrictions.

We all had a good time, and watched some rushes from the forthcoming “Dickipoggy Special” – which now looks set to be the Christmas Special! They really enjoyed them.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing both of them soon, and who knows, who are the next ones about to get married?! Well I wish him all the best if he chooses to take this ‘chained course’; but it does have its advantages you know . I get my dinner served to me every night on my personal platter now, beautifully cooked by my darling wife Della who still seems to find time to darn my socks, mend holes in the odd jumper or two (after the bloody cat has put its claws in them!), and style my hair. Personally I am quite content just to let it dry naturally, as it takes some time due to its length, but she insists on sitting me down in my ancient chair and coiffeuring it with a hair dryer.

So Jamie, life is not all bad when you get married!

Oh, just before I sign off, some more news now on the Robin Hood front; it has been brought to my attention by some people raving on the Internet that my recent disclosures about being approached by a Japanese consortium, interested in developing Robin Hood’s official grave in Kirklees into a private tourist attraction aimed at the Japanese market, have “been frivolous”! I really am at a loss. I am not obliged to produce ‘proof’ of any negotiations I am having with people or companies about the legendary outlaw’s last resting place in humble Kirklees. Normally I would tend to ignore these insinuations, but I am in this instance rather stumped. Why you may ask? Well, the source of these allegations is herself a Brighouse resident, and yet seems to remain completely oblivious to the good intentions of the Japanese business company, who are prepared to make a substantial investment, and have already announced this in the Japanese Press. And all this further to their conference which took place in Brighouse only this week! I ask you? Just how are you supposed to deal with such small minded mentality? Below is just a glimpse of the Japanese proposal, and the enthusiasm of their overseas development team.

I told you so! Maybe you should walk that dog more, you're missing out on all the action!

Bit tired again as usual, but Sunday roast is in the oven so that should keep me going.  Pork belly with caramelised apple stuffing this week for a change. And Della is not so tired as she has just had the weekend off. That said, she has been helping Patsy with some new research material which has taken up quite a lot of her private time.

Well that’s it for now, but have a good Sunday night everyone, and hopefully see you tomorrow.



Kakophonos Radio and Patsy Langley's Talk

Perhaps another Blog later as it was my son Jamie’s birthday this week and we took a couple of photographs we’d like to share with you.

But first, just to let you hear my interview on Kakophonos radio which was broadcast this Hallowe’en. Hosted by Canadian presenter Rikki Wychwood LaCoste as a ‘Hallowe’en Special’,  we were discussing spiritualism, ghosts, Wicca, the occult scene in general and the Highgate ‘vampire’ affair.

You can read more about Kakophonos radio here: where the broadcast can be found in the archives. It is also available to listen to on my YouTube channel here:

The interview is copyright of Rikki and myself.

Another video just uploaded to YouTube: the long awaited Talk by Patsy Langley, Secretary of the British Psychic and Occult Society and author of the Highgate Vampire Casebook at the ‘HIGHGATE @ HALLOWEEN’ event on 27th October 2012. The event was organised by North London Paranormal Investigations, and took place at the haunted Gatehouse public house in Highgate Village.

Patsy is in the process of updating her book, in light of new information she has unearthed regarding the Wace family tomb and other matters pertinent to her investigation of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case. The revised edition will be out before too long, and of course I will notify everyone here of the details when it is available.

Well that’s it for this Blog, a little tired after the recent excitement and partying etc. But keep tuned for more updates soon.

For now,


No Longer Has Any Hair To Dye!

Photo: Dave Milner (c) BPOS 2012

I wasn’t going to do a Blog tonight, as we have been working to upload Patsy’s Talk at the Gatehouse on the Highgate Vampire from Oct 27th. Unfortunately we have run into some very temporary problems with the sound, regarding the background noise due to the very busy event. Patsy was in fact the first speaker, and unintentionally had to speak over the  sound of quite a few visitors arriving in the pub. That said, we will get the sound sorted out. I did say the film would be ready for today (Sunday) but it might take a little longer, so in the meantime, we thought we’d leave you with a still from Patsy’s Talk, and the film itself will be well worth waiting for.

As a matter of fact, this problem does not seem to have been unique, as a group of third year university students who were also filming the events experienced difficulties with their camera equipment which they found no explanation for; not withstanding that it was all high class professional film making equipment which they had borrowed from their university. They mentioned this to me on Thursday night when they visited me at my home, and I omitted to mention to them that Della had a bit of a strange experience that day too, when the external door to the Gatehouse appeared to lock itself thus making it impossible for her to leave the building. The fact that she was dressed as the Gatehouse ghost may not have put their minds at rest in anycase – perhaps even the building itself fell for her disguise and confused her with the earthbound entity!

As a matter of fact, that reminds me, I am not very pleased with Della at the moment (or Drew), as I dictated a Blog last night in a state of some exhaustion, and left them to post it while I snatched a few minutes sleep. What did I find? She had posted up three candid photographs that Drew had taken whilst she was drying my hair, accompanied by a sordid little poem which no one will own up to writing however I note that it is copyrights ‘Della Farrant’. Say no more! Anyway, thought I would just leave it, as she did take such a long time washing and drying my hair. She has tried to make it up to me by cooking me a fish pie, loaded with giant prawns; so what can you do really? Its difficult to be angry sometimes! And I suppose at least, I have a sense of humour, unlike some of my critics that I could mention. One of these, for example, has often tried to libel me on the Internet and elsewhere by saying that I ‘dye my hair’! Totally wrong and unfounded, and rather ironical in the circumstances, in that this particular person DID  used to dye his graying hair a peculiar shade of platinum blonde. If you think I’m joking, I have published photographs to prove it! More than this, the same person is very careful to clad his bald head in an astonishing variety of headgear, hoping it will go unnoticed that he no longer has any hair to dye!  Oh well, the world really is made up of idiots sometimes, it seems!

Anyway back to the more serious stuff, and will endeavour to get you Patsy’s well received interview  (or at least the link to it) up on here as soon as possible.

For the moment everyone, have a good night


Hair Washing Day!

Very busy again lately, hence the reason for the slight delay in this Blog. What with filming appointments, meeting people, attending Talks and all the rest of it, it somehow can tend to get a bit tiring.

I had almost forgotten that we had been invited to a private film premiere in London’s West End this evening. Brother Drew came round to pick us up about 5.30pm in time for the champagne and canapés. But Lord forbid; I had forgotten! And it was only when Della reminded me earlier on that I realised I was by no means near ready. So we had to get Drew to ask the limousine driver just to wait a little while longer. Drew was a little bit agitated as he expected us to be ready on time; and even a little more agitated when I insisted I couldn’t go until Della had finished washing my hair and it was dry. So, the sneaky b…… that he is sometimes, said that was OK. That’s fine. What he didn’t tell me however was that he had got out his small hidden spy camera and was filming the whole thing, perhaps intending to sell it to Japanese fan or something, I don’t know.  Wel I was quite furious, because I couldn’t possibly go to a film premiere with wet hair: Drew said “Never mind, it’ll dry in the car, I’ll ask the chauffeur to put the heating on!” But I told Drew that really wasn’t good enough as there would be photographers there, so he would just have to wait until Della finished coiffuring me. Well we got there in the end, and thank God Drew had arranged the limousine because he managed to scoff a whole quarter of a bottle of scotch before we even went into the venue! Anyway it was a really good film, and even better, my hair was dry by then and looking immaculate after Della had so carefully disarranged it (she has this really annoying habit of putting it into ringlets and not telling me).

We all came back here a little tired. When I first started attending these sorts of events I found the red carpet a bit overwhelming, but I am not phased by it now. And at least now I know how Princess Diana must have felt sometimes! We had a quick meal in a small ‘bijou’ restaurant in an establishment called the Burlington or something, I can’t recall, and have not long since arrived back at our Muswell Hill home. Then it was just a case of  opening a few bottles of  some wine, and getting all set for another adventurous day tomorrow. I have asked Della to post this for me as I am a little tired, and understand she has downloaded Drew’s illicit photographs. Anyway, she won’t post them – or she wouldn’t dare post them! As I have just told her not to.

So that’s it, everyone for now; personally I need some sleep after a very exhausting day.

Hopefully see you tomorrow,



Brother Drew came round to play,

But sadly it was hair washing day!

So he sat down heavily and with the patience of a rock

Watched as Della teased the Supreme Leader’s…

Locks.   © Della Farrant 2012


(c) Drew Hartley 2012
(c) Drew Hartley 2012
(c) Drew Hartley 2012