September 2012

Robin's Wood Japan™ ?

So many files and plans to sift through, approve and submit and legal documents to sign and return. But its not all dry legalese; one of the more ‘fun’ aspects of planning the development of Robin’s Wood™ is sitting on the steering committee for the working party which is responsible for devising the family entertainment which, aside from the cultural and historic aspects, is probably the most pivotal aspect of the whole endeavour.

I had a ‘friend’ once who used to earn a bit of ‘cash on the side’ of his milk round earnings, by doing ‘magic’ tricks at children’s parties. He wasn’t very good at it, and the children always seemed to rumble him, with humiliating cries of ‘It was up your sleeve all along Mister, we SAW it!’, or ‘Its not the same egg, you switched it over, we SAW you!’. But this project is in an entirely different league – for one thing sulphur is banned completely for Health and Safety reasons – I mean, the Gatehouse ablaze, can you imagine the horror??!!

One recurring suggestion is the idea that the Blessing Ceremony in which I took part at Robin Hood’s Grave in 2005 be recreated for tourists at scheduled times. Gareth and I would of course play ourselves, with our ‘assistants’ being played by actresses with regional accents. The working party have suggested Charlie Hardwick and Julie Hesmondhalgh; but the roles are still in development and no decisions have yet been made.

I am, however, much too busy to commit to daily live stage appearances, as the PTB consortium has had inquiries from the Japanese about developing a similar theme park in Osaka. I know you will all be wanting to know more about it, and I can say that a Press Release is currently being prepared by our PR department, an excerpt from which follows, with accompanying image from the prospective Osaka investors:

Spokesman David Farrant says, “Robin’s Wood Japan™   takes the Robin Hood’s Grave franchise to new heights of opportunity and capitalises on the keen interest the Japanese have for all things supernatural.”

An IMAX film featuring re-enacted ceremonies featuring David Farrant, Gareth J. Medway and London actresses playing Catherine and Barbara, would play every 30 mins. in the park’s specially built theatre. Special effects include evil spirits rising from the grave, levitation, ghost of Robin Hood & prioress, etc. In David Farrant’s words, the IMAX film “has plenty of action, chills, and fun, and is designed to appeal to all ages.”


Of course, like everything else in this fast-moving business proposal, Robins Wood Japan™ is entirely dependent on capital funding and particularly the negotiations between Japanese and UK investors, however I would be expected to be in Osaka for the ribbon cutting on or about 2014. So it appears that I’ll need to plan for a “bolt hole” where I can lay my weary head in Amagasaki or some such suburb of the city, in addition to the one already needed in West Yorkshire! Speaking of the cottage, more on that in 2 weeks time I hope, paperwork pending.

Almost forgot, more about the proposed theme park IMAX film. It has been suggested that, like young Daniel Radcliffe, Gareth and I would be spending considerable time in safety harnesses hung from the studio ceiling in front of a special effects green screen in order to shoot the various flying sequences needed for the film (Seems there is some kind of showdown of magical powers culminating with an aerial “chase” through the forest.) Della is seriously unhappy about this part of the proposal, though I managed to convince her its only a ‘one off’ (rather, one offs) in the preparation of the film. Personally I would feel quite safe in harness, as I am sure Gareth would also do, and I wouldn’t have to exert unnecessary pressure on my weak left foot. Della has pointed out that Gareth and myself, unlike Daniel, are not so young and therefore might not enjoy 8 to 16 hour working sessions in such discomforting conditions, however since this is all in the proposal stages I suppose I need not worry about it, since if and when it comes to pass I will deal with it. And am sure Della will come round to my way of thinking – she usually does and I do have my ways of persuading her.

But seriously everyone, once the scenes have been shot successfully it wouldn’t be necessary to get into the harnesses again. What will be challenging will be getting an actor to play Gareth (well I do give him nights off occasionally) who is capable of learning all that Greek chanting. I mean, Gareth can go on hours at a time in this fashion (as he did at the real Blessing Ceremony in 2005), but it is certainly a specialist skill. The most likely scenario is that we will recruit within the local Pagan community, which would certainly give these tri-weekly reenactments an extra dimension. Am sure there are lots of people involved there who would clutch at the opportunity to become a budding actor.

Anyway, back to Muswell Hill via Japan and Calderdale; Della and I got some Cockburns earlier, which was a bit annoying as we wanted Madeira really as Della is making porto pollo tonight.  She needs it to go in with the chicken, and adamantly refused to allow me to open the bottle until the sauce was ready. Well it smells really nice, but I don’t know what I’m looking forward to most; supper or my well deserved port!

Things happening rather quickly at the moment everyone, as you might have gathered, but look on the good side of it for a change; the quicker they happen, the more need for Blogs!

Yours for the moment,


A Whole New Level Of Bonkiness

Skype comes to Kuranda Natural Park © 2000-2011 A. & U. Köhler

Earlier today Della and I had a Skype meeting with a friend in Australia, whom we surprised by awarding them a “Cabal Membership” Gold Level.  Recently he has been taking a lot of flak from a certain person with a ‘Bonky’ point of view who accuses him of being ‘too friendly’ with myself, and a free Premium membership was the least we could do.

Ironically enough, the very person making this accusation is the Bonky One himself hiding behind yet another invented alias; and even funnier is that he just cannot see that everybody knows that it‘s really him!  In fact, there is absolutely nobody else posting all these invented exchanges and, being merely projected images emanating from just one person, it goes without saying that none of these ‘Fingermouse’ style posts represent the views of bona fide people.

I must confess, however, to being rather sad to see the Australian recipient addressing the sock puppets as though they have some substance.  It is rather tantamount to knowing that one is talking to the organ grinder directly, but inadvertently confusing readers into thinking that one is in dialogue with the monkey!

It would appear that the Bonky One’s posts are entering into a new stage of madness . . . Poor ol’ Anthony has now been turned into an Australian Aboriginal;  notwithstanding he’s white and got blue eyes beneath his Internet ‘Dracula Mask’ which any normal person can see quite clearly; and according to him lives in a suburban city in south west Australia literally miles away from any Aboriginal Reservation!

As usual the Bonky One is basing his latest fictional story around a photograph of an unrelated person, who most likely has no knowledge that his personal Facebook photographs have been plundered and stolen in the pursuance of a personal vendetta with which he shares nothing but his given name (if that).

Anyway, quite apart from that, the question remains – why is being ‘accused’ of being an Aborigine intended as an affront? Surely this has more to do with the warped mindset of the ‘accuser’ than the sensibilities of the ‘accused’, or indeed most civilised people?

So what if Anthony is an Aborigine? He isn’t. But maybe that is besides the point. What would it matter if he was, and who would it matter to?  Maybe only to fake posters on the Internet  (or one particular individual more precisely)  who, after all, is basically still only trying to obfuscate and exploit the truth of the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ story some 42 years on.

For the moment



Watch Out London, We're back!

Drew relaxing downstairs at the spa


Back in London, as you may have guessed, after a very busy few days in Yorkshire.

Must say we did have a leisurely start to the day, in the spa at Drew’s. He took us into the sauna room which is reserved for him for certain times of the day, and I must say it is quite am impressive place.  Steamy rooms – some much more than others – exercise equipment, massages available and al sorts of beauty therapies.  We chose just to have the basic sauna, to refresh us for our trip back to London. We certainly noticed the cold as soon as we stepped out to the private car park however! And were glad to be in the car with heating on, and heading south away from the wet weather. Strangely enough as we parked up outside our house, we looked up to see a huge rainbow arcing over Muswell Hill Road,  right from wood to wood, almost as if it was welcoming us home.

Or perhaps it was welcoming someone else home…Had to be back in London today actually, as we are expecting another guest at the end of the week, who will be in the UK for about a month. Longer than planned, which suits everyone. He will be staying at a temporary residence in London for the first few days, passing through town and then heading down to the South West for a few weeks, where he will be in charge of some cycling events on behalf of his friend and colleague. But will almost certainly see him again before he flies back out to his life of luxury in the Middle East.

Well really have to make this a short Blog tonight, only been back a few hours now and have things to sort out. But will leave you with this souvenir picture of Drew that Della took this morning in the spa before we left.  And see you tomorrow everyone!



Good News – Part 2 of “In The Shadow Of The Highgate Vampire” Now On Youtube

© Chris Hoyland 2012

Very interesting meeting last night, got back quite late. Can’t really say much about it for public dissemination, although it was to do with the proposed development at Robin Hood’s Grave in Kirklees. Of course in the end, when all these negotiations have been completed and finalised, details for the future of the Grave will be released for public consultation. I think I can say that while at the meeting an enthusiastic young architect approached me, and submitted his impression of what the hospitality complex at the Grave might look like, once the grave has been developed into a tourist theme park. I must say – I rather like his ideas – perhaps the inn could even be named “The Blue Boar”! Who knows yet, however, as there is so much to be decided.

We were a bit concerned about driving back to Drew’s, as the weather up here has been atrocious – and when its not raining its much colder than in London. Strangely enough, every time I visit West Yorkshire the heavens seem to open wide, lashing the dales with angry rain and almost Biblical hail! Last time for example the canal flooded, and poor old Gareth got rained out of his tent.

Another meteorological oddity which seemed to herald my arrival in the shire apparently occurred just last week, when a fleet of UFOs was witnessed approaching and hovering over Calderdale for quite sometime. It made the local Press apparently, and there seemed to be many widespread reports from locals who had witnessed them. I only mention this because, as Drew laughingly pointed me out, these damn things seem to follow me about!

Anyway, we warmed up quickly enough when we got back to Drew’s, however, as he has underfloor heating which we certainly needed last night! Those big old conversions would get very drafty otherwise.  But we weren’t too late to get a takeaway, and scoffed a lovely Thai meal.

On a different topic,  I am glad to report that part 2 of my filmed interview with Redmond McWilliams, “In The Shadow Of The Highgate Vampire”, has now been completed. In fact, it was almost ready for release at the weekend, but we were unsure about a few technicalities, which Drew was able to help us with last night. After the final touches had been made,. We published it about 3am in the morning, and it is now up on Youtube for any of my dedicated fans to view. Slightly shorter than the other, this runs for approx. 40 mins; though I am sure this will please my friend Anthony Hogg who originally wanted it in 10 minute parts! If only that were possible! But seriously, the content of the film is such (that is the time allowed for each topic covered) that this would really have been impossible. After all, when Redmond visited us for the purposes of the filming he didn’t leave until 7 in the morning, having arrived at 6.30pm the previous evening. Obviously, the whole 13 hours were not taken up by continuous filming, and we needed short breaks in between to check the camera equipment, lighting and positioning etc. But even so, I would estimate at this stage that the film might take another 3 parts in order not to break any continuity. We’ll have to see.

The film can be viewed below.

And incidentally, just as in my recent documentary, Robin Hood’s Grave Revisted, those are real owls in Highgate Woods hooting in the background, and not ‘spooky sound effects’ added afterwards!

Anyway, have fun everyone, and hopefully I’ll be able to do another blog after some social engagement this evening (if we can get  over the canal that is!). If not certainly the day after, before we come back to London.

For now,


A ‘Dynamental’ Few Days

"Hello there ex patriots!"

My friend Kev  (of Raggety fame as many of you will remember from his  Blog) is back in the UK next week for 3-4 weeks to do some more triathlon coaching  He’s staying with his boss in Boscombe who owns the business, and the cycle and running training takes them some 2 miles or so along the coast road to Southbourne.  Maybe he will call on his old friend for some refreshment who lives there, before starting the long trek back? He is certainly looking forward to ‘catching up’ with his old ‘chums’ who have had so much to say about him in his absence.  Whatever, it’ll be cooler than Dubai where the temperature can average 35-40 degrees at the moment.  Then hopefully he will be visiting us in London before returning to Dubai.  We have a film to make to boost his nearly finished autobiography, and believe he has a lot of emails and letters he wants to read to camera.

In other news . . .

Since my last Blog the business line has been ringing off the hook. This was rather bad timing really, as I have been in St James’s all day with my friend Kenny who gave me a lift, getting the finishing touches made to a few new suits. This has left poor Della having to deal with the Press all day on her own – the poor girl is practically hoarse! So to cheer her up, as we were in  Jermyn Street anyway we popped into Paxton and Whitfield  and picked her up cheese and port hamper. So she is quite pacified, I am happy to report.

I needed a few more suits in time for an important series of meetings, which I am obligated to attend, in West Yorkshire over the next few days.  They are all important in different ways, and some more fun than others! The LDF paperwork, whilst of vital significance, is extremely dry and heavy going, whereas some of the other meetings do allow for a lot more socialising afterwards!  Sometimes I even get to loosen my tie a bit!

We are traveling up tomorrow, in order to be fresh for Monday’s meeting in Brighouse, and staying with Drew again at the spa complex.  We do enjoy our visits there, but are also looking forward to eventually having our own ‘bolt hole’ nearby – as things are getting quite busy up there. I must say that it will make a nice change to be in a cottage and not have so many stairs to traipse up and down! And we do like the fresh air up there.

But I digress. I wasn’t expecting so much local interest in the plans for the tourist complex at the grave so quickly, and did brief Della not to say to much on the phone as it is still all supposed to be somewhat hush hush until everything has been finalised. But the local press seem to be having a field day (I can only think they must have been tipped off; maybe by somebody who lives in the Green belt?), and I always think it best in these situations to give them the truth lest they make something up and distort matters. We have had to ‘play it down’ a lot to date, as I am obviously entrusted with a lot of confidential detail until the matter is finalised. But I am not entirely displeased with the inevitable media coverage to date; The Batley News, and Dewsbury and Mirfield Reporters have done a good job in summarising the current state of play.

Please click image to read the full article

The proposed plans for the future of the grave have even found their way onto at least one paranormal blog. I was interested to read people’s views on the proposals and developments, which seem mixed but overall positive. Please see link below:

Well it has certainly been a ‘dynamental’ few days – and keep watching this space as it looks set to continue thus, the way things are escalating! OK, I know this is my own word, but I can’t think of a better one to describe forthcoming events!

Signing off now, as Della is having a night off from cooking and has persuaded our favourite Chinese restaurant in Muswell Hill to deliver to us for a change, and they are just about due now.  Should be able to keep the Blog up to date while we are up North, as Della is taking her new laptop with her.

Oh, and incase anyone has not seen it, here is a link to the film which Drew and myself made recently about Robin Hood’s Grave – if only we had known how things would progress when we made it! So it looks like another one may still be in the offering for the near future but – sadly – I can’t tell you any more about that at the moment!

So, for now,


Almost An ‘Open Secret’

All quiet on the North London front – or in the rolling dales of Yorkshire?  . . . somehow I don’t think so!  More developments on the ‘lost gravesite’ of the legendary Robin Hood, as I mentioned here yesterday there could be. Della and various other ‘bods’ have persuaded me that I need an i-phone to keep up with it all, and I think I have just got the hang of it. Well if this Blog entry goes live then I know it has worked!

A consortium involved in leasehold negotiations with the new purchasers of  the Kirklees Estate (where the grave is located), which includes myself,  have given me permission (finally) to release a couple of prospective plans for the use of the land adjacent to the Gatehouse and especially the site of Robin Hood’s alleged grave.

I explained I was very limited to what I could say about this proposal until proceedings had been finalised a little more.  I am still in the same position really, but glad to report that I had a long discussion with one of their London agents earlier who has agreed to allow me to publish two of the initial development proposals to allay any local concerns.  He said that as the thing was almost an ‘open secret’ now anyway, that maybe it would be best to assure the local populace that the Consortium’s overall intention was only to improve the potential of the area.

So, please see below two initial plans;  both are subject to local planning consultation et al, etc, you get the drift, but give an idea of how the Consortium is approaching the use of this unique, heritage rich landscape.

If anyone seeks further clarification please do feel free to email  – and request a Press Release.

Till Tomorrow . . .

Cheers everyone!

Won’t write too much tonight.  Went to an important meeting in London re. the future of Robin Hood’s Grave up in West Yorkshire.  Started at 10; didn’t finish till 6, so am quite tired.  No lunch break as such; we were just ushered to another part of the building to a small canteen and, to be honest, the cooked food wasn’t up to much.  But I had to go as several members of the consortium were there: that is, representatives of the people who were financing the development process.  Can’t reveal details at the moment, but all will become clear very soon.

Got back around 7 and Della was already in preparing the dinner.  After that I just collapsed on the bed and decided to have a couple of glasses of wine as a ‘nightcap’!

Speaking to a couple of Board members tomorrow and then I’ll see how much I can release on a Blog – if anything.  So we’ll have to see tomorrow.

Sorry if I haven’t answered any other queries today, but I’ll get all that in hand tomorrow.

So till tomorrow,




It Is All Very ‘Hush Hush’ At The Moment

Drew Hartley and David Farrant getting down to business

Della and I are just having a well deserved afternoon off today, although it wasn’t really ‘off’ as we had quite a few letters to complete to local councillors, the Brighouse Gala and Rotary Club, the Todmorden Dog Action Group and Calderdale MPs. The reason, you may ask ? Well apparently two local ladies up in West Yorkshire have been libeling my name (and that of Della) in connection with my investigation into Robin Hood’s grave at Kirklees, and my recent invitation to the Brighouse Gala next year (in fact I had been invited this year but just couldn’t make it, having to give an important Talk at the Pendle Witch Convention on June 16th).  These two ladies, one of whom is known in and around Brighouse as ‘the local mad woman’, have been spreading – with a vengeance – Coronation Street type gossip to all and sundry (including the Halifax Courier) and I felt that the matter had to be addressed to put the facts straight. Well lets wait and see what happens; or more precisely what happens to them when they meet one or more of the aforementioned persons to spread more of their malicious propaganda. Boy, would I love to be a harmless fly on the wall, in one of those offices!  I have told all the people concerned that they have my permission to give these two ladies a copy of my letter in order that they can read it for themselves. I do not believe in ‘going behind people’s backs’; not withstanding that this is precisely what they have been doing.

Anyway, that took a couple of hours of this afternoon’s time, but now we can go back to more important things which merit more serious attention.  Had a rather long BPOS meeting yesterday, at which some members had to give their votes and opinions via conference call as they were in other parts of the country and unable to attend in person. It wasn’t too heavy going tho, as it did devolve into somewhat of a party, on account of it being ‘Champagne Week’ at Nicolas Wines on Muswell Hill Broadway, which Della is over the moon about. She does have rather expensive tastes, and even though many of the bottles were almost half price, unfortunately for me it was a case of ‘baby see baby want’! It makes a nice change, but I do find that wines work out considerably cheaper. We do spend ten or twelve pounds on a bottle of wine when there are no  people here (which is rarely). It might not seem much, but it sure adds up of an evening – and night – if we get through three or four bottles. But what Della wants, she must have! And at least everyone else benefited from her indulgence (or rather my indulgence of her). In fact it looks like its going to be one of those nights again tonight as Della has a late start tomorrow so we can go to bed a bit later.

Br Drew was here last night and the night before. Also present at the BPOS meeting were Br Gareth, Br Lionel, Br Dave, Br Ricky,  and Sr Patsy among others I cannot name for security reasons.  Drew has now returned to West Yorkshire as its quite a long trip back. He said he didn’t mind traveling on Sundays so much as there was not so much traffic. He had some important film industry meetings to attend in London, and was glad to get back to Della’s homemade shepherds pie yesterday after a hard day’s work. We never know what time he is going to get out of his meetings, but that doesn’t matter as we have keys to each other’s houses for convenience sake. As a long standing committee member of the Brighouse Gala, he has also agreed to help me sort out a couple of issues regarding 2013’s extravaganza. Well, its not really an ‘extravaganza’ as such, but it is an important date for the Gala, as this when they will be re-electing old committee members or inaugurating (if that’s the word) new ones by ballot in the extremely near future. It really has been good seeing so much of Drew lately, as he, Della and myself and never seem to run out of things to do together. On the matter of the development proposal regarding Robin Hood’s Grave at Kirklees, it is all very ‘hush hush’ at the moment, as the two ladies I mentioned appear bent upon hijacking any proposals that could improve the area. But I am hoping that in the next few days certain issues will be finalised, and the consortium will allow me to publish some basic details about how things are moving forward. Have to wait for authorisation to do that though, as cannot betray confidences after I have been chosen to take on a supervisory role in our joint enterprise.

Looking forward to dinner tonight, which will be served about 9pm. For starters we are having homemade hummus, yoghurt and mint dip, stuffed olives and crudités; and Della is preparing asparagus and fenni blintzes with organic pork chops and chantenay carrots for the main. And miraculously there is still half a crate of champagne left so we won’t go thirsty!

Incidentally, I have had quite a few queries about ‘Tubby’, the porcine mascot recently purchased by my cricket club when they visited Selby. Well, he’s doing fine, and has become quite a tourist attraction in North Hertfordshire. The two ducks were extremely pleased to be released into the pond after their long journey, and seem quite happy there, exploring every nook and cranny. Last I heard they were swimming round with twigs and other vegetation in their beaks (bills?) making peculiar sounding duck calls so this may herald the future hatching of some lovely fluffy little ducklings. They are really getting quite tame, and one of them – the female – will actually take a piece of bread from people’s fingers. I don’t think  I will risk that, next time I am invited back to the club! Cute as they may be, I do  prefer my duck roasted with a red wine jus, but that is not to say they are not both very endearing.

So I shall leave you now as Della is summoning me (not with a gong – just a call from the kitchen!) – and just keep watching this space!

For now,


Unexpected Invitation . . .

Come back Tubby!

Bit more melodramatic news recently, so thought I should tell you . . .

A rather unexpected invitation from the Hertfordshire Cricket Club recently.  As an ex-captain, they wanted me to visit for luncheon to be photographed with a new mascot they had just obtained.  They were all very secretive when I first arrived, and even over lunch just said the photograph would have to be taken outside but it was a ‘surprise’.  I had worn ‘whites’ as requested to do so and was only told I’d have to hold the new mascot on the cricket field outside.  They said the photograph would then be framed and hung on the Clubhouse wall in honour of my past services!

Well, I couldn’t argue with that, but when we finally assembled outside, I was more than a little surprised to see that the new mascot lived in a pen: and it was a pig, whose name was ‘Tubby’!

While the cameras were getting ready, the secretary told me the brief story of how ‘Tubby’ came to be adopted by the Club . . .

In fact, the Club had first obtained Tubby whilst visiting Yorkshire to play one of their numerous away matches.  The team had booked a hotel in Selby for five days and had visited the town while having some spare time on their hands.  They were looking around the livestock market in Selby, really motivated to buy a pair of ducks to bring back to Herts, with the intention of releasing them in a large pond near the cricket field and hopefully, persuading them to breed.  Transportation was no problem as most of the team owned cars and there was a standard transit van that always accompanied them to make room for all the equipment needed for away matches.  Well, they bought some ducks (not cheap, about forty pounds each I think) and arranged to collect them (alive!) on the farm they came from just outside Halifax.  But as they were leaving, they noticed a very lonely looking pig.  It was quite fat but not that old.  But it seemed to be somehow outcast from the rest of the group, and when it noticed them giving it some attention, it seemed to relish the thought of new friends, and kept running over to them and sticking its snout through the bars.   It was really quite tame and everyone took turns patting it.  But when they eventually turned to leave, it began to squeal piteously as if to say . . . ‘Please don’t leave me here to be slaughtered!’

The outcome was that everyone persuaded the Captain to buy him, so he could be the new mascot for the Club.  And the farmer was found who had brought some animals to the market.

He told any interesting story:  He had not wanted to sell the pig, not only because it was so affectionate, but because it had ‘fallen in love’ with another sow he had borrowed from another farmer near Brighouse who loaned out ‘prize sows’.  That much adored sow was now expecting a litter of piglets (then he had to return her),  and he couldn’t just keep ‘Tubby’ as a pet (affectionate as he was) as he had a business to run, and it wouldn’t solve the issue as the pig was just ‘pining away’ for its mate.  But he was pleased to see the pig would have a good home as a mascot so he wholeheartedly agreed to sell him.  So the guys  agreed to pick him up in the transit van after collecting the ducks on the way back to Hertfordshire.

I have to admit, I was quite taken with the pig even though he tried to ‘eat’ my hand (well nibble!) as I tried to stroke him.

But that was not quite the end of this adventure: when I tried to pick Tubby up for the purposes of the photograph, I accidentally dropped him and he ran off across the cricket pitch with myself in pursuit.  He was only playing, and I eventually caught him and the photograph was duly taken.

But not the one you see here.  That was one taken by a private party to the ‘escape’.

“Don’t you DARE frame that one”, I jokingly said.  “Don’t worry Dave, we wont, he replied.  But we’ll send you a copy.”

So here it is (above).  Just thought you would like to see it!

Oh, for another quiet day!

All for now everyone,



Some Nice Wine Tonight

Copyright of this picture strictly Kevin Crace and his editorial assistant Maria

Very quiet day today, but thought I might take a little break from cricket!  I think I have been very good with Blogs lately actually; there was a time not so long ago that I was only managing to do one or two a week.  But that was really due to pressure of work.  Its pretty hard to relax sometimes of an evening when you’ve spent a busy day filming or making location arrangements; not to mention all the manuscript of books to be got on with.  Its still all ‘there’, but just calmed down a little for the moment.  And so I’m  taking advantage of the relative ‘calm’ to do a few more daily Blogs (only while possible of course) and to relax more with Della.

Her day has been a bit more hectic.  Some ‘idiot’ scratched her car again in the assigned parking space at work, and she thinks it may be the same person who did the same thing before a few months back.  Anyway, she’s not very happy.  You’d think somebody would tell you if they’d been responsible (even leave a note).  It may have been accidental but there is no way they couldn’t have known about it, so in that respect , it was a very irresponsible thing to do.  Its not so much the money (it was only minor), but all the time and trouble that’s involved in it.

We had some nice wine tonight (are, in fact, still having).  Italian, from Brindisi, a reserve brand which goes back to 2007.  Not cheap at almost ten pounds a bottle; but still, quality is better than quantity sometimes!

Now, a little news about Redmond Mc Williams filmed interview with myself.  Part 1 of this has already been released (as many of you will know) but Part 2 should be ready in about a weeks time.  I’ll put up a link here, of course, nearer the time, but just to let you know that Della and myself have been working on it.  Last time I looked at Part 1, it had had over a 100 hits – which is not bad considering its only been up for just over a week!.  Congratulations Redmond!  I think you have done a classic job here – even though I was the one being ‘interrogated’ about ‘that’ silly vampire!

Della has just said she wants to be in bed early tonight due to some work conference in the morning.  Well I have to be up fairly early as well, so had better finish this off now.

So that’s all just for now everyone.  For the moment,