August 2012

Judgement Day

Love Thy Neighbour!

A friend of mine just sent me this Pic. which I thought I’d share you all.  He has called it “Judgement Day”, but he says its only symbolic of me ‘rising above’ all this petty squabbling on the Internet whilst the people in the world below are left fighting amongst themselves and slowly destroying each other.  Well, I certainly cannot argue about that.  They are!

You know, its almost funny to see people so consumed with bitterness and hostility towards each other; not least towards myself who appears to be at the centre of it all.

Should be flattered, I suppose.  But the truth is, I’m only amused!  Who was it who said, “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about”!?  It could have been Oscar Wilde – but I really can’t remember.

Della is quite amused by all this UnChristian malice, for a lot of it is directed towards her as well.  Her only crime?  Its because she prefers her true identity secret. That’s all.  Simply that!

Well, let me tell them all here; that’s the way its going to stay.  It cannot be any other way.  Surely who in their right mind would offer their private details on a silver platter to those basically intent to cause them as much harm – both publicly and privately – as they could otherwise muster?

The answer is they wouldn’t.

But there’s another reason as well:  its none of their God-damn business!

All for the moment everyone,



An Invasion of Maniacs At Highgate Cemetery

Just a short Blog tonight, as Della and I are full up after a big evening meal, and have to get up early tomorrow to go for brunch with her family.

Well here goes … my interview with Mark Pilkington is now finally on Youtube – well Part 1 at least. I rather like that interview as Mark asked some rather different questions from the ones which seem to dominate so many people’s lives – or at least those who choose to interview me!  We talked about spirituality and various esoteric subjects at quite some length, which made a nice change from focussing solely on the dreaded Highgate vampire. Mark’s interview was first broadcast on Strange Attractor back in May 2002. Ten years ago, I know, but the content was such it was not really limited by time constraints.  By that I mean, the topics are as relevant now as they were then, being timeless of themselves.  Mark has previously worked as a contributing editor for Fortean Times, and his interview with myself can be viewed here:

In other news, I recently did some voice over work for my friends Steve Genier and Alex Rondini, who have been working on a deviation from their regular radio show, Nocturnal Frequency Radio, in the form of a new audio-visual experiment, Nocturnal Night Shots. The series documents some of their many paranormal investigations, and the current episode – The House of Secrets – focusses on a field trip to an abandoned (and haunted) farmhouse, and can be viewed below. Have a watch everyone, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

What else? Oh yes. I have today added another vintage newspaper report to the website.  This one is from 1970, and is about the so called Highgate vampire – or rather, about an invasion of maniacs who stormed Highgate Cemetery in an attempt to hunt it down and stake it.  I have posted a short introduction to events as these occurred, and put up the article in full here . The above illustration gives some indication of just how out of hand events got on that fateful night of Friday March 13th 1970.  And don’t try looking for me in the picture – as I never attended this fiasco, although a couple of my friends can be seen with their backs to the camera, having been sent down to the cemetery by myself in order to give me a full report.

So, better turn in now. Hopefully I won’t be plagued with nightmares about my new mayoral responsibilities ‘up north’ in Brighouse (or was it Calderdale?) – but all that’s really another story!

So, for the moment,





Peculiar Ravings On The Internet


Gareth and his 'alter ego' Della

Someone has been putting peculiar ravings up on the internet and signing them ‘Gareth In a Wig’.  This is an oblique reference to my friend David’s wife, Della Farrant, who for various reasons is reluctant to be photographed.  This has led to some bizarre theories about her identity being posted, that for instance she is actually Rob Milne – who in fact is obviously a Scotsman, and could not possibly be Della – Trish Jing Jai, a Thai woman, or the literary critic Doctor Jane Monson, simply because she interviewed David Farrant at the launch of the first volume of his autobiography,  and any number of women whom David has made the aqcuaintance of over the years.  It has also been suggested that Della is David Farrant himself, though it seems rather obvious that David is not a woman..  Perhaps the strangest idea is that she is myself wearing a blonde wig.  Since her hair is dark brown, this is particularly odd.  Actually, it would be interesting to be a woman with a cleavage like hers, but I am a  man (I think).  I have never stuffed coconuts up a bra, as has been alleged.

‘Gareth In a Wig’ accompanies his (her?) postings with a photograph of the popular singer Shakira.  I do not suppose that she likes this any more than I do.  Whilst Della is not normally photographed, her voice has featured on various radio programmes and You-Tube videos, and I would particularly draw attention to the ‘BPOS Christmas Special Bloopers’, where you can hear her voice off-screen, saying to me: “What ARE you going to do?”  I could not possibly imitate her voice, since mine is deep-pitched, and hers is in the middle range. Even if I was capable of throwing my voice.

Della is a close friend of mine who I see on a weekly basis for several hours at a time, sometimes a lot longer if filming or social commitments require this.

I  wish to emphasise as strongly as possible that I am not Della, and have no idea who ‘Gareth In a Wig’ may be.

Gareth J. Medway (posted by David Farrant).



Turn Again Farrant . . .

Turn again Farrant, Lord Mayor of Calderdale


I had such a strange dream last night . . .

I was guest of honour at the Brighouse Gala in Calderdale in June 2013 (must have been a premonition obviously) and, after the ceremony, a surprise announcement was suddenly made . . .  I had been selected as Lord Mayor of Calderdale.

Can you imagine that?!  I had only visited the Shire to crown some Yorkshire-bred bint clad in a skin-tight bikini) and to enhance my local reputation and, here I was, virtually in control of the whole area.  At first I wanted to refuse the honour (I am a humble person by nature) but could just not really find the affrontary to do so: my chain of office and mace were all ready for presentation and I did not want to appear as some ‘ingrate’ in the eyes of my Yorkshire followers (or at least, most of them).

But any hesitation was only momentary, as the real opportunities of such a position  flashed before my eyes . . .  I was about to be given power to influence local government; potential changes to local by-laws and some say in how the police governed the local community.  On top of that, I would be able to influence such important issues such as preserving the grave of the legendary Robin Hood, and introducing custodial sentences for any local vagabonds who allowed their dogs to mess up streets or pooh in parks in the much loved Green Belt.  And to get the ‘dole scroungers’ back to work and thereby serve some useful purpose in the community.

So I accepted, but on the condition that I could not live there but would take responsibility for local affairs from my main office in London.

But it was only a dream . . . or was it?!?

As back in the mists in dreary London I kept hearing the Bow Bells ring out . . .

“Turn again Farrant, thrice Lord Mayor of Calderdale”.

Think I might go back again and see if that offer of the three-storey house is still open! Have fun everybody!








And It Came To Pass . . . .

Just wait till next year!

I’ll be there, don’t worry!  Right in the middle of the Green Belt of West Yorkshire.  Want to come and ‘pelt’ me with rotten vegetables ladies?  I just dare you!  But you really should go to Confession beforehand to make the Good Lord aware of your intentions!  Better than having to ‘confess’ it afterwards, I suppose!

Sleep tight everyone if you can.  And try and forgive the wayfairings of these two misguided individuals.  They seem to have wandered some way off their chosen Christian path.  But I guess that is only a matter between them and their maker!

For all now everyone,






Never Been So Amused!

Cover of Mark Pilkinton's DVD circa 2002

Do you know, I have never been so amused in all my life about all this silly nonsense which has recently been circulated on the Internet about my involvement in the Brighouse Gala story.

Let me clarify yet again, that this small  charitable function originally proposed that I might visit the Gala in late June that might coincide with a scheduled (and well advertised Talk) I was due to give at the Pendle Witch Camp Festival on June 16th.  No definite arrangements were made, but I said I would consider being a guest there.  End of story really – or it should have been.  But I apparently made the mistake of mentioning this proposal innocently on my Blog here, and within hours, the Brighouse Gala Committee were inundated by unsolicited emails from two local females demanding them to explain their invitation and that they would ‘pelt me’ with rotten eggs and tomatoes if I dared to appear there. (All very Unchristian really considering the source from which these emails originated).  One particular member of the Committee (in fact, their secretary) was inundated with emails from one of these particular women saying that ‘I’ had said (that the Committee had said), that they were both regarded as two local ‘mad women’ and demanding that they (the Committee) take action against me for ‘defamation’.  Next thing was, they were reproducing their emails to the Committee and the odd reply from them all over the Internet.

So I wrote personally to the Committee to say there was no truth in their allegations.  I said that it was true the two people concerned were regarded as ‘two local mad women’ (and regarded by the Press and Local Community as such), I had NOT implied that this allegation came from the Committee themselves as was being erroneously implied – or stated – by these two people.

Talk about ‘twisting the truth’!  And I said as much to the Brighouse Gala Committee.  I also explained that that I had been approached by a long-standing member of their own Committee who extended the original invitation to myself to attend the Gala.  So far I have heard nothing.  But I gather they won’t have done either, as these two people really are regarded as two ‘local nutcases’ as I originally explained in my original letter to the BGA Committee and on my Blog here as well

Other people seem to have taken an interest in this uncalled scenario now (judging by some emails): but let me just say I am not really interested in all these apparent ravings from just two ‘disturbed’ people.  I have far more important things to deal with presently.

Other news now:  The Mark Pilkinton interview will be ready soon, so please just stay tuned here for the link.  It its an old interview from May 2002 but nevertheless may have some relevance about myself and the Highgate sage, so hope you enjoy it!

Della is asleep, so must creep into bed without disturbing her if I can!

All for now





Thanks For Your Response

Don't be fooled by the Pic - I really DO hate publicity!

Although I didn’t attend Brighouse Gala in June, I did nevertheless visit Brighouse on the way to my Talk at the Pendle Witch Camp on June 16th.  Funny little place, and almost dwarfed by Pendle Hill.  Very friendly people though . . . with the exception of one or two.  My only concern – granted, only a small one – was being asked to sign so many autographs when I was wearing my statutory white gloves.  Della would have gone mad if I’d have got black ink on them!

Anyway, a good time was had by myself and all my entourage, and I am looking forward to the gala next year when I will do my best to attend.  Accommodation will be no problem then anyway, as my friend Drew has kindly offered to arrange accommodation  in Brighouse (where he lives) so this will save a fair bit on hotel bills.

Just thought you might like to see this picture taken in sleepy Yorkshire last June.  Thanks for all your response everyone.

For the moment




Brighouse Gala Here I Come!

Who will be the lucky winner!??

It would appear that my scheduled appearance at the Brighouse Gala in June this year, was somewhat ‘scuppered’ because a couple of incensed ‘maidens’ living in the ‘Green Belt’ area surrounding  the Gala’s location, threw a ‘hissy fit’ because I had been invited to attend the Gala and crown this year’s beauty Queen at , or rather after,  the winning ceremony.

To prevent my appearance from taking place, both these women bombarded the Gala committee with unsolicited emails demanding an explanation why the original invitation (which had been mysteriously ‘leaked’ to the local press) was made, and saying that if they allowed the ‘evil David Farrant’ to turn up, they would make a point of being there and would pelt me with eggs, flour bombs and squashy tomatoes!  They went on to demand an ‘explanation’ from the Committee why the evil ‘David Farrant’ (myself in case you may not have gathered!) had been invited to attend.   Now, bear in mind my proposed invitation had nothing whatsoever to do with either of these aged females, it really makes you seriously wonder why they were both so concerned.

In other words, these arrangements were nothing to do with them, so why all this apparent hostility?

Well, you know what they say about “Hell hath no fury” etc. and this certainly applies in the case of one of these misguided individuals who apparently has some influence over the other.  Although I guess ‘influence’ is equally applicable to them both!

Anyway, enough of that, so I’ll move on to some more interesting news . . .

The radio I gave to Mark Pilkington of Fortean Times broadcast in May 2002 is now complete for re-transmission.  I will give a link here once it has been released, so please watch this space.

The Russian TV interview I gave in July will also be transmitted soon . . . again, please watch this space, and I will provide details.

Della got home again little late tonight, but cooked a nice dinner.  She is taking some much needed sleep now, which is why I thought I’d give a quick update to the Blog.

So with that, I leave you everyone, but hope to be back again tomorrow.






"Put A Sock In It!"

I was having a clear up today (due to some furniture replacements) and you’ll never guess what I found?!? A grotty old bed-sock which somebody must have left on her frequent weekend stays a decade or so ago now, when she’d leave the Green Yorkshire Dales to brave my infamous company.

Anyway, it was made of scratchy black wool, and adorned with white rubber butterflies and ‘little girly-type’ flower petals.

Well, at least it wasn’t another pair of knickers! But Della was still extremely repugnated by the offending object, and immediately went and deposited it in the bin (and she said she’d do the same to the other one if she came across it!). I did try to explain to her that I made allowances for this person’s choice of nightwear, usually unisex, and subsequently she used to bring all sorts of strange things with her. I remember once she even brought her own hot water bottle, because I’d lost my spare one, as far as I remember. But apart from clothes she also brought me a lot of occult paraphernalia, such as a  black pentacle and crystal ball which I still have on the mantle piece. Presumably this was done in an attempt to endear herself to me, but it was also an attempt to disguise – or rather to hide – her own Pagan leanings from her new found interpretation of Christianity.  Apparently, she had often been reminded about this on Internet sites (about the fact she was studying for her Ist Degree Initiation into Wicca whilst having already changed to the Christian Church to which she invariably replied that she ‘could have the best of both worlds’ until she got her religion sorted out!). She also gave me a book which she had purchased for own enjoyment on ‘vampires’, but had subsequently decided that she could no longer tolerate the presence of the author’s ‘esteemed works’ in her own house – well I felt the same about that particular tome, I can assure you!

So the finding of the odd sock in a box of old tat, did nothing to appease my beautiful Della – not that she minded the actual sock itself, in fact; more that she didn’t want unwanted ‘reminders’ of a period when certain people by their very own acts of complicity attempted to make my life hell – lurking in our own house!  Well, she said that, but I think she was being kind in a way to the owner of the sock. She does have a particular disdain for women who ‘don’t try to bring out the best in themselves’ – and then whinge about the consequences! It wasn’t entirely my fault really.  I just sometimes take a long time in sorting things out, and sometimes put off undesirable tasks for as long as possible! Especially things that have been discarded for eventual sorting out in the junk box before they end up in landfill.  So I better ‘put a sock in it’ now as I suppose I have gone on about the ‘vile article’ as Della described ‘it’ long enough.

Now, on to more important things; the interview with myself and Mark Pilkington (as mentioned recently on my Blog here) is now virtually finished – or should I say its editing is. All that has to be sorted out is a few timelines for the recording and it will be available very soon. But, as I said, I’ll let you know. 

Heard from my friend Drew again a couple of days ago, (the film producer who lives in West Yorkshire) and pleased to say I’ll be meeting him again in London in the not too distant future. Even ‘more pleased’ in fact, because he is bringing some more old film footage – and some new editing software – which he wants to demonstrate for some old archive projects. So please watch out again for those soon as well. No ‘thousands of takes’ here; if I use the material at all it would all be condensed for the purposes of a short spoof film – thus presumably fulfilling the intentions or desires of some of the participatees.

But all will be revealed in due course.

Little tired tonight again, so won’t prolong this as Della is in the process of cooking dinner. Understand its aubergine lasagna tonight, just for a change. Of course we’ve got some suitable bottles of wine to accompany it! I’ll let you all know if I enjoy it – and dessert of course! But then that goes without saying!

Bye for now,


The World Feels Different . . .

Just Me - a little tired!

Lovely evening tonight.  Dare I say it?, but I slept a lot of the day away; excusable really as I didn’t get to bed until 7 this morning after working all night.  I mean WORKING (not partying), trying to get another chapter completed for my next book.  Actually, I work better in the quiet hours; traffic noise has subsided – if not completely diminished -; the air is stiller without interrupted sounds, but more than that, everyone is asleep.  The whole world seems different.  Everyone is lost in some unconscious state, while I am fully conscious.  It’s a nice feeling – at least it gives me some incentive to work.

But finished the chapter, then I realized it was already light.  So no reason to stay up, and went to bed about seven.  So then, a cup of tea as morning was only just beginning, but then, some much needed sleep.

Phone rang around 4.30 pm, which I almost took as some ‘alarm call’!  No problem though.  It was a friend just giving me some news.  But it woke me up nevertheless.

So then I wandered up the road about 6.30, pleasantly subdued by a cool breeze that wafted through the trees in nearby Highgate Woods.  But onto the distant shop.  There was no choice really if I wanted more wine for the evening.

At least it shouldn’t be a long night again.  Now that that particular chapter is finished.

For now folks