July 2012

Beef Bourguignon Tonight – At Least It Doesnt Fight Back!

Beef bourguignon tonight - at least it doesnt fight back!

Hello again everyone. Well we’ve finally completed the introduction to the long interview I gave to Redmond on July 21st. He arrived at my home at 6pm, and we spent the entire night filming the complete interview. It took a lot of time because obviously camera and audio conditions had to be right for the film, and of course, all his questions had to be answered thoroughly. I chose none of these questions myself: indeed, I insisted that I did not want to know any of the questions in advance. In fact, this is common procedure with myself during interviews, as I don’t like ‘working to scripts’ or want to rehearse anything I might say. And this time was no exception. We will be putting up the main body of these questions fairly soon, but first of course there is a load of editing to be done, background illustrations to be added, DVD menu to be configured etc (Della has certainly got her work cut out, I can tell you that!).

What I am trying to say, I suppose, is that this interview is to stand as a concise record of what really went on or took place during the Highgate Cemetery saga (perhaps I should say ‘vampire saga’) of the 1970s. It is to put facts forward under my own name, and I did not use this interview to spread or infer any falsehoods about some other people who are quick to assert that their knowledge or involvement in the case was the only true one. Or perhaps put more bluntly, to hide behind aliases whilst deliberately spreading untruths about their perceived enemies. It (the interview) is also intended to silence another small minority of people who, although not even being present, have gross misinterpretations of the Highgate Vampire case, which they try to assert as ‘facts’.

Anyway, you will be able to watch the film for yourselves very soon, and I hope it enables some people to make up their own minds after hearing and seeing me speak in person to ensure such a task is made easier for them.

Now, back to the film, or should I say the introductory sequences to the film before the interview proper actually begins.

For this purpose we have shown Redmond on his way to visit our highly secure flat. But unbeknownst to himself, Della was watching his arrival on high security television monitors, and we were able to film him arriving with a secretly hidden spy camera which he had concealed in a pen. Well, I ask you! Not very British is that, is it? Della was quite angry, or perhaps more accurately thought he had a ‘hell of a cheek’! I sympathised with her, but luckily due to her state of alertness, I was able to disarm the rapscallion by the ‘art of gentle persuasion’ – i.e. by making him forfeit his camera. Well, he could hardly do otherwise after having previously having told me or trying to imply it was a worthless pen which had ‘just run out of ink’.

Of course there remained the task of extracting the filming apparatus from the pen. But a friend of Della’s who works in a certain shop on Edgware Road was most obliging in this matter.

Do you know what we found!? Some people might find it hard to believe me! After his arrival at the house he had meticulously filmed his entrance and voyage into my ‘lair’ as he refers to it on the film! He even had the audacity to film the bathroom and loo on the first floor, before having a good poke around the bedroom and kitchen for good measure!

I mean, I ask you, what is so fascinating about Della’s washing up gloves. But he even filmed those! Thank goodness her smalls weren’t on the airer; but if he had had more time I am sure he would have started rummaging in her ‘drawers’ with no qualms whatsoever! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the introductory film, and as I said the interview proper will be up for your viewing very soon. May I just say (sorry if I’m repeating this) the interview was filmed in its entirety and it is precisely in this capacity that we will present it to yourselves for the final judgment.

Well, Della will be getting in from work soon, and will no doubt want to be starting dinner. No! No lobsters tonight, thought we’d try beef bourguignon for a change as we have some 2005 Rioja knocking about which really shouldn’t go to waste. So my friends I had better abandon today’s Blog for now and go and put my feet up an await Della’s arrival (after going down to the cellar for the necessary of course!).

So I leave you all for now, but will be back very soon to bring you more of the latest goings on from the Land of Farrant and La Farrantessa.

Ciao for now folks,

David xxx (those are not for anyone else here but just for Della)

A Rather Bizarre ‘Blip’

Well a slightly different post tonight!  Because I’ve already mentioned my Talk at the Pendle Witchcraft Camp on June 16th.  I say ‘slightly’ because all we have done really is to apply sub-titles to the first part of the Question and Answer session, the audio responses being somewhat drowned out by the sound of the persistent Pendle rain.  Last part will be up here next week.  Watch out for it and in the meantime enjoy.  Here is the link . . .

Also forthcoming at the weekend will be a “Coming Soon”  introduction to the film we have just made (last weekend) to our new film (working title) “Tales of the Unexpected”.  A more concise history of events surrounding the ‘vampire stories’ back in the late 1960’s /early ‘70’s at Highgate Cemetery – or more precisely to rebut the rather ridiculous stories relating to my central involvement put out on various Blogs and Forums in the recent past, this filmed interview is conducted by Redmond Mc Williams who runs his own group on Facebook called “The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society”.  I mentioned this in my last Blog, but what perhaps I didn’t say was that, to our shock, Redmond turned up (last Saturday night) with a ‘secret spy camera’ which we caught him ‘loading up’ in a pen on our hidden security equipment!  We managed to ‘disable’ this (his camera) after he finally came up to the flat, and to extract the contents. But the filmed footage of the whole interview was not affected by this rather bizarre ‘blip’, and is currently undergoing editing for publication, so please do not worry!

Bit hot tonight here in north London, but Della insisted on making a Mediterranean lamb tray bake, which I am about to sample as another example of her excellent European delicacies.  I’m a bit wary now, when she serves up lobster. The last one ‘attacked’ me after I picked it up and was about to put it in the pot!

But for now I must depart, from this particular diary entry. But will be back very soon.

Yours for now,


Never trust a man who keeps pet lobsters!

Tales of the Unexpected

Hello everyone. I know, Sunday again, and I really do hate writing Blogs on a Sunday. After all, as it is a national ‘day of rest’, I just like to fit in with the rest of the population. I admit, I do not actually attend church as such (Della does that for me!).

Anyway, just to let you know I gave a long interview for Redmond McWilliams’ Facebook group ‘The Highgate Vampire Appreciation Society’ yesterday. As I suppose some of you know, Redmond has quite a few members who wanted to know the facts about the Highgate Vampire case, in which I played a central part back in the 1970s. I agreed, because I thought it was about time I appeared on film (please note not hiding my face or hiding behind aliases) and I thought I was more or less obliged to answer some of their queries.

Anyway, Redmond turned up as scheduled just after 6pm, but the filming went so well – or rather, very thoroughly – that we didn’t finish until around 7am this morning! It was a fairly quiet affair, and quite informal. I asked Della to film it to save extraneous people being around til the early hours, and she was quite happy to do so. in fact, her filming techniques have developed quite considerably since I undertook to give an interview to Drew Hartley on Robin Hood’s grave a few weeks ago.  No ‘special effects’ here – or won’t be – because I really thought the audio, that is Redmond’s questions and my answers, was of far more importance for people with a genuine interest. It still needs quite a lot of editing, but Della has made a start! And so, we have decided to give you a short preview of the general settings of the film, but you can expect much more to come! The film has the working title “Tales of the Unexpected”, and I think you will find that that is a truly apt title!

So please keep watching this space, and as soon as the film is online we will supply a link to it here.

So, happy watching everyone!

Hope you’ll be back here tomorrow.

For the moment,



Redmond arrives ... caught on security camera!
He's a bit nervous about the interview, and has to spend a penny...
Della helps to prepare the equipment...
Aided by a much needed glass of wine!
The interview begins...


Still smiling 8 hours later!



Our Film Shot At Pendle

Journalist Tania Ahsan interviewing David Farrant at the Pendle Witch Camp 2012

Good and “bad” news. The good news is that our film shot at Pendle is now nearly up on Youtube in its entirety – although it has had to be put into four parts due to selective and prolonged editing. Part 4 (questions and answers session) to follow soon – as soon as the closed captions have been added where necessary on account of the incessant rainfall at Pendle Hill that weekend.  In other words, it was almost impossible to prevent the sound of the angry Pendle rain which was lashing down upon the marquee from interfering with the recording equipment.

Anyway you can see parts 1, 2 and 3 below – part 4 to follow next week.


Some other news now …

My friend Redmond McWilliams, who has studied the Highgate Vampire Case in some detail, and who runs a Facebook group  and Blog about this,  will be visiting me at my address this weekend to conduct a filmed interview with myself about that particular case. I am hoping that this will be quite informal, and I can give him answers to anything to anything he is unsure about. The only stipulation I will make, however, is that he restricts his questioning to myself, and my own involvement in the case, as I always make it a policy not to discuss other people without their prior consent and permission.

I understand that he has put an offer forward on his Facebook group, requesting suggestions for questions from members, to whom I extend the same privilege in that I am happy to answer any of their questions as long as these do not compromise others.

On another note, as I mentioned on this Blog not so long ago, I expressed my regret that Redmond’s friend Anthony never quite got to experience the full delights of that internationally acclaimed and celebrity endorsed event, the Brighouse “Gala” – well not my ‘celebrity’ presence, anyway.  Unfortunately, as my memory recalls, I ‘had’ to attend the opera that night so as not to fall out of favour with certain rather demanding ladies on the Hampstead circuit. However, Anthony, I do hope that you enjoyed Pendle in all its English Summer glory. We certainly felt that the trip was worth it, and resulted in some glorious visions and records of the Lancashire and Yorkshire landscapes and sites of historic interest.

A note on that – due to family issues, Della has been unable to publish her report on Low Westwood Mill, but has been in touch with quite a few locals with an interest in this who have been most helpful, and we hope to upload this soon.

So, another busy week gone, and another just beginning. Oh – and I almost forgot – please don’t forget to put forward to Redmond any suggested questions which you haven’t asked before, Anthony, in time for him to relay them to me at the weekend.

Be back soon everyone to keep you updated,


Eastern Promise . . .

Really a little tired today.  Filming for a TV crew from an Eastern European state (obviously filmed in London, not in their country!) and the whole thing took a good few hours to complete. Not that that mattered – just been finding it a bit difficult to catch up on sleep lately.  But a relaxing evening so far; nothing to do, except to share a couple of glasses of wine with Della.  She’s just had another tiring day at work apparently, although glad to be back in now.

No more filming appointments for national television for a while (thank God!), but another private one due very shortly scheduled for next week. It  involves a friend of mine from London who has agreed to interview me about the elusive Highgate ‘vampire’.  Should be fun!

Actually, that reminds me talking about Highgate Cemetery.  Before we started the main filming earlier, we went to Highgate Cemetery this morning to get some footage of myself talking by the top gate.  It was fairly deserted which is the way I prefer it.  It can be a little off-putting sometimes when some people might stop to watch the filming – which has happened on quite a few occasions in the past.  We were only there so half an hour so as had a couple of other locations to visit before finally returning to my flat to complete the filming.  Still a little hungry as we didn’t stop for lunch, but Della is not too tired to make home-made Chinese crispy aromatic duck and egg fried rice, which we will eat later.

Expecting Gareth a little later.  He’s usually here by early evening, although he did phone up to say he’d be a little late.

Well, a long and worthwhile Friday 13th (in fact always been my lucky day!) but I might leave posting this until tomorrow as its well into the 14th now.

See you all anon,


Mystery of the Monster Cats

As there has been such a positive response to my idea to post some vintage newspapers reports here dealing with a few ghost investigations, thought this one might be of some interest dealing (albeit somewhat generally) with sightings of phantom black cats seen in the West country.  My friend Trevor Beer, a naturalist and newspaper columnist from Barnstaple with whom I have maintained a lengthy correspondence over the years, has been studying these elusive black cats for decades, and even written a book “The Beast of Exmoor” which sets out many of his findings.  Trevor invited me to stay at his home for a week in 1995 and he told me about many of the locales in the immediately vicinity where these sightings had allegedly occurred.  We exchanged notes and opinions on possible paranormal causations for these recurrent sightings, and while we agreed that many of these sightings were of physical beasts that had either escaped from captivity or been released to roam in the wild, other cases were probably supernatural by origin when they were often sighted on desolate country roads at nights only to just disappear suddenly in the headlights of passing cars.

We left the possibilities open; but I enjoyed a pleasant week at his home enjoying the clean Devon air, and the company of someone who shared a mutual interest in all aspects of paranormal research.

So, hope you enjoy the article . . .



More Glamgoria …

Sunday gone, did have a good rest (really nice meal and a few glasses of wine with Della – strictly for relaxation purposes you understand). But, as promised, here is another ‘gold dust’ edition of Glamgoria. Its a review of my book 

Beyond the Highgate Vampire by the beautiful Ace Merlin. I better not say anoy more here about that incase tonight’s dinner ends up in the bin! Seriously, hope you enjoy it, and hope to post up some more tomorrow.



In 1997 I was contacted by Ace Merlin, editor of Glamgoria magazine, with a view to her writing a review of my book Beyond the Highgate Vampire.  This was to be the start of several collaborations with Ace, Dee Monique, Dave Milner and the rest of the Darkhouse Productions team.


The review was published in Issue 2 of Glamgoria, which was a high quality underground publication which rapidly attained cult status in the goth subculture … in the words of Dave Milner the magazine filled an important gap, as the majority of  magazines around at the time were full of banal tedium, and needed a touch of true gothic horror  … “I gave them glamour, hope and “Glamgoria” ….. Dave later recounted that the reason they had to pack it all in was that whenever he went to gigs people kept throwing eggs at him, and as he can’t stand to see food go to waste the only solution was to consign Glamgoria to history – but history not forgotten of course.  So please read on …






Ace Merlin and David Farrant share a tender moment …

The Glamgoria Years…

This article first appeared in the gothic magazine “Glamgoria” in 1997, and constitutes a review of a video made by Dave Milner titled “In Search of the Highgate Vampire”. The video is below:

And you can find out more about the film here

Produced in lavish, high gloss colour, the magazine was concerned with covering the gigs performed by various rock bands and explored popular myths and legends surrounding the Gothic ‘genre’ in general.

The Highgate Vampire featured extensively in issues II, II and IV, and the magazine itself was on popular sale in occult (and cult) related bookshops such as Forbidden Planet in London’s West End. Many more became collectors’ items, after being sold by mail order.

Enjoy! Sunday today, so day of rest. So, take a break for now, but will return very shortly …

Adieu for now,



The Front Page Again – And I Didn't Even Ask For It!


W ell, I must be breaking some sort of record, as I’m being more regular with my writing on here recently.  As I explained, really a lot has been happening and sometimes Della and myself find it a little difficult to keep up with everything. Really a lot has been happening lately, and another front page article in a large local newspaper on recent updates – sightings etc – on the good old Highgate ‘vampire’ ! It seems ‘he’ is still around and very, very active. Anyway, I’m publishing the newspaper report here so you can all make up your own minds.

Also, due to quite a few independent enquiries from readers of the new website, we have decided to post up some more vintage newspaper reports from a couple of decades ago – if not more than that! Please bear with us as these do take a little time to scan for the content. For example, many have been taken from A3 pages for purposes of my scanner which only does A4. So sometimes, it is really not that easy!

But anyway, let us start with this old classic from the Evening News dating back to 16th of October 1970.  They were doing a write-up on a BBC Television program about my acquittal in the infamous Highgate vampire case, televised just a day before.

It is really self-explanatory;  but as I said, these old reports do take a little time to get into proper sequence, layout etc.

Hope you enjoy them, as they begin to appear on the new website at VINTAGE PRESS REPORTS But thought you would also like to see one here on this Blog.

Well, I thought that give you all something interesting to read for a change, instead of having to listen to me ‘waffle on’ about my daily diary of events (Well you can hardly call a 42 year old newspaper report  ‘daily’, can you?!

Things have quietened down a little in my ‘diary mode’, although have a very busy scedule ahead for the next week.

But please do keep watching, as I will keep posting!

For the moment,



Still Editing The Pendle Film

Drew Hartley interviews David Farrant about the Robin Hood legend

Been a very hot day in London – up into the high 20’s I think.  Personally, I do not mind the heat; although I do dislike the cold.  As well as that, its not so enjoyable to have a cold beer in the winter!

 Still editing the Pendle film, which should be up next week. I’m no film editor, but I do have help with all this high technology stuff!  I think I mentioned before, that that 2002 Robin hood film was so bad, I decided against using any of it.  In fact, one of the ‘complainants’ trying to defend this footage, was stating at the time she would like to put it up on YouTube (when she got the footage).  Well, I arranged to have this sent to her, and she has now seen it.  And concludes the whole thing was ‘rubbish’ and she has since ‘thrown it in the bin’.  (Her words, not mine!) Well. She can’t say I didn’t tell her!

 We did our own film on Robin Hood’s grave, anyway, which I think cleared the whole matter up to most peoples’ satisfaction.

 Onto other news now – or snippets. Did an interview for the Haringey Independent recently which was published yesterday.  Its up on line as well, as well as being in the newspaper.  Just go to Google if you want to read it and type in the newspapers name, then select the news section. 

 What else?  Well I see that some of my ‘female fans’ have been posting relentlessly about me!  On the Internet, that is.  Quite funny really, as one of them even expected me to join in the nonsense!  I won’t though.  Just amusing, I think, to be at the centre of such unwarranted attention!  You can really watch your whole life being re-written by such people – rather like some undignified ‘Coronation Street-type opera’!  Still, whatever keeps them happy!

 Have to admit, I really am a little tired now.  Just thought I’d do a quick Blog for the benefit of my somewhat more normal ‘fans’ who just expect ordinary news on a regular basis.

 Will update everyone on the Pendle film anyway – so just keep watching this space!

 For the moment,