May 2012

UK Is Hotter Than Egypt

David Farrant in cooler climate

So said one newspaper headline – not that I read newspapers, but somebody told me.  In fact, I didn’t even have to be told.  These past few days have certainly replaced the lower than average temperatures for May.  I love the heat so no complaints there.  Although I had to move into the cooler confines of our large back room earlier to work on another computer in order to finish off some work I had to do.  Its Della’s computer and a bit more complicated than the others I’m used to in the other room, but we just copied over the chapters I had to finish, and I carried on from there. 

  Regarding other news:  there continues to be a great response to the latest film put up on YouTube two or three weeks ago “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited”.   Basically, this film summarises events from a BPOS investigation into reports of a ghostly figure – or figures – that were reported at the alleged gravesite of the notorious outlaw.  It was filmed and recorded by local film maker Drew Hartley who puts questions to myself and Gareth J. Medway about some of these reports and other concerns that have been affecting local people in the area. 

 We have also just released a new DVD “The Curse of the Highgate Vampire”, which will soon be widely available and which has just been adopted as a ‘blueprint’ for a new American film presently in production.  I’ll keep you all posted on that.

 But going back . . . Finally finished those chapters a little earlier and now just enjoying a relaxing glass of wine.  So end of another Blog at the moment, I suppose, and until the next one!


Is Robin Hood's Ghost Really At Rest?

Following the enormous success of our latest film “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited” released on YouTube almost two weeks ago (to date almost 200 hits), I thought it might be an appropriate time to release (rather re-release) an article I wrote on a British Psychic and Occult Society investigation on events in the area in 2008. This article first appeared on The Book of  Thoth and Supernatural World websites and has been republished on “Ghosts UK”; but is my exclusive copyright as were the photographs that accompanied its original publication.  My article really provides some insight in various reports and accounts about the alleged ghost being that of the legendary Robin Hood.  Actually, I carefully refrain from offering any personal conclusions about the latter.  But the BPOS did investigate the case and I have merely offered the facts as we found them. READ ON  . . . and make up your own minds!    David.



An exclusive account by David Farrant, president of the British Psychic and Occult Society, on his recent investigation into the ghost of the legendary Robin Hood which culminated in a full scale exorcism and blessing of the graveside.

SOME YEARS NOW controversy has surrounded a secluded woodland grave in the grounds of Kirklees Hall near Brighouse, West Yorkshire, over whether it could be the last resting place of the legendary Robin Hood.

An inscription on the grave itself (Here underneath this memorial stone Robert earl of Huntington FOR as he no archer e’r was good and people called him Robin Hood. Such outlaws such as he and his men will England never see again. Died December 24th 1247), clearly states that it is, although others have stated that is only a Victorian folly, although never expounded upon the ‘folly’s’ purpose or just what this is supposed to represent; or indeed, why it should lie in such an isolated spot away from human habitation or any apparent footpaths.

Its exact origins may be unclear, but certainly the legend of the grave and its association with the legendary outlaw can be traced back to a manuscript in the British Library, Sloane 780, which dates to circa 1400, and states that Robin was buried at Kirklees near the King’s Highway. In 1569 it was mentioned in Grafton’s Chronicle. An ordnance survey map dated 1850 marks the spot and the grave as being Robin Hood’s Grave.

Barbara Green, Founder of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, has become convinced that beneath the grave lie the mortal remains of Robin Hood. Barbara first became intrigued with rumours about the grave when, in the early 1980’s in her capacity as a district nurse, she had cause to visit nearby Kirklees Hall. Stories and rumours about the grave being supposedly haunted were already rife then, but Barbara learned more about the history of the grave itself, that convinced her that it might well conceal the remains of Robin Hood. She decided to do her own research and founded the YRHS in 1984; its purpose being to conduct more thorough local research and uncover facts that might have given rise to the Robin Hood legend.

There was plenty of information to assimilate. Not least, were local stories that the grave was haunted by a fearsome female spectre. Stories and legends about a ghostly figure associated with the grave can be traced back to Victorian times – probably still further – although it is of course no easy task, if nigh impossible, to produce feasible accounts or testimonies about events which may have long since disappeared into history.

Barbara Green was lucky enough to learn of one such account in the late 1980’s however, which, if nothing else provided ‘proof’ that at least 90 years ago Robin Hood’s Grave and the area surrounding it was supposedly haunted.

It came from one Edith Ellis, then aged 72, who recalled that as a young girl in the early 1900’s, she often used to stay with her cousin, Alice, who lived in an old cottage in Little Thorpe Hill near Hartshead Church, that overlooked the grounds of the Kirklees Estate. Robin Hood’s Grave lay only a quarter of a mile or so away and in those days (although this has long since disappeared) a large green stone statue of Robin Hood, holding a bow and arrow and clad in a red hat and boots, rose almost proudly from one edge of the grounds.

Alice had a window-box of flowers on her bedroom windowsill, and she said that often, as a young girl, when she used to tend this, she heard Robin calling out Marion’s name from the distant woods below. It was an eerie but distinct voice, that resonated regularly from an area around the secluded grave; a cry so precise, in fact, that she swore in later years this was not merely the result of child-like imagination.

Edith Ellis had never heard this ghostly cry herself, but one night unable to sleep, she went to the bedroom window and stared out. It was a clear night and, all of a sudden, she saw a bright flash of light that came from the middle of the darkened stretch of woods below. It seemed to come from the vicinity of the grave itself; although of course, this was not possible to tell precisely.

Intrigued by the sudden appearance of this mysterious light, next day both girls decided to visit the grave and look around to see what had maybe caused it. They knew it was on private land, so decided to take baskets and gather blackberries at the same time, giving them some excuse for their presence there.

As it was, they could find no explanation for the light, although exploring further near the grave, they discovered an old silver arrow embedded in a broken stone wall, which had hitherto been concealed in the undergrowth.

There is no real evidence to suggest that earlier stories and accounts, about ghostly goings on at Robin Hood’s Grave, differ considerably from the usual exaggeration and hypothesis that accompanies many modern ghost stories, although in more recent times, accounts about the ‘female spectre’ that has for long been said to haunt the gravesite have tended to take on a more sinister perspective. It is asserted nowadays, for example, that this figure is seen to have a ‘devilish countenance’ and it has also been claimed that it is the ghost of the evil Prioress who bled Robin Hood to death in nearby Kirklees Gatehouse (now a secluded ruin) and who is in fact now a vampire!

Reports of her appearances would certainly seem to take on the characteristics of one; although the ‘vampire element’ probably came about because Robin was supposedly murdered by being drained of blood. Whatever, this fearsome spectre (a ‘banshee-like’ wailing sound sometimes accompanying her presence) is said to have piercing red eyes, and is reported to have a poignant effect upon anybody foolish enough to venture near the isolated grave at night.

Having heard these stories and apparently choosing to ignore their consequences, one small group of aspiring ‘ghost spotters’ claimed to have visited the grave one night in 1990, only to confront the devilish entity. The whole thing was an absolute disaster: the ‘demonic hag’ gave them such a fright that it caused them to scatter in all different directions, and for one of them to become painfully entangled in a bramble bush as he tried desperately to escape! (Or so they say!)

Of course, such stories are bound to invite fantasy and exaggeration, but in the course of her research into the grave’s history, Barbara Green came across an account that seemed to be altogether more plausible . . .

‘Malevolent forces’?

It came from Mr. Roger Williams who lives in Brighouse – only a mile or so from the grave.

It was October in 1963 when he was 15 and he had gone up to the grave with a friend when, all of a sudden, he saw a figure emerging from some distant trees. As it drew closer, they could see that this was a woman with flowing black hair clad in white, although ‘she’ made no sound on the scattered leaves despite appearing to be ‘solid’. As she drew closer, she glared at them both intently, as if acutely aware of their presence, before gliding silently away and disappearing out of sight behind some bushes some twenty yards away. “I did not actually see her disappear”, said Roger Williams, “but got a distinct impression that she conveyed intense anger when she looked at me – almost as if conveying a message that we should not have been there.”

He now refuses to go there, saying that it is “an evil place”.

There had been similar reports, not least from many people who attested to experiencing an ‘oppressive atmosphere’ around the grave and who swore to an over-bearing impression of ‘being watched’.

Determined to see if there could be any substance in these reports, in 1997 Barbara Green, and an intrepid group of five others, visited the grave one night under cover of darkness. It is not that they intended to do anything illegal, but the grave lay in the grounds of the Kirklees Estate (although there no signs marking this as “private” where the woods met a busy main road) and technically they were trespassing without proper permission, and wanted to avoid any prowling gamekeepers. They made their way cautiously through the dense undergrowth to the grave, but before actually finding this one of the group became detached from the others; a fact not so surprising perhaps, as Barbara Green later pointed out by saying “It was pitch black, the moon unable to penetrate the enveloping canopy of leaves and branches. We switched on our torches unwillingly, hoping that their light would not attract the prowling gamekeepers, and tried to get our bearings. All around us were gnarled, ancient trees, twisted into demonic, witch-like shapes.”

Mark Gibbons, the one who had become separated from the group, was soon found not far away; in fact, as it transpired only a few yards or so away from the grave. He was shaking badly and had seen a figure, although it was a few moments before he managed to stammer out what had happened . . .

“I saw the figure of a lady dressed in a kind of white robe just standing there in the thick brambles pointing towards where we could find the grave. I could feel the anger and bitterness and pure evil coming from this apparition. I felt as if it was watching us.”

At this moment, Barbara Green herself spotted the figure which had now moved back into the trees, but which was discernible by its white robe and it still appeared to be pointing to the grave. If it was ‘real’ in the first place, the direction in which it was pointing certainly indicated the location of the actual grave.

Stories and controversy continued to surround the grave until, in the latter part of 2004, the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society decided that perhaps the best way to ‘quiet’ the restless phenomenon said to haunt the grave, and to thereby put at rest the fears of many local residents in the process, was to conduct an official exorcism at the gravesite to dispel the malevolent force – or forces – there.

To this end, Barbara Green enlisted the help of leading historical researcher and exorcist Gareth J. Medway and psychic investigator David Farrant, who both joined Barbara’s members, including YRHS secretary, Catherine Fearnley, to conduct a full-scale exorcism at the grave on April 20th 2005.

This group, accompanied by some others, met at the grave site at around 7 p.m. – several of them having approached from different directions to avoid suspicion from one large group of people travelling together.

It was a forlorn evening; not too cold, but a stubborn ‘dampness’ pervaded the atmosphere. As well, all observed a distinct ‘coldness’ that seemed to encompass the actual grave within an area of two feet or more. Thermal readings confirmed this, but compass alignments reacted unpredictably – although the latter could have been caused by the old rusty railings that surrounded most of the grave.

The stone front of the grave was cleared of rubble, and once cleared was adorned with certain mystical accoutrements including burning incense and candles and other symbolism necessary for the successful performance of the ceremony.

Gareth Medway, in his capacity as a hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis, conducted the hour-long ceremony which mingled – almost uncannily – with the fast approaching darkness.

He based the ceremony upon the invocation of three Greek Goddesses to essentially banish evil from the grave and then to give the grave – and the surrounding area – a formal Blessing.

In Gareth Medway’s own words . . .

“The ritual conducted there by me, at sunset on 20 April 2005, was based upon the invocation of three Greek Goddesses. Firstly, Athena was called upon to banish all evil from the place. Secondly, Hecate, who guides the spirits of the dead to the next world, was asked to lead any ghosts “into the light”. Thirdly, Themis, the Goddess of cosmic order and balance, was invoked to bring harmony to the site in place of the discordant forces that had been there. The ceremony finished with a general blessing. In my opinion it is too early to say whether it has been successful, but two ‘sensitive’ women present thought that “the powers of darkness at the grave have now been fully dispersed”. What I did notice was that, when I arrived, I felt very cold and my nose kept running, but that after the ritual I did not notice the temperature at all. Barbara Green, who had been campaigning for many years for such a ritual to be done, seemed to be satisfied.”

It might be a little too early to say if this ritual was hopefully successful as Gareth Medway has stated. But at least now some positive action has been taken that might have otherwise dispelled the malefic force reputed to haunt Robin Hood’s Grave.

Copyright:  David Farrant,  President, BPOS (May 2012).

A Serious Interjection


Some of you may be aware of some recent internet nastiness regarding two women from the Yorkshire area and their given associates who have been stalking and harassing my wife Della online. It is an unpleasant subject, which says much about the morals and state of mind of the people involved. This harassment – which is entirely unprovoked – has got so bad recently that unfortunately we have had to involve the Police, resulting in some particularly persistent perpetrators having their known IP addresses blocked and monitored by them along with all other readers of Della’s Blog. For legal reasons I cannot, and do not wish to discuss the identities of the originators of some of this malicious behaviour (although they are fully aware of who they are). These people have, according to a phone call we received from the Police today, attempted to access my wife’s blog no less than 30 times between them in a 24 hour period. They have between them managed to post approximately 150 entries and emails on the internet about her in this time. And none of them have ever even met her. I think this sums up the situation pretty well to anyone rational. And yet continually they scream disgust and outrage at any attempt by outside parties to calm things down and suggest that they are on any level bullying her or have an unhealthy interest in her. Their justification for this behaviour appears to be that I have ‘dared’ to mention my wife’s existence online, and the fact that she chooses to not publish photos of herself in order to avoid the negative attentions of internet stalkers towards herself and her dependents. The fact that they refuse to self-identify as such stalkers beggars belief when they post on whatever forums they can create or find on an hourly basis.

I know my name does tend to have an effect on some people, through the medium of my books and television appearances, and sometimes this effect is undesirable and beyond my control. But when it extends to crazed people stalking my wife I am sorry, but Police involvement is the only sensible way forwards.  There is no earthly reason for these people to assume she has any obligation to them, to give them her photograph, the time of day, or anything else whatsoever. And no one normal would expect this from a stranger on the internet anyway.

I’m obviously not going to go into all the details here, but to give readers the main gist of just two of these people’s ravings it seems as though a couple of ’unmerry maidens’, up there in the desolate green belt of the Dales, are running a one-sided soap opera featuring myself and my wife Della.  I don’t know exactly what brought this on, but their script seems to involve some outrageous plot, including accusations that I am . . . not married to Della or if I am (trying to cut it both ways here) that this is somehow ‘immoral’ as I am much older than her and only ‘interested in her money’!  If this is not enough, they go on to assume that we must be involved in some sort of ‘benefit fraud’ (exactly how is not specified) as Della is ‘loaded’ and I am ‘only on benefits’ to which I would not be otherwise entitled.  (For the record, I am not on benefits, and have not been for some years when a fairly serious back injury necessitated some limited assistance from the hospital to help me cope with this injury).  They then go on to declare that we are both ‘living in squalor’ (in a dingy bed sit, to be precise) and that I force her to do all the cleaning; rather in the vein of some ‘Stepford wife’ who has come under the potent influence of some witchcraft spell!  How it remains so dirty and dingy when Della is apparently cleaning from dawn til dusk is unclear. But there is more:  I am apparently despicable, diabolical, disgusting, malicious and ‘depraved’, and, in the past, have ‘sacrificed cats’ and conducted ‘nude orgies’!  And if all this is not enough, they have declared that I am ‘an alcoholic’ and drink copious amounts of wine and whiskey accompanied by numerous cans of beer – presumably as ‘chasers’ to the first two! Every night! How i find time to allegedly ‘beat t’ wife’ is a mystery.

The extent of all this rhetoric is going on, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.  On a tiny forum which is otherwise supposed to be concerned with the true legend of Robin Hood.  But Della and myself have apparently become its main stars – or ‘anti-heroes’ as they are at such pains to put across.

Well, words have really begun to fail us.  What can you say in fact to people who seem to have developed some unhealthy obsession with your lives?  And who seem to think it is their God-given right to sit in judgement on someone they have never met – and who never had a bad word to say about them until they began this malicious campaign against her. It is clearly engineered as an attempt to hurt me – but why they seek to hurt an innocent party into the bargain is a matter for their consciences. Perhaps they unburden themselves of any guilt once a week at confession and then go straight online to start it up again. Who knows? This seems to be the pattern. There is really nothing left to say; except that it is an ironical and unholy state of affairs when they seem to be judging ourselves by some peculiar self-adopted brand of ‘Christianity’.

It is not Christian, of course.  But that is really their own particular problem.  Though I doubt very much whether the Founder of the Christian Church Himself would condone such a peculiar brand of Christianity!

As a matter of interest, Della herself is a Roman Catholic.  But luckily she does strive to abide by the principles laid down by her Church. So her conscience remains clear from the tainted doctrines of a few people who have tried to re-write the words of that great Christian Founder.

Well, that’s really enough for today everyone.  Still have a couple of things to take care of in the light of the new film.  I hope you enjoyed that anyway.  New development on the new Robin Hood film today from the USA. Looks very promising. But more news on that tomorrow. For the moment everyone,



Naughty Fibs


Well still very tired tonight. But still feel I have a little time to do another Blog; especially in view of the fact that I keep getting so many requests to try to keep up to date! Most of you have asked for news on my books or future film projects, but I’ll leave all that for the moment. This stuff is all ongoing, as I think I have explained before. So don’t worry, news on all that will all be forthcoming very shortly.

So to get down to boring statistics again – I mean ‘blog statistics’ – I will try to give you some up to date news on some events as these are progressing.

The latest film has infact been an enormous success. I have had a lot of feedback since its release barely two weeks ago; but as I said – due mainly to all the apparent controversy the film has invoked in some quarters – I will leave comments on that for the moment. It has mainly been complimentary; although with the exception of just one or two ‘critics’ who have apparently taken exception to the film’s release.  As I said, that is really of little consequence, as the majorital response has been in favour of the release of the film, ‘Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited’.

Now having said that I am fully aware of certain critical reviews (albeit minor) that have attacked the film’s content and style quite mercilessly! You should read some of the emails that have been forwarded to me by utterly perplexed recipients, who have been bombarded with unsolicited invitations to view the film, accompanied by ranting, badly spelled diatribes from a couple of people who seemingly have nothing better to do when they are not gossiping about my private life. It is all very trivial really, but we are only really dealing with the interpretations of two misguided ladies with their own interests in the Robin Hood legend, and quite frankly, nobody takes them seriously! As evidenced by the communications I have been spontaneously receiving from people in the area – from North Huddersfield town centre to Hebden Bridge – who think they are totally ‘mad’! Ah well, each to their own perhaps;  but if it makes them happy, who am I to really argue!? They both seem to have their own particular fantasies about the Robin Hood legend. My opinions happen to vary from theirs based on my own involvement in that particular investigation.

To give a quick example, one of these ‘ladies’ has even misguidedly (read for that : deliberately) stated that I was ‘sacked’ as Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society in 2007.  This, she has apparently been advertising on her self-created Robin Hood group which is still there on public record. Well, lets take her comments on this forum as just a minor example of her ‘naughty fibs’. There have been many other accusations made by this person (including one just this week that I ‘beat my wife’ after she has finished a hard day’s work and given me her wages to spend in the pub.)   I hardly need to state that this is all categorically untrue; and all this from someone who has never met my wife or had any contact with her. I think these obsessive ravings give some indication as to the state of mind of this person and the only other surviving member of the YRHS (who condones these libellous remarks wholeheartedly – although in a very un-Christian manner).

But I digress.  In reality I resigned as Patron of the YRHS in 2007 because I disagreed with some of the militant policies being then employed. Babs the Witch, as she is still known, stated that I was ‘sacked’ from my position in 2007. But she neglects to mention that an additional factor regarding my resignation was a  ‘fall out’  she had with a fellow member involving church matters which I did not really want to become involved with.  Some 18 months later the ‘lady’ invited me back to be Patron of the society again, as she at this stage had no one else to support her. This was in 2008, and I still have a copy of her original request to me which was published on the Internet. I returned again as Patron – somewhat reluctantly – until I finally resigned my position in 2010.  So somebody is surely ‘telling fibs’ here!

Such omissions of fact have left me truly baffled, and to question the real motivations of people alleging they run this so-called society. They profess that that they have ‘washed their hands’ of the whole issue of gaining access to Robin Hood’s alleged grave – despite the existence of a large community collective effort to oppose planning proposals and decisions etc in a regularised and cohesive fashion. The reluctance of this organised initiative to involve the YRHS on any level seems indicative of the ‘respect’ with which they are treated locally based upon their reputation and conduct. Their public internet group serves only as a ‘discussion forum’ / hate group where the sole subject is myself and my wife Della. So what useful purpose they actually serve with regard to their professed cause (aside from bumbling their way through outdated Powerpoint presentations to school children – who lack the critical acumen to challenge their eccentric and monomaniacal views) remains an utter mystery. I understand that Babs’ going rate for these services is £10 – £20 a time should anyone wish to book one of her advertised ‘sessions’.

Over to you Babs?!

For now everyone,


She Is Asleep Now . . .

David Farrant during Kevin Crace interview 2007

Fairly quiet day today but its given me a chance to catch up with some written work I’ve fallen slightly behind with.  I started with some emails at lunchtime, and brought those mostly up to date.  Some were mainly just acknowledgements but some demanded more detailed response being in relation to on-going projects.  Anyway, I caught up with those in a couple of hours.  Had a short coffee break (well tea actually) then got down to trying to complete another Introduction on a forthcoming book on the supernatural which I’d agreed to write.  That’s finished now, but it took a good few hours to complete.  Then Della got in from work, so we just relaxed over some food and wine just talking about things in general.  She had had a fairly hectic day at work, and things didn’t improve when she found somebody had ‘nicked’ her parking space near the main building.  They (he or she) hadn’t realized that space had been assigned to her, even though her company owned those particular parking spaces.  She got it all sorted out, although not without a little difficulty.  It didn’t make a good start to the day; especially when she was a little tired anyway.

 She is asleep now anyway, so I’m just finishing off a few things in the early hours.  I thought a quick Blog might be in order, as people keep encouraging me to do more on it.  Easier said than done really, when you get a quiet day like today!

 OK.  There have been some very good responses to the new film “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited”.  There has also been a minimal amount of criticism, but as this has only been forthcoming from a couple of very prejudiced people, I just tend to ignore it.  I have had quite a few queries about the DVD copy of the film which apparently some people want as collectors items.  These are now all being processed and should be available in two weeks. We will give details here when the first batch is ready for dispatch.

 For the sake of clarity (in view of an earlier Blog here), the new film has no connection whatsoever with an earlier Robin Hood film made (or rather partly made) in 2002.  I was given the rights to this film but decided against using any of it.  That whole film was made as a ‘spoof’ of the Robin Hood legend and I didn’t think it would be appropriate to mix any of that (by means of cuts or short clips) with the current film as it would have seriously distracted from the true facts as portrayed in the current film.  I think the late owner of the Kirklees estate (where Robin Hood supposedly lies buried) would have literally ‘turned in her grave’ had I done so.  (No disrespect intended, but I feel she is quite entitled to be left in peace after the lack of respect that was shown to her in her lifetime by certain people).

 Well, its getting late now (maybe I should say early), so better get some well-earned sleep.

 So until a little later everyone.


More and More Bizarre …

There seems to have been a lot of controversy recently, arising from the release of our latest film, Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited. This film has apparently been widely viewed, and has attracted some attention from people interested in the facts of the Robin Hood case : some in the form of private questions; more from certain people who have apparently taken an instant dislike to the film. (It really gets more and more bizarre…)

One reply of the former persuasion (on this Blog yesterday) came from Dr. Amy Booth, who was questioning the intricacies of a Blessing Ceremony which Gareth J. Medway and myself performed at Robin Hood’s alleged gravesite in April 2005. Dr. Booth was asking about a couple of comments that she had read elsewhere from a particular individual – rather better described as an ‘antagonist’ – regarding the film. Dr. Booth’s original question, and my initial reply, can be read in the comments on the post on this Blog dated May 13th.

It appears that her response was based on an article for the ‘Yorkshire Robin Hood Society’ newsletter back in 2005. The person in question is apparently trying to interpret this article to justify her own hair-splitting critical conclusions, and is ‘threatening’ to release my article next week as ‘proof’.

Well allow me to save her the trouble…

I am reproducing a copy of the article I wrote, as Patron of the YRHS so that people can make up their own minds about this.

I must apologise for the appalling quality and layout of the scanned pages of the newsletter; however there was very little I could do to improve the presentation and it is presented as published: loosely stapled, off centre, with no contents page or page numbers and with no apparent type or page setting – resorting instead to photocopying emails for inclusion as articles with no editing of sender info etc. This issue has a date on the cover at least unlike most issues. However they did give an ISSN number to each of their photocopied bundles, so this is all on public record as you have probably seen, Amy – indeed I am sure you are aware of the – I believe we call it ‘eccentric’ in England to be polite – content of a lot of their newsletters (not sure how many or which copies you have? I have them all).

I can only hope that the administrative skills of this ‘organisation’ have improved somewhat since then as they were evidently sorely lacking during my official patronage – although there was little I could do about this at the time except suggest that those producing the newsletter attend a course in administrative or secretarial studies should they wish to be taken seriously. . .Sadly even taking up this suggestion did little to improve the quality of their output, which is rather irrelevant now as it is hardly each of the two remaining members producing a newsletter to send to themselves.

I do of course have the article in its original electronic form; but wanted to post it here as it was first published, lest there be any doubt!

Anyway I digress. I am quite confident that the original article I submitted – and which has been published elsewhere – certainly does not elaborate upon the use of scientific equipment during the Blessing Ceremony.

Well that’s all for now folks, have fun!

David Farrant

And just for good measure, to pre-empt these striving  ‘revisionists’ saying that my article as reproduced above was not included in their newsletter as described, here is the following page which can be seen in shadow on the page above. Again, apologies for the poor quality, I have merely reproduced it as it was sent out to members in its original form. 

Robin Hood's Grave Revisited

As promised, here is the link to the new film Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited.  Its an hour long if you want to watch it through in its entirity – so be prepared for that!  The whole thing is really self-explanatory and really covers the period after I was first invited to be Patron of The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and the involvement of local people in the case up until the present day.
So, watch away and we hope you enjoy it!
For now everyone
David Farrant

Film Finally Finito

The Yorkshire Robin Hood film is now finished . . . Yes, finito.  Its taken a lot of hard work but thanks to Della (yes, the REAL Della; not some  ‘astral projection’ as some old codger down on the south coast seems to think she is! – senile dementia mostly to blame!), it has been completed ahead of schedule.  The official release date as circulated in Press Releases (and elsewhere) is Tuesday May 8th, but this could even be Wednesday as a couple of technicalities still have to be taken care of.  Anyway, I’ll be posting the details up here in the next day or two, so just keep watching this space.

I can’t really release advance information about the film, as other people were involved in its making and getting a full consensus at this stage might delay the release date.  Anyway, there would seem little point in doing so, when people will be able to see the film ‘all in one go’ without adding rather silly ‘teasers’ which would only prolong its actual showing.  I can tell you, however, the film is about an hour in length and illustrated by many photographs and documents which helps to portray comparatively modern findings and activities surrounding the Robin Hood legend.  It will also be released on DVD for the benefit of those who might want to retain a hard collectors copy.  Details of the latter will also be released very shortly.  

Well, that’s really enough for today everyone.  Still have a couple of things to take care of in the light of the new film. I hope you will enjoy that anyway. I will leave you, however, with one of the stills taken from the film. Robin Hood’s Grave seems to have exuded its mysteries since Victorian times, as evidenced by this 19th engraving executed in a naïve mock-medieval style, photographed by historian David Hepworth in somewhat more modern times.  

For now everyone,


A Sneak Robin Hood Preview From The Land Of Kirklees…

Thanks so much for your response, everyone, about our new Robin Hood film, due for national release next week. I think I did say previously on here that I’m really not allowed to give too much away due to the fact that I am presently under two seperate contracts on the Highgate business which really forbid a conflict of interest without prior consultation. However as this new film on the legendary Robin Hood has been produced independently by a seperate film company in conjunction with DFTVX / BPOS, there is no ‘conflict’ arising between these three productions. 

However, I still do not want to give too much away in advance on the new Robin Hood production. But thanks to the interest of so many people, I think I can at least release the brief opening sequence. You’ll just have to wait for the rest! Only a week to go now, and I’m sure you will then agree the complete film has been worth waiting for! Me? Well, I seem to have been on a culinary trip round the world this week, as Della cooked a lovely Mexican meal when my son Jamie came to visit a couple of days ago with his girlfriend Jo, to help us celebrate a certain anniversary. They enjoyed it anyway, and Della certainly deserves the compliments on her adaptable repertoire of menus. In fact, she has just cooked me a lovely plate of steak and mushroom stroganoff, with fresh parsley and homemade garlic dough balls and asparagus, complete, of course, with two bottles of vintage red wine which Della bought especially for the occassion. So I am naturally a little bit tired after another hard day’s work and a good meal.

But I will be keeping everybody up to date now a little more, as things seem to be happening so quickly, so I do not really have any excuse for any long lapses in posting. But that’s really all for tonight. Hope you enjoy the film intro as much as we enjoyed making the film which has now been completed and is just awaiting your opinions once you have seen it in its entirety.

So adios for now everyone, Della and I just think we need a bit of relaxation now.

Click anywhere on video to view / be patient depending upon your internet connection and give it a little time to load.

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Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited

The new Robin Hood film, ‘Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited’, is, I’m pleased to say, well ahead of schedule.  A little early to give details yet (at least about the actual content) but the release date is scheduled for next week.  I can tell you this however:  the film will reveal never before told facts concerning the legend of the infamous outlaw, who is supposed to have been buried at Kirklees in West Yorkshire. His secluded ‘grave’, situated in dense woodland in the grounds of a private estate, still, it seems, guards its secrets mercilessly against any unwanted intervention from the outside world.  The late Lady Armytage, sole owner of the expansive estate encountered many difficulties in her lifetime against some fanatical groups determined to make access to the grave an established an established ‘public right’; these groups stopped almost short of nothing in attempting to fulfil a quest to meet their own ends, whilst discarding the feelings – or physical health – of Lady Armytage herself in the process.

The film sets out to dispel much of the unwarranted propaganda tactics employed by certain local people determined to achieve their self-motivated aims; at the expense of disturbing the privacy and well-being of the Armytage family itself who were – perhaps ironically – only trying to preserve the sanctity of this ancient grave-site and its close associations with the legend of Robin Hood.

The film goes into all these aspects of the Robin Hood legend, and many more.  Presented by film producer Drew Hartley, and featuring a detailed interview with myself, and Gareth J Medway who performed a Blessing Ceremony at the grave-site in 2005,  further insight is provided on film about the activities of some people whose self-determined interests seem to have greatly outweighed any real interests in the dissemination of genuine facts surrounding the existence of the ‘outlaw’ Robin Hood.

Anyway the film will be on public release next week, and I will certainly keep you all informed of further details. Just keep watching this space because not long ‘til release day now!

I leave you with a sneak preview of a still from the finished film.

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