April 2012

The Potential Of Tiny Feet?

The article below appeared in Richard Ingram’s magazine “The Oldie”, on March 8th  this year, and was written and researched by journalist and author Duncan Campbell. Duncan is revisiting the infamous Highgate Vampire case that occurred in the 1960s/1970s, and reviews my own autobiographical book “David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” which was published last year. His article is really self-explanatory, and perhaps gives a greater insight into events as these actually occurred – rather than just relying on sensational newspaper reports from the time which alleged – or suggested – that a local ghost reported in and around London’s Highgate Cemetery could in fact be a blood-sucking vampire (this was certainly alleged by a few others trying to cash in on this paranormal case at the time).  
Personally speaking (really regarding other matters) both Della and myself have been kept a little busy of late, so not really much time now for other latest news or developments. But we’ll be back in touch soon in this respect, so please don’t worry!
For example, there will soon be a small addition to the Farrant family, and this has been requiring a lot of preparation in order to curtail the wandering potential of tiny feet on account of living at the top of a Victorian townhouse. All of this has to be worked out, so we have had to be rather immersed in ‘real life’ lately, in all its down to earth glory and have had little time for ‘cyber gossip mongering’ and all its tawdy, banal Emmerdale-esque predictable scripts.
Just as another quick example, I have very recently been given exclusive permission and copyright to republish a film made in 2002 about the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. Am not sure if I will republish it yet, however if I decided to it would certainly be the uncensored version and not the copy I was recently inspired out of the kindness of my heart to donate to charitable causes in the north of England, who need all the help they can get. Anyone working for a legitimate cause does have our immediate sympathy; even if such causes are limited to keeping the Greenbelt free from potential pollution! I am still deciding about this matter as I have far more important domestic matters to attend to at the moment.  
Hope you enjoy Duncan’s article,
For the moment,

Sleepy David…

All's fair in love and war!

David has had a very tiring Easter, and he is asleep now.  There’s only so many Easter egg hunts a notorious occultist can take before he needs a few z z zssssssssss.  So I couldn’t resist reciprocating  his thoughtful gesture of publishing a photograph of myself asleep after a hard day at work by uploading the above.  I’m sure he won’t mind!

Guest Blog Author – Della Farrant

Merely Another Aspect

Well, Easter again, and everything seems fairly quiet . . . comparatively.  Fairly late night last night (sorry, morning), and then Della disappeared to Church earlier today, dressed appropriately in a dark dress and shoes for the occasion of good Friday.  I don’t know what they do there, but I do respect her right to go and worship.  As a Roman Catholic, she takes her faith very seriously, although not through any form of commitment or ‘show’ but because of a deep spiritual commitment and understanding towards the ideals of her religion.
That is fine as far as I am concerned.  I have the greatest respect for people (of any religious denomination world-wide) who are drawn to acknowledge that Infinite Principle – or God – that gave life to us all; from the proud to the humble,  to all the teeming life forms of Nature with whom we all share this material world.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Any desire to come closer to that spiritual Principle that created this Universe (or other Universe’s for that matter) can only be a good thing; there is no sin in trying in seek out our true source of origin.
The only ‘sin’, if anything, is denying that such a ‘source’ exists; although often that is done in ignorance by those who live in ignorance of their true spiritual vocation.
No.  There is no sin in that.  The only ‘sin’ is surely on the part of some who pray to a man-made conception of a Divine Creator, then use such a belief to justify their own potential motivations against their fellow human beings.  God then becomes subjected to the human will; and we’ve all seen examples of what can happen when human beings are left to their own personal beliefs or devices.  I don’t even have to give examples.  Life, death, violence and disease all seem to make up this material world: we only have to open our eyes and look.
But it doesn’t have to be that way in the higher scheme of things: the consciousness of Man (and Woman) is merely another aspect of that Infinite Principe from which we all came; but it is necessary first to ‘open our eyes’ and recognise this . . .
Anyway, having some time to myself earlier today, I took advantage of this to complete a couple of pressing written projects which happily have now met the deadline.  Then, having a little time on my hands, I decided to relax and play again a short film which a friend had given me.  It is really a spoof film about the time and legend of Robin Hood.  It was really quite entertaining, if not very funny!  The film extra’s were trying to play it seriously (even when one inadvertently lost control of her dog which ran into shot and proceeded to do naughty things in full view of the camera’s); but really, who can really believe that Robin’s supposed grave (the spot he was allegedly buried after he shot his last arrow) was really haunted by a ‘vampire’ in the 20th century just because some ‘evil Prioress’ had supposedly ‘murdered’ him by the primitive medicinal act of blood letting; or draining him of blood!  But such are the amusements of the material world sometimes.  To me, it is not the glamorised fiction which is at fault (we all like a good fiction yarn!) but the apparent easiness with which some people actually believe it!  But more on the film later, when the edits are ready.  Little tired now at 5.10 am, but more on this soon . . .


You Naughty Dog!


Quite Nervous To Meet Myself

Sleepy Della (c) BPOS
Very busy yesterday, trying to do 101 things. Still, I won’t dwell on that as don’t want to bore anybody. Trying to relax a bit more today, and, my God, I’ve only just realised it is Good Friday tomorrow. So hopefully most people are taking the day off and the nine to five office workers won’t feel the need to have to phone me. Della is planning to go to St Joseph’s I think, she tends to go for the full, traditional mantilla type affair for Good Friday service so I fully expect to be bid farewell by a ghost from the nineteenth century tomorrow morning; not that I am judging – it does rather become her and she takes it all very seriously. Anyway Della came back tonight very tired from a hard day at work. She has been in a lot of American conference calls recently and its all very complicated, and she does need her rest at the moment. But she’s not the only one who has to deal with work obligations, I assure you.  She is asleep now, and I might just ‘sneak a candid photograph’ in a minute, then wait to tell her until she wakes up.
I did pour her a glass of wine out when she came in, but amazingly she just left it on the table and said she had to close her eyes for a little while. She told me a little about her day in the studio, and apparently it was really busy, with everybody seemingly making demands on her at once and wanting to get things done before the Easter Holiday.
There! You might not be able to tell from my writing, but I have just taken a snap of her sleeping on the bed. Actually, she must be really tired as she’s been asleep for about an hour and a half now, and did not even wake up when I had to get up to get the camera.  (I do hope I don’t get into trouble tomorrow, for this rare natural shot of Della not actually trying to avoid the camera for once) !  I did feel tempted to preserve her modesty a little more; but then I thought, what the hell, it IS Easter. I mean, she will be covered from head to toe tomorrow so she might as well have a night off tonight!
Anyway,  I see my friend Kev has just done another Blog, giving an update about his glamorous high life in Dubai, and all the contacts he’s making, in business and in the media.  It is now over 40 degrees out there, and quite literally sweltering, which doesn’t help when he is entering championships at running and cycling, to represent the UK. A far cry from our present London mists. But his blog really is self-explanatory, including his latest post. In case you want to read it for yourselves, it can be found here: http://kevchesham.blogspot.co.uk/
Another new Blog (at least a new entry on myself and the BPOS in an existing Blog) was also published yesterday. Two psychic mediums from the north visited Della and myself in London last week. They really wanted to discuss some of the controversy surrounding us on various internet sites, and to get behind some of the speculation. The main interviewer’s name was Shazz, and she drove to London with her friend Stevee. They arrived about 3pm, apparently quite nervous to meet myself after all the media hype which had been repeated (and is still being repeated) on some internet sites.  I hope I put their minds at rest anyway, by simply answering their questions as straightforwardly as I could. It was a pleasant change , that they were apparently not too interested in the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, which was a great relief to Della and myself as we didn’t really want to discuss it in detail.  Instead they seemed much more concerned with understanding the real me, and my life outside of that case which does tend to dwarf the many other investigations I have been involved with over the years.
But we spent a good few hours talking, and I was quite pleased to see that some people are capable of writing about the true facts as they see them, without merely playing on all the sensationalistic nonsense.
Again, I think her current Blog entry is really self-explanatory, and would like to share it with you, as they both seemed to be very dedicated people.  You can read it here: http://thatspacebetween.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/voila-naturally-david-farrant/
And please do post there if you want, as I am sure that any reaction to their detailed interview would be appreciated.
Well, do you know, my beautiful Della is STILL asleep. I think I’ll leave her to wake up naturally, but it does give me an opportunity to ‘filtch’ just a couple of glasses of that excellent bottle of white wine that she came home with (well she won’t miss a glass or two, surely!).
Personally I don’t mind the Easter period, as opposed to the dreaded commercialised Christmas. Mustn’t knock Christmas too much I suppose, as our last film, A Christmas Quarrel, was so much fun to make, and has had an overwhelming response from many people on Youtube.
But personally, I do prefer the traditional rites of this time of year. Anyway, Della will be back from Church by early evening tomorrow, so I suppose I get the best of both worlds. Might even get a nice lamb roast as well – that is if she’s not too tired to cook it!
Happy Easter, and happy reading everyone.
For now,