February 2012

24 Hour Party Zone

Jamie, Jo and DF at their visit on Sunday night
There’s been quite a bit of news this week; in fact, still trying to catch up on most of it – as well as some sleep! It has been a 24 hour party zone here over the last few days. Patsy and Rick, and another old friend (oh, and Gareth! – almost forgot him!)  were here, with Della and myself. So that resulted in getting to bed about 7am, although Patsy did give Gareth a lift back to West London at about 1.30 in the morning.  Showed Patsy and Rick some of the clips from the new film, and she’s very much looking forward to her part in it. Can’t say any more about that at the moment really, but will keep everyone here informed.
Saw Jamie and his girlfriend Jo on Saturday. Della was here as well, and she prepared a nice meal, and we all just sat around and talked, had some wine, took some photographs, and generally caught up on things – and somehow ended up going to bed at 7am AGAIN!
On top of that, our friend Kev had just completed (rather just started, there’s a lot more to complete yet) his new Blog which is based on his sporting achievements and events in his personal life, some of which might be seen (to say the least!) as being a little ‘controversial’. You can really judge this for yourselves, by following the enclosed link: http://kevchesham.blogspot.com/p/kevin-chesham-autobiography-first.html . Della and I were really trying to keep up with it all, when the next thing we knew was we had correspondence from two radio stations in the USA and Canada, who had taken an interest in Kev’s new Blog. Although it was short notice, the latter wanted us to appear live on the program to discuss some of its implications. Nocturnal Frequency Radio invited us to appear on the 2 hour program when it opened at 11pm on Sunday night. The only problem was that particular Canadian time zone was 5 hours behind GMT, which meant we had to be ready for the broadcast at 4am in the morning. Our host Steve Genier – and his co-host Alex Rondini – were very intrigued by some of the revelations Kev is making in his new autobiography, excerpts from which have been published on his new Blog.  And how did we fit into this? Well, quite simply, because we had met Kev some 2 years previously and had become acquainted with much of his past history dating back to the early 1970s. He was much younger then of course, but he still had some very interesting things to say about his real life experiences and connections with – shall we say – people whose motivations were dubious, if not incredulous! Steve Genier was very sympathetic to the forthright and truthful manner in which Kev had disclosed some of his past experiences. I understand the program is now available to watch in NFR’s archives. Well we must have done pretty well on the show ourselves, as we recently received congratulations from our friend Don Ecker who runs Dark Matters Radio, and when his head cold gets better, we may even be able to join up with him on his show as well.
Well, that’s about it for now. Sorry for another short delay, but as you may appreciate we have been kept really busy – which is nothing unusual! (I think poor Della has been pushed to her limits of exhaustion by her life with a ‘crazy white witch’! Only joking folks, she’s probably got more energy than I have.)
Just for the moment,

This Is Only The Beginning . . .

As Della has just pointed out in her latest Blog,  http://dellafarrant.org we have just heard – rather re-heard – from several old friends recently.  There was Kenny, my old friend from the sixties and whom I mentioned in the 2nd Volume of my autobiography, but who we have not seen since since last September.  He is due to visit here again in the next couple of weeks.
Then there was Rob Mile; commonly known as Le Comte, but in reality a mad sasassenach from  Scotland  (which was originally part of the UK, lest we forget)) who is threatening to invade our flat and get us all plastered on Scotch whiskey.
But equally importantly,  last week we had another welcome visitor; our old friend Kev Chesham who had just got a two week break in the UK from his triathlon coaching in Southern Spain and Dubai.  We had not seen him since last August when he visited and he kindly gave us a filmed interview about his new book, putting across the truth about such ‘scandals’ as  ‘Basildongate’,   damsels in distress at local swimming pools in his role as a lifeguard;  his infiltration of a secret 3rd Reich group in England and subsequent findings which have filled his new book; and much, much else, besides.
Kev has just been instrumental in launching  his own Blog in which he says he has yet to reveal more about some ‘bonky individuals’ who all fit into the story.  The link to his new Blog is below and should interest many who have followed the Highgate vampire case with which he came to be so inadvertently involved.
So please tune in everyone.  There is yet much more yet to come.  This is only the beginning!

Carry on Speculating

There seems to have been a lot of speculation recently regarding a French TV film I made back in 1985.
All of  sudden (at least according to one misguided individual) my companion in the film has metamorphosised into Jean-Paul Bourre’s girlfriend Sophie; and Jean-Paul Bourre himself has lost a foot in stature and had an inexplicable and unprecedented attack of camera shyness – and chosen to wear a mask which not only obscures his face but his entire flowing mane of black hair! One only needs to compare published photographs of the woman who is really taking part in the filming (who was undisputedly known to said individual) to realise that Sophie did not have plastic surgery between 1981 and 1985 when the photograph was taken. But this is only the beginning, because if we go on to take other posts by this same person at all seriously, we are led to believe that a recent Valentine’s Day photograph showing myself and Della, is also a similar ‘optical illusion’. Here this same person is publicly stating that Della is not herself (solely because her silky hair has fallen over her face – regardless of it being of an entirely different colour!) In fact, this person has attributed to her the identity of a friend of mine called Christine, who was not even present when this private photograph was taken.
I don’t know! Call it senile dementia if you like, but I really feel that the person making these public allegations is in need of some serious mental counselling.
How people can even believe these sordid speculations is somewhat beyond me. Why a happy newlywed (married to someone entirely separate from myself) would pose for such photos – before and after her marriage – makes no sense at all. What does make sense is a happy newlywed posing for photos with her real husband but obscuring her face to avoid exactly the sort of sinister – actually, criminal – stalking behaviours I am referring to. Such allegations are only believed by a minute handful of people, and are repeated by some with no more intelligence than to believe such ‘fairytale speculations’. (sorry Sister Babs, nothing personally intended, but perhaps you should go back to believing in your fantasies about the ghost of Robin Hood and Red Roger, as you seem better equipped to deal with these than real life situations!)
If people really cannot distinguish between the sensationalist plots in their favourite soap operas, and the real lives of others, then there really is not much hope for them in embracing any cognisance of reality. But I suppose it gives them something to fill their lonely hours between walking their dogs, trawling the net and waiting for yet another episode of Emmerdale. Each to their own, I suppose!
But, as (as opposed to what some deluded people would have it believed) I am a happily married man, I better sign off and go to bed!
For now everyone,

Viewed As A 'Joke'

Kev relaxing in Spain (c) Kevin Chesham 2012
Still very busy, engrossed in commissioned articles, film projects and interviews, and God knows what else, but at least it’s a little warmer now, which seems to supply a little more energy and avert the task of having to get out of bed.
The American film based on the Comic Book is now all but complete. It has been made according to some of the storylines making up the Comics, with real actors improvising for some parts while other roles are brought to life through CGI and animation. My friend Gareth has been given a role in it (and myself of course); Yorkshire lasses and aliens are included  together with a self-styled primate and the return of ‘Cousin Hoggy’, Down Under warthog who escapes from his native billabong in a desperate bid to find historical Victorian sources in the UK, and thus fulfil his ambition to become a writer of acclaimed esteem. I have been sent some of the rushes, and all I can say is the whole thing is outrageously funny! Hopefully the film will be released before the end of the year, and I’ll certainly keep you up to date on its news and progress.
As well as this, I had a visit from my old friend Kev last week, but he only had a short vacation this time as he had to return to Spain for some important racing events. As well as his work in Torromolinos, Kev has also been branching out with his Boscombe based boss into some pretty high profile work in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where he is under training contracts. He was surprised at the cold over here, as he has got used to wearing nothing but shorts and vests due to the soaring temperatures on his exotic travels. He was less surprised, however, when his boss abroad drew his attention to some apparent hateblog that was engineered to damage his professional reputation. I say less surprised, as this is quite a regular hobby for the person who created the hateblog in question. However when Kev saw it for himself he and his boss, as he put it, ‘fell off chairs laughing’.  Kev was nonetheless none too pleased as he felt the originator of this material had created it in all seriousness, without intending that the whole thing, including its creator, could be viewed as a ‘joke’.
Kev will be returning to the UK for 15 days in the Summer, and is looking forward to catching up with his friends in England again, and  distance running along some of his old routes when he stays with his boss in Boscombe. This is likely to be around June or July. But in the meantime gave me some rather interesting information about how he had first met the person in question. In fact this was in the early 1970s, when Kev actually got the same person a job as a lifeguard at a swimming pool in Hornsey, North London, after he had just been sacked from his job as a milkman. This turned out to be an embarrassing move for Kev, as the person he had helped ended up making himself very unpopular with his new colleagues. Indeed, he even earned himself the staffroom nickname of ‘Adolf the Merchant Banker’ due to his incessant praise for Adolf Hitler! Other names came into his mix of memories, some of which were familiar to myself, and also brought back old memories, which when jogged, somehow seemed as accessible as a tape recording but which had completely lost their relevance over time. Sometimes it seems that life has a way of  just dropping things into place by itself, for what Kev said had more than a few echoes of some unexpected communications, received by Della and myself in just the last week (the mind truly boggins – sorry, mean’t boggles!).
Anyway, meeting Kev before too long now, when he will no doubt bring me up to date.
On another matter, I have just released part 1 of my filmed Talk for Atlantis Bookshop, at the Devereux pub on Jan 4th this year. Sorry for the delay, but here is the link, hope you enjoy!
For the moment,

Abu Dhabi And Even Dubai!

Scary goings on at the haunted Ram Inn (c) BPOS

As there has been so much interest shown in my two articles on the Ancient Ram Inn, published on my Blog in Feb / Mar 2010, I have decided to release these on my comparatively new Blog http://thebritishpsychicandoccultsociety.blogspot.com with some previously unpublished photos taken during the 1998 and 2002 investigations. Enjoy, everyone!
I will write my latest Blog here a little later (maybe even tonight) with all the latest news.  All interesting stuff I assure you; especially as I have some more news from the film company on the Comic Book release, and have today heard from my old friend Kev Chesham, who has been competing in triathlons in Spain, Abu Dhabi and even Dubai.  So watch this space!


People do send some strange emails sometimes.  Generally, such correspondence just concerns queries about Society membership, or to give me some sort of information on ‘ghosts’ or paranormal activity (frequently personal experiences that have happened to the writers themselves); but now and again one will come through that asks for more personal information about myself; and this morning was no exception.  It came from a person I know (of) who lives in the far-flung area of South East Australia (of all places!), and was asking me how many articles I had written for Penthouse magazine. Not, ‘have you ever written’ for that magazine but how many times, as if this was some kind of foregone conclusion!  Naturally, I have not answered.  Reason?  The person didn’t tell me why he wanted to know, and if could not be ‘up front’ with me at the onset, well, he could hardly expect an unconditional answer!
For the record – but certainly not for his particular benefit – I have written for many magazines in the past, or given interviews if, or when, they came to visit me.  Depending on the type of magazine, would usually determine the subject matter.  That’s only common sense, but it does not mean I would give interviews on any alien subject matters.  For example, I am not in the least bit interested in politics or ‘gossip magazines’ (and the same applies to other periodicals, such as newspapers), and it stands to reason that knowing this beforehand, few of such publications have ever approached me (or have been given ‘short thrift’ on the telephone).
So why his sudden interest in Penthouse magazine, I had to ask myself?  Especially after he had gone on to describe the magazine’s format as a ‘wanking magazine’.  (His words, not my own!).  Obviously his personal interests went far beyond his query.  How come he knows so much about it otherwise!?  A subconscious reflection of his own guilt perhaps?
So I’m afraid that particular email had to go on the ‘crank file’.
For the more serious reader, the subject of my interviews and Talks is invariably the paranormal.  Well, I have never tried to deny that.  Nor would I if people would just ask me properly!
Spent a quiet few days with Della over the weekend, or rather evenings.  She’s been a little busy at work and the spare time she’s had during the day, has been occupied by her desire to buy a new house in North London.  Knightsbridge was a little uneconomical distance wise even though she was renting out her apartment.  But she’s had a good offer for that now which she is 99 percent aligned to accepting.  So with one thing and another, its all been a little hectic.
But not quite so much in the evenings.  Obviously because most ‘nine to five’ businesses are closed then, so relaxing comes a little easier.  Certainly makes a few glasses of wine seem more appreciated!
Surely, that’s what really matters!

The Wave of Progress?

David Farrant Today
Its cold. Do you know, its actually snowing now. And I hate the cold, and that includes the snow. Some people might like it as some ‘fairyland picture’, I suppose, but in reality it doesn’t do much for me, or my ability to keep writing well into the night sometimes. But its here, and I will just go on writing regardless, but having said that, I must apologise for any delays in me writing up this Blog.
I have said this before, but things have really been so hectic of late, that sometimes it makes it a little difficult to get back into a personal spell of writing. Anyway, enough of the waffle, here is what has been happening lately.
I think I have already mentioned this, but Kai Roberts’ book “Grave Concerns” on Robin Hood’s grave has just been released. I did like his assessment of events surrounding the alleged grave of the legendary outlaw, and also appreciated his narrative in chapter 6 which detailed old research about my own involvement as ‘President’ (sorry I meant – or rather he meant – Patron) of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society.  It seems Kai spent quite a few months if not years methodically researching the book; but in reality, I was only Patron of the YRHS and not its President! (I am the President of the British Psychic and Occult Society and the Highgate Vampire Society, and that is quite enough work for one day!)
But I do wish him every success with the book, and no doubt, that appreciation should be due to other people who aided him in his research as well.
Anyway, my thanks should also go to Mike Hallowell, a former police officer turned investigative journalist who runs a paranormal column for the Shields Gazette. He has devoted his column for the past 2 weeks to a series of articles he felt motivated to write about myself and the Highgate Vampire case, after meeting me in person. The articles can be viewed here http://www.shieldsgazette.com/community/columnists/wraithscape/scary_sights_in_the_cemetery_1_4184162 and here http://www.shieldsgazette.com/community/columnists/wraithscape/reality_of_the_highgate_vampire_affair_1_4206961 I first met Mike back in 2000 when I was giving a Talk for Jon Downes’ Weird Weekend in Exeter. I travelled down there with a friend in the hot Summer months and, after a little way-searching, managed to find the old Church Hall which they had hired out for the weekend.
It was somewhat set back across the River Exe and I was greeted rather enthusiastically by Jon and some of the other speakers. I was tired. Notwithstanding I had been given a lift there in a car by a friend, but was resigned to giving a filmed Talk on the Highgate Vampire which I duly did. Its strange, but sometimes when I give Talks I have become accustomed to large groups of people questioning me extensively about facts I have raised in my Talk. It did not seem the case here, however, as the atmosphere was quiet, almost placid and I was surprised at the audience’s reaction to essential points that I was trying to convey.
At the moment Della and I are really quite tired. So many other things have been happening lately that it seems a bit difficult to put them all into an accurate contrast against those somewhat quiet Talks dating back to 2000.
Anyway, regarding more up to date events I find I have more up to date things to deal with.
I have been approached by an organisation in West Yorkshire for permission to use my involvement in a certain film. Well, as I had already signed a Release Form for this, I do not really see what the problem is, as I pointed out to them. Della and I will be in West Yorkshire anyway in June for an unrelated event which I have been asked to attend, so this coincides well with the organisation’s plans to premiere their project – which has been given more than tacit support by the local authority. I am slightly concerned because we have been offered accommodation at the Three Nuns Inn (which I understand is a highly unusual as the inn no longer offers board as a rule) but it seems that the current management have shown an interest in previous BPOS investigations of haunted taverns and would therefore like us to stay with them while we are in their neighbourhood. That is all fine, however I was rather perturbed when a regular telephone correspondent of mine from the immediate area informed me of certain developments which have gone beyond being mooted, concerning the future of the old public house, and indeed, other significant local landmarks. I suppose the wave of progress is inevitable, especially in an area with such high unemployment, but we’ll just have to wait and see. And in any case, Della has some old friends in Dewsbury who can put us up if need be.
More to follow on this forthcoming adventure I hope, but for the moment, with my apologies for the late week old Blog,