August 2011

A Relaxing Weekend

Della is here, so I suppose its not really been a ‘relaxing weekend’. It has been work-wise (publications etc) but the wench has a habit of awakening me in the early hours of the day around 11pm, and insisting that I rise from my slumber to go and make her a cup of black coffee. I never object; least so because I know she really needs it. Well, she seems to enjoy it anyway and never once have I had any complaints about my coffee making. But then I get quotations like … ‘Are you coming back to bed!?’ Well, I ask you, I’ve just got up to make her coffee (and myself a cup of tea) and that is all the appreciation you get! I am struggling to wake up, and the dear girl is enticing me to slumber again until mid afternoon.
Anyway, enough of that. I have been attempting some DIY improvements around here myself, but it is usually Della who puts me up to these feats but ends up correcting my attempts by doing the job herself! I must say that when she finally awakes, she has done so much work inside the flat (and outside of it), the house now looks like it is fit to receive a ‘king of troopers’ who are ready to lay down their swords for a short respite before having to go back on duty again at the palace. Well bless them too; we get all sorts here dropping in for socialising, and after all, I suppose all they really want to do is to meet myself before having to go back and sit on a motionless horse for government guard duties.
But other people come too; not least the odd film producer and aspiring authors who seem to want my expertise or advice for one of their ongoing projects.
On the subject of people using my name, as such, I was recently fairly amused to see a listing on Amazon for one of my books, at the extortionate price of £533.79. Plus £2.80 postage! It was being advertised by a company under the name of RBMBooks. I just couldn’t help wondering what the middle initial stood for (could it be ‘Bruce’ possibly?)
Incidentally, onto a totally different subject, glad you like my book Rob. I have since cashed your cheque; do you require any other copies?
I’m pleased to say I now have a complete film copy of my Talk I gave for the Secret Chiefs last Monday (15th of August). The visual quality might be a little dark, but the audible quality is excellent due to the fact that I was provided with a microphone and amplifier (thanks for that Jamie and hope you enjoyed the Talk as well). The Talk went on for a lot longer than Gareth and I expected (some one and a half hours) but everybody seemed to enjoy it, and despite Gareth’s prompting I did not name other people opposed to the official Highgate investigation, but instead remarked that they must all be a bit ‘bonky’. That said, the interview was not really about other people who tried to cash in on the Highgate case, but rather to get the facts ‘out there’ as these actually happened.
What else? Well I’ve just been approached by a guy from Paris who is quite high up in TV productions and they want to interview me in London at my home. They asked if I was prepared to go over to their main studios on the banks of the Seine to address a live audience with a ‘dubbed over’ translator. I said I’d have to think about it, due to my aversion to travelling too far, but they assured me all expenses would be paid, including a one night stay at a hotel. Della is really enthusiastic about the idea, but I really don’t know at the moment. Quite apart from this, Della and I have so many personal plans at the moment which are taking up a lot of our time, so prioritising is of the essence. Just see how things develop I suppose. Be a lot easier to go over there with her if necessary, to relax and get my mind off the live filming for a little bit. We’ll see. Things seem to be happening so quickly at the moment that sometimes they seem to be beyond my immediate control. But Della’s attitude seems to be “in for a penny, in for a pound”, and she could well be right in that it would only take a little extra effort.
I’ll keep you all informed in any event as to what I decide to do, but at the moment, am a little unhappy with the idea of a translator, as I will be talking about specialised subjects (i.e. witchcraft and black magic) which is really essential to be able to put across correctly in a foreign language.
Anyway, I’ll keep you all up to date on what I decide to do; you’ll probably see it anyway as it is going out on a satellite channel quite apart from the main Paris TV production.
Yours for the moment,

What Can I Say?

OrdoSanctiGraal says…
3:45pm Fri 19 Aug 11

It seems Bournemouth has been “singled out” for harsh treatment by malign forces. We recall a spate of UFOs sent to disturb our fair coastal region in 2007 and suspect that the current unpleasantness originates from the same demonically infested individual”.

 Oh dear! I was just sent this report by somebody who spotted this in the “Bournemouth Echo” yesterday.    I wouldn’t mind, except that ‘I’ am the ‘demonically infested’ person who was supposed to have sent a ‘biblical  flood’ upon the quiet town of Bournemouth yesterday.  That newspaper reported that Bournemouth had suffered the worst rainfall for 30 years, and it was possibly related to a similar UFO invasion upon this fair Tourist town (previously reported by the reliable “Bournemouth Echo”)  in the latter part of 2007.  Needless to say,  I was the ‘black magician’ held for being responsible for these alien disturbances, and , not least, for causing one particular resident to take refuge in his  loo outside his bungalow on a cliff-top in Bournemouth.
What can I say!?  It is true that I am in personal contact with the Commander of the alien invasion force who plan to return to the planet Earth very soon,  to ‘escort’ certain earthlings to their distant planet of Bonkinite  for the purpose analysing, and eradicating certain forms of evil human behaviour.
 Well best of luck to them, I say!  But when I read silly newspaper repoprts such as this, it makes me wonder exactly what I am supposed to have done to such people?!?Can anybody enlighten me?  For I’m at a bit of a loss here!!

Another Three Talks

Gave yet another Talk last night at the Devereux pub near the Temple. Gareth J. Medway, author of The Lure of the Sinister, interviewed myself before a crowded room upstairs in the old pub.
My son Jamie and his girlfriend Jo drove Della and myself down there accompanied by another friend of Della’s and we all just fitted into the car nicely. The talk had already been advertised on the Secret Chiefs’ website which probably helped to explain the influx of interested people. I did in fact invite my friend Kev and his wife Bev to attend (see Blog below) but unfortunately, they are returning to Spain soon although Kev has indicated that he would like to come to the next one.
The Talk was basically scheduled to coincide with the release of my new book “David Farrant : Out of the Shadows”, and I had previously told Gareth just to ask his own questions (he wrote the foreword for the book) about any aspects he considered would be interesting to a largely already enlightened audience.
Some of the attendees were people who I had previously corresponded with on various internet forums (including The Supernatural World), and it made a pleasant change to meet people in person who had expressed an interest in my investigations; instead of only speaking to them ‘electronically’.
The whole interview was filmed as were numerous questions from the audience at the end. I also got a chance to catch up on the progress of the forthcoming biopic about my life for which I am presently under contract, as its directors made a special trip to attend the Talk. I have since told them that I could probably allow clips from the filming to be included in their film to bring it completely up to date, if they so desired. I have to say that, in general, I was greatly impressed by the courtesy and attentiveness shown by the people there. After all, I am surely not THAT important, and even felt slightly embarrassed when Gareth insisted on reminding people that the newspapers thought that I was. In fact, I have been asked a similar question to this before (by interviewers other than Gareth) and my answer has always been that I do not lay claim to grandiose titles or suchlike; indeed, that in reality I am merely a ‘humble’ psychic investigator.
Anyway, the Talk was very successful, and I still have another three more Talks lined up for the book to do within the next couple of months.
Jamie gave us a lift back, and he and his girlfriend stayed the night as they had a fairly long trip home by car the next day.  
Anyway, I leave you a little tired after all this mental exhaustion of the last few days; that said, it was all really highly enjoyable!

Gaiety and Revelry

Kev with David Farrant
Gosh! What a busy day today.
Saw my friend Kev this afternoon and we managed to exchange some VERY useful information. Kev brought me over a load of copied emails and photographs (both black and white and colour) which really do throw a completely new light on the so-called Highgate ‘vampire’s’ old history. More of that to come, but in the meantime suffice it is to say that Della prepared a marvellous meal, which was enjoyed by five other people as well. It was really an informal meeting of the BPOS, and you really couldn’t imagine the astonishment at some of  Kev’s revelations (well, they even surprised me as well!).
Invitation to a small party afterwards in Highgate, but Della and myself didn’t get there until around 10.30pm because of all the gaiety and revelry at our own party. I should point out here – lest it be in any way misunderstood – that Kev does not touch alcohol or smoke, and Della’s ‘punch’ was only comprised of various fruit juices; although Kev appeared to enjoy that.
Well enough rambling for the moment. I just wanted to show you all a couple of the pictures. More to follow though – I am not being so ‘lazy’ with my Blog now, now that my second autobiographical book is finished and on sale. Anyway, love you all and leave you all just for the moment.

"The best mirror is an old friend." George Herbert

Happy Reading!

Well, instead of a Blog right now (which would probably only bore you all!), thought you might like to see the Press Release for my new book instead. It is really self explanatory, and is being sent to all relevant publications. Happy reading! For the moment, David
ISSUED: 08/08/11


Well known paranormal investigator David Farrant, presents the long awaited second volume of his autobiography. A leading figure in London’s Wiccan and occult scene, perhaps best known for his involvement in the infamous ‘Highgate Vampire’ case, he exposes the corruption behind his modern day ‘witchcraft trial’ at the Old Bailey in 1974 and subsequent imprisonment. Made a scapegoat by the Metropolitan Police, who sought to quell the ‘black magic epidemic’ sweeping England in the early 1970s, he reveals the attempts of the Home Office and prison authorities to misrepresent and silence him, leading to his near-fatal hunger strike and successful appeal to the European Commission of Human Rights.
‘The nude rituals trial’, as it was dubbed by the press, led to Farrant being sentenced to nearly 5 years for a number of ‘occult related’ charges, including conducting Satanic ceremonies in open vaults in London’s Highgate Cemetery, and threatening two police detectives by sending them ‘voodoo death dolls’. Farrant was to gain further notoriety whilst in prison.  “He had a thriving Coven in there” as one prisoner on release told The Sunday People, which headlined . . . Naked Witchcraft in the Nick. Still protesting his innocence, Farrant was eventually released in 1976. Refusing to give up his involvement in the paranormal and the occult, and continued with its rites and practices.
But behind the headlines life went on, and Farrant goes on to detail his marriage to a controversial white witch in 1979; his meetings with the late comedian Graham Chapman; a series of bizarre public ‘duels’ to which he was challenged by rival occultists; his guest appearance at the Congrès Luciférienne in Paris alongside a variety of international mystics and occultists, and a host of other detailed psychic investigations and ‘ghost hunting’ trips with which he was involved in the intervening years. 
‘David Farrant: Out of the Shadows’ resulted from the popularity of Volume One, ‘David Farrant : In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire’.
‘I have known the name David Farrant ever since I first started reading about and investigating the paranormal. His conversational style of writing comes across as very personal so you get a real sense of David’s character and strong feelings towards those around him at the time. I found ‘In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire’ an intriguing insight to the Highgate case and the man thrust into the media storm that surrounded it. ‘                                                                                            
Ian Topham, Mysterious Britain and Ireland


David Farrant : Out of the Shadows
First published by the British Psychic and Occult Society June 23rd 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9565749-3-0
254 pages
23 black & white photographic illustrations, available for review purposes
Retail price: £13.99
Available from the BPOS, Amazon and all bookshops.
For further information please contact:
David Farrant, President
British Psychic and Occult Society (BPOS)

Quiet Days…?

Quiet days, but I did hear from my friend Kev again yesterday. He is back off to Spain within the week, and I imagine its been pretty hot over there. Not that Kev minds the heat, but in his capacity as a Training Instructor he hasn’t really got much choice when he trains young recruits on running or cycling courses.
I know I have mentioned Kev before. But we’ve been in contact quite a bit lately. He tells me his boss in London owns quite a few properties; both in the UK and in Spain. Anyway, Kev is getting all his expenses paid at the moment for his training courses in Spain, and to this end is living in a company flat over there. His boss (based in the UK) also has two or three properties in England, a couple in London, and one in Boscombe which is quite near the Bournemouth area.
Kev told me, almost innocently, that he often takes a team of triathlon athletes through Southbourne in Bournemouth. They apparently speed past a certain house en route for Boscombe. There may be two dozen or so of them, or more, all dressed in cycling shorts and dark glasses to protect them from the sun. “He would never recognise me in the group,” Kev said, laughingly, “even if he did have binoculars looking out of his front room window.”
You see, my poor friend Kev is regarded as somewhat of a ‘Judas’ in the Southbourne area, which is the only reason I’m mentioning this. What is Kev’s crime, you may ask? Well, he made contact with myself over some queries he had about the whole Highgate case dating back to 1969/70, and for this he has been condemned as a ‘traitor’ – and possibly even ‘excommunicated’ (!!?) by his former ‘friends’, just because he dared to arrange a meeting with myself.
Indeed (and as my earlier Blog entries expound) he even invited me for Christmas Dinner following this meeting, which took place a year or so ago.
Kev is obviously not very impressed with the present situation, and indeed, neither am I. And when he gets back from Spain soon, I am planning a meeting with him, his wife and some other interested parties to get all these misconceptions ironed out once and for all, merely for the sake of posterity so the true facts can be put on record.
But all will be revealed in the very near future!
So what else is new? My new book has currently exceeded all expectations and decided me that Volume 3 of my autobiography is almost imminent. I mean, of course, the work involved in writing it, not necessarily the immediate release date. After all, I also have 2 other books due for publication this year; one being a second instalment of the comic book which was so successful in 2007, and another volume which includes the complete works of the MMM series, which have proved so popular. But in the meantime, pleased to know people have enjoyed Volume 2, and please keep all the feedback coming.
For the moment,

Pleased to say…

Well I’m pleased to say that my new book ‘”David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” seems to have been very well received. I’m not going to name everybody who has sent me compliments about it, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive such good feedback so early on. It would be nice if some of the people would allow me to publish some of their comments, as volume 3 is still to come next year and it would be good to publish some commendations about volume 2 in that.
On a related note, I went out to post a book really late at night a couple of days ago (about 12.30am) so it went in the post the next morning. Coming back from the post box just across the road, I was surprised to be greeted by someone under the dim streetlights who said ‘Good evening, are you David Farrant? We both live locally and I’ve been wanting to meet you.’ He said that he had seen me around Muswell Hill but had never plucked up the courage to talk to me before. He said that he had been a follower of my work for some time, and added that he felt that it made a positive impact on the world. I was quite taken aback by this; not so much because of his flattering statement, but I could tell he was really sincere and was obviously familiar with all my writings. He introduced himself as Martin, and confirmed that he had lived in Muswell Hill for the past 20 years. We spoke briefly, for about 5 minutes or so, and I gave him my address, and told him to just leave a note through the door giving his, and I would be glad to meet up with him sometime. Life is strange sometimes, and I have found it always to be so ‘unexpected’.
Anyway I have just received another present from the USA – indeed, from the same film company who are planning a film on the ‘Bishop Bonkers’ comics. In fact it was just this week, and the bell went about 10am last Monday morning. Della went down to answer it and came back with a small parcel, and laughingly said “Maybe somebody has posted you a shrunken head!” It was a fairly small square parcel, and we opened it rather dubiously, only to discover a lovely litre beer glass, with an inscription on the side. It did not take me much time to fill it up with a strong beer and to ask a friend to later photograph me holding it for the ‘sake of prosperity’!
Photo is above, as you can see, and I just wish people would send me such lovely gifts all of the time. Bit big for Della, I admit, as she usually drinks expensive white wine (if not that, absinthe – but only when she’s in the mood!) And to fill a litre glass with those might even be beyond her normal tolerance. So I didn’t force her! (she doesn’t need much forcing anyway!).
On a separate matter, I have been getting a lot of unsolicited ‘nuisance value’ emails  from a certain person who lives ‘down under’. I only wish he’d post the bloody things by land mail as at least then they’d take a week or 2 to arrive from his home by a nearby billabong. But no! He has to email them and they keep filling up my inbox so I am really forced to read them for amusement value. You know, the guy should really have been a comedian: I mean, talk about giving me potential ideas or scripts for the forthcoming film! You think I’m joking? Just you wait and see!
I am not going to name the character here – as he has used my name enough already to further his own attempts at self promotion. I suppose it must just keep him happy – just trotting around the bush with nothing else apparently more useful to do!
Well everyone, please forgive the comparatively short blog again, but just wanted to share the film company’s photograph with you all.

What’s New?

What’s new?  Well not that much really.  Things still been pretty quiet – apart from the book.  The hardest work was in actually writing it, of course, with many night of scant sleep over an 18-month period or so.  But you suddenly realise there’s so much more work to be done . . . meeting orders, arranging distribution, advertising properly, and so on.  Luckily, once a publication is finished, it seems to take on its own momentum . . . they just seem to ‘spread’ and all I have to do is take care of the incoming orders.

David Farrant relaxing!
Della was here over a long weekend, and between us we got a lot done.  The book has promoted a lot of positive reaction anyway on its own merit, and that’s BEFORE any potential critics have got to read it!
 Apart from that, I have been my usual lazy self: meaning not doing anything unless I really have to.  Some might term that ‘laziness’, I know, but that’s just the way I am.
 But apart from the book, things have been fairly quiet.  My friend Kev is over from Spain at the moment and I’ll be seeing him again before he flies back over.  We have discussed the whole ‘Highgate thing’ again and it seems he has personal information concerning one individual who boasts he was at the ‘epicentre’ of events around Highgate, which could – and would – completely blow the lid off the whole story.  Or rather his whole story.  Kev has a complete record going back many years about the complete case; including personal letters and emails and a mass of accumulated photographs, many of which are his own copyright and which he has given me permission to use.  I think he (Kev) is just anxious to have the whole record set straight now; and I can only agree with that, because so am I!  Seeing him again soon anyway, so hopefully will be able to get a fresh insight into the whole story.
 Had an unexpected present from the USA on Monday.  A pint beer glass with a colour image of a certain individual engraved into the glass.  And there was a most unchristian caption accompanying the engraved cut image.  But I’ll leave that as a surprise until I post a picture here!
 So, hope all is well everyone.  And that all of you have now got the books you ordered.  Just let me know if I’ve forgotten anybody.
 I’m a little tired.  But not quite tired enough not to open another bottle of wine!  With regards for now,