July 2011


Its finally release day for the new book.  Over 25 copies been ordered so far, and orders still rising.  Its available from Amazon and Nielsens, of course, and can be ordered from all good bookshops.
The quality of the printing is excellent, and the text is all fine – well, that’s inevitable because I wrote it!  No facts are spared, or unturned . . . at last the complete story has been told!  (Well not quite just yet . . . there is still Volume 3 to come soon . . . !).
I’m a little tired now so this is only a short Blog for now.  Too much fast living for one day, I fear, but Della is here at least so sure I can soon get some happy sleep .   I mean, here am I, tired from work, sitting here typing this, when when she slumbers  with bare shoulders in pale moonlight  almost  enticing me to just come to bed, finally.  Who can blame me!?  Us authors need to relax sometimes after all, after a day’s hard work.
Sleep tight everyone!

David Farrant: Out Of The Shadows

Well, it seems to have taken long enough, but here is the new book cover everyone.  The book is called . . . “David Farrant :  Out of the Shadows” and I will be sending pre-advanced copies soon to people who have already paid, and may be waiting.  They, of course, have priority, but the book will be on public sale soon.  (It has already been listed on Amazon).
Yours will be in the post tomorrow, Brother Steve!, and your’s Jason, and I haven’t forgotten yours either Don, or you sweet K.  But I don’t intend to recite a list of names with this – in any event, most would not be known to many of you!
Just wanted to post the cover really, so people can see.   All orders will be met; with the exception, perhaps, of a certain person from ‘down under’ who spends most of his time typing out screeds of meaningless scripts besides his native Billabong!  He can still have a copy but NOT before I get a pre-paid cheque and a voluntary ‘Billabong address’ to post it to!  We appreciate the mail system in that desolute part of the world is quite ‘scant’ (almost at a ‘trotters pace’!) so we must see the dosh first old sport – if you take my meaning!
Other than that, things been fairly quiet.  Phone call from the lady in Potters Bar who had another frightening encounter with her now apparently resident ghost.  But Della and I are looking into that, so just watch here for further details.
So for now everybody,

Watching Her From The Shadows

I think everyone is aware that I don’t particularly like crowds of people, even Sundays when there aren’t so many.  Well, it was only Saturday today, but Della was here, so it didn’t matter that much.  I mean, if she wants to go somewhere, I usually give in; and she did today, to see a reputedly haunted location near Potters Bar, only about nine miles away as the crow flies, but further timewise when you have to wait for trains and buses. (The car’s in for a service at the moment).
Anyway, I had already told Della a week or two ago about a lady who had written to me  from her old farmhouse in Potters Bar asking for advice about the sudden appearance of a ghostly figure in the house which had been making regular appearances and then suddenly disappearing.  The lady in question had put this ‘ghostly activity’ down to the fact that, last year, some ground was being excavated  at the rear of the house, when the surrounding ground had suddenly ‘collapsed’  to reveal a disused Jacobean well. It seemed to be about 60ft deep and torchlight clearly showed the old stone walls and the glimmer of black water at the bottom.  She called in the local council who rapidly sealed the whole area off; but saying because of its historical value they would be sending in a team of experts to excavate further. She learned that the ground had once housed a much earlier dwelling of significant importance, and it seems the council were anxious to get ‘second opinions’ about the find on her property.
That was last year, and as far as I know the council are still in the process of evaluating the find.
However, I digress. Since the discovery of the well last November, the lady in question began to experience many ‘strange happenings’ around the farmhouse – especially at night.  The temperature would often drop inexplicably; household objects would suddenly fall from shelves or sideboards at night; and more than once she swore to seeing the shadowy figure of a man in a broad brimmed hat, apparently watching her from the hallway through the open parlour door. In addition to this she began to frequently notice the strong smell of tobacco, especially when she ventured down into the cellar to fetch wood for her open fire.
At first she accepted all these strange occurrences in almost bewildered abandon; but after Christmas things apparently became decidedly worse, and she was awoken at night by the figure appearing in her bedroom, again watching her from the shadows. She contemplated approaching a priest for help and advice, but not being a particularly religious person had put off doing so.
She eventually decided to write to myself last month after reading one of my articles on the internet concerning other psychic investigations in the area some years ago. One of these in fact was near Welwyn Garden City, quite near Potters Bar, and being fairly local she decided to contact myself.
Apart from her letters, I had spoken to the lady on the phone, and subsequently received an invitation for tea at the farmhouse so we could discuss the matter further. I asked her if she would mind me bringing a friend of mine with me, a psychic, and hence the purpose of our visit there today.
That is the basic background anyway, and so Della and myself made our way towards Potters Bar about 11 o’clock this morning. We got there some 2 hours later. Della was aware that it would be a fairly long trip and so she insisted on packing up a few sandwiches for the bus ride in case I got hungry.   She made all the sandwiches most thoughtfully, but of course I decided what should go in them!
As it transpired, the sandwiches were hardly necessary, as our hostess had laid on a high tea (complete with her own cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge).
The lady was very sincere in her concern about the unwanted phantom figure which, she was sure, had something to do with the accidental uncovering of the old well on her property. She had lived there undisturbed for some 30 years prior to this with nothing untoward at all  – certainly not out of the ordinary – taking place there. She told us many things about this apparent haunting, not least that on one occasion when she ventured into the cellar (albeit reluctantly now) she had found an old briar pipe that was still full of smouldering ash. She had been alerted by an overwhelming sensation of burning tobacco wafting up from the old stone cellar, and discovered the pipe laying apparently unhidden, in full view on the flagstones. She was about to pick it up as evidence of her experiences, when the temperature immediately dropped and she heard a distinct moaning noise from a darkened corner.   She left the cellar immediately – disregarding the pipe – and told us she had not been down there since.
Della and myself asked for permission to go into the cellar, and eventually persuaded her to accompany us. There was no sign of the pipe itself, but certainly a distinct atmosphere of cold and damp emanated from the area. Of course, this may be only too ‘logical’ considering the large cellar was some 30ft below the ground floor. But it was more than that; you could almost feel invisible eyes watching you from the dimly lit corners, and we were most relieved when we eventually returned to the ground floor.
Our trip may only have been fairly brief, but it was very enlightening from a psychic point of view. Could the discovery of the old well have been instrumental in triggering off some form of psychic activity? Or was its discovery perhaps mere coincidence? The council apparently saw fit to mount a further historical investigation into the ground’s collapse. Whatever comes of that, of course, would pertain more to a archaeological line of research.
But as far as the lady of the farmhouse is concerned, she is convinced that there could be ‘something’ that has been ‘loosed’ from that old well.
We have obtained permission from her to spend an all night vigil in the farmhouse (and the cellar if necessary) to try and get some evidence of this paranormal activity. To this end we will be returning to the farmhouse shortly with others. I do not know what the conclusion will be, but we will be sure to inform everyone about any pertinent results in this present investigation.
Well Della and I returned to London tonight, but no sandwiches this time! It was late. Around 9.30pm. But Della cooked me one of her special meals. Although I have to say, we were both relieved to be back on familiar territory! 
For the moment everyone,

That Package

Well, today is not my birthday but I certainly enjoyed opening Kev’s present!  The package contained essential research material dating back many years, including b/w and colour photographs, written correspondence and a selection of personal emails which had been copied onto disc for me.  There was also a typed summary of some fairly recent ‘birthday speeches’, or more precisely, suggestions from the host on what should be ‘done about David Farrant’.  He (the party host) hadn’t liked my disclosures about fake religious groups and other written material in my published books that debunked a serious belief in vampirism. 
“He lives alone”, he had earlier written to Kev, and given him my private address and telephone number!
I was also given a detailed description of the ‘Church Retreat’, and how one room was over-flowing with Nazi paraphernalia.
There was much, much more, not least how the host had once boasted to Kev about having fraudulently put people’s names on a far Right message Forum (nice people!).
And there was confirmation that invented aliases were habitually used to slur ‘perceived enemies’ of the ‘Church’ in question, even to the extent of carefully writing these down on a list so they were not inadvertently used for the wrong person.  Of course, most people already know this (the latter) anyway, but it was refreshing to receive some ‘inside’ confirmation.
I believe Kev will be returning to Spain later in August, but he will be coming over with Bev before that as they would like to meet a couple of other people.  Apart from this, I have promised him an advanced copy of my new book, and it would make sense to just hand this to him in person.
That should set most of the record straight on its own merit, but it is always good to have evidence of the full inside story!
On a final note, please be patient about the new banner here!  It will be reduced soon and hopefully that will reduce the ‘pixelization’ (have I spelt that right!?).
Anyway, for the moment everyone,


My new book “David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” has now been printed.  This means I will be able to meet all outstanding orders in about a week.  But I will put up an exact date here when orders are to be posted so people can expect their copies.  Please note, I do not mind posting any books by RD at no extra cost.  In fact, I would prefer to do this (75P or so is really nothing), but sometimes I realise this is inconvenient if people are working or have to collect them from the Post Office.  Just let me know anyway as I really don’t mind. 
I had to go out today (to do with the book in fact) and found a large hand-delivered envelope waiting for me upon my return.  It was from my friend Kev with a separate accompanying letter.  Kev is back in England from Spain for a couple of weeks where he has just signed a two year contract to train athletes.  He tells me it is a ‘dream job’ with accommodation and food thrown in, with the chance to visit London regularly inbetween the work schedules.  They have given him a Company flat not far from where I live, but a lot of the non-physical training stuff he can do from home, I gather.  Anyway, he’s happy with the deal, even though the average temperature there is 35C at the moment.  Rather him than me!  I mean I love the heat, but can you imagine running in that weather?!
Anyway, his letter instructed me NOT to open the package until the 15th (tomorrow) and the only clue was . . . “Plenty more where that came from!” 
Well, I wouldn’t anyway, but I can’t help being very intrigued.  There appears to be some CD inside, so maybe – just maybe – it was those ‘secret emails’ and letters he said he had for me!  I really don’t know now; and even when I see the contents, does not necessarily mean it is a ‘Carte Blanche’ for their public release.
But we will see.  I will at least give you the conclusion tomorrow.  That is a promise – no delays on this one!
On another matter: thanks to all of you who have complimented the new banner here.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t do it, although I did ask a friend of mine to do so.  If its made the Blog slightly bigger you’ll just have to put up with it for the moment!  Its all still there and readable anyway.
Anyway, had a slightly busy day today.  So forgive me if I sign off for now.  For the moment . . .
 PS  My new book has now been listed on Amazon

Some Serious Contemplation

Marcos, Crystal and David Farrant
Some relevant news at last, everyone. As usual, any delay has been due to the work involved with my forthcoming book ”David Farrant – Out of the Shadows” That has been a ‘fearsome project’ because of all the arrangements having to be made for its final publication. Incidentally, that will be available in less than two weeks now, but please watch this space for the final details.
Well, other news! Last Tuesday my friends Marcos and Crystal visited Della and myself in London. They arrived quite late at night (about 10pm) because of the terrible electrical storm which heralded their arrival on these shores! Seriously, if you remember, that was the day of all the fearful lightening storms in the UK which served to delay flights. Anyway they arrived safely and we all sat down to discuss past events over one of Della’s carefully prepared meals. Well, not forgetting the red wine of course!
In fact, Marcos is involved in publishing and he gave us copies of three of his current books. One of these was published last year, being a reprint of Jean-Paul Bourre’s bestselling book in France, “Messes Rouge and Romantisme Noire”. This book in fact mentions events from when I first met Jean-Paul in 1980, when he was pursuing his interest in the Highgate vampire case in London. Good quality, excellent reproduction, and apparently it is going very well in France and Europe.
Marcos told me that there had been a huge interest in Jean-Paul Bourre’s books in France, and also in the case of the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’. He said there has apparently been a similar interest in my own personal involvement with that case – perhaps aided by the fact of my television appearance on TF2 in 1998 which dealt with the whole subject. I am considering the option of getting my original book “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” translated into French for the benefit of the European market. Who knows?! I am always open to ideas and as the interest is there I feel I should at least give it some serious contemplation.
Anyway, my ever obedient and subservient hausfrau has agreed to be involved  – maybe – in any future projects in this direction (I cannot afford to lose her in view of marvellous cooking – thank goodness, feminism seems to have passed her by!)
Luckily we have recently had my backroom completely refurbished, and Della was no small help there. It just means we can use the back room for guests now, whereas before this was really impossible.
We all got on very well after all is said and done; I mean, we all hold the same interests in the occult and the paranormal – not to mention the furtherance of specialist and well researched published material which can reach a dedicated audience – a field in which Marcos’ publishing house specialises. Marcos was especially interested in a book I showed him about the Highgate case which depicted Jean-Paul Bourre on its cover. He was rather concerned, because on the inside pages, Jean-Paul was described as a ‘Satanist’, an untrue allegation which he has always fervently denied in his publications and TV appearances. Marcos and Crystal stayed until the weekend, after taking some memorable photographs of their visit, including a shoot for inclusion in Marcos’ forthcoming revised edition of his bestselling “Dictionairre Diabolique”. Also, I am pleased to say that he and Crystal have plans to come back again very soon.
Well that’s all the up to date news for now, everyone, and sorry again for any delay.
 For the moment,