June 2011

Fathers Day

I have been very lazy recently; but I guess some people must be getting fed up with my excuses for doing late Blogs. The truth is everyone my next book, “David Farrant – Out of the Shadows”, is now imminent, and I have sent notifications out to some of you here in the event you wish to order it. Thanks Jason and you as well, Cu, I have already put advanced copies aside for you.
Saw Jamie and Jo who visited last Sunday for Father’s Day, and brought me a special bottle of whiskey as a present. Jamie is very excited about a new Blog he has just started on Blogspot and is determined to clear up some of the misconceptions that have been made about him (and myself) via the internet. I could only wish him the best of luck with it, but sure he does not need that much guidance from myself!
Della and Gareth were also here, and we enjoyed a few bottles of wine and some simple pizzas. But we had an opportunity to take a couple of photographs to mark the occasion and I’ve posted one of these above. That was all last weekend, so I apologise again for the delay.
But Della graced me with her beautiful presence again yesterday, and we’ve both been working on preparing the flat for houseguests early next week. Well, she’s been working very hard (and myself of course!) and think – or hope – everything is now almost ready. I have to admit that Della did a lot of the hard work because of my incapacitated foot. I mean, she was lifting up heavy boxes, polishing everything in sight, and remained in a similar working position for at least 6 hours. But all was not lost! For around 10pm we relaxed with a couple of bottles of wine and a home cooked meal. But no, it was not lobster this time; we are saving that, together with some champagne, for the book launch party very shortly. Unfortunately Gareth is a vegetarian so he will just have to skip the lobster thermidore. But we have made prior arrangements for him, and he is eating cheese on toast!
Apart from that everything has been fairly quiet…at least for the moment. I can assure you that when my new book hits the shelves it will be sending more than a couple of people into orbit. I kid thee not, if you thought the first edition of my autobiography was ‘dynamite’; then when you see the second volume, you might understand exactly what I am talking about. Only a couple of weeks away now anyway, and I will not forget people on my advanced list who have already requested copies.
Anyway, there is certainly a lot more in the pipeline to boot. Talks are scheduled for the release of the new book for example, but I will keep you all informed in case anybody wants to attend.
That’s really it for now, Della is really quite exhausted after al the hard work today and has now snuggled down into bed and all I can really see are her bare shoulders glistening in the midnight moon as it casts it’s shadow through the windows of my humble ‘bedsit’!
I feel I must also succumb to sleep soon, so I leave you everyone until next time.
But in the meantime, for those of you who may not be able to sleep you may care to watch an interview I gave back in 1998 which has just been re-released. Enjoy it!
For now, David 


Still Getting Over That Party!

Well, Della is still here, and, what do you know? After a hectic weekend we went to a party last night – a fancy dress party no less!  There were  plenty of party snacks and some good vintage wine as well.   It was in Knightsbridge (friends of Della’s in fact, Rich and Carl, who were overjoyed that we could make it) and  you were expected to wear good costumes.  We did!  Della went as Britannia, dressed in a kind of split toga with a shield and a plumed headress; me? … well I couldn’t really think of anything special, except to wear a brand new somewhat psychadelic T shirt that I just received from America  that will be featured in my next film. Seriously, I kid thee not – the film is a remake of a comedy classic comic book that was most popular in the U.S.A. in 2007. The publication broke quite a few records, enough to give Hollywood the idea to turn it into a film.  Anyway, I felt greatly honoured to be requested to wear this for the party. We mingled with the other guests, and apparently my T shirt became a great talking point, with many who were wearing much more elaborate costumes. It seemed they were a great deal surprised that a man of my reputation would accompany such a beautiful lady as Della in her equisite finery, especially when his only apparent disguise from his well known appearance seemed to be his striking T shirt. But once our fellow guests were familiarised with its role in the forthcoming film peels of laughter broke forth, and the ice was truly broken! So much so in fact, that one or two ladies were obliged to have their tight corset stays loosened after going into paroxysms of giggles.
It was all very good fun, and Della enjoyed it immensely ; but then, she knew most of the clientele personally, whilst I, and the humble T shirt, were comparatively uknown – at the beginning of the night, at least!
Well, still just about getting over that party. But can’t wait until the next one at the end of the Summer. Its Rich’s birthday then and he made me promise to come back again, but this would be a ‘straightforward’ birthday gathering, with only intimees invited.
Anyway, apart from that not much has been happening, except, of course, my new book which is due out in a couple of weeks. So that has been keeping us busy as well.   
For now, everyone

Winning . . .!

Sorry for the delay . . .
I am not going to apologise again everyone for being late with my Blog (anyway if I did no one would believe me!). But I really have been so occupied with a vast number of other things.
To bring you all up to date, the second volume of “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” is now complete and will be available in bookshops very soon, or by mail order if you prefer (details to follow).
I have just heard from the American publishers again, and the Comic Book has been finished, and will be available in the Summer.
As many people will know by now my Internet Spine TV interview was released last April and comprises of a 9 minute interview with myself on Mysticism and things Esoteric (although not so much on the Highgate ‘vampire’ as I have since made it plain that I have already given my last word on this matter).
Three new talks already finalised to coincide with the release of the new book, but more of that (dates, details, directions) to follow.
Well enough of boring business. I saw Della again this weekend and we had a relaxing time together. We talked, did nothing, and walked. On one occasion we went for our normal stroll through the woods and into the town centre. We met a few interesting people who recognised me, and one old gentleman – who is really a down and out and sleeps on his ‘home bench’ – called us over and remarked (but only in a very friendly way) on what nice legs Della had got. He said it was a surprise to see such elegant beauty walking past him, because most of the people were ‘snobs’, ‘look down on him’, and would never offer him even so much as a penny (I have to interject here that had he seen Della only a few minutes before, he would have had quite a shock, as she had just given £5 notes to two other beggars).
It was a ‘fairly hot’ few days, but not complaining; the weather for May has been quite outstanding this year but still not quite warm enough for us to keep the bedroom window open at night. We kept the curtains open, however, and it was almost a Mystical experience to see a bright moon coming over from its voyage in the east and bathing the room eerily and reflecting from lighter surfaces, such as Della’s pale shoulders. But good things cannot last forever, of course, and an early rising sun would fill the room with light not needed and we would then have to draw the curtains.
The lighter evenings do put you in the mood for some more Continental food, such as salads and paella, and the odd glass of chilled wine whilst relaxing on the sofa.
And we did take advantage of the ‘spring cleaning’ as there were still many items in the cluttered flat to be sorted and put into proper files. There were many old letters we came across from the early 1980s – and before – but these have now all been saved and properly archived. Other things are imminent in the future, of course, as these always are. Many varied houseguests will be visiting or staying in the Summer; not least a couple of people from France who want to see the sights of London and, at the same time, are interested in those old events that occurred in Highgate so many years ago.
But at present Della and I are just taking it easy for a short spell, having had such a committed time during the past month or so.
Will obviously keep all my regular readers up to date. But let me tell you, a lot has been happening, and it is safe to say I am truly WINNING! …