April 2011

Noctural Frequency Radio

Just trying to have a quiet holiday weekend; as much as these Bank Holidays will allow. Quiet day yesterday which gave me a chance to catch up with some written work.  Jamie came over in the evening with his friend Joe so I put the pens away and we caught up with some wine.  I’m not sure how many bottles we managed to get through; they just seemed to add up!  When I put the bottles out this morning there were quite a few – lets put it like that.  They left about 1 in the morning to get back to the hotel, then I saw them again this morning before they headed off to visit a few places in London.  Joe particularly wanted to see the famous Abbey Road where the Beatles had immortalized their first album, or one of them.  She loves the 60’s and its music, even though she was not born then.  I believe the old zebra crossing is still there; well I hope so as they want to get a photograph walking across it.
Another visit tonight, but that will be more like work as we have a script to try and get finished.
The Nocturnal Frequency Radio interview I gave with the Canadian TV presenter Richard Seymiens  (sorry if I’ve spelt your surname incorrectly Richard but am doing this from memory and names have never been one of my strong points!) for Steve Genier, is also being broadcast tomorrow.  There is a link to that on my Facebook page if anybody’s interested.
Also, my 9-minute documentary for Spine TV was released on 21st April and there’s a link to that there near the top as well.  I would say this latter interview  could be of more interest, as I was not expected to speak solely about the Highgate  ‘vampire’ case.  Whatever, everybody  has their own spheres of interest when it comes to things paranormal.
And then I have another interview to do in a couple of days, but I hope that won’t take that long being on an informal basis.
So another Blog completed.  Hope to have a couple of days off after that before doing anymore Media work.  For the moment.

Della at Easter
Just a short Blog really, to post one of the Easter pics I mentioned yesterday.   Della and myself had a really good holiday – especially Saturday!   A picnic in a shaded glen in Highgate Wood, feeding the squirrels; relaxing with some wine; then lazing around back at the flat, doing nothing really but enjoying the quiet and hot weather.
But Della’s picture might serve to prove another purpose:  there have been rumours from a few misguided people, that Della might not exist, except as a figament of my imagination!  One of the more persistent one’s seems to have originated from the witchy green Dales of Yorkshire; a place where Robin Hood supposedly lies buried.
Well, this is to prove that Della not only exists, but can be photographed in all her natural beauty.  So sorry, Babsie, wrong yet again – and it wouldn’t be the first time!
I will do a longer Blog soon.  These next two or three weeks being quite busy with interviews that coincide with the publication of my new autobiographical book out next month.
This is just to post one of the Easter photographs mentioned in my Blog a day or two ago.  So, for the moment,

More Than a Thousand Words


Yes I know, I’ve been away from here for quite a long time again, although the time has not been wasted as I have mentioned before. The book is now totally finished and just awaiting delivery of the first batch from the printers. I have not forgotten those of you whom I promised an advance copy to – well it won’t be long now but I will email everyone to advise them of postage.

Saw Della again; she came down on Good Friday for the weekend, and Gareth also came over on Friday. It was beautiful weather yesterday and we went for a picnic in Highgate Wood. Being Easter it was quite crowded but we managed to find a quiet glade where we enjoyed our wine and sandwiches. Surprising the amount of animals that had sensed the arrival of Spring. The birds seemed happy, flirting away in the trees and bushes; and a couple of love-sick squirrels went even further than that, not far from where we sat. We had taken the camera and amused ourselves by taking a few pics of the occasion.  We wandered home again late afternoon. It was still very warm, but the atmosphere was now almost overcast; absolutely no wind with persistent rumbles of thunder sounding threateningly in the sky.

Back indoors, we just decided to spend the evening still doing nothing; but this obviously included having to cook a late dinner, as well as enjoying just a couple of glasses of sangria. We were both in a somewhat carefree mood, we also decided to finish up some unused film in the camera. After all a picture often says more than a thousand words.

No doubt we will find a couple of suitable ones that we could publish safely online without unwanted comments from people who presumably passed a less pleasant evening (just wait and see if you think I am joking!)

But later on we did have more serious work to take care of; what with one or two pending deadlines in the air pleasure had to be put aside for the sake of serious work. We have a couple of rather interesting projects in the pipeline one of which involves yet another radio appearance; another paranormal investigation is also on the horizon which involves a visit to Kent. Rather looking forward to that one as it will involve a couple of days self catering in a reputedly haunted location which is somewhat off the radar. And a third, details of which I expect to be able to release very shortly…

But anyway, will try and not leave my blog for so long next time, so please keep watching this space everyone!