November 2010

For V


 You know, it’s a strange feeling when you suddenly find yourself in love with somebody: not some superficial love attraction, but a real communication, a deep communication, between two people.  Its silent, and sometimes no words are necessary.  Its just an invisible feeling and doesn’t need words.

 But it can be real, and I think that’s what can be so frightening about it.  I said “I’ll see you again”, and I meant it.  Somehow,  somehow,  I think we will as I’d really like to meet you properly.  Our cultures may be different, but that’s all.

 If you read this, its just my way of telling you: or trying to tell you, that its just my way of responding  to some ‘forbidden chance’.  I am thinking of you, but I won’t put anymore here.  I can’t.  Just remember what I said last, and you’ll know I am referring to you.


A Bit Frenetic

David Farrant on French Television 2008

Got a bit colder even, but I think London’s going to escape any serious snow.  Which is just as well really as I find it pretty difficult to walk on ice or slush.  Well, at least my injured back is consistent now, and doesn’t give me any pain.  In fact, it hardly ever has done (except when I had the initial fall back in 2000) but its somehow affected my foot.  Anyway, its only really a problem if I run out of stuff (thanks Semera for thinking of me I appreciate that),   but I’ve always got the telephone.

 Phone call from my friend in Paris last night.  Apparently that French TV thing I did in 2008 has been repeated again.  It seems the French public are fascinated by the Highgate vampire case and just can’t get enough of it.  Must get over and visit my friend in Paris; especially now I’ve had an invitation.  But it wont be until the late Spring or Summer now  Thanks Odette, and of course we’ll stay in contact in the meantime.

 Actually, I’ve been thing for some time now about my autobiography translated in to French.  Well I am well known there (at least in connection with the Highgate thing) and a large part of my book deals with my travels in France, Italy and Spain.  Problem is, the book is some 275 pages and my French is not that good, so it would have to be commissioned by a French publisher who would take on all that work.  Still, I’m seriously thinking about it  We’ll see.

 Anyway, just thought it about time I wrote another Blog.  Things have been frenetic on the Supernatural World. Forum, and I’ve had to deal with things there, so this is not an excuse.

 For now everyone

 David Farrant

What Happened Next?!

Well, I thought I couldn’t just leave my last Blog post somehow incomplete!    I mean: candles flickering, the whiskey and wine nearly finished and the midnight hour fast approaching . . . just what was about to take place??  Just how was this magical night destined to end?  In fact, could it end at all until morning!?  And it was only about to begin!


Good Night Had By All

My friend Andrew Gough came over last night with a new lady companion, Layna; a model and an actress who is helping Andy in a new film.  Actually ‘helping’ is probably the wrong word as she is his leading lady in the film, which looks like being very successful. Andy  is also the owner of the supernatural come mystical Website “Arcadia”, so I imagine he has more than a little to keep him occupied at present.  But last night I like to think he and Layna had an opportunity to relax, and we just talked and had a little wine and I did my best to serve to serve out some quick food, or rather simply heated some Pizzas.  Jamie was also here and a friend of mine who was visiting from the South coast and staying overnight.  Her name was  . . . no, on second thoughts, I’ll leave you to guess!

 Andy took a few pictures and so I have posted one of these above.  In fact, we were just preparing for a huge ‘witchcraft orgy’ – but obviously I can’t post the rest!  But maybe another one tomorrow.  Well, if you believe stuff you read in the Sun newspaper about me, frankly you’ll believe anything.  But seriously, a good night was had by all of us and I hope you and Layla can get over again soon Andy.

 David (Farrant)

Been A Busy Week

DVD intro with Gareth J Medway

Its been a hard week, and its not over yet, although I can relax a bit today.  Tomorrow four people coming,  then Saturday another  four.  So I won’t be able to get much work on the book done thenn  Nothing to do but talk, eat and drink really.

 Please to say the new DVD is now out though – 1 hour 10 minutes in length.  I have put a still up above but this is only really from the introduction.  It costs £13 so anybody here interested just put up a post.  If you don’t want it published, just mark it private, but if I don’t know you don’t forget to include a postal address.  I won’t publish addresses in the event you forget to mark it private.

 Well the new DVD has caused some interest even from as far afield as Australia.  Would’nt be surprised if it finds its way into the out-back- well, give the natives a break inbetween chasing all those water hoggs and bush kangaroos!

 News?  Well apart from the DVD the film is coming along nicely (I mean the one I’m under contract to) and another filming project next week  But I’ll tell you about that later once its completed and I’ve checked for permission to give it a mention here.

 Oh yes, nearly forgot . . . received an invitation for dinner  over Christmas from Bournemouth.  Seems a long way to go, but I have been offered a lift by car. Shall I go?  Haven’t made up my mind yet..  I won’t leave you in the dark, but tell you all later.

 So with that I will finish good people.  Still got some things to do today which should have been done yesterday – or the day before!

 For the moment,


Awake Fairly Early

Well, its nearly 7 am; but I have been to bed – of sorts.  Fell asleep in my chair for an hour or two earlier and woke up past midnight.  Worked till around 2. 30 then fell asleep again and just woken up.  Its not worth getting into bed physically now – besides, not really tired anymore.  Well I have had 7 hours sleep now, so that’s better than being awake all night.

News?  Nothing much really.  I think most people know about the Don Ecker interview last Friday wherein we discussed Highgate and his forthcoming Report on the Highgate case.  Then there was a Hallowe’en broadcast on Hallowe’en but that had been pre-recorded.  And ‘yes’, they asked me about the Highgate ‘vampire’ – among other things.

Phone call  yesterday about a Satellite TV project but I said ‘no’ I wouldn’t be filmed outside the gates of Highgate Cemetery – they have to come to my flat if they wanted that.  More persistence, so I said I’d agree to be filmed in Highgate Wood (just over the road) as a compromise.  Waiting to hear back.

 Oh yes.  Another call from Bev yesterday,  She’s the lady who came to see me earlier this year after seeing some allegation on the Internet that I’d published her private address.  In fact, I hadn’t and it transpired that a certain ‘man of the cloth’ had tried to give her and her husband Kev that impression.  But that’s all been sorted out now.

Anyway, Bev  told me that her husband’s work contract in Spain had now come to an end and he was back in the UK.  She said they are moving closer to London shortly as he had accepted another long-term contract in North London and it was nearer.  She also said that he would like to meet me soon and would this be okay?.. I said sure, but that I would leave her to arrange this.  I liked Bev; she was a very down to earth and ‘no nonsense’ lady and, from what she’s said, her husband will be the same.

 So, that’s about all for now.  Just thought to do a quick Blog as I’m awake fairly early.


Hallowe’en Once Again

Hallowe’en once again!  Well, its been and gone now – past midnight.  Had a guest for the weekend, so didn’t really do much, except talk.  Maybe just the odd drink and food here and there!  But that’s all you need really to relax sometimes.

As many of you will also know by now, I gave an interview for Don Ecker on his American Radio Show in California last Friday.  Don has just issued his report on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, and so naturally we also discussed that. Two hours long, but it’ll maybe interest many people interested in that case   I’ll put the link up here soon, just waiting for a scanned picture of the  cover. 

The new DVD on the Highgate case, “The Curse of the Highgate Vampire” will be available in about a weeks time (Pic of cover above).  More details to follow a little later.

Had a good weekend; but I’m still a little tired folks.  Tired, but happy to have made the acquaintance of a beautiful lady.  And ‘no’, I’m not saying who it was.  And so please nobody ask.  Just have to keep everybody guessing for the moment.  It doesn’t matter anyway, surely, because surely my private life in that respect is only mine alone. At least. it should be, but it hasn’t always worked that way!

Anyway, I do another Blog in a couple of days, and bring you all up to date.