October 2010

Two Witches Together

Lana and David Farrant

Time for another Blog and I just thought you might like to see a picture of Lana taken a couple of weeks ago.  Lana is a white witch but, as she told me, she is a ‘solitary witch’: that is, she is not a member of a practicing group but prefers to work alone.  As a matter of fact, I can perfectly understand that.  Often there is too much ‘internal bickering’ in some Mystical groups, often caused by a yearning for power or importance of the part of some individuals.  I does not happen all the time, but it can – and does – happen.

In fact, the pic is just a ‘still’ taken from a longer length of film which showed me interviewing  Lana about her involvement and beliefs.

Perhaps expectedly, she told me that ‘witchcraft’ (as in Wicca the true meaning of the word) was never used to harm anybody; rather to help or to heal others, and also as a means towards self-development.

Needless to say,  true Wicca has no connection with Satanism or black magic: in fact these practices are condemned in Wicca as being beliefs that can inevitably harm the soul.  And so they can.  Indeed, instead of spiritual advancement, these practices result in spiritual regression.

I should know this.  I had been Initiated into Wicca and seen it happen: it still happens.

Most people know that I left any active part in Wicca back in 1982, although I have always kept in contact with who are actively involved in it: not only people involved in Wicca but people across the whole field of Mysticism.

I can hear some of you thinking:  in I am no longer involved in Wicca, then why the need for a magical altar in my flat.  Simple.  The interview was a sequence from a film, and if you a filming a certain subject it is only appropriate to have the relevant background.  It happens all the time in films and on TV!

There may be some, of course, who may prefer to think that this is proof that David Farrant is really still involved in Wicca.  To those I can only say, I would not lie about things like that.  But if you prefer to think the contary, just to please you I’ll title this Blog . . .”Two Witches Together”.   Happy now??!!



The new DVD has been finished now, just waiting for the jacket.  I’ll tell you the title, but before anyone says anything, let me tell you in advance that I didn’t choose it! (neither did I have much control over the new sleeve design).  Titles and such-like are usually under agreed control with the people who publish or produce them.  Anyway, its titled “The Curse of the Highgate Vampire”; although my interview wasn’t solely about that case.

What else has happened?  I heard from my friend American Radio Broadcaster, Don Ecker, to say he received the two books I sent him last week, and he has read them.  I better not repeat what he said here, but let’s just say I don’t think he has a very high opinion of ‘nutters’ who go around wearing teas pot cosies!

My friend Claremond came to visit me last Tuesday (gosh! doesn’t time fly!) and went back up North on the Wednesday.  That was good because it gave us a chance to discuss ongoing matters a little more deeply – which we did

And so, that’s all the immediate news.  But at least I’ve done a Blog as I’m a little busy working on my new book at the moment.   For the moment everyone,


Meet Up


To add to a chaotic week, Jamie and his friend Lana visited me at the weekend.  Gareth also came along  (see Pic. above).  Jamie brought me a ‘surprise present’ – a black-covered ‘witches chair’ which had to be dismantled before it could fit inside my front room.  I had heard a lot about Lana because of her interest in the Paranormal and the fact she admitted to being a practicing white witch, and so I had asked Jamie if he could bring her along.  He did, and I took the opportunity of speaking to her about her involvement.

Basically she admitted she had become intrigued in the whole subject of Mysticism and the Paranormal from a very young age, which included Wicca; although she stressed that she was not a member of a Coven, but preferred to ‘work alone’.

This is not unusual, in fact, as nowadays  people often prefer to learn by their own inherent psychic capabilities, as opposed to attending organised meetings involving other people.

Indeed, I told her that I was much the same myself, and had left ‘organised Wicca’ back in 1982, having concluded that many of the superficial Rites and customs were no longer necessary.  She smiled; although I think she understood exactly what I was saying.

She was an attractive girl with a slender figure; and her eyes were deep, but ‘knowing’.

I’ll go into our conversation a little more later here.  But at the moment I really just wanted to post up the photo of our meeting which has only just been forwarded to me.

Thanks Lana, and thanks as well Jamie.

 David (Farrant)

Filming Nearly Finished

Very hectic weekend – filming, then more filming; and its still not finished!  But very little more to do now.  Just so as not to confuse anybody; I’m working on two separate filming projects at the moment.  The main Highgate film, I have already told everyone about: that’s the for which I’m under signed contract to the film company.  The other one (at the weekend) concerns the making of a new DVD which will be widely distributed once its finished (which won’t be long now).

So, all in all, I’ve been busy – as usual!

But I managed to relax a bit last night; and boy!, did I need it.  Still, a beer or two always seems to taste nicer after a satisfying day’s work.

Talking of beer, I’d better check the fridge as a friend is visiting tonight.

Regarding the 2nd Vol. of my new book; well, I’m halfway through the last chapter of that. Had to put it aside for a couple of days due to the filming, so I’ve also got to get back to that.  So many people keep asking about that, and its probably all the encouragement which has helped me to do its so quickly.

Still on books: I have sent a copy of Pact with the Devil and The Seangate Tapes to my American ‘radio-broadcaster friend’, Don Ecker,. so I think he’ll enjoy those.  In fact, I know he will!

But apart from all that, everything’s quiet.  Another relaxing evening tonight I think.  I think I’ve deserved it!