July 2010

I Met Claremonde . . .

I met Claremonde on Andrew Goth’s Arcadia site through a mutual interest we had (and still have) in Wicca and the Occult.. We eventually got into more informal contact, which included talking on the phone.  Then, a couple of months ago, she came to visit a friend in London, and took the opportunity to visit me at my flat.

She brought with her a fairly extensive hand-written document which contained within its pages many of the personal and mystical experiences she’d had in her life – a sort of ‘occult diary’ if you like.

At the end of this was a reference as to how she’d met myself.  I decided to publish this here (with her permission, of course)  as I thought it would be better placed at the beginning, as an introduction to any experiences we may yet agree to publish.  Gareth typed it out for me last bight (thanks Gareth!) as he can type about five times quicker than myself.  Another reason is I thought it would be better coming from herself rather than as some ‘flat summary’.   (Might even make a change for some of you!).

So here it is folks (and no rude comments from you Cat, I don’t want her to drive off when she’s only just arrived)! . . .



When I got my Computer, I looked up a website all about the Highgate Vampire.  David Farrant was on it, and just like his book, made a lot of sense.  Who is this man? I thought.  So I got a couple of his books and read them.  But I did like talking to the person behind the books.  I told him all about my experiences in Astley Cemetery, and also another Cemetery at a place called Monks Kirby, where all the Denbigh family are buried.  Once again, my mother has a strange tale to tell about the Cemetery at Monks Kirby.  She told me she had a relative, who once picked a huge clump of snowdrops plus their roots out at this Cemetery, to put in her garden.  The next year did not bring her any luck, however, as her son died.  So is there genuinely something creepy about Monks Kirby?  Who knows.  I started talking to David on his own Website and we decided to meet up.

            When the day came, I put on my best dress, and first went to visit Highgate Cemetery for myself, something I’ve always wanted to do.  It was everything I expected, so peaceful and quiet with lots of wild flowers, so Pagan, and atmospheric.  I felt the business of London drift away, and I soon felt at peace again.

            When I visited David at his home, I was a little surprised.  There was just this man sitting in a battered armchair surrounded by cables and computers.  It was like something out of the Matrix!  Apart from this, numerous old papers were scattered around and a few books.  However, I was fascinated.  It was as if I’d stepped into another world.  He obviously thinks a lot of his work and very little else! I thought.  But then, perhaps that’s the best way to be, a sensible way to think.  I couldn’t help liking him, as he seemed so completely himself and genuine, with no pretensions.  He offered to let me use his website to publish my work, which was very kind.  For all his sometimes absent-minded demeanour, there is nothing absent-minded about his man! I thought.  He’s got a mind as sharp as a razor and is very intelligent.  I read him a few bits of my life story, then sat there tongue-tied and embarrassed, as I’d shared some really deep things.  Suddenly I felt quite shy about this.  Then, all too soon, it came time to leave.  But I really wanted to stay a little longer perhaps.  Not to intrude though: I wished that I could just merge into the walls and become invisible and peep out and just watch this man at work, and just take in more of this person’s unique and very individual presence.  Needless to say, I went home very impressed.

            A friend says, that if we were to meet him again, to take him a cushion for his battered armchair.  I told her he might not like it, as people like David, contrary to appearances, do not like people fussing round them and organising them.  But she insisted.  So got my orders, we will take a cushion.  Well, at least, it isn’t a tea-cosy!


 NB  Just bring the Sheperds pie Sweetheart, I don’t want no tea cosies!

 For now,


Just Try And Behave Yourself!

I do not use this Blog to advertise my books Anthony, I would invite you to go back right to the beginning (August 2007) and try and find one reference for any purchase details: no listed prices, no links, no payment requests or destination for same . . . nothing!

That is because  I began this Blog as a sort of a Diary at the request of several people who wanted to know more about my ‘human life’ (hence its title “The Human Touch) as opposed to all the wild rumours about the occult and sensational newspaper reports about the subject (including myself).

 I might name book titles (which I do) as or when I might be working on these; but no more.

 As regards to “Pact with the Devil”,  I have no need to discuss the book.  It has been officially listed with an ISBN;  it is on Amazon and Nielsen records, and will very soon be lodged at the 6 major University Libraries i.e.  Oxford, Cambridge, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, including, of course, the British Library.

 I have indeed ‘named names’ in this book (as in many of the others).  But I have only done so where evidence is available to back up what I say, in written form or otherwise.

In the case of “Pact”, I have already sent copies (by Recorded Delivery) to the Church and the police authorities.  Reason?  To prevent any fabricated complaints being made about the book without these people being able to have easy reference to it.

 Enough nonsense has already been spread around about the whole subject of ‘vampires’, witchcraft and the occult, and my only intention (in writing the book) was to enable people to judge the facts for themselves.

 I have always made it a policy not to give people’s full names here, unless it is with their full permission and consent.  I have also made it a policy not to debate the wild claims and speculation of certain others here – something which you are always very anxious to try and get me to do.

 This Blog is only written as a form of a ‘personal diary’.  If people only want sensational and scandal, they only have to go and read Sunday newspapers; or indeed, look elsewhere on the Internet.

 Sorry if this might sound a little ‘boring’ to you.  But that is just the way it is.

 I see you have met Claremonde here now.  Fine.  But just try and behave your self Anthony!

 David Farrant

Suppose I’d Better . . .

Suppose I’d better do another Blog as the last one is five days old now.  Nothing much to say though really, I don’t want to just keep talking about my books.  Only that the 2nd Vol of my autobiography is well on schedule for October, and, as you know, “Pact with the Devil” has been completed and is now on sale.  I’m surprised really about the success of that (but pleasantly as I’ve now had quite a few cheques back!).  I guess its because a lot of people were given a mass of mis-information on the Internet in 2007 (and since) and they want to know what really happened.  I don’t intend to go into all the ‘ins and outs’ of the book here, except to say it only tells the truth about things that really happened.  Well, I’ll let God be the final judge of that, but I’ve certainly got nothing to worry about.  You can only get a conscience by telling lies; not by telling the truth.

 By the way Claremonde, I haven’t forgotten you sweetheart!.  I will give my full attention to your book once I finish this last chapter.  Let me know in private when you can come to London next, and we can meet up again.

 I found you can buy Special Brew around the corner and its 70 pence cheaper than the supermarket.  So as its on the way back, I buy it at the shop first then take it into the supermarket with me.  I just rest it at the checkout in its own transparent bag.  Quite a few times this has caused funny looks or remarks.  All I say is . . . “That’s not yours – its mine”!  Today I told a lady the reason why, so with a bit of luck it’ll get back to a manager, and they’ll put the price down.  Though some hope of that!

 Well won’t write more now – still got another book to finish.

 For now,


A Small World, It Really Is!

I stopped by a wooden bench up the road today after having bought some beer.   I needed a little rest (as well as a cigarette) and the bag was heavy. Then a quite distinguished looking man walked up to me and said . . . “Do you remember me?  We went to the same school together!”. I said if he told me his name it would probably come back to me.  He did. and it did.  His first name was Marcus.   Sure enough I remembered him and we spent 5 minutes or so discussing some teachers and other boys at the Weymouth school.  He said he had left in1962  to which I replied that I’d been expelled in 1961.  “I Know, he said!

We talked a little longer, but as he left I called after him that I’d put the meeting up on my Blog later if that was okay.  “Yes, I’ve seen it he replied;  I’ll have a look later”.

 Well, what do you know; a small world it really is!  If you’re reading this Marcus, please do post back if you’d like to.

 I wonder, do you remember any of these people?  I think this was taken in the summer of 1961, not long before I was expelled!

Usual Behaviour!
Usual Behaviour!

 David (Farrant)

Paranormal Cover

Copyright Neil Arnold
Copyright Neil Arnold


Hi everyone,

 Just thought you might like to see the cover of Neil Arnold’s new book, Paranormal London.  It has a Foreword by myself as you can probably see (well maybe!) and there is a chapter on the Highgate ‘vampire’ inside, as well as many other interesting unexplained mysteries and ghost cases.  It is due for official release on September 1st but I believe some are available now on Amazon.

That’s all the news really, except that my new “Pact with the Devil” book is selling well and I shall be sending a copy of this to the Bishop in Leeds who is familiar with some of these events.

Volume 2 of my autobiography should be ready soon but I’ll keep you all updated about that.

Anyway, have fun all of you!

 For the moment