June 2010

Paranormal London

Sorry to knock you down the page a bit you two  (such a lovely picture as well!) but my friend and author, Neil Arnold’s new book,  “Paranormal London”  has just been released.

I’m not very good at this sort of thing, but I’ve just copied this, so hope it comes out okay here.

Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery monster tour…step right this way for a surreal and supernatural safari through the concrete jungle.

 Neil Arnold’s new book, ‘Paranormal London’ is OUT NOW. Published by The History Press, this collection of obscure, chilling and monstrous tales features a menagerie of phantom animals, from hellhounds, to ghostly cats and birds, spectral ape’s, and ethereal bears. Relive the horror of Hackney Marshes, or come and visit Mr Davy’s monster. Peer in at the London mermaid, or howl in terror at the wolf of Clapham Common.

 And then we have the tales pertaining to ‘big cats’ on the loose…the Surrey puma, the Sydenham leopard, the Cricklewood lynx, the Edgware tiger and the lioness of Winchmore Hill.

 And it gets weirder…flying jellyfish on Wimbledon Common ? Forget The Wombles!

 An angel on the Thames, UFOs, ghostly goings on, dancing coals, fish falling from the sky, pennies from Heaven, and those ghastly, sinister phantom assailants such as Spring Heeled Jack, the London Monster, the Hammermsith spook and the phantom wall smasher. And what about vampires ? Oh yes, they are here too. The Highgate vampire, a tall, red-eyed spectre responsible for mass hysteria in the 1960s at Highgate’s Gothic cemetery.

 ‘PARANORMAL LONDON’ is a highly original look at London’s weirder side…a side where the wild things are.

 Available from all good book shops, Amazon, or direct from The History Press

 Buy your copy now and see London in a different light….

 Now, I’ll go back for the link a little later and hopefully edit that in here as well.  But first let me tell you that I had the great honour to do the introduction as it says on the cover!

And ‘yes’ there IS a chapter on the Highgate Vampire inside!  But ‘no’, forget about making any complaints Mr. ‘Tea Pot’  I did not mentions yourself, only the official British Psychic and Occult Society’s official Highgate ‘vampire’ investigation.

I will come back to thsi later, but in the meantime . . . “Well done Neil”!

David Farrant, President, BPOS

Here’s the link (just hope it works!)


Here She Is!

Copyright strictly David Farrant
Copyright strictly David Farrant

I’m fed up this evening, so I feel like having a bit of fun!  Nearly out of cigarettes, too lazy to go out and get any now, have to go out though as need other things.  I don’t even feel like writing anything, but had K on the phone earlier and she said its imperative I keep my Blog current – especially now my new book “Pact with the Devil” has just hit the shelves.  I have already sent copies of this out to several people, and the reaction has really been disbelief how anyone could treat a ‘harmless white witch’ (myself in case you hadn’t guessed!) with such a vindictive vengeance.  Well, that’s another matter, but I’m still fed up.  So what better way, I though, but to cheer myself up by giving you all some exclusive news from an ‘inside perspective’.

The news is this:  people keep asking me if there is any truth in the rumour that my friends ‘Greenwitch’ and Gareth are really engaged?!  Have they really been having a secret affair which has caused the flow of such rumours?  Are such rumours just groundless speculation?  Or could there perhaps be some substance that has caused these to circulate?

I am just asking; neither confirming nor denying. Maybe we could pick up a few clues from the picture of the two of them together (above)?

Now, they are both sitting comfortably on a bed – looking extremely ‘innocent’ it has to be said, but nevertheless in the close proximity of each other.  I think we can all agree that photographs don’t generally ‘lie’ (unless they happen to be doctored by people dressed in teapot cosies!) and as this photograph is exclusively my copyright, you all have my word that the photograph is genuine.

I can also tell you that the photograph was taken in my own home; which of course begs the question why Greenwitch would have travelled specially from her home in West Yorkshire to meet Gareth in London?  Was it just an innocent meeting?  Or could an eventual marriage be in the air?!?

Or is there absolutely no truth in the speculation at all.  But this also leaves the question just why were they sitting so close together before suddenly being ‘startled’ by a camera?

I am merely  asking.  The case rests.  I’ll let you people be the judge!

Seriously folks, for those of you who keep asking what Greenwitch really looks like . . . well, here she is!

For the moment,


Storm In A Teacup

Thought I’d better do another Blog as time is slipping on past June 23rd.  And anyway, it stops K. nagging me.  (Sorry K!).

 Well, the “Pact” book does seem to have caused a bit of a storm – although not just in a tea cup!  I seem to have got a whole trolley load of teapots upset here, and the steam is even coming out of the cosies!  Well, I’m afraid that’s just ‘tough’!  You see, if all these nutcases stopped making all these ridiculous allegations about myself, I’d have no need to answer.  But (for the benefit of some of the ‘nutcases’), the book is out now, I’m afraid – both in England and the USA (and much further afield if you count Amazon as well) and there’s nothing you are really left with to whine about.  Although some people will most probably will just keep on ‘whining’.  The truth has a funny way of upsetting people.

Well, I had my cold beers last night.  I went out this afternoon to get some more (for tonight) and a beautiful Spanish-looking lady came and sat next to me at the bus stop.  It was after 3 and she remarked how quiet everything was (no cars people, nothing).  Probably because of the football, I told her, but that I didn’t even have a television.  She told me it was England and Germany (which I didn’t even know!), and when the bus came, and she saw me struggling with the beers, she stood back to let me go before her.

She was dressed in a flimsy white dress and her legs were deep brown where she’d obviously been in the sun.  At least, I think.  Spanish people have naturally brown skin, so its sometimes hard to tell.

She was getting off at the same stop as myself and again, she stepped back to let me get off first.

All I could say was ‘thank you’, but then added as an after-thought (without thinking as usual!) . . . “I should have said, ‘beauty before age!”.  She laughed and just said . . . “Thank YOU. Have a good day”.

I couldn’t help noticing just how kind some people can be.  It sure made a change from all the treachery and deceit I’d been subjected to by a female back in 2006 and into 2007.  But then, that’s why I’ve written the book.  But the book seemed miles away then, genuine reality seemed to have taken its place.

Another ‘genuine reality’ is yet to come.   I still haven’t drunk those beers yet!

For now everyone,


Pact with the Devil

I am pleased to say that my new book “Pact with the Devil” has today been listed on Amazon, release date June 23.  I have already met quite a few private orders, but this means the book will reach a much larger audience for anyone wishing to order it.

I still have a little left to do with all the preliminary technicalities, such as sending it to the 6 main University Libraries (including the BritishLibrary)and many smaller ones.  I shall also be sending a copy up (by RD) to the Chief Superintendent of Yorkshire Police.  Reason?  Simple.  Some people have been threatening to get the book banned before they have even read it so if people are in a mind to make complaints about it, the Police will have seen the content and thus be able to judge in advance whether such complaints are genuine or merely invented fabrications. 

Its been a marvellous day but I am a little tired.  Well, I guess that’s not surprising with all the running around I’ve been doing lately!

This evening I’m just going to relax and open some cold beers.  Couple a phone calls I promised to make (by the way Barbara I tried him three times last night but no answer) but apart from that . . . nothing!

For now folks


Blow The Lids Off . . .

I met my  friend Drew again today, the TV guy from Yorkshire.   Had not seen him since last year and we had a lot to catch up on.  Also he has moved and got new phone numbers, and we had to exchange those as well.

I gave him a copy of Pact and I gave him an extra one to take back for Barbara.  Hear that Barbara!?! 

He’s left now but coming down again soon.  Anyway, he really likes my new book, after only reading a few pages.!  Well not surprising really as he knows about much of what happened, and on top of that, I’m such a good writer! (I mustn’t boast – us ‘witches’ are supposed to be modest!).

I have also watched a 10 minute film Trailer the guys making the film on myself gave me.  Had some trouble with some of the DVD  player connections, but Drew helped me sort those as well and its working perfectly now.  He really liked the Trailer as well and said it was very professional.  Well they are a professional film company, so what do you expect!

I’m not allowed to discuss the film yet, as that is part of my contract.  But let me just tell you its GOOD!  So good, in fact, that it will blow the lids off a few tea pots when its released.  Sure you all know what I mean!

After next week I shall get back to completing my other new book. Got the hardest two chapters to complete in that   No peace for the wicked!

Just a short Blog today, ‘cause I still have quite a lot to do this evening.  But that’s all the main news for now,


“Pact with the Devil” Unfolds . . .


Well, I met with my friend Claremonde this afternoon and her friend Mary, and they had really enjoyed their visit to Highgate Cemetery after quite a long trip down to London.  Back at my flat, Claremonde read me several of her personal accounts and involvementa with or in the paranormal.  I liked her accounts as these were all ‘heart felt’ – a similar way in which I like to write in.  There were different circumstances, obviously, but in essence the experiences were very similar.  They have both gone back ‘up North’ again now, but I hope they will stay in touch

 I gave her a copy of my new book “Pact with the Devil” so hopes she finds that interesting at least.. What she will make of that., I don’t know,  as she doesn’t really know about much of that material.  But I gave it to her anyway, so she can make up her own mind.

 And me?  I’m just having a short break before I finish off “in the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” book.  That is still on schedule for this  October – but I will let everyone know about the progress of that well in advance..

 Got an email from Jamie earlier, and seeing them soon.  Never mind when, but soon!

 Meeting Karen again soon as well, so life has really been a little hectic at present.  Trying to divide things up between trying to finishing books and meeting people, has been a little difficult!

Still, I still have a bottle of wine left, so I can relax a bit more tonight!


For now,    David

That’s Why I Wrote It

Anyway, to get away from ‘N’ and ‘A’ (which I’d prefer to),  there has a lot more been happening presently.  It seems interest in my film on the Highgate ‘vampire’ is still very active; which is why, I guess, the Producers want to add more footage.  I hope they do, because all I’m doing is relating that whole story as it actually happened. NOT what other people may have been led to believe what ‘happened’,  but as events really took place in actual reality.  (They had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘blood-sucking vampires!).  Most of such reports just amount to pure fiction and imagination and THEY JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN!  (Except in the mind’s of a very few misguided individuals, that is).

 It could, of course, be argued well . . . “You stated the whole business” so who are you to talk?

 But the whole point is, I did not,  and anybody caring to check some of these obsessive Internet postings, can see just that!  That is, if  people take the trouble to look – and I’m sure some will!

 My new book “Pact with the Devil”, is now ready for distribution, and I hope that will serve to clear some of the mysteries in the ‘puzzle’.  It does not serve to redress the claims of ‘vampires’ (and other ‘vamp[ire enthusiasts’),  just to set the record straight, that’s all. To further set the record straight here, however, . . . . ‘vampires’ simply do not exist – except perhaps in the sordid imaginations of some people who may otherwise choose to invent them.

 I’m tired again.  Must have been working too hard as usual.  But the new book is finished now.  So now I suppose I can take a short break before concluding the next one.

 But the “Pact with the Devil” book will bring to light true facts as people have never before seen them.   Indeed., that’s why I wrote it!


Difficult To Share

Just a quick Blog: well: it is 3.11 am as I start to write this.

 Life is so strange, sometimes.  Going through some stuff tonight, looking as usual, and I pulled a drawer too quickly, and the contents just scattered at my feet..  Putting them back, I saw this hand-written letter, and it made me wonder – or think.  I thought, why is it that I have never really been able to love anybody except ‘A’. (That was just a question to myself – I don’t expect anyone to answer).

 The letter read:  “David, You’ve been successful at last – after struggling for a year.  You are free now, I feel forced to leave you.  You need no longer have to be bothered about my feelings or ‘trying’ to feel yourself.

 You were right last weekend, it won’t work.  I will contact my parents and get them to cancel any wedding arrangements that already have been made.

 You may think that this is a horrible way to say goodbye – just leaving – and I agree, but I cannot stand the pain and hurt if we went through another time like last weekend.

 I don’t want to leave you but you are impossible to get to and I would get destroyed in the end. 

 Our marriage is not possible (do you see the ridiculous hope I still have) now.  Is any relationship at all possible?  That remains to be seen.


 PS  Wouldn’t it have been better not to have given me hope than letting me love you only to make it impossible?  I still love you”.

 Life can be so strange sometimes.  In fact, I only published this at all because it fell out of some long-lost drawer.  But I guess it makes some point: I have never been able to respond to some relationships properly.  I have never hated anybody, but sometimes just can’t love them at the same time – if that makes sense.

 I think it all goes back to that bleak winter if 1965:  She died, and took my love with her.  Its still here: but sometimes very difficult to share with anybody else.  Hence ‘N’s’  letter..

 Well, I suppose I’d better try to embrace some sleep now.  Busy day tomorrow!


All The News

I know I might keep saying it (in bits and pieces anyway) but my two new books are now virtually finished.  Well, the ‘virtually’ only applies to the 2nd Volume of my autobiography “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” – the other one “Pact with the Devil” is totally complete, and you could say ‘signed, sealed and delivered’.  Regarding the latter, that is literally true: I have had so many orders for it, that it will be good to get these all posted out.  I even received a query from a certain North of England Police force asking for information about the book:  well, don’t worry good people. I shall be sending you a copy up by Recorded Delivery, and there will be an invoice enclosed with it.  Please don’t forget to send me a cheque!

The former one “In the Shadow” etc, will be ready for October.  The book is complete; well apart from the first two chapters.  I put these aide to come back to.  And that’s no easy task, I assure you.  Boxes upon boxes of Trial transcripts and witness statements to go through to get everything accurate,  Little wonder I left that until last!  It’s a tiring job, and one I am not relishing.  Quite honestly, I’d rather just forget the whole thing, but some people just won’t let you do so, so the truth has to be told!  And it has been – in the case of both books, that is.

When I was working on “Pact”, for example, I realised just how many lies had been told.  Not ‘accidential one’s’ (that would almost be understandable) but deliberate one’s attempting to try or forget true feelings at the time.  Hurtful lies; made even worse by the fact that the person concerned chose to air these in public.  If people do not answer lies sometimes, people may take it as a sign these could be true.  Which is why any such false statements have been answered – in their entirety.  I have most of the facts in writing,  which is just another reason I wrote the books.

Anyway, I think I’ll just go back to writing ‘ghost stories’ after this – be a lot easier!

Gosh, though, when you think about it its almost unbelievable of the ways some people can use the name of ‘God’ to attempt to justify their own evils sometimes.  They seem to forget that that Supreme being lies behind their own consciousness, and It can never be fooled!

Actually had a good night’s sleep last night.  Raining a little now, but doesn’t matter, ‘cause I only go out when I want to.

Saw the film producers last night, and everything going well there.  Gave me a short clip of the film, and I have to say its looking very professional.  Well, with me in it, guess it couldn’t look anything else!

So that’s all the news.  At least for the moment!

David Farrant

Thanks Again Everyone

Thanks everyone

 I really don’t want to go into anymore details of my old schools on here.  Reason is quite simple: these have already been given in short extracts from my books here, and it is certainly not my intention to publish any of my books on-line.  I am quite entitled to publish a few short extracts (which I have done already) but the main subject matter must be left for the printed books

That said, my latest book “Pact with the Devil” has now been officially registered; official ISBN and all that. That will be going all over the place with distributors (not least on Amazon) so please be a little patient for that.

For those of you who really want to know the truth about the ‘Devil’ and all his accomplices, just read it – you will soon see why!  You can see how the ‘Devil’ comes in many varying forms, and how these often serve to ‘dupe’ the unwary or gullible!

The facts are all in the forthcoming book, however, so I’ll say no more at present.

But I have been ‘over-worked’ again, so just decided to take a short break now.

Just to write another Blog and hoping to keep ‘K’ happy!

Thanks for the response anyway, and hope this explains the position.

For the moment everyone,