January 2010

Hate This Weather!

Well, I sure do hate this weather!  I have been trapped inside ‘cause of all this snow and ice.  Just can’t go out if its slippery.  Seems crazy I know at my age (still makes me laugh when that ‘pudding’ from Yorkshire suddenly decided I was 70!) but then not everybody has a smashed back. 

What makes it worse is, I hate to rely on charity.  Not that I ever ask for it.  But Gareth phoned me up to ask what I needed, and at moreorless the same time so did Speedqueen who turned up with her friend Sue with two huge bags of food. (Ok, ok . . . and a bottle of whisky!).  Problem is, I had no money to give them!  They didn’t care saying I could pay later, which of course I will.  Its not that I haven’t got money; its just that its all in the bank and I can’t get to it!  I can’t even get across the road at the moment, let alone the bank!  This is not ‘self-pity’ everyone (personally I hate that); just stating the facts of the situation.

I had a visit from my close friend K this afternoon and we relaxed for a few hours.  She really is a beautiful lady (even if she can be a bit ‘bossy’ sometimes)  but I know its only because she’s only concerned about my welfare and she goes back a long way, even to the beginning, so to speak. (I have to be careful because I know she reads this!)

She asked if I was ‘eating properly’ and I said ‘yes’.  She said “I hope you are not treating that as food”, (pointing to a bottle of wine Gareth had left on the table) “because I am talking about proper food”! 

“I really have “, I said, “and what’s more I’ve done loads more work on the books”.

I let her read some printed draught pages, and she was pleased with that.

Though she’s not too happy with the “Pact With the Devil” one; she really wants me to let that drop.  I explained that the only reason I couldn’t do that was because ‘clergy’ became involved in the whole scenario,  and the matter had to be told as it happened; not ‘lied about’ as to how things just didn’t happen at all.

I think she conceded that I was determined to publish it regardless, so her attitude was ‘if I can’t talk you out of it’, ‘then I can only support you’.

I think I said before, I have had all the computers moved now; into the warmer room.

 So, and with K’s blessing, I hope my Blogs will be a bit more regular now.

 Thanks Matt, by the way, I have just released your post and will get around to answering it tomorrow.

But for the moment everyone,


Surprise You All!

Ghosts in Highgate  (c) Polly Hancock 2004
Ghosts in Highgate (c) Polly Hancock 2004

Well, I just thought to surprise you all folks after being a little ‘lapse’ on my Blog here.  It has mainly been due to the excessive cold.

The Pic. above is from he “Hampstead and Highgate Express”, from 2004 I think wwhen they were dong a ‘write up’ on my new book “Dark Journey”.

This deals with ghost cases from all overe the country; but obviously the “Ham & High” were intersted in more local one’s.  Can’t blame them really, being an established North London newspaper,  notwithstanding that I gave no space whatsoever to the so-called case of the Highgate ‘vampire’!

But I guess I am supposed to be some kind of local celebrity, so maybe that explains it!

Weather slill cold (very cold) in London.  Well, I suppose Spring is not far away – or is it?!?

I have been told off by K. again for not doing regular Blogs.  She knows about the cold obviously, but she won’t take that as an ‘unquestionable excuse’!  I don’t know . . . women!

For now


Its Cold!

Vampire Convention in Hampstead 2004  (C) Polly Hancock
Vampire Convention in Hampstead 2004 (C) Polly Hancock

Its too cold, but I’ve had my computers moved into a warmer room now as the large back room is too difficult to heat.  I’ve got gas in the slighter smaller front room which sends out much more heat.  Quite apart from which, bloody electricity is so expensive now.  Do you know my electricity bill for last winter (three months) came to over 170 pounds!

Anyway, pic. is of a “Vampire Convention” held at Swiss Cottage Library in April 2004 to which I was graciously invited!  told them all I just didn’t believe in ridiculous blood-sucking ‘vampires’, but they still insisted on me going.  Gareth went along as well and we really enjoyed it.

Well, I’ll try and do a longer Blog soon to update everyone.

Thanks for the post, Barbara, by the way.  Suppose I’d better thank that Cat too!  Don’t want him to feel neglected, poor creature!

So, all just for now evereyone.

David (Farrant)

Another Thing Entirely

Do you know, its almost 3 days into the New Year, and I haven’t really noticed the time go.  I mean, it seems to have dragged a bit over these past couple of holiday weeks, but apart from that, ‘time’ really hasn’t gone anywhere.  Don’t want to get too ‘over-philosophical’ here, but ‘time’ has never really meant a great deal to me.  For example, people say ‘its Christmas Day’, when to me it might be just an ordinary Friday.  The only difference is, you seem to notice that everything has come to a ‘standstill’; no transport or hardly any shops open, and so on.  But to me, it just remains (or remained) just one more weekday – I guess the only difference being just how people treat it.

 For most people, Christmas I a sign of ‘Goodwill’, and that’s one of its major assets: there’s nothing wrong with that, but then, why cannot people show such Goodwill  and hospitality towards each other, every other day of the year, is what I really feel inclined to ask?

 Fascinating question, I guess, but as yet nobody has really given me any answer!

 Anyway, regarding more material things, my writing has been going well.  One draw-back has been the cold, and it has certainly kept me stranded indoors when it has been icy. 

 But all in all, I’m not complaining and the next edition of my autobiography is coming along well despite all that!  (It WILL be finished soon Yolande, so don’t worry about that!).

 But I just wish it wasn’t so cold!  Still cold never lasts forever; at least, as long as cold temperatures are concerned.  ‘Cold spirits’ or other such afflictions in human nature, are another thing entirely!