December 2009

Slow Christmas

Its been a slow Christmas.  But at last it seems to be over, thank God!

 A ‘dragging’ 4 days, but do know what I had for Xmas dinner? – no less than egg and chips, no less!  I’m not joking!  Gareth came over Xmas Eve and brought his usual quota of chips, leaving me half of them, as he usually does.  That was on Wednesday.  But I looked in the fridge on Friday (Christmas Day) and realized there was no food in it!  Well, just two eggs! 

 I wasn’t really that hungry,  but I decided to look for food. All I had was these eggs and Gareth’s left-over chips from the Wednesday.  So I heated the chips up, added an egg; and do you know, it was a really nice snack.

 It was about 8 pm in the evening, and I couldn’t help thinking about all those people who’d just  been ‘stuffing themselves’ with chicken and turkey earlier.  But I really wasn’t that hungry!

 Apart from that, we had been literally ‘snowed in’ here for a week before in London, so I had been unable to make proper provisions.

 It was so cold, and all the pavements were frozen.  I tried it one day – on the Monday, I think – but coming back was positively dangerous – for me anyway.  It wasn’t so bad in the Centre because the heat of the shops and people continuously walking, had made it virtually ‘ice free’.  But coming home, it was treacherous, and I had to cling to a wall to stop slipping..

 There seemed to be a an ‘ice-free’ stretch ahead, but there was a lady coming towards me. So I beckoned her forward and said . . .”Come on love, after you”.  She walked forward and said . . . “Let me help you.  You’re only going up there, I know.  I’ve got ski shoes on, so I won’t slip.  Just take my arm”.

She walked me to the door and I told her she was really kind (which she was).

 As she left she went she said “Not at all David”; but do you know I still can’t really place her!

 For the moment


Christmas Report


Psychic investigator Andy Wright with David Farrant, circa May 2005

I really have been very lazy – but don’t blame me, blame the cold!  We really have had a week’s bad weather down in London – to the extent of being ‘frozen in’ and made it  difficult to write anything.

 That’s my excuse anyway, so you’ll just have to accept it!

 But things have been happening, believe it or not!

My old friend and paranormal investigator, Andy Wright, came down to visit  a couple of weeks back with his friend Louise.  They were staying at a nearby hotel and had planned to visit some locations in London, which they did.

But they came to see me first,  and I learned they were planning a visit to Highgate Cemetery.  Well’ they made it – just about!  After a good meal in the Flask  in Highgate Village, they both ventured  into Swains Lane outside Highgate Cemetery, only to encounter a sudden blizzard!  Snow started falling in ‘bucketfuls’ as they ventured down the steep lane – an almost ‘portent of doom’, some might say, to prevent them getting too close to Highgate Cemetery.

 Anyway, they came back to my flat afterwards, and we all just laughed about it!  Although I guess it wasn’t all that funny for them!  But they got a couple of good photographs of the unexpected ‘snow blizzard’ so I hope to post these up next time.

 I first met Andy in 2005 when he visited me in London, so here is a pic in the meantime.  He was on the ‘trail of the “Highgate Vampire”’ even then, and I still have to publish his report about that.

 But in the meantime, lets just look forward to his findings on the case.  Which I shall be publishing shortly.  Well, this is just a sort of ‘Christmas report’, as it was a sort of ‘Christmas visit’, after all!

 David Farrant

17 Questions – David Farrant

Andrew Gough interviews David Farrant
Andrew Gough interviews David Farrant

Andrew Gough’s Arcadia has just published a fairly long interview with myself in his 17 Questions series, titled – perhaps appropriately  “17 Questions – David Farrant”.

 I am not going to attempt to summarise the interview here as it is really self-explanatory; but there are several vintage pictures in it that may be of interest to people. However, I can tell you a little about  the basic background.

 It was an early Friday evening back in October when I first met Andy at the Woodman pub in Highgate.  I had received a phone call from a lady called Carrie, a television presenter who was working on another project with Andy.  She suggested the Woodman as a convenient meeting place; although at first I was a little reluctant at this location:  the Woodman was, after all, right in the centre of Highgate (an area where I had been born) and I was well known there and would have preferred more privacy.  But Carrie was very persistent and, with her beautiful feminine charm, managed to persuade me that we could all ‘hide away’ at a table – which in fact we did

Well, we didn’t so much hide, but were just concealed by the dim light and candlelight.

 I took along a friend of mine (unnamed here); Gareth was there, Carrie, and of course Andrew with his attractive companion.

 I took this friend along by prior arrangement because I am presently under contract with him to make a film about events in Highgate and I wanted everything to be entirely ‘out in the open’ all round as the contract states that the film company have exclusive rights to material in my autobiography “In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire”.

 We stayed in the Woodman until closing time,  and Andrew and his companion then gave me a lift home in their taxi.

 But we had arranged to all meet again at my flat for the purposes of doing the “17 Questions” interview.

 This we did a few weeks later, and spent an enjoyable two hours or so doing the interview and drinking wine.  Andrew’s companion took some pictures of the interview in progress, although luckily this was mostly audible so the state of my cluttered front room was not so obviously apparent!

  Around 8 (interview ‘finished’) we then took a taxi over to Carrie’s house not too far away, and spent a ‘magical evening’ again drinking wine and just relaxing.

 And that really is how the “17 Questions” interview (with myself) came into existence.

 I will attempt the link here, but if it doesn’t come out in blue, you can easily find it by just typing in  . . . Andrew Gough + Arcadia” into Google.

 Hope you enjoy it everyone, and thanks Andy for an enjoyable interview.

 For now everyone

 David Farrant

New Vampire Book

 Well Sunday night, and at least it’s a quiet one!

 So, not much news again, expect Arcadia have now published my “17 Questions” interview and I’ve finished a short book review for that new vampire book I mentioned. To that in a minute; but I hope to put up a photograph relating to the Arcadia in a day or so, but first got tp get permission.  I am sure Andrew Gough won’t mind although the photograph does betray the fact we had a bottle of wine on the table.  But I’m sure most people here are used to that!

 On that subject, I wandered out today around 4 to get some wine and can’t believe how dark its getting so quickly.  It was dark coming back and I was cutting down the footpath along sode the woods.  Good job vampires don’t really exist!

 Now, as promised, that latest Highgate ‘vampire’ Book Review – all good fun if you happen to believe in vampires!

 “The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires” is yet another book on ‘vampire legends’ – including the (now) infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ case.  This semi-hardback ‘encyclopedia’ purports to give a complete history of these ‘fanged creatures’ throughout history culminating in more recent accounts such as the Highgate ‘vampire’ one.  It was released this year by  Harper Collins and written by Theresa Cheung  described in its chronology as ‘a dedicated occult researcher of many years standing’ and also the author of “The Element Encyclopedia of 20, 000 Demons.  Maybe.  But the ‘vampire histories’ contained with its 685 pages would seem to eclipse (in interest) any credentials given about its author..

 Anyway, to the book itself: Basically,  this is just a re-hash of old material which has either been claimed by would be ‘vampire hunters’ or misinterpreted from ancient newspapers.  The usual story from the man who claimed to have ‘tracked down’ the Highgate ‘vampire’ and ‘staked’ and then burned it on a pyre; and then seven years afterwards staking one of its disciples in a graveyard one night after it had changed into a ‘giant spider’ – or so the book says.  

 The book is a little kinder to myself and summarized my part in the matter by concluding . . . “Meanwhile his vampire-hunting rival, David Farrant, founded The Highgate Vampire Society and recorded his perspective on the story in the society’s literature.  According to Farrant in his bestselling book on the subject, “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” (1997), ley lines may be an important factor that may have been left completely out of the Highgate equation.  Ley lines are hypothetical alignments  of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments  and megaliths, and Farrant claims that these lines can transmit psychic energy along their course and

enable a vampire to materialize when the right conditions prevail”.

 As I said, all good fun.  Problem is, it just so happens that I don’t believe in vampires!

 Well, that’s about it everyone.  I’ll finish here with the book review.  But at least doing that will have saved another phone call from K.  (Sorry K, I beat you to it!).

 For now everyone,