November 2009

Found It!

Highgate 1999
Highgate 1999


Yes I know K, late again! But thanks for the memo!

 You know, I have been just a little busy lately being tied up with other things.  It really is a little difficult now for me to give time to so many things, especially when there’s not much news at the moment.  But I can meet you half way on this because I will have some news tomorrow, and can do a much more interesting post.  I’ve found that book.  Remember the long one on the Highgate Cemetery ‘ghosts’?  The one I was told about but couldn’t get hold of?  (I mentioned it here not so long back)..Well it was finally given to me today (although I haven’t really read it yet).  And I promise you I’ll do a review on it here tomorrow.  It is, as I was originally told, a very new book and a very thick one – well at ₤20 you’d expect it to be!

At a quick glance, it seems to have 2 full pages on Highgate, and myself, of course!  It also mentions a couple of other ‘bonky’ people; not that I’m including myself under the word ‘other’!

So, I’ll review the two or three pages tomorrow which could be quite fun!

 Talking of which, what’s all this about me ‘laying off the wine’?  I haven’t been on it – been too busy!  And hey, my girl! Before you lecture me on that, what about that boyfriend of yours?  He could ‘drink me under the table’ any day! 

 Still, hope everything’s okay.  I did phone you about 8 but you weren’t in.  So longer Blog tomorrow, I promise.  In the meantime I’ll fill this up with a Highgate picture tonight.  It was taken in 1999 by Chrissie when we went to Highgate to get some shots for our then magazine.  You’ll really like this book anyway, and I can lend you my copy afterwards.  Thanks and speak a little later.

 But for now,


Thanks Everyone

David Farrant Talk circa 2005
David Farrant Talk circa 2005


Well, guess its time I did another Blog, even if there’s nothing much to write about!  Thanks Martin, Tanya and Gaynor and some people from a few days ago, so here’s a latest post, but don’t blame me if its somewhat boring!  Because nothing much has really happened. 

 I woke up about 11 this morning, which is somewhat of a ‘miracle’ for me considering I didn’t get to bed until around  Gave an interview on Sunday, then went to somebodies house for a “Dark Moon” ritual.  That was nice and relaxed, only a few people there.  The “Dark Moon” (or new moon) is an important time as far as lunar circles are concerned, as opposed to days around the full moon when a different sort of ‘lunar energy’ is involved.  I suppose you could call it negative and positive energy, but that’s really a bad way of describing it.  As its not really ‘negative’ or ‘positive’, just a variance in the lunar energy.

 Yet it is an important ‘variance’.

 Anyway news?  That’s a bit limited due to my reluctance to advertise that here; at least regarding future projects or interviews that have been arranged.  But please take my word for it, there have been a few and I will tell you about them nearer the time.

 I see the “Cat’s Miaow’ Blog is still going strong, not least with the appearance of an old friend of mine nicknamed “The Eggmanne”.  Not a very cordial welcome, I have to say, but nevertheless  proves he hasn’t changed that much (except to get much older in body as well s misguided spirit).  But he is still a sort of friend . . . at least, I think!

 Opened a bottle of wine earlier and got back into writing the book (2nd Volume, that is).  Got quite a lot done.  If I keep going at this rate, it should be ready for next year.

 Whatever, I really have sold quite a few books lately.  Think their presence on Amazon must be helping.

 Picked a photograph at random to ‘fill this out’ and maybe escape  writing more.  Its from a Talk I gave in Exeter in 2005, on the “Highgate Vampire” case no less!  (Well what do you expect?!, I get asked to talk about that so often!).

 So, more next time,

 David Farrant

All Work – But Some Play!

Rick, David Farrant and Patsy discussing the book
Rick, David Farrant and Patsy discussing the book

 Well, saw Patsy her guy and Gareth on Saturday as I said, but just got a couple of photographs back now, so thought you’d like to see one.

 We were discussing the second Volume of my autobiography “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” and seeing if there was maybe anything I left out of the first Volume.  I can’t think of anything and nobody else could either having read it. (Well there shouldn’t be with all 275 pages of it!).

 We also discussed the next edition of Patsy’s book “The Highgate Vampire Casebook”  which she (Patsy) has already started writing.  Both books are doing well on Amazon which helps to give you a little encouragement!

 But there’s still quite a bit of work left to do yet.  Which is why we all enjoyed a few glasses of wine; although that is out of camera, as is the bottle of whisky Gareth brought me back from Spain – and, yes, there’s still some left!

 I’ve got a fairly busy week ahead.  For as well as working on the next book,  I have a couple more interviews to do here this week.  All on stuff paranormal, but that doesn’t bother me as it is my subject.  But interviews always seem to take time – its not just the talking or answering questions.  There’s much more to it.  You know, setting up lighting, positioning cameras, and all the rest of it.  An hours filming takes at least 3 hours usually – sometimes more! 

 Anyway, won’t do a long Blog today.  Its 5 pm and I haven’t even shaved yet!

 So until a little later,



Weird Light
Weird Light

Was given a rather photograph last night, but more of that in a minute.

 Patsy and her guy came over as did Gareth on his way back from Spain.  He quite literally came straight here from the airport after a week’s break. He was quite tired (plane trip etc) but he brought me a bottle of whisky which was nice of him.  And it was a litre!  Speedqueen was supposed to be coming (you know the imaginary person who’s supposed to be me – God help the person’s intelligence!) but she cancelled at the last minute.  She had some trouble with te police in her area – or rather, there was some firework display and the police were out in force as they’d been ‘tipped off’ there was going to be some trouble from two rival gangs meeting there.  But aside from that, she didn’t want to leave her dog alone with all the ‘bangs’ going off.  Gareth was a little disappointed.  I think actually he quite fancies her, but I’d better not say anymore here!

 Now, Patsy brought a photograph with her.  It was from our trip to Borley last August.  I have published it here so you can see, but it appears to show an unexplainable light (transparent which would appear to rule out any camera reflection) in the air.

 What interested me was, that in 1979 I also caught some strange light on film inside the Church (it was open to the public then) which was of a similar shape and constitution.

 It was obviously not visible when the photograph was taken, neither was it in any more shots from the roll.  I’d put the two pictures up for comparison but I can’t find mine at the moment.  Nothing else happened neither am I suggesting the light was ‘supernatural’ in any way.  Preternatural, maybe, but certainly not some ‘disembodied spirit’!  Personally I think that lights seen there (and there have been others, Peter Underwood and a small group witnessed similar inexplicable lights inside the Church hen they spent a vigil there) could be connected with the actual location of the Church: by that I mean that they may have emanated from the earth itself and manifested as some kind of ‘earth energy’.

 Anyway, I have published the photograph so that you can see for yourselves.

 I am just having a quiet day today.  After the racket of last night, it sure is peaceful!

 I’ve been getting some good reviews from people who have read my new book.  And no, I am not just saying it, I really mean it!  Its nice when people tell you they just can’t put it down until they’ve finished it.  Which reminds me, I still have some emails to do to thank people.

 So, that’s about all for now.  Sorry I burnt the Pizzas, Patsy.  You can blame Gareth for that!

 For the moment,