October 2009

Dreaded Hallowe’en


 Well, its upon us again . . . the dreaded Hallowe’en: the night when the ‘spirits of the dead’ are supposed to be at their closest to the earthly realm and can even converse (supposedly) with their human counterparts.

That is the popular belief anyway: a belief which has its origins in antiquity.

I’m not so sure about that, as stories of ‘ghostly encounters’ seem  to occur at any given times,  and would not appear to necessarily coincide about traditional dates on the human calendar.

The following account would appear to be one such example, although Hallowe’en would seem to be an appropriate time to relate the facts as these were conveyed to myself a few years ago as part of a Society investigation..

Time means little in the esoteric sense.   So with that in mind, the following account may be just as relevant to the present as other days might have had in passing . . .




David Farrant
David Farrant




 IT WAS A DARK NIGHT, but various shadows still managed to manifest in the dim moonlight. Little else was visible on the remote hillside; but it was a well-known beauty spot. Most avoided it by night, however, preferring to visit it in the relative comfort  of day….

        ASHCROFT PARK, near Luton has for long been associated with stories of ‘ghosts’ and other unexplained happenings; not least, with stories of strange lights in the sky put down by many to be UFO’s. Reported by many locals, these ‘spasmodic lights’ would appear to be closely comparable with similar reports of unexplained lights seen in the skies over the years; particularly at Warminster, a small town located on the Western fringes of Salisbury Plain where mysterious lights reported in the sky are a common occurrence.

       These mysterious lights are often seen ‘flying’ below low cloud; sometimes hovering before disappearing out of view at an unbelievable speed. A strange similarity would appear to relate to Ashcroft Park where similar ‘strange lights’ have been reported; and as a further point of interest, it could be added, that many sightings of ‘ghosts’  and other unexplained phenomenon just happen to occur at locations where UFO’s have reported to have been seen …

         One instance of UFO’s and their possible connection with ‘ghostly phenomena’ (at least, as we understand these on a material level) came to my attention  fairly recently …

        The year was 1975, and a small band of ‘bikers’ from the  district used to meet regularly at Ashcroft Park their focal point being an old recreation centre known as the “Wreckie”, in the middle of the Park itself. These meetings were always cordial and friendly, but on one particular night two members of the  group had an extraordinary experience on their way to meet the others …

 Andrew Fazekas, from nearby Luton, was with a friend and is convinced to this day that what they both witnessed at Ashcroft all those years ago, was not the product of their imagination …

 They had gone to the park late one Autumn’s afternoon when all of a sudden, walking up the long driveway that led to the “Wreckie”, both got a distinct impression of ‘being watched’. The surrounding area, at least, seemed to have gone cold, and an ominous black cloud was looming on the horizon. Heavy rain seemed imminent but did not appear, although there was a light drizzle.

 Suddenly, they looked up attracted by a luminous glow in the sky. They both saw it; an eerie light behind the clouds that seemed to ‘pulsate’ as they watched. Then they both distinctly saw  two ‘figures’ peering down at them from behind the cloud where they had first noticed the light. They were semi-transparent and were illuminated by the strange light which appeared to emanate from behind the cloud. Their perception of this phenomenon was acute; or rather, their awareness of it had suddenly been seized as if by some ‘magnetic attraction’. Slowly but surely, the figures then disappeared behind the cloud and the mysterious light that had illuminated them so clearly slowly vanished as inexplicably as it had appeared.

 Needless to say, both Andrew and his friend left the Park as quickly as possible, but yet another encounter at the same location just two days afterwards was to deter them from going near that particular area again ….

 They were approaching the “Wreckie” – this time by night – when they both noticed a ‘whitish shape’ coming towards them along the path. As it got nearer, the distinct outline of a woman in a white dress could be seen, floating above the ground but without any head. It abruptly disappeared but the atmosphere of gloom and melancholy it left behind was unmistakable.

 These occurrences (notwithstanding the deep impression they left upon Andrew Fazekas and his friend) would appear to bear out other local stories and superstitions about ‘strange events’ that occur within the precincts of the Park. There are many well known tales of a ‘woman in white’ that walks the grounds, for example, but interestingly, Ashcroft Park has for long been reported as a focal point for mysterious lights in the sky and (perhaps like Warminster) been associated with stories of UFO’s.

 Some of these reports are nebulous, being a mixture of local gossip and counter-fact; but the stories exist and one is only left to wonder if there might be some cause that could give rise to their validity.   Forgetting stories about ‘UFO’s’, it could be questioned if there could be any connection between reports of these and other unexplained phenomena  that just happen to occur with their alleged vicinity.

 Or to put it another way around, whether some ghostly phenomena at some reputedly ‘haunted sites’, may be responsible for ‘projecting energy’ that has been seen or interpreted  as ‘UFO’s’?


Gone Crazy!

I’ve said it before folks, but you know, my sleep patterns have really ‘gone crazy’.   I have gone to sleep after it starts getting light, then waking up when it starts getting dark.  In other words, sometimes missing most of a ‘normal day’.  Its only been happening for about the last two weeks or so, and I guess its mainly due to my working on the new book.  I can’t think of any other reason and ‘no’ I am not turning into a ‘vampire’ (sorry to disappoint anyone!).

 I still get the normal 6,7 or 8 hours sleep – its just taken at the wrong time, that’s all.  It can be a nuisance in other ways though: for example missing my mail collection from the post office which is only open at ‘normal times’.  Talking of which, I got quite a surprise a couple of days ago in that respect.  Found a delivery card on the floor in the evening to say they had tried to deliver a package which was ‘too big for the letter box’.  Well, I managed to get it the next day: a huge box from America, franked Los Anglers to be precise.  It wasn’t that heavy, just bulky.  There were 12  souvenir mugs in it, all neatly packed and ‘padded’ out with T-shirts.  There was a letter on top enclosing a photograph and it was from my old friend Cecil who works from an advertising Agency in California.  But the photograph was ‘out of this world’!  It showed a picture of Cecil in bed with Cher and Madonna – at least, I presume it was meant to be Cecil, although as I have never seen him ‘in the flesh’, it was hard to be sure.  Well, whoever it was in the middle was ‘damn lucky’, that’s all I can say!  The photograph certainly looked genuine, but you never can tell nowadays with all these advertising techniques – especially from America!

 The letter discussed the contents and went on to say he would be in London next Summer and could we meet up?  Well, of course Cecil.  I think its about time we had a personal meeting.  I have the current address and details now anyway so sure we can arrange something.

 I’d better not ask you here,  but I’d be fascinated to learn the background of the photograph.  I will be replying to very shortly so then you’ll have an email address.  Well, Hallowe’en is only two days away now, so I must say that was ‘good timing’!

 Which reminds me, Hallowe’en really is only two days off now.  Do you know, I really hate it!  Its become so commercialized, just like Christmas.  You can’t even go into the supermarket without tripping over plastic pumpkin masks and witches hats; and the greengrocer around the corner is making a fortune on the real thing.  I don’t know.  People will try and sell anything nowadays, even coffee mugs with demented faces on them!

 Well anyway, as the ‘dreaded Hallowe’en is nearly upon us, thought I’d leave you with a seasonal photograph to ‘mark the occasion’.  Its of myself (as usual!) and taken around some student film making from 1972.  It starred myself which is why I appear in the photograph!

So enjoy Hallowe’en anyway, even if us ‘witches’ can’t really stand it!


Ghosts and Ghoulies in 1972
Ghosts and Ghoulies in 1972

Yet Another Book!

But I haven’t seen it yet!

"We'll arrest 'him' too"!   Photo (c)  David Farrant
"We'll arrest 'him' too"! Photo (c) David Farrant

Let me explain:  A friend told me about another book on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case which she had seen in a bookshop, which had only just come out,  It was a large thick paperback with a black cover, but she couldn’t remember the author (authors?) or the title.  She was more interested in reading the pages about myself.  Yes.  I was high-lighted in it yet again!

 She tried to remember what it said, but being a novice to events, could only remember certain things.  Which is one reason I’m anxious to get hold of it!  She did go back to the bookshop to reserve the copy for me, but unfortunately, it had been sold.

 So this blog might seem to be a bit of an ‘anti-climax’, but fear not! I shall find the copy, and when I do, I will post the details here.  So keep watching this space.

 For those new to the events at Highgate Cemetery in the late 1960’s/70’s, there were reports of a ‘vampire-like’ figure that had been witnessed there by local residents.  I actually saw something myself back in December 1969.  I’m still not sure what exactly it was (a tall black figure that disappeared promptly after I had encountered it) but it sure as hell wasn’t a ‘vampire’!

 Anyway, rumours and stories spread (rather escalated) which were picked up by the newspapers and television, and before long, Highgate Cemetery was besieged by sight-seers and ‘vampire hunters’ all trying to catch sight of the woeful creature.

 Perhaps not surprisingly, Halloween became a favourite night,  and in the years that followed, police literally ‘cordoned off’ Highgate Cemetery on the ‘night of the undead’.  I used to keep well away from Highgate Cemetery stating at the time that such activity only impeded serious psychic investigation.

 And so it did.  Hooligans and sight-seeers running amok in Highgate Cemetery regardless of the police patrolling the place would have been enough to scare away any self-respecting ghost or ‘vampire’!

 I remember one such night when Highgate Cemetery was invaded by several hundred people influenced by some story in the Press or on television.  Every entrance to the cemetery was ‘guarded’ by police, and police were even inside the cemetery with dogs.  Scores of people were evicted from the cemetery, and even newspap reporters had gone there to find out what was going on.

 I sent 3 or 4 people down to the cemetery to mix with the crowds and report back as to what was going on.

 An amusing (but true) incident occurred on the night in question.

 A police car was parked outside the top gate, and two of the people I had sent spoke to the police officers. .

 “You know there’s a vampire in there. don’t you!?”

 “Yes.  And we’ll arrest him too if we find him”!, one of the officers said without smiling.

 He was not amused.   Maybe not surprisingly as all police leave had to be cancelled on such occasions and police ‘draughted in’ from other Police Stations.

 Perhaps also not surprisingly, no ‘vampire’ was ever found.  But then,  surely the whole vampire myth has really only ever served as a platform for some to act out their subconscious fantasies.  You only have to look at Buffy or Hammer Horror films to see that!

 So, with Halloween fast approaching, I leave some of you to once again ponder the vampire myth.  Obviously some still do.  The success of the film “True Blood” would testify to the fact that there is still good money to be made out of all the nonsense (and no, I have not seen it!).

Sweet dreams everyone!


Can You Believe It!?

Can you believe it?  Yet another book mentioning the infamous Highgate Vampire case has just been released.  This American publication (but also available in the UK) is titled “The Everything Vampire Book” and is by Barb Karg, Arjean Spaite and Rick Sutherland.

 It deals with the entire vampire legend in art, literature and film.  The section on the vampire-like phenomenon  sighted at Highgate in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s fills up 3 pages and is titled simply “The Highgate Vampire”.

 The authors detail the basic events, but seem mainly interested in deal with an alleged feud between two ‘notorious vampire hunters’.  It names these two vampire hunters then goes on to state (just to give you a ‘taste of blood’!) . . . “went on to create cottage industries out of their respective ‘encounters’ with vampires and have written numerous books describing their exploits.  Self-professed vampire experts and hunters, the pair have maintained the same melodramatic feuding that gained their initial attention and continue the theme to this very day”.

 Good Lord, the nerve of it!  There was  no ‘feud’, just a one-sided vendetta.  (although admittedly this goes on ‘to this very day’).  How I should know?   Because I speak as one of the parties directly named, that’s how! 

 But I guess you can not always expect accuracy in America; especially when many publishing houses have been ‘bombarded’ with ‘cut n’ pasted material about myself and my erroneous involvement at the centre of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case.

 Well, thought that might ‘cheer you up’ everyone, and give you something to look up, or maybe research.

 Not only that, it has saved me from doing a personal ‘diary Blog’.  I really am a bit tired, so easier to do this simple book review instead!

 So for the moment,

 David  (Farrant)

David Farrant film still from HC circa 1972
David Farrant film still from HC circa 1972

Time For Another Blog



Haunted Waltham Abbey circa 1996
Haunted Waltham Abbey circa 1996


“Don’t you think its about time for another blog”?!,  somebody said to me a little earlier.

 I know sweetheart, I know!  And, quite apart from that, sorry not to have been touch.  My time patterns have been all over the place in this past couple of weeks, and on top of that, I have been a little lazy again!  I’ll explain on the phone, but for the sake of people here, everything seems to have ‘come at once’.  I have had to go to meetings about the literally work;  catch up on unanswered post;  sort out other schedules that I’d left too long; keep the flat uncluttered (a more material commitment, but one that has to be done), and still keep writing the second Volume of my autobiography.  On top of that,  I have been doing more filming and was caught up for the best part of a day yesterday doing a TV interview.  Not making excuses, but I really have been occupied.

 But to get back to this Blog, its now 3.47 am and I really have to think about bed.  Ironically, not really tired now, but do have another meeting latish tomorrow (I mean today, of course!).

 Instead of writing this (‘fresh’ so to speak),  it crossed my mind to just post up an extract from one of my books.  Well, its less work for one thing and would have saved any ‘tired thought processes).  Its always more difficult to ‘write afresh’ (rather than just copying something),  but after being told that’s what I should do: well, I’m just doing it!

 So what’s new?  Well without all the details, I’ve told you most of it.

 Anyway, I will put up a pic. with this.  I looked at some quickly earlier, and maybe will just select one of them.  Probably the one of Waltham Abbey – or rather the remains of Waltham Abbey – as its the right size and I don’t feel like ‘messing about’ trying to re-size photographs this time of night (sorry, morning).

 But to give some brief detail:  Waltham Abbey lies some 9-10 miles to the North of London, and is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a monk (said to have been murdered at the time of the Dissolution) and a ‘phantom lady’ who was supposed to have committed suicide in the nearby river Lea.

 Whatever, we spent many happy hours there in the ruins, and it helped because it wasn’t that far from London (although some would argue, its still a part of London).  I have to say, that e never actually witnessed anything supernatural there; although we did get a lot of useful information from local residents.  Much of it was historical admittedly, but it was still useful to check out its history.

 So that’s it really for this Blog.  Now I really must try and entice some sleep!

 For now,


Cat’s Work – Not Mine!


Cat's Work!
Cat's Work!


Would you believe what that blasted Cat has done now?!  Well I’ve only just seen this (and that’s only because somebody just reminded me), but the mangy feline animal has doctored the cover of my book “Dark Secrets” and posted it all over the Net (or people have copied Cat’s original and posted it all over the Internet}.

 I don’t have a copy to post up at the moment for comparison, but he’s somehow managed to make it look as if I’m smoking a cigarette and added dark glasses and a whisky bottle!

 With friends like Cat, you don’t really need enemies!

I thought the bonky one was bad enough at doing that sort of thing,  but the ‘heavenly feline’ really has surpassed himself this time.

 What are you trying to do Cat?  Get me a bad reputation?!  Or make the one I’ve already got even worse?!

 Your only saving grace is, I happen to have some sense of humour.  But I am tempted to catch a tame (rather ‘tamish’) fox that I feed in the garden and  SET IT ON YOU!!

 Oh, but I’ve forgotten you’re dead now, so that wouldn’t work, would it?!

 But I will be avenged . . . somehow!


Such A Busy Week

Just me again!
Just me again!

  Such a busy week coming up!  Day off tomorrow (well today), but then meetings Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday and then Wednesday of next week.  All important one’s so not possible to put any of them off.  All pre-arranged,  so to speak.

 I don’t mind those mee6ings, but I am being ‘somewhat hassled’ elsewhere.  It happens all the time really, but now some crazy American lady has joined in and wants to meet me.  She says she is coming to London early next year, and she wants to meet. me.  I promised her (rather challenged her)  that she could have a lock of my hair, as she’s got some ‘bonky assumption’ in her head that my hair is really grey!  I told her it was really light brown, but she wasn’t having it!

But she said she was coming to London early next year, so I offered to meet her and give her a lock for analysis as it would prove who was telling the truth.

 And it will!  The only thing that slightly worries me is the real intentions of some ‘crazy females’ – especially when I learn they have been in contact with the ‘bonky individual’!  I do love women in general, but not when they might have been in contact with ‘him’ (as she admitted).

 You know, if it isn’t the ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ of this world,  its now coming from the USA!

 Why can’t some women just leave me alone?! 

 I said I loved women – but not necessarily all of them!

 For the moment,


Sunday Yet Again

The Dawn Commeth
The Dawn Commeth

I really am a little tired tonight (this morning!) didn’t really intend to do a Blog.  But I’ve just finished a load of other writing, so suppose I can try.  So what’s news?  Well nothing really, Sundays are usually very quiet and nothing much happens.  Which reminds me, its Sunday again, a day I have made quite plain in the past I don’t really like.

 I always used to write something about religion on a Sunday, but quickly found out that can upset  some people who have their own set ideas.  I didn’t really mind that so much (the ‘attacks’ from entrenched religious bigots and the like) because what I was saying, was only to point out cases of religious hypocrisy; really when some people only use religion = or ‘God’ – to serve their own ends or desires  whilst completely lacking any real understanding of the religious Principles they claim to follow or adhere to.  You know the sort of thing  . . .  Going to Church to ‘ask God’ for some sort of personal favours, whilst at the same time, maybe praying for the damnation of somebody else’s soul. And then leaving God firmly locked up inside the Church until the following Sunday. That’s not true religion to myself, folks.  Its along the lines of . . . “God, go out before me and destroy my enemies, but save my friends and don’t let them suffer”. Well, that’s the same thing,  and believe me it happens.  It happened to myself, which is maybe what ‘brought it home’ and displayed the hypocrisy involved in all of it.

 But it upset certain people.  Albeit those with a conscience – but it nevertheless upset some people.

 And it led to my own Karen ‘telling me off’!  She said I was ‘cutting too deep’ when there was no need to because God Himself could see through such transparent hyporcrisy, and didn’t need any help from myself!  She was right, of course!  Bless her!  But now I see I’ve gone and done it again so I’d better change the subject!  Sorry K!

 I’m still tired.  Not really surprising with all that writing.  In fact, I’ve been very good and only had two cans of beer since 6 pm.  Honestly! And its now well past 2.

 Well, I may be tired, but I think I open a bottle of wine now and have a couple of glasses.  I deserve it, and it will help me sleep better!

 For now,