July 2009

Bit More Book

Blog time, but I’m feeling lazy again!
I have had quite a few requests to put up another extract from my new autobiography. Couple of people asked me to put up some new stuff on the ‘vampire’ case. Sorry, I can’t do that! For that you’ll just have to order the book. Anyway, what are you talking about? Its all new stuff. But I just don’t want to give too much away for free here.

Although instead, here is a short extract from near the beginning, so you’ll just have to make do with that! . . .

“I arrived in Sicily about two weeks later. I had hitch-hiked all the way, wanting to meet people along the way, which also broke up the long journey. Some thoughtful driver took me into the popular resort of Taormina suggesting that, if anywhere, I might be able to find work there. It was fairly late, so I slept in some sandy alcove that night and wandered into the town proper the next day. It was a beautiful old town and seemed to lie high above the sea, glimpses of which still be caught between its ancient buildings as it lay deep blue in the distance. Its colour certainly matched the climate, which still allowed open sandals and white cotton shirts; and I could only imagine how much hotter it would get in Summer!
I wandered around the hilly streets making various enquiries about possible work. Hardly anyone spoke English, but trial and perseverance led me to Hotel Europa, a fairly large hotel which lay half empty in the slack off-tourist season. But it was still open for guests, and I located the manager – or a man I presumed was the manager. He said that apart from the permanent staff they usually only employed casual local labour each day, but as he could see I had come a long way, he could offer me a job with a room at the hotel helping out in the kitchen. The wages were not high, he emphasised, but these also included meals and the accommodation and if I wanted to, I could start the next day. I gladly agreed. I was still quite tired from the long trip, and couldn’t wait to get some proper sleep between clean sheets again.
It turned out that work in the kitchen mainly involved washing up greasy dishes in a large aluminum sink. It wasn’t that hard, but obviously required constant hot water, and in only a couple of hours, you’d be dripping with steamy sweat.
Although on minimum staff, there were still some local waitresses employed, who came backwards and forwards collecting meals or delivering empty plates, which I found considerably brightened up the kitchen.
They were mostly young local girls between fifteen and twenty I guessed; all rather shy, and looked seemingly resigned to the tedious job of waiting tables.
All the staff ate together at about 3 pm when the main luncheons had finished, and again, around 9 when the evening meals had been taken care of.
I used to watch the girls in the staff dining room as they sat down to enjoy well-earned meals after finishing serving tables. They had all disregarded their black and white waitress uniforms and frilly caps that they were obliged to wear. Many just sat in T-shirts, and the cotton dresses they had had to temporarily discard in preference for their uniforms.
There was one regular girl I had been placed next to at the staff table. I learned her name was Angelique and she also had live-in accommodation in the hotel.
She came from Messina but there was no real work there without proper qualifications, she told me, so all she was left to do was wait tables.
She was only 16 and very shy, but I gradually learned that Messina could be a bad place to live if you were poor and got into debt and had to rely on borrowing money. The banks could be unscrupulous, she said, and it was easy to get further into debt by not repaying given loans on time. She didn’t qualify exactly what she meant but implied this involved her parents. She said that they just couldn’t find any work and had to depend on herself and her brother. He didn’t have a bad job, unloading cargo at the docks, but her only option had been to take a job ‘here’.
A pretty girl with dark eyes, a smooth complexion and glistening hair that almost reached her waist; we got quite friendly and in the habit of taking late evening walks around the quietened town after work
I kissed her one evening in a deserted area under some palm trees. She responded briefly but suddenly recoiled as if suddenly hit by some deeper conscience. I asked her what was wrong. “My parents would not like that”, she replied seriously. “We should only do that if we were married”.
She was obviously very sincere so I respected her wishes, although she allowed us to link arms as we walked back to the hotel. It was warm, not even a breeze. But she did clutch my arm as if to show she was not totally rejecting my advance, rather just trying to control it.

Adapted from “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire”

PS No remarks from you thanks Cat!

Its Late Again

Its late again, but you know, I’m really not tired. I should be I guess with only two hours sleep earlier. Guess ‘us witches’ must have a higher resilience to time sequences than most – at least, so I’ve been told!

Bit of good news earlier via. A phone call anyway. Got the price ‘up’d’ on that manuscript from America. Just one request (well almost a condition really), they need me to do an introduction to it. They really like the ‘hurt little girl’ angle; well they would really wouldn’t they, being America?! They love (what they see as) ‘soap operas’ over there; you only have to look at “Dallas” if you don’t believe that! (Anybody remember “Dallas”? . . . no?, well never mind!).
The lady said to me on the phone earlier . . . “Is this really all true?” “No”, I said, but that’s really what makes it so entertaining!”

I had then to explain that it was not fiction, but that it all happened in reality – ‘vampires an’ all!

So they want it even more now, that’s how I was able to get a higher price!

Funny business writing sometimes: you just never know how – or where – its going to ‘take off’!

The 2nd volume of my autobiography is going well – right in the middle of all the legal stuff at the moment. Obviously take a little longer than before as from now on its all ‘new’ writing.

The first Vol. is sure getting around. You know its funny who’s actually coming across it. But having said that, its in quite a few bookshops and many more go by mail order. Anyway Don Ecker messaged me from the US to say he’s got his copy now, but hasn’t read it all yet. I’m sure he’ll love some of the funny bonky things in it when he gets to those. Oh yes! Nothing has been left out (or will be left out) and the record has been set straight

That goes for the ‘secret’ Yorkshire receipes as well. All will be revealed – in more ways than one!

But I’m a little tired at the moment, so I won’t go on. Nothing much else for the moment anyway.


I Suppose I’d Better . . .

I suppose I’d better do another Blog as its been a week! Sure some people won’t mind though – give them some peace! No excuses, but so much has been happening. Soon as I finish one thing, have to start another. Apart from which a friend of mine had a problem.

So what’s news. Well, I heard from ‘my’ Jane, and she had a good holiday. Meeting her very soon, but never mind when and where! Suffice it is to say that we are in contact again.

Now, you folks want some scandal? I know, I always seem to attract it! Well, at the risk of inviting exaggeration (from that blasted Cat, who else?!), I received a visit from an irrate girl who accused me of ‘two-timing’ her. I asked her in, but this only came out a little later. She said I’d been seen in a fairly elite restaurant in Muswell Hill ‘smooching’ with a girl at the dinner table. I had to think at first, as I really couldn’t remember, but when I quizzed her, it was apparent she was referring to an incident last week when I had bought somebody dinner. But I was never ‘smooching’ with her. The closest I came to that was when she held my arm as we left; and she only did that because of my bad foot!

But she wouldn’t have it! She said I was seen kissing her outside the restaurant, also that the person who told her wasn’t lying! Well, can you believe it?! I mean there’s kisses and kisses, surely. And this kiss wasn’t one of THOSE kisses! It was just a gentle kiss to show I appreciated her company, that’s all.

I don’t think she believed me as she said she thought it might be better to end our relationship.

What bloody relationship?! I liked her as a friend, that’s all, but I had never made any commitments! She was nice to have a drink with and all the rest of it, but we weren’t exactly having some passionate love affair!

I told her there was nothing in it. But she just wouldn’t believe me, and said I had completely broken her trust in me. For what? One silly kiss?! Good Lord, does that mean I cannot even take people out to dinner!? Its not that I do this regularly anyway. Precisely because of things like this happening!

But she left, convinced that I was having some affair with this ‘other woman’ when in reality, she was just a good friend that I had known for a long time.

Its funny really. Women can get such strange ideas sometimes. Not that I mind that – except when I’m caught in the middle of them!

Anyway, the dinner was good. She had a curry and I had my favourite ‘kleftico’. And of course, we had some good red wine. Probably why she held my arm and returned that kiss!

So one friend less now, it would appear. Which makes the list a little shorter!

But apart from that bit of boring ‘scandal’, there is no other news now.

Well, there is on the ‘writing front’ but that’s really too long to explain here at the moment. Lets just say I am fairly excited about two new projects: one of them will be publishing ex-cop Don Ecker’s Paper; and the other is a financial offer I’ve had from the US for releasing another version of the bonky story that was circulating, but which never ended up being actually published.

But apart from that, everything’s quiet!

But better leave this now folks. Still got more work to do!

For the moment


Now, What Else? . . .

I’ve been a little lazy over the past few days – but only on here though. Enough work in other directions so maybe ‘lazy’ isn’t the right word. Me, lazy? No I don’t think so! I probably do more work than people who have ‘9 to 5’ jobs!

In fact, I’ve really got my work cut out for me at the moment. I’m working on the 2nd Volume of my autobiography and have to put the final touches to the other one with the chapter “Pact with the Devil” in it (Loads more new material regarding the latter book so might need a little revision – rather insertions). Then there is Don Ecker’s paper which I promised to publish. Also had contact from the US who are interested in purchasing the rights to that ‘defunct’ manuscript somebody just sent me. So its ‘all go’!

If all that’s not enough, Patsy wants to bring out a new revised edition of her book about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case – though that’s not so hard as its already been published.

But regarding the current book “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” that’s going very well. Sold over 90 copies since its release on February 23. (By the way, Don, if you’re reading this. I haven’t forgotten your copy. I really will package it up tonight. But don’t worry, yours will be free!).

Now, what else?

Well, books aside, I see Cat’s having a whale of a time on his new Blog. The mangy animal just had the cheek to say I was ‘possessed by the devil’! OK. To be fair, he said that somebody else had said it – but he still had to say it himself! I give up! If I’m not being accused of being a ‘sex maniac’ or a Satanist, he accuses me of wearing ‘cheeses-cloth knickers’!

Still no news from Jane; although she’s a bit far away for that. About 3,000 miles too far away! You know everyone, she’s really beautiful. In fact, I’m going to get a friend of mine to post up a photograph of her interviewing me, so then you can see for yourselves!

Nearer to home, more good news. The shop has managed to get my special brand of beer back which is good because its 10% volume (per can!). Well, it is a food as well, isn’t it?! On second thoughts, don’t answer that!

So anyway, I’m fine – apart from being ‘over-worked’ (in reality).

Phone call tonight. The person is calling back later (well sooner) so I’d better finish this off. But I’ll try and not be so long next time.

For the moment,


PS Barbara. Glad you had a good time at Ampleforth. Pity you missed her, I only wanted to send my regards!

To Escape The Racket! . . .

You asked me how I met that ‘Bonky person’, Cat. I will tell you here because many others have asked the same question and don’t believe his claims that we met for the very first time in March 1970.

Well, I first met the person in late 1967 in a pub called the Woodman in Highgate. I had brought Mary back from Spain to London in March 1967 after she had discovered that she was pregnant. We got married in a Roman Catholic Church in September 1967 and it was around this time that we used to frequent the Woodman pub just across the road from where we were living in Highgate.

Mary had become friendly with a young mother nicknamed ‘Zibby’ who was married to a man named Tony and sometimes the four of us would go into the Woodman and spend a few hours there.

Now, at this time, a small trio jazz band used to play in the Saloon bar from a make-shift wooden platform at the back. There was somebody on drums, an electric guitarist and another individual who played the saxophone – or tried to play the saxophone!

I describe this in my recently published autobiography when I say . . .

“The sound was amplified by two huge speakers either side of this, and so was pretty deafening in the somewhat confined area. This group consisted of just three people: one on an electric guitar, a drummer and a ‘lead’ who played – or attempted to play – the saxophone. This person sometimes tried ‘solo’s’, although the racket was so off-key and intense that when he started many people would pick up their drinks and make for the public bar which was divided from the Saloon bar by a small glass partition door. They did not return until the noise had subsided; and even then, some people chose not to return to the Saloon bar at all to escape the racket!

It was during one such social evening that I learned that the bombastic character on the saxophone was a friend of Tony’s. He was called P.S.M. (although he hated the name ‘Patrick’ but answered to the nickname of “Bosley”), a somewhat over-weight character with a high-pitched voice, who dressed in a suit resembling undertaker’s clothes. On another occasion I learned that he had an avid interest in ‘ghosts’ and the supernatural, although he was later to say that his ‘speciality’ was vampires. He suggested that we must all meet up again when he wasn’t playing , and have a chat about the subject”.

I should point out, that this character I was describing was very ‘mean’, and never once did I see him buy anybody a drink. He seemed fascinated with myself (Tony had obviously told him I investigated ghosts and the paranormal) and he would frequently try to get me onto the subject of ‘ghosts’.

In fact, I told him very little as I simply didn’t trust his motivations; or come to that, believe any of the yarns he used to spin about ‘vampires’!

All this took place in the autumn of 1967 and continued on into 1968.

So I hope I have answered the question put to me by Cat. No doubt Cat (or that wretched ‘Overseer’) will get back to my if they are not satisfied (they always do!).

Now . . . I have some ‘breaking news’ about the ‘Yorkshire Pudding’. ‘Breaking’ is probably the key word here as I have just been ‘leaked’ some papers that absolutely confirm what a little ‘unchristian liar’ that person is. I kid thee all not! But I’ve decided to hold everybody in suspense at the moment until I get further confirmation (although I don’t personally consider any is needed now!).

Stay with me folks and I shall reveal ALL!



Cat has opened a new Blog called “The Cat’s Miaow” – or should that read ‘satarical Blog’!

Craig can you please colour this link into blue and make sure it works, you lazy so and so! http://baldrycat.blogspot.com/ Thanks David…done

No time for another Blog today, but before I go, allow me to ‘lessen some of the suspense’ a little:

Yesterday I received a complete manuscript written by a would be lady author about the so-called Highgate Vampire case.

Bonky is mentioned in it, as am I – well, you could say that I am the ‘star’ of it! Its pretty vindictive and bitter, but at least the person had the courtesy to refer to myself as the President of the British Psychic and Occult Society and The Highgate Vampire Society (well I guess she couldn’t say otherwise really as she used to handle all the membership forms!).

Anyway. more to follow on all this.

Right now I’m expecting Gareth.


PS Poor innocent little girl ‘caught in the middle’ . . . like hell!

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