June 2009

Just Trying To Remember . . .

Nothing to report really, newsworthy that is. But I suppose that doesn’t matter as this is only a personal Blog: its not intended to be some “News Bulletin”.. So there – you’ve been told! Not that there isn’t any ‘news’, just that I’m just trying to avoid any ‘controversial issues’ at the moment.

The weather was slightly cooler today. Not that I mind. Its still a lot warmer than that frightful cold spell that descended on the UK a couple of months back – and its still warm enough to enjoy a beer.

Well I was walking up to the store today around 7. It was still fairly warm and you didn’t need a coat. Half way up the road, a girl was coming towards me but I didn’t take that much notice. At least, until she got closer. She held my eye and gave me a smile and a wave; but do you know, I just couldn’t place her. She obviously knew me, but as I turned around, she was virtually ‘gone’. She was well dressed wearing a short flowing skirt; very light tights but fairly casual shoes. I was slightly perplexed. I recognised her, but I didn’t – if that makes sense. It was only a fleeting smile, but a knowing one. And I’ve just been ‘racking my brains’ to remember where I’ve seen her before. For she was definitely familiar, only I just couldn’t place her.

I’d better not go on about it, or K might ‘have a go’ at me. But I just can’t help wondering.

Anyway, reached the store and bought some beer. Had to put it in the fridge after as it wasn’t that cold. But it didn’t take long to chill it after I got back.

Had a quick look at the Internet. Do you know, its really funny – at least on one particular Radio Forum. A man using an alias had been ‘attacking’ my radio interview last Sunday, literally implying that I was ‘the devil in disguise’ because I did not condone his particular views on ‘vampires’! Well, I simply don’t believe in them (so hard luck mister!) and could not say otherwise on the broadcast. I just said that that whole myth was “just pure fiction” – which it is.

But now; I’m just trying to remember where I’d met that beautiful girl!

For the moment,


Stupid ‘Vampire’ Stories

Well, I did that Canadian radio interview yesterday at 4am in the morning (UK time)! Two hours talking is quite a lot but, apart from my voice getting a little strained near the end, it all went well. Its been uploaded on Facebook so you can download if you want, or directly from the station at Nocturnal Frequency Radio. I like Steve, he’s a nice guy – no sarcasm or anything like that, he’s just interested in what really happened all those years ago at Highgate Cemetery. Well, who can blame him I guess when so much incredible nonsense has been spread about the story. I think the fact that much of this material has been sent to himself directly, has only served to make him more interested. I sometimes wonder if the clearly bonkers one will ever learn?! All his malicious material (most of it dating back over 35 years!) only makes people contact myself to get my side of the story. Same with the Yorkshire pudding. Well thanks to both of you. You’re both sure helping to sell my books!

Talking of which, I got a phone call on Saturday to refer me to something really funny on Facebook. Some middle-aged woman on there has started a group called “Friends of *****************!!!! Can you believe it? The person hasn’t got any ‘friends’ – except maybe ‘im! (And ‘he’s listed on it too!). Its really hilarious. She must be in competion with Susan Boyle!

Anyway, back to the interview briefly.

Really, much of it was about stupid vampire myths and people who claimed to have staked them. I just repeated that I did not believe any of the silly nonsense; especially when most of these were the result of fictional stories or the result of deliberate hoaxes.

I was not saying anything new. I stated in the English press as far back in 1987 that the so-called Highgate ‘vampire’ was one such hoax: not the actual ghost itself seen by so many people but the ‘vampire’ version of it.

Other things were covered, of course, but there’re too long to repeat her. After all, the interview did go on for 2 hours. But anybody who wants can go and download the interview.

Subsequently, I didn’t get to bed until 7 am this morning, so I couldn’t do much today! I meant to go to the Post Office as I have some letters to collect but that will just have to wait until tomorrow.

So I’d better try and catch up a bit now.

For the moment,