May 2009

Who Really Cares . . .

Well quiet night tonight – no Gareth! He’s coming tomorrow instead. Actually, I’ve been racing ahead writing “The Trial” and I even surprised myself at how much I got done. I know I am a naturally good writer! but this really had the makings of difficult stuff before I started it. Don’t get me wrong, it still has. But I shall get it finished. I always do when I start something.

I guess I must be mad in a funny sort of way though. Because who really cares about an event of 35 years ago, even if it did make world headlines at the time. The honest answer is, most people don’t, but I am only too aware what can happen and somebody gets some obsession and tries to change events of the past in the present. That is much more of a sickness really, but the problem is there’s nobody else on God’s earth who can do anything about it except the person directly involved i.e. myself!

So that’s just what I’m doing. Setting the record straight for 35 years ago so people can still have the truth in the present.

That’s about it for the writing really. Just to keep my avid readers up to date!

Its been another lovely day. When I walked up the road this afternoon, the air was clear and I noticed how green the woods were. Everything is living again; not that anything ever ‘died’, but you can see the direct fruitage of life now. But that’s only if you’re looking!

One nice little compliment a couple of days back. A black girl approached me in the store and said . . . “David, I’ve been reading your book and can’t put it down!” She obviously knew who I was although I had never seen her before. Its nice to be appreciated sometimes, I suppose!

For the moment,


An Amusing Break!

Thought I’d have a ‘day off’ on here today (rather yesterday now) as I’ve been doing some pretty serious writing and I didn’t really want to be distracted. Its not ‘normal’ writing when you can just write away as things come to you. It was ‘heavy’ in the sense that I was writing about my 1974 Old Bailey trial and there’s boxes of statements and transcripts to go through. Everything has to be accurate, even finicky things like times and dates. I hate doing it as it means concentration; and I don’t like having to concentrate on things which I don’t really want to remember. That said, its got to be done, so I’ll just carry on until the chapters are finished.
So, I was going to avoid getting mixed up with the Blog or replies today (sorry yesterday). Just a few quick checks to make sure everything was in order, and that was that.
At least, until I looked around 2 am this morning, and what do I see? That blasted shaving brush is back again! So I thought, ‘just leave it’. Then I thought, well it might make a short ‘amusing break’!
As usual, you can see that Cat is behind it – and when Cat’s behind anything, it doesn’t take Craig long to follow!
So allow me to get in between!
There were no ‘orgies’ when Gareth and myself went to stay at Barbara’s house in Yorkshire in April 2005. In fact, we had a good two or three days there visiting nearby haunted sites, including Robin Hoods Grave. Most of the time, my friend (and Barbara’s friend, Drew) transported us around.
His shaving brush was inadvertently left behind in Barbara’s bathroom. She found it on the shelf but ‘chucked it in the bin’ thinking it wasn’t required. (Actually it was, but I bought Gareth a new one so no problem there).
And that is it really. Or maybe not quite!
A year later in October on Barbara’s birthday, she again had some guests, Gareth being one of them. The house was apparently quite full and people stayed overnight, some in beds some on a sofa, others in chairs or wherever they could find space. Gareth had his own tent in the garden where he slept ALONE (at least I think!).
Then stories of the party got out (and by the way, I did not go that year but remained in London), Cat and others got to hear about it, and suddenly, lo and behold!. We have accusations of a full-blown orgy on the Yorkshire Moors!
Would that it were true. Otherwise do you think I would have remained in London?!?

For the moment,


We’ll Get There

I’ve had a small break on the Blog as you can see. Had to really. I was just going to say ‘been too busy’, I didn’t because I normally hate to hear people say that when half the time it just isn’t true.

But I really have been occupied – including trying to control some people’s replies here. Its not that I haven’t got a sense of humour, but people like Cat and Craig (yes, and you Barbara!) and others can go ‘over the top’ sometimes if you don’t intervene. Having said that, I do have a lot of sympathy for all the people Bonky and his associate tried to harm in the note so distant past. And they are still doing it, only I seem to be the ‘top of the list’ today. What is ultra ironic, is that both these people pursue their obsession while hiding behind a ‘religious cloak’ in an attempt to justify themselves. You know, using God as some kind of ‘personal avenger’ who is out to ‘do their will’! I am not a confirmed Christian as such, but if that is ‘Christianity’, you can keep it! Luckily, I happen to know its not. God does not set out to ‘punish’ people. And the only ‘person’ that inevitably ‘punishes’ wrong-doers, is themselves.

That, my friends, is one of the main principes of Mystical Law, whatever religion denomination people happen to fall under. Whether they be Church goers, Pagans, Wiccans, Jews or Moslims, or simply atheists; this applies to everyone. Evil always punishes itself in the end. God has nothing to do with it. Neither does the so-called ‘devil’ in fact. The only ‘devil’ there is – or ever was – is the activity of the human mind. No operative human mind – no devil. It really is as simple as that!

Talking of the ‘human mind’: by now some of you may have heard – even saved -the radio interview I gave for Stev Garniers’s Nocturnal Frequency Radio on April 2nd.

Well, the station also has a Forum and a home-page advertising the shows and where people can post. Need I say it! The poor guy has been subjected to a load of malicious posts about myself from a person not even mentioned on the Show! And not only that, but the person is using aliases to make these posts (one rather stupid one that comes to mind is ‘vampireologist – now where have we heard that before!??) and, needles to say, has now been banned from that Forum. (It must be running into dozens upon dozens of Forums by now!). It’s the usual ‘cut and pasted’ drivel about myself; basically only because (as I said on the Show) I simply don’t accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’.

The Church has believed in these for ages is his stock reply. Well, I’ve got news for you ‘bonky boy’: if you are talking about barbarous Church doctrines from the past, you may have a point. But then the Early Church also believed in ‘witches’ in their literal sense and believed it was right to torture these and burn them at the stake (all in the name of ‘God’, of course).

But I would have thought the Church has moved on from then. Nobody I know in the modern Church (with the exception of just one or two cranks) accepts the existence of literal Christopher-Lee-type vampires that can be destroyed by being ‘staked through the heart’. Grow up, for God’s sake! (And anybody else who lends their support to this barbaric belief).
The Church does, of course, recognise the existence of ‘evil spirits’ (and even employs exorcists to sometimes deal with these) but bloody ‘vampires’. ‘no’. You should have been born at the time of the bloody Inquisitions. You and Matthew Hopkins would have got on well – persecuting, torturing and executing ‘witches’ or other ‘unbelievers’. And you would have had a free licence to do it then!

On to other matters: I saw Gareth last night and we did a lot of work sorting out Court documents for my chapter for my 1974 trial at the Old Bailey. Looks as if it might run into two long chapters – there’s so much of it.

It was very tedious, but we had some wine to help us work so not that bad.. Time went quickly, in fact; though there’s still loads more to do yet. There’s the Trial and then the prison experiences, including the hunger strike (“Pity he never died” as one ‘Christian’ lady was later to remark), and then onto to deal with life after 1976 (or mid ‘76’). Still, I’ll get there (sorry Gareth, should have said ‘we’!). Always do in the end.

So with that good people, I will leave you. Have to go out for a bit in the lovely sun, then more work when I get back.

For the moment,