May 2009

‘Infamous’ Boat Party

Well, it’s Friday, and another lovely day. I always feel better in the warm weather, it gives me more incentive to write – hence another unscheduled Blog.

But actually, there’s another reason, I saw Gareth tonight (in fact, he is still with me now), and he referred me to a review published only yesterday in the Fortean Times about my book.

Quite good, really, in that it was a critical one. David Barrett pointed out that maybe I had ‘asked for’ some of the trouble brought upon myself (or which I brought upon myself) in the old days. I am talking about the early 1970s here.

You will really have to read the review to get the gist. But I’m not complaining, it was a fair one, and as the magazine apparently reaches America, people shouldn’t have too much difficulty in obtaining it.

Now, let me deal with this ‘infamous’ boat party involving Gareth, which Cat and others seem to be so interested in. I did say that I would ask Gareth to explain it. So that is just what I’m going to do…So listen carefully, Cat, Craig, Pudding, and others, while I pass you over to Gareth to explain the real facts…

I understand that some people are interested in a certain boat party, which they have learned about from a woman who was sufficiently confused as to believe that Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club was a strip joint. Actually this was not one party, but an annual event. A lot of people hire Thames river boats for parties in the summer. For this particular one people put on special clothes, and some of the women dress as pirates. Like any other such event, there is food, drink, and dancing, also usually there is a lovely view of the sky, one year the planet Mercury was clearly visible over the Houses of Parliament, which is a rare sight in London. It is true that punishments are handed out to malefactors, like they did on pirate ships. If anyone’s trousers have been pulled down (as Cat is apparently suggesting), it is for that reason. Also, the river police sometimes come alongside boat parties, not to board them like in the pirate movies, but simply to take some video footage. This has two purposes, firstly, to justify their existence by showing that they are doing something, secondly, because on any such boat they are generally having more fun that can be found on a police launch.

Gareth J. Medway

So there you have it, folks! The true explanation of what really happened at Gareth’s alleged infamous ‘river boat party’.

Anyway, I hope that satisfies you, Cat and others: now, just go out and buy the Fortean Times!

For the moment, everyone,


Welcome Janet – Please Do Stay!

Thank you for posting Janet in “She Was Truly Radiant” and welcome here (and I have answered you there).
Yes, it was a very enjoyable evening. I found it very relaxed and receptive and I think Jane conducted it marvellously, which I suppose only a woman can do from a woman’s point of view – if that makes sense! I just mean she was naturally more sensative to the ‘femminine side of things’, that’s all.
You may be pleased to know, that I have already started Vol. 2 and I’ll be sure to let you know well in advance when that’s due. Although I anticipate that won’t be until well into Spring next year as there’s so much work to do.
This won’t be a long Blog today – I’m pretty tired for one thing! and I’ve still got a fairly long way to go tonight.
So its more of a ‘welcoming Blog’! And please do stay!
For the moment though,


What Really Went On?!

Another Blog is due . . . I think! Well, it is in terms of dates I know. But do you know, it really is difficult to keep a diary of events sometimes – especially when you might be working on other things that take up a lot of time: which I have been doing.

So, I guess the best thing would be to summarise entries and replies and bring these up to date; tie them all together so to speak. In other words, to give you all a ‘news update’ and remind you of recent things that still might be relevant. So here goes . . .

Well, news wise, I am to give another interview of Nocturnal Frequency Radio on Sunday, May 31 between 11am and 1am (American time) – 4 am our time if you happen to be listening or calling from England. Some of you may think that’s a most ‘ungodly’ hour – and I guess it is! But just think of poor me doing it before you snuggle down between the sheets to become immersed in ‘dream-land’! I have to be wide awake; and if I can do it . . . well I’m sure some of you can as well! Not that a lot of you will, I should hasten to add: but I suppose in this case, you can always down-load the programme afterwards!

The reason for my return? Well many people were not happy with the audio quality saying they couldn’t hear me properly! Nobodies fault, just blame the Internet and modern computers. Anyway, I shall be returning to clarify any points some people may have missed, and you can even ask me questions during the show if you want.

What else is new? Well, we heard from Hailey and learned how a certain person has been ‘bombarding’ all and sundry with his own fabricated version of events. Hailey just notified me about this and was good enough to qualify it in a posts (or posts) here. Thank you again Hailey.

On a lighter note, stories have been flying around (or maybe more precisely ‘speculation’ about what Gareth was doing on a ‘pleasure cruise’ party on the Thames not so long back! I think this is really funny, but I’m ‘holding back’ till Friday when I will let Gareth tell interested people all about it! (Providing he keeps to within certain limitations!). This is really old news now, I know, but as the ‘Yorkshire pudding’ re-introduced this ‘scandal’, it will be answered accordingly. (But not by me!). Yet so many people keep asking … ‘What really went on, on the boat’?!

Well apart from that, there’s not much recent news. I’m not going to bore you all again with stories of my late night writing, although it is really true. Night so often blends into daytime with me, and then, before I know it, its evening again and I’ve missed a large part of the day. (And ‘no’, as I said before, I not a bloody vampire. Sorry to disappoint the pudding, no doubt! and dissipate more of the fiction).

Thank you for reminding me about that proposed book, Barbara. Quite honestly I had almost forgotten about it until I remembered that it (or its imminent proposal) had been circulated widely on the Internet, which brought it back to memory. What a laugh really! Me as the star of a book playing the villain with the one who is truly ‘bonkers’ being asked for his prior approval. The mind truly boggles, and boggles even more after that!

For now everyone,

It Seems . . .

Hailey has raised a very important question about the possibility – or reality – of ‘mind control’ and its potential out-going effects. First of all Hailey, thank you for the question (a serious one for a change here!) and I will try and answer it to the best of my ability. Having said that, your question is very profound; but I considered it important enough to answer – or try and answer – on a main post . . . .and I was not even planning to do a main Blog post today!

You said:
It seems past due for a question now anyway, and this seems totally unrelated to anything that you wrote about, but I promised I would air some of my questions on your Blog– so, here it goes:
How do systems of control come about? This is a strange question that has been nagging me ever since you know who with the strange faked name began sending me his own counter letters: why do so many groups so vehemently oppose one another? In this, and this is a really crappy way to get a clear answer, how is it that, outside of ego, etc., truth is the most difficult thing to discern in the world? Why are personal agendas so important to people who claim to deal in metaphysics and spiritual entities, etc.? We already covered the ground of daily life and the troubles that pop up there: but how is it that men who work in ways that, in theory, should enlighten them, strive only to control and to contort?”

I think I asked this in a rather poor way– but words are strange tools, I suppose.
On pins and needles,

You know, you seem to be able to ask such profound questions so relatively simply Hailey! I am not ‘knocking’ that (indeed it makes a change from some questions I get here about ‘material matters’) but I will try and answer:

Firstly you asked how ‘such systems of control can come about’? That would be an almost impossible question to answer generally, but you did qualify it somewhat by explaining this was in relation to fake letters from a particular ‘cult’ – or rather individual – that you had received.

Speaking in general, this form of ‘control’ goes on all the time; whether it is from political parties or religious sects, or the result of general advertising, or whatever.

I am not evading that point, but you may appreciate to deal with the general question of ‘mind control’ would be an almost impossible task.

I believe in this instance, however, you are referring to a specific example, which makes it somewhat easier.

Let me say this, the screeds you received were almost certainly fake. They came from one person only, albeit using an alias as is his ‘status quo’. The person would be totally lost without the use of an alias; which is the only reason he has to employ one (or more precisely, several!).

You are right in observing that the person’s motivations are really ‘control’. That is, control over others whilst hiding his true identity. I happen to know the true identity of this person, Hailey, believe me! As many other people do. His views are simply not genuine, which is the main reason the person never dares to put his own name to them.

But to come back to your question . . . “ How do such systems of control come about?”.

Well, I think I have already answered this by pointing out that such ‘control’ is not always genuine. The reason for it? Well this is almost certainly due to the human ego; you know, that ‘I’ that likes to see itself as being ‘superior’ to everybody else sometimes. Such people have no real support; only that which they ascribe to themselves!

I am not evading your question about ‘mind control’, only just answering it to the case in point.

If you really wanted me to go on to matters of the ‘human ego’, well that would be a different matter entirely!

But I suspect, you are referring to the correspondence you received, which is why I have referred to its originator accordingly.

For the moment


Too Good To Waste!

Well its been anther beautiful day, and still is really although its night now. Its nice not to worry about a fire, and as well as that, I can enjoy a cold beer again now.

Somebody emailed me earlier for information about the unexplained phenomenon that reputedly haunts the ruins of Baron Hall in Beaumaris, North Wales. He said there are local proposals to turn the whole building into a block of luxury flats. Pity Anyway, I found the interview I had given to KD about this back in 1997 (the original one this time) so I decided to post this up on Facebook on The Highgate Vampire Society group.

Actually that reminds me. I really must get down to Anglesey again soon. Not so much to visit Beaumaris again but because I have a place to stay there where I am ‘always welcome’. I’m sure you don’t read my Blog Rossie, but if you do, I will be phoning you about this again soon. I really do need a short break and would be pleased to honour you with my presence. Though the truth is, I suppose, you are one of the few people who can put up with me!

It goes without saying that you are still always welcome here if you should come to London.

Two people stopped me up the road today to say they really enjoyed my Talk recently. Not so much coincidence really as I told you everybody seems to be about on Saturdays. I didn’t want to go out, but I realised I was out of wine, not to mention that the larder was empty!

Found some ‘lost’ stuff on my computer earlier, when I was looking for the ‘Beaumaris interview’ actually. This will really make you laugh! It was a book I had started for somebody about her life as ‘a Pagan’. She was more or less dictating it while I was making suggestions. Ye Gods! Is it funny. I’d completely forgotten about it having given it some weird file title. I’m going to keep it, but just wish I’d come across it again earlier. It would have fitted perfectly into the finished Pact with the Devil chapter, but unfortunately that’s all finished now. But there’s always the revised edition somewhere along the line. Too good to waste!

Well everyone, I think I’ll keep this Blog short for today, as the night is young (11.30pm) and I want to get back to the ‘Trial’ chapter. So that’s really it for now,


Through Highgate Wood

Everything’s fairly quiet at the moment, which is the way I prefer it. Doing some ‘heavy’ writing and can do without any distractions or any serious one’s. I’m still in touch with people, of course, I just meant nothing else pressing to deal with.

Do you realise, we’re past the middle of May – already! Don’t want to waste the entire Summer again as I feel I did last year by writing the last book, so got 2 or 3 ‘ghost hunting’ trips planned. First one is in the middle of July to Borely (and surrounding reputedly haunted sites’), so that should be interesting. If nothing else happens (and you can never tell with these things), at least we’ll have the warmth and the light. And I might even have someone to cuddle up to when it gets dark; I mean, of course, on the way back to London. (And I don’t mean Gareth, so no lewd suggestions by you two Craig and Cat please!).

I went out briefly at lunchtime, and cut back through the Wood. Everything is so green and ‘dazzling’ now, which in itself was a form of relaxation. I know Highgate Wood so well really. I’m just surprised how many people can amble (or jog) through it without even looking around them. And they do – they really do!

I think I mentioned this before, but there is a mental hospital in the vicinity. Its not a ‘high security’ one and the patients tend to wander the area freely by day. They often walk around the Wood as well. Good luck to them, I have always thought because they are not harming anyone. But why is it, some of them always seem to come straight up to me? This is not just imagination. I have often seen several people in front of me walking their dogs or pushing push-chairs with a patient coming towards me and just passing them as if they never existed. Then when he or she reaches myself its often . . . “Can you help me please, I’m lost, or I’m late or I’m not sure where I’m going”, etc. Of course, I don’t mind that, but I just got to thinking some time ago now that maybe these people can sense (albeit not consciously) that the people they pass are otherwise engaged in worldly conversations that just don’t concern them and this stops any approach.. Its probably because I’m usually on my own, and walking slowly, and they just think there is more time. I really don’t know but it often happens, and it happened again today.

Then indoors, I switched on the word processor and prepared for some more writing. Well, I only finished that about 45 minutes ago around 3 (am that is!) so just thought I’d write this for whatever its worth!

Now, I’m still waiting for that book review Craig (sorry, not from you Cat before you’ve read it – unless you’ve since ordered it from Amazon) as you did suggest it. None of your usual ‘crudities’ though. Just try and write a sensible review! I will not edit it – except for any swear words, which knowing you would be an almost impossible condition!

Barbara, I spoke to D again tonight. He’s coming down in June but says he’ll be contacting you very shortly. So just thought I’d pass that on.

Well, guess its time I considered sleep. The clocks approaching 4 now and I am getting a little tired.

For the moment,


4 Stars!

Here is Flo’s review of my latest book everyone, “David Farrant: In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire (Vol 1)
It doesn’t need any comment really except to confirm that the book does contain (what could be seen as anyway!) a few ‘naughty bits’ within its pages.
Why did I include these? Because they actually happened, I suppose, and as the book is about my life – but more so because such incidents have been exaggerated by some people on some occasions – I thought a little more detail was required!
But thank you Flo. I still take your review as a compliment.
Good job I never asked Cat to review it. Can you imagine that!!??
Ok, here is my very abbreviated review:
Loved the vivid writing style. The parts about childhood and roaming around Europe were excellent reading. You’re a great story teller David. The majority of the book held my interest. I also enjoyed reading an account of THV that did not involve giant spiders, weighted down with the most turgid prose in the western world. My only criticism is about the naughty bits. After reading the first encounter, I found myself skimming over the rest. All in all though, I give the book 4 stars, a good read.”

Thanks again Flo,

She Was Truly Radiant

Well my visitors brought me a DVD of my last talk last night. It was very well filmed and the audience was very impressive. It also helped to have a mike as well as the building was fairly large.

Jane (my interviewer) was truly radiant, not only in body but in spirit too. I knew she had read the book, of course, but she was perceptive in so many other ways as well.

I answered all her questions as truthfully as possible, but she didn’t ask me about ‘A’ or any of the possibly perceived ‘sexy bits’. She must have sensed I thought it best not to discuss those in case anybody got ‘carried away’! (I mean, can you imagine? a room full of ‘Cat’s’ in the audience!).

She asked me, hesitantly, if I had considered the feelings of relatives when going in to Highgate Cemetery at night to look for its ghost. I replied ‘no’, because this didn’t really apply and we weren’t causing any damage or doing anything wrong. I said that should have applied to other people who WERE really causing damage and smashing open vaults to look for ‘vampires’ influenced by ridiculous statements they had heard on the television.

I started off the talk to explain to people that true Wicca had nothing whatsoever to do with Satanism or black magic and had only ever been confused by the ignorant or the gullible (fuelled as well, of course, by the Press).

I made it quite plain after this that I just didn’t personally accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’ in their Hammer-movie-type-sense. But I said that as a psychic investigator I obviously accepted the possibility of some ‘non-worldly’ entities; such as the one that had been reported at Highgate, and was still being reported.

She asked me quite a few questions about my parents and childhood as she seemed to think this was important; in that it could have had a bearing on ‘shaping’ my later life. She was right of course and I could only agree with her.

One thing that made the audience really laugh was when I used the word ‘sex’ when I meant to say ‘Sects’. Well, it wasn’t really my fault, it was the bloody microphone!

And so on . . .

Questions were sympathetic and fair as well . . . except possibly two from Gareth. He said he’d spent a lot of time researching in The Family Records office and asked me why I hadn’t mentioned the fact that I’d had a second child in the book.

Well one woman put him firmly in his place by saying “He did mention it, its in the book”!

I just told him he’d obviously not spent enough time there, because had he done his research properly, he’s would have discovered that I had a little girl as well! (although I pointed out she was grown up now).

In reality, he already knew that, but I just don’t think he expected that I’d would come out with that!

Well, these things happen I suppose.

Anyway, the Talk went well and was filmed by two independent video crews – one of whom gave me the DVD last night. I will get a copy for you as well Jane before you go on holiday.

And Jane, thank you . . . I really mean that!

For the moment though,


Its So Difficult Sometimes

Well, its 9.15 and I’ve decided to do another Blog post tonight because somebody asked me (what I consider to be)
a very relevant question.

Hailey asked me:
How is it that you can, after so much time has passed, still keep an objective recollection of the events that surrounded you/ Highgate/ etc.? I have always been so interested, absolutely absorbed with you and your Highgate debacle. Of course, it was easier to care deeply about it when I was younger and didn’t have to deal with the comings and goings on of maturity. Awful reality of life at times. But I digress–
I want to know how it is that you are able to look at the events of your life, that you were involved in and that you voraciously believed in– and still hold onto your perspective in the face of those who maliciously tried to discredit you?
Have a lovely day, David–

This might be a fairly complex question, but it is nice to be asked a sensible question for a change (and ‘yes’ I’m talking about you two, Cat and Craig!).

Its so difficult sometimes because my life has always been slightly traumatic! And obviously there’s just some things I’d rather just not remember. But I guess that as a writer, there’s just some things that you have to do, especially when writing an autobiography and people want to know what the truth actually involved.

I should explain, that when I wrote most of the book, it was done in prison and everything was somehow more ‘acute’; and many events were not so far ‘back’ in the past. As a matter of fact, most of what I wrote had to be ‘smuggled out’ of prison as the Home Office wouldn’t allow any mention of legal disputes or prison conditions. I was given the option of writing it but the condition was it had to be submitted to the Home Office for approval at the end of my sentence. I simply refused, so did it the ‘hard way’. That’s really another story, but the point is that when I was released in July 1976, I had a full (but jumbled) hand-written manuscript to work from. Many things became ‘crystal clear’ while I was in that dingy cell, and I decided to get them all down on paper properly typed. And I did!

I suppose that’s one reason why things were so easy to remember. They were somehow ‘magnified’ without the usual distractions.

There are many things I contemplated (in 1976) leaving out of the book altogether. But then I thought ‘no’, its got to be truthful or there’s no point in writing it. In other words its ‘all or nothing’ – even if some events might have otherwise be seen to put me in a ‘bad light’. I guess I partly reasoned, I couldn’t have a worse reputation that the one I’d already been given by the Press, Courts and certain ‘other people’ (who I won’t mention here!), so it really didn’t make that much difference.

So I think that’s really the basic answer to your question, Hailey. The other point, of course, is that I’ve always been gifted with a fairly good memory; although the latter is also probably due to the fact I was deeply involved in mysticism, which teaches – among other things – the importance of developing a ‘clear mind’; that is, ‘uncluttered by ‘material things, which I hope makes sense!

So, I hope that answers your question. And thank you because it was an important question and I’m sure one that many people would have wanted me to explain.

Thank you again for posting and if there’s anything I may have inadvertently left out, please do just ask again!

Yours for the moment,

David (Farrant)

Take A Break

Have you ever wished you could just ‘take a break’!!?? I guess most people have, most of the time, but commitments to work, jobs and all that, somehow prevents them (except at prescribed holidays, of course).

Well, I often wish the same thing – albeit under slightly different circumstances. I mean, I am not committed to a ‘nine to five’ job, or even have family to worry about (well, maybe that’s not so applicable anymore!); but I am sure as hell bound by certain commitments which I can’t just abandon like that!

I am talking about my writing work, if you had not already guessed. For I am not just writing material ‘at random’ – and when I please – people are actually waiting for it! Well that (the latter) is the ‘up-side’ of it; the ‘downside’ is actually having to write it all. It takes a LOT of work, believe me, and maybe after Volume 2 of my autobiography, I really will ‘take a break’!

Maybe its just the nature of the 2nd Volume which has bought this on . . . having to check – and re-check – events of some 35 years ago, which all have to be accurate and be verified. That should not be so greater task, some might say. But believe me, looking back at some of the material – and having to re-read them – does not really have a ‘soothing effect’ on the mind.

In fact, when I read back on some of it, it is almost incredulous to recall some of the lies that were being said – and spread – about me back in 1973/74/75 – by people desperately trying to change ‘history in the making’ even then! Even funnier’ is when some people still try and ‘change history’ today when they weren’t even born at the time so could not know what really happened!

I was thinking about this earlier, and it is almost ‘funny’, in a funny sort of way!

But people are actually capable of trying to change the past, if it happens to suit their particular mode of thinking in the present. A few of these, it seems, have sought ‘solace’ in religion. The ultimate form of ‘escapism’ for some who just can’t seem to face actual facts. They pray to God on an assumption that past lies must be true just because it says so in some sensational newspaper or the other. Yet they seem to forget that God is All Knowing, and would certainly be aware of all petty human interpretations or invoked motivations.

So, I really Do need to ‘take a break’ But in reality, this can’t be until I finish the next book.

Then, and only then’ will I be able to think about taking a break from all the writing. In the meantime, I will just continue to get it finished (so don’t worry anyone!).

Anyway, I’m taking a short break tonight as my mind has been slightly ‘over-filled’ with all this legal material. Not only that, but I do need to be up quite early tomorrow!

For the moment,