February 2009

About Love And Betrayal . . .

Well,  I’m finally looking at it , and so was Gareth last night.  A fully and completed copy of my new autobiography (title still a secret!).  Only a ‘sample copy’ – but my God, its brilliant text wize.

What I mean is, there are no grammatical errors that need correcting – although people may argue about the text!  What I mean is, this might come as quite a shock to some people who my have been able to judge events about my ‘past’ – many of whom were not even born at the time.  Many of the rest can only rely on contemporary ‘reconstructions of events’ that they were not even there to witness in the first place!

But, anyway.  Its done, finished!

The book is done: now I must only get on with completing the next one.  That is a true story about love and betrayal.  That’s a true story as well – so watch out for it . . . You won’t be disappointed!

For the moment


I Dread To Think! . . .

I don’t want to go on about it, but what terrible weather this really is!  It has kept me virtually ‘stranded’ for nigh on a week.  I say ‘virtually’ because luckily I know a few kind people who have been bringing things in.  Tuesday was the only day I was really able to get anywhere – but that was only a brief respite.  Not complaining really as it gives me more time to write and I still have another book to get finished for Easter.  Then the new ‘ghost book’ has to be written (that’s quite easy really as its only really a question of putting a load of new ‘ghost’ material together; and after that I’m sort of obligated now to start on Volume 2 of the autobiography.  I’m not really looking forward to that as I have to access a load of legal material (although its all here – somewhere!) to get all the facts, dates, right etc.  Seeing that the last autobiography took some `18 months, I dread to think how long Vol 2 will take!  Still, I’ve got Gareth to help me, and Spring’s not that far off.

Gareth is coming over later, but I expect he’ll leave early before things get too slippery!  Actually, I just phoned him to ask him to bring a bottle of wine in.  But no reply.  So we’ll just have to drink his!  Got 30 minutes or so free in any event, so thought I’d write a quick Blog just to keep my numerous fans and friends happy!  But it’ll have to be a fairly short one.

No more sign of the little mouse, so maybe they can’t jump after all!

There’s hardly any food in the place in any event.  Just a few eggs really, and mice don’t eat eggs . . . or do they?!?

Had a call last evening from my friend D in Yorkshire.  Really just to say he was getting a new car and hoped to be down very soon.  We can ‘catch up’ when he gets here but he told me he’s ‘made things up’ with B.  Said he’s looking forward to meet Gareth again – which reminds me, I musn’t forget to tell him.

So, in the middle of all this ice and snow, I will sign off for now.  Its nearly 6 and I have a coup[le of things to do before Gareth gets here (if he makes it!)

For the moment,


I Am NOT A Guru!

Well I see my French TV appearance has caused a bit of a stir amongst both the public and some ‘elite’ occultists!  They filmed me at my flat and also peering through the gate of Highgate Cemetery and they also introduced ‘vampires’ into it.  (Please note:  THEY introduced vampires in to it after I had already told them I did not even accept their existence).  But that’s the French for you!  It also didn’t help being described as a “Luciferian Guru”; but that’s the French for you as well!  Good Lord!  When will people ever get to understand that I am NOT a Guru, neither have I ever described myself as one.  I do not want or need ‘followers’ – friends yes, but not followers.

Neither am I a ‘Luciferian’ in the sense that they (the French, and some others too come to that) irrevocably use that word interchangeably with the word “Satanist” – and I am most definitely not a ‘Satanist’ either!  I guess that’s just one of the drawbacks to being an ‘occult author’: it can attract so many cranks and sensationalists.  People watch some misrepresentation, word spreads and becomes exaggerated, and next thing you know is you’re made a leader of some fictitious Cult that doesn’t exist! What is perhaps even more ironic, that over the years I have frequently condemned Satanism as being a totally misguided and dangerous practice; and I haven’t been too kind to some other fanatical Cults and Sects as well.

I suppose the ‘up-side’ to that is that it helps sell more books.  But the downside to that ‘up-side’ is that people might read my books for the wrong reasons.  It’s a crazy world!

Also featured on the programme was the French writer Jean-Paul Bourre.  He was also talking about one of his early books which, perhaps ironically, also features myself. I say ‘ironic’ because I have never had that book thoroughly translated so would really be none the wiser if there were misrepresentations in it about myself.  Who really cares really.  People usually think what they want to anyway, and often truth doesn’t even come into it!

It’s the first time I’d seen Jean-Paul ‘in person’ for many years.  I have to say he didn’t seem to look much older; just some flecks of grey in his beard that’s all.

Anyway that was briefly my part in the programme.  And that was why I allowed Marcos’s link to it here.  It’s a free country, and if people want to look at Youtube transmissions – well, let them!  It seems to be doing alright anyway.  The last time I looked it had had 940 views or so!

Well, its still cold and ‘slushy’ in London.  I actually managed to get on a bus yesterday to get some much needed provisions. And I almost managed to make the Post Office to post two RD packets.  But that was in the day of course, the nights are still freezing.

I’ve got a very young mouse in the kitchen again.  I don’t know what it expects to eat now as I put the bread on a very high shelf (yes, one that I put up myself!).  So the bread’s safe.  Unless they can jump.  Actually, I hadn’t thought of that.  Perish the thought!

Anyway, For the moment everyone,


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