February 2009

It Does Look Promising . . .

Well, I’ve been invited to join another paranormal group on Facebook now,  Its called The Hereford Paranormal Group and I will be joining  tomorrow.  Would have joined tonight but I’m not sure what they require in one space on the form.  Have to ask them.

I recognized someone else on there who had interviewed me about 14 years ago so I invited her as a friend.  Well, she accepted and she remembered the interview after all this time!  Pleased she remembered; but then, I suppose I am quite ‘re-memorable’!

Anyway, I can’t spend too much time on there as its putting me back a little. I’ve still got 5 people left to thank of the 10 who invited me.

Another guy wants my help to write a film script on my ‘paranormal past’, including the Highgate thing.  I will be discussing that later with him in private.  It does look promising as he’s promised me a variable Contract.

Well that’s your lot for today everyone!  I have to get back to the book as that must remain a priority.

For the moment,


Found Some Old Letters . . .

Found some more old letters today which I’d completely forgotten about; and I bet the people who wrote them would have forgotten them too – at least, would not want to remember them!  Nice and warm again which always makes me more active.  Can you believe that I actually got up at 10. 30 today and actually managed to collect my mail.  I hadn’t been for a good few days and there was a stack of it, including some more book orders.  Which reminds me I’ve got to get some more thick brown paper to package them in.  Typical of me, I passed the shop earlier and didn’t even think of it.  Just have to get it tomorrow.

One thing I’ve still got to do is locate a new bed.  The straw stuff (or whatever you call it) keeps leaking out of the old mattress and going all over my new carpet!

I did remember to get some varnish though.  That wooden top I carted back will make an excellent coffee table but I’m not risking putting it down until the wood’s treated, as knowing Gareth, he’ll manage to splash red wine over it.  That can wait a little though.  I’m not looking forward to breathing varnish fumes.  Still once its done, its done, I suppose.

Heard nothing back from those TV inspectors . . . zilch!  I’m rather hoping they do take the issue to Court as I’d not only beat them, but I’d get the Press there to witness me beat them.  Anyway, I’ve really got better things to do than worry about them at the moment.

I guess some people are surprised to see me writing a little more here at the moment.. The truth is, I’m just not a creature of habit when it comes to writing.  If I feel like writing something, I just do it.  If I don’t, then I don’t.  Whatever, I know that I never have to account for my reasons – its something called ‘independence’!

Well, 10 people on Facebook have made me their friend now.  I must get round to contacting them personally.  Problem is, I’m none too sure how to do it at the moment.  Speedqueen has kindly said she’ll show me when she next comes over . . . but ‘no’, I not saying when that will be.  Might tell you afterwards though if anything happens.

Oh! That reminds me: I have heard from  Amazon now,  but they’re trying to put the blame on Nielsens for wrongly stating that KD was the author when I am.  They said they go the information of Nielsen’s book data.  I’ll get it sorted out whatever. 

I had receipts today from the London Agents for the British Library.  All the University Libraries have now got copies.  So now I can tell you what the title is (if you haven’t already found it on Amazon”.  It is . . . DAVID FARRANT:  IN THE SHADOW OF THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE (Vol 1) and it costs ₤12.99.  You can get the PO Address from the main Website.  All books will be dispatched immediately, but add ₤1 P&P to that, and another 70P if you prefer it by RD.

So that’s really it for the moment.  I don’t really want to bore people by talking about nothing!

For now,


Got In A Bit Of A Muddle!

I am getting in a slight muddle with all this new-found technology!  Let me explain: about 3 days ago,  I wanted to re-contact a University student called Elin (won’t give her last name) and looking on Google, I found her name on Facebook.  She was Swedish and she was definitely the right one.  (She recorded an interview with me on the Paranormal in 2002 or so).

So I joined Facebook; initially with the main purpose of contacting her again.  I found the problem was that she had an extremely common Swedish surname – there were literally dozens of ‘her’ (I mean them).  Didn’t really get anywhere until today when someone called Kurt contacted me via. Facebook asking if I was the real David Farrant or if someone had started a ‘Fan page’.  I explained that it was really me and what I’ve said above.

Well, it turned out that he his also a psychic investigator and has a Blog called “Haunted Britian” and he invited me to join. (This was only a couple of hours ago).  Well I accepted because I thought this looked like a very professional group, which it in fact is.

Well since then, four people have asked me to be their friends.  I gratefully agreed, but when I tried to invite them in return, I ‘got in a bit of a muddle’!  I really am just no good on computers, but when you really need people to help you, nobodies around!  Such is life, I suppose but I just hope the people concerned didn’t think I was ignoring them just because I couldn’t understand the procedure.  I have put a couple of replies up on their Highgate Forum so I hope at least that helps to explain it.

Kurt suggested that I might as well stay on Facebook as I was already there and I agreed.  But getting used to using it will be another matter.

So let me say it here again for the kind response.

Thanks again for inviting me to be an Officer on your group Kurt and my thanks as well to the other four people who named me as a friend.

Your Forum looks very interesting and I’m sure I will be able to contribute relevant material to it.

But not just yet!  Give me a day or so to ‘get round’ this posting procedure; although the Forum should prove easier than Facebook!

Anyway, that’s really it for now everyone and I’d better get back to some writing.

For the moment,

David (Farrant)

Not Always Bad . . .

Well I haven’t heard anything from those petty officials as yet; but then don’t really expect to until a working week day.  There’s nothing they can do anyway, but if they want to try me . . . well, just come on!

If they’ve had second thought about it, then too bad!  I am still going to get a written apology from them one way or the other.  I’m not normally an aggressive person but I do react if I happen to be the subject of untruths.  Its one thing being genuinely mistaken and saying something in good faith – quite another to state things as ‘fact’ when you are fully aware that they are untrue.  It is what’s called ‘lying’, and I know a couple of other people who are quite good at that.

Gareth put that reply up yesterday with my name on it, in case anybody hadn’t gathered.  He’s not on-line at home and just uses my computer.  Its still his own post though.

Talking of which, I may have said but there are 20 pages of b/w photographs in the new book (some half-plate, some full) and my next book will have a load in it as well.  Oh yes!  It will!

Went to the store today to get some wine and a couple of other things.  The ‘Saturday girl’ remembered my name.

What happened was, last Saturday she was serving me and she said . ..  ‘Thank you Sir”.

I said, “Its just David my love, not ‘Sir’”.  She laughed, but she remembered it and said
”Hello David”! 

Its nice when people are like that.  There’ enough unpleasantness and spite in this world as it is, and so refreshing to see people gentle and friendly. I have to admit though, not many people are ever rude to me.  Probably my ‘witches Karma’ that puts them off!

Does remind me though of another funny little story (not that the Thursday night incident was in any way ‘funny’:   It was last year and I was in a Taxi on my way to give my Library Talk.

On the way there, the driver asked me if he would mind if he stopped for 5 minutes as it was his ‘time to pray’.  I said that of course I didn’t mind (even though we were running a bit late).  He went into some trees just off the pavement with his ‘Praying Mat’ and thanked me profusely when he got back for my patience; especially, he said, because often people objected.  Well, the talk then turned to God and religion and I learned that he was a devout religious person, as he said it was obvious that I also was.

When we arrived, there was a group of youngish kids hanging around outside and one of them said (much to the Taxi driver’s surprise) .  . . “You know, you look like David Farrant”!   “I AM David Farrant, that’s why”, I laughed.  The area was lit by quite bright streetlights and the Library interior lights, but they obviously thought they recognized me because there were posters all over Kensington and Chelsea.

The driver (an Asian) said . . . “I never realized I never realized I had somebody famous in my cab!”.  We talked a bit as there wasn’t too much time; but then he just went without waiting for his fare.  I am sure he thought that I was paying personally for it and hadn’t got much money, when, in fact, I had gone in to get his money from the Library.  But when I came back, he was just plain gone!

In fact, this gave me quite a good feeling.  It was nice to see such kindness coming about.  And just before my Talk.  It gave me some added incentive to realize that there was not always bad in human nature.

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  Wine time!

For the moment,


“So Go Ahead”! . . .

Gareth gave a Talk last night and quite a few people were impressed by the books.  He took some with him and would you believe I’ve nearly got through the box I’ve got.  I just didn’t know they’d go so quickly; mind you, last night was for a specialized audience.  I’ll have to get some more driven over as I just don’t have room for them here at the moment – all thirty boxes of them!  I’m trying to create space if anything, not obstruct it!

Talking of which, I’m going to have to get another double bed.  The one I’ve got now has been ruined by water damage that happened in 2002.  Its quite dry now, but the mattress  is literally falling to bits.  Point is, I’ll probably get a slightly smaller one as this one’s huge; its about 6 foot wide!  Not to small though, for obvious reasons!

I did get paid quite a bit of compensation from the Court Agreement, so at least in that respect, it won’t cost me anything.

Interesting little incident yesterday which might amuse you – at least, show the limits of some human stupidity.

For weeks now (well months actually) we’ve been bombarded with gumph from the TV licencing people.  I’ve just been tearing it all in half and leaving it on the window sill where everybody can see it.

Well, early evening yesterday two sultry-looking individuals came to the door and asked me if I had a TV licence.  “I don’t need one because I haven’t got a television”,  I said.

Then it started!  They saw the torn up letters and asked who had done it.  “I did, why?  I always tear up junk”.

They didn’t think that was funny, and so started to get verbally threatening.  That really did it!  I don’t like being threatened!

I said . . . “Right. Lets start by getting both your names and seeing your ID”.

They were genuine all right, but I still didn’t like their attitude.

So basically I said . . . “Look, I am not legally obliged to let you in.  Full stop.  But I’ll take you to my flat and then I’ll be demanding a full written apology which your office will have to give me whether they like it or not”.

I showed then each room but when they saw my video player in the lounge, their faces lit up.

“You need a licence for that”, one of them almost snarled.

‘I certainly do NOT” I empathized, “Its only to watch video’s on”.

“We’ll have to check on that”, the other one said.

I said . . . “Check all you want.  You’ll find that that machine has no facilities to see a televison picture.  You’re obviously don’t know your jobs properly if you don’t  even know that”.

They didn’t like that!  But they still wouldn’t concede.

I ended up by saying . . . “A Court  doesn’t have to decide anything.  I fully aware of the law.  But I warn you if you continue to waste my time, I’ll take YOU to Court for undue harassment and I’d get full costs from your Office.  So go ahead!”

In reality, they haven’t got a leg to stand on.  They just don’t like people standing up to them.  They liked it even less when I told them they’d have to leave as I had work to do, and they’d wasted enough of my time already.

I don’t know how they’ll react further, but I’m going to demand a written apology and, with a bit of luck, it might stop those stupid letters.

Anyway, that’s enough of that boring little incident.

But as I started off by saying, the books are going extremely well.

For the moment,


Quicktime Blog

A really quick post everyone in response mainly to all the queries we’ve had about the new book.  I’m not feeling that well either, which is another reason it will have to be quick.

We are putting up details of the book on the main Website next week on the News section.  These will probably include a picture of the cover and give a synopsis of the basic content.  So you can just take it from there.  I will remind you on here as well so you don’t miss it!

Weather is much milder now so that’s something I suppose.  Gives me more incentive to work; even though that back injury I had is playing up again. 

So, for the moment,


PS  Thanks for the cheques Carrie and Matt received safely and you’re  PO Michael  (if you happen to be reading this).

Cold Spell Has Gone Now

Dare not speak too soon, but it really looks as if that long cold spell has gone now and won’t be coming back.  My gut instinct is that it won’t, although even us ‘witches’ have known to be wrong sometimes you know! 

I put the word ‘witch’ in quotes because this is how I’m seen to be by some people who won’t have it any other way – people who have either been indoctrinated by some ‘religious’ fanatics or who believe quite literally in the sensationalism they read in the tabloid Press.  My God!  I have been through enough of all that in my life, so I of all people should surely know about that!   If I haven’t been referred to as a ‘wicked witch’ in the Press (I kid thee not, that’s how one newspaper described me in the 1970’s!)  then I’m referred to with all the erroneous attributions that are seen to go with the word.

Getting away from the weather, I suppose that’s really the main reason I have written the current book.  To show some people how sometimes they can get things so very wrong.  But this is not a new phenomenon applicable only to myself  It goes back to those dark days of history when people held (and practiced) views that were seen to contradict those of the early Church.  So everything was ascribed as the ‘work of the devil’ and thousands of innocent men and women (and children) were tortured and put to death for merely worshipping that Divine Principle (or God) in their own particular way.  Times have really changed little; only nowadays this persecution takes place in a more ‘civilized’ way.  As I wrote somewhere in one of my books . . . “People no longer burn witches, that is true.  But they would think nothing, probably nothing, of attributing to them those same ‘crimes’ and absurdities which they stood accused of so long ago”.

That is really the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of the whole matter.  Civilization may change or improve with time; human nature most certainly does not.

Well, talking of the book, I’ve certainly got my work cut out tomorrow.  Not only more to be packaged and posted, by more visits to make regarding the distribution.  A ‘witches’ life is certainly not an easy one!

Then I’ve got to go through the whole in May/June when the next one comes out in June.  People seem more interested in that actually;  probably because they want to hear my answer to all the accusations that that have been published about me.  But that’s got to be finished yet although when it is, I shall be sending out a few advanced copies to selected people – Aldams Road, for example, to save a certain person the bus fare!  Got to be fairly limited to sending out advanced book copies though.  The books are expensive and giving away free copies certainly eats into the profits.

Talking of which, I believe I told you the current book has now been listed on Amazon.  They have got the Listing wrong though as they have put ‘KD’ as the author when he only wrote one of the introductions.  I’M the bloody author, no-one else!  So that will have to be changed by Amazon: though I’m not doing it at the moment – far too busy.

Anyway, aside from the books, I have still got to try and keep on top of  all the other work in the Society.  So many queries to answer – it just goes on!

So, with that I will leave you everyone.  But with all this work, I doubt that I will be doing any Blog tomorrow!

For the moment,


Would You Believe It?!!

Would you believe it?!  I actually got up at 10.30 today – though I had to get an alarm call to do it.

I got most of the things I missed yesterday done, including posting 6 copies to all the major University Libraries.  Actually, you have to do that by law, and I shall be doing it with the next book as well so everything is on public record to view or reference.  Never let it be said that I ever try to hide anything I have written!

Your book went too this morning Matt, (Ist) so hopefully you will get it tomorrow.

Anyway, that was just the start of what has proved to be a very long day.  It didn’t help that most of the places I had to go to were in the West End, and I just hate going down there!  But most of its done; though there’s a couple of places left to go to for tomorrow (I hope!).

Gosh, was I glad to get home.  I tried to time it to miss the rush hour, but guess who got caught right in the middle of it?!!  Yes, that’s right, but at least I was using buses as the tube’s even worse.

Letter-wise its been quite an eventful day as well.  Letter this morning from a girl in Cheltenham asking for details about the Society.  It seems quite genuine and she enclosed an SAE.  I really wish more people would do that when they write as postage can add up – especially with all the books to do as well.  I’ve said it before, but I really must get another personal secretary as I’m getting over-worked a bit!  Still, its all good fun and worth it!

There was another today (no SAE) from a guy saying he’d just formed a small ghost group called (well, I’d better not say its name here before I get his permission) and would O like to be an Honorary member.  Flattered I’m sure but I’ll have to find out more about it first.  Not too far away at least.

Back to sorting out some more stuff this evening.  Which reminds me, yesterday I found – or ‘re-found’ – the complete audio transcript to the Talk I gave for the Secret Chiefs on May 23 2006.  Somebody had put it on DVD and the quality is excellent.  I might transcribe the whole thing (Questions and Answers as well) as it would make a good little book.  But I just haven’t got time to take on that as well at the moment.

Well, on that note its off to open a bottle of wine and get back to work.

For the moment,


Got Up Late Again Today

Got up late again today; which was silly really when the weather is quite ‘walkable in’ and I had so much to do.  But there’s not much you can do at 4 when its almost getting dark and when most of the places I had to go work to office hours.  Managed to catch the Post Office though so managed to post off 2 RD books to people.  Still, there’s always tomorrow!

Boy!  Am I getting lazy.  Well, that’s not really true actually.  I spent the last 18 months getting this last book finished; a lot of the time working into the early hours when most ‘normal’ people are fast asleep.  So I think I’m entitled to some relaxation really – especially with the hectic life I’ve had! (Shut up for offences which others really committed, for one thing).

Went into the store afterwards to buy some wine, and my favourite one had gone up yet again.  Its not so much the money (I’ve got enough of that) its just the bloody principle!  And its not only wine either . . . its everything!  I reminded of the time not so long back when I used to make my own wine.  Now that was really strong and even nicer than that which you buy in a manufactured bottle.  I had Colette to help me with it then and you probably wouldn’t believe some of the ‘witch’ recipes we followed.  Did you know you can make wine out of oak leaves?  You have to know what you’re doing, but done properly, its really strong.  Anyway, just have to resign myself to buying bottles at the moment.

I saw my friend in the shop again today (no, I’m not telling you which one – shop, that is!), she really is quite beautiful.  And that’s all I’m saying!

I see the new book has been listed on Amazon already.  So if anybodies interested, just look there and you will get the title.

They’ve listed it wrong (as per usual) as they put ‘KD’ down as the author when he isn’t – I am!  What happened was, I asked Gareth to write me an introduction (which he did), but KD approached me asking if he could do one (which he did; Introduction No1) and I agreed.  Have to approach Amazon though to get that corrected.  (And ‘no’, I’m not telling you who ‘KD’ is; except to say its not who many people may think it is!).

Well,  I finally getting near to the end of the boxes.  I found an old manuscript yesterday that I’d completely forgotten about I’d called “The Trial”.  It was hand-typed in 1976 so will come in very useful for the second volume of my autobiography.  Obviously things were all fresh in my mind then so it’s a good job that I put all the facts down on paper.

Regarding the flat, I managed to get even more shelves up.  They won’t be wasted with all this paper material – not to mention all the books, many of which mention myself in one way or another.

Well, I think I’ll get back to ‘sorting’, so that’s really it for now.


Its Got To Be Done . . .

Well, the snow seems to have gone (in London at least) but now its been raining heavily all day instead, which of course always lowers the temperature.  You can’t win!  But at least there’s no more slush and ice so its possible to walk safely.

Anyway, being not quite so cold, I decided to get on with sorting through a few more boxes.  Still quite a few left to do.  If that sounds simple . . . its not!  Let me explain:

I won the Court case over my flat last summer, but part of the Court agreement was that the each room had to be cleared to a time schedule.  That wasn’t so bad, but in clearing each room, I literally didn’t have the time to sort through everything and file it properly.  Subsequently, everything had to be ‘tipped’ into selected boxes.  That was fairly quick and easy.  What is not so easy is sorting through all the documentation.  There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of letters to be filed properly, and opening and reading them – or re-reading them – takes ages.  Some can be discarded, of course, but others are invaluable; especially for future publications.

There is copious legal material dating back to the year dot, and numerous ‘ghost ’ letters from people requesting advice or giving their experiences with the paranormal.  Not to mention personal letters from people relaying their feelings or personal experiences.  It really does take time; still, won’t need doing again.

Then I have gone back to working on my next book, which is not such a task as most of that is now done.  But whatever, all this stuff takes time but its got to be done.

Its times like this when I really wish I had a personal secretary; but then, much of the stuff is of a confidential nature and it just wouldn’t seem right to let anyone else read it prematurely.

Well, I see that French documentary has really caused a stir!  I didn’t realize that the channel was so big actually; it has millions upon millions of viewers – not just in France, it goes all over Europe.

Actually, its prompted me to release another TF1 documentary made about myself back in 1985, but I need permission for that because although I’m in it, its not my copyright.  I told the French film crew that I would like to do this,  but they said I would have to get permission from TF1 (the French equivalent of the BBC) and they gave me a contact to write to.  I must write, as that could be fun! especially as that film shows my impressions of an apparent ‘occult revival’ in Europe.

But, as I said, I need permission for that, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Closer to home; its still persistently raining as I’m writing this.  Hope it stops soon as I have to go out to get a couple of things for later.

What else?  As I said, the new book is finished now completely.  I shall be sending copies out this week to all those people who have reserved a copy – which includes you Rob once you confirm your new address!  If you called over the weekend, then sorry I missed you.  I’ll have to give you the other two phone numbers in case you might have called on the one next door.  So just get on the phone you lazy kilted, caber-tossing, haggis guzzling Scot!

Well I guess that’s about everything for now everyone.  Better get back to sorting this stuff out.

By the way, thanks Speedqueen for the unique black birthday card.  I’ve never had one like that before!
For the moment,