January 2009

That’s All I Really Have To Say . . .

Here we go again . . . but not on here!!

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again:  This Blog is not intended to be about  ridiculous fanciful ‘vampires’; although I have said it is OK to discuss ‘ghost cases’ here and the paranormal here if anybody wants to.  But NOT talk about bloody stupid vampires or their so-called ‘creators’!

All this started because of a book review in a large local paper about ‘vampires’ yesterday, and we have been flooded with emails (myself phone calls) from people asking questions on the subject; or more precisely, my involvement in it.  I have personally had to disallow 5 replies here since yesterday from people asking the wrong sorts of questions, and I recognizes at least 2 from well known trouble-makers!  Yes, and you know who I’m talking about you disincarnate entity!  I’m not saying they were all you, but that one almost certainly was!

OK.  I believe  in free speech, but not when this inevitably leads to a tiny element ‘jumping in’ on genuine replies or interest then trying to pretend their views are representative of general opinion.  They are not – that’s why I can’t allow it here.

But to save absolute evasion:  a hardbook has just come out which mentions the Highgate ‘vampire’ case (like so many books do) but it goes on to and comment on other people (one of whom being myself) who were involved in it from 1970 onwards.  This book was reviewed yesterday in a large North London newspaper and the reviewer was a journalist who knows much about the people concerned.

That’s all I really have to say about it.  But I will give you the author’s name so that you can go and look him up yourself.  It is Stephen Roud.

So go off and have some fun if you want.  But please do NOT bring your findings or opinions back here!

I wasn’t going to do a Blog today as I have been quite busy and am a little tired.

Anyway, that is why this Blog is shorter than usual and why I am now off to get yet more work done.  Have fun everyone,


PS  And that goes for you as well Craig!

To Return to The Boring Stuff . . .

Well, the birthday’s gone (thank God for that!) so now there’s only this year to take care of!

I can’t really think of any news at the moment, but to return to the boring stuff, here is something that might amuse you (well, I’m sure it would amuse most people, but there’s just one or two who might actually enjoy it!).

I went up to the town centre yesterday (not far away) and on the way back, I passed a house that had just been cleared out.  There was a perfect piece of wood by the skip, and I thought it would be just right to replace the one I have been using as a ‘coffee table’.  Problem was, it was very, very heavy.  So heavy, in fact, I had to keep resting down the road in order to carry it.  When I could, I kept resting it on a wall to take the weight, then carry on some minutes later.

Well, I rested it on one wall halfway down the hill, but when I went to pick it up – it slipped.  Right across my foot.  The pain was intense; more so, because I was only wearing sandals.  Luckily it did not hit my bad foot, but it half crushed the other one, and I was then left with two bad feet!.  I rested half and hour or so to let the pain subside, but then I decided to carry on – with the bit of wood.  I was determined to get it home, as no bit of ‘cast off’ wood is ever going to beat me!  I did get it home eventually, before realizing that my right foot was badly  bruised and swollen.  Although its lucky in a way I was wearing sandals,  as it had swollen beyond normal shoe boundaries.

Anyway, I got it into place and it looks really good!  I guess the moral of this story is, don’t pick up discarded pieces of wood!

Had a rather nice phone call later on though, which rather made up for it.  The person said that she had just finished reading my new book in its entirety.  She said it was ‘the best I’d ever written’ – so if that’s anything to go by . . . ?  I don’t know.  I’m wondering slightly.  Because I just wrote it without really caring how it came out.  I mean, all I had to do was remember events, then write them down as these actually happened,  and I really didn’t care about making any story out of it.  Well, its not meant to be a story, anyway.  Its just an autobiography.  If there’s any story at all, I just hope it can all speak for itself. But at least there’s no fiction in it.  Do you know? if there’s one thing I can’t stand, its fictional stories!  I mean, why fictionalize anything, when its much easier to simply tell the truth?!

By the way, going back to the matter of that ‘shelf’; I eventually got that done lunchtime as well.  Somebody helped me with it – or more precisely, I helped them!

But back to my normal profession’, another phone call from someone this afternoon, wanting me to give another talk soon.  Its London-based so that shouldn’t be so bad.  I only wish all these things didn’t tend to come at once; or at least, took place in the lovely warm weather!

Still, the year is still young.  By the way, I’m not really 72 you know!  Just my way of illustrating how easily such speculation can get twisted and even lied about!

Back to tonight: some more wine I think, and just leave two other pressing letters till tomorrow.  Frankly, I just can’t be bothered to fish out all the requested documentation.

So, with that, I hope you are all well everyone, and will join me in a glass of wine . . . or something!

For the moment,


Time For Some Relaxation . . .

Gosh!  Have I had a busy day.  I don[‘t think I’ve been on the phone so much for as long as I can remember.  Mostly technical stuff, so I won’t bore you all with it here.  Yet essential though.

There were a load of letters as well.  I’m sure the sorting office does it deliberately, but no post for a few days, then it all comes at once!

As you will all be aware, it is my birthday tomorrow.  But I won’t dwell on that. How old am I?  I expect many people would like to know, but I’m not telling you!  Age means little to me, as most people know.  There has been  much speculation about this; and just as many contradictions!  So just take your pick!  Many people believe I’m much younger than I am (clean living you see!);  unless you choose to believe the rather unkind person on the Internet a couple of years ago that broadcasting to the world that I was 70!  So that would now make me 72, which of course I’m not.  This was not a genuine mistake, by the way, it was the result of ‘bitchiness’ instead – which rather suits that person’s neurotic character!

Anyway, birthday’s aside.  They have never really meant anything to me.

I decided to go out to get some things around 5.30.  I realized ‘office had more-or-less finished, so it seemed a good time to go.  Got back in about an hour, and decided to put a couple of shelves up in the kitchen.  Only managed one as I realized one wall was tougher than I thought.  Its an outside wall, and needs a proper drill – which I ain’t got!  Still, its better than nothing.

Probably all this activity has been helped by the warmer weather.  Still, better not be too over optimistic, there’s still February to go yet.

As I said, the first book is now totally finished, so that’s a load of work less.  Although I still have the others to finish.  Speaking of which, a friend asked me to write a personal introduction for his new book today.  I was quite honoured as he is quite a well known writer.  Nice to be appreciated sometimes!

So, amidst all this turmoil, think I’ll just go and put my feet up.  Still a load of vintage letters to be sorted through for the next publication, but that can wait till tomorrow.  Then I’ve still got to worry about that bloody shelf!

But for the moment,

I guess its time for some relaxation!


Just What WAS That Wine?!

Very relaxing evening yesterday.  Gareth came twice (on top of his Friday) as he didn’t want to ‘miss out’!  Patsy was happy to have met Speedqueen for the first time; although her husband had to stay behind as his mother was a little unwell.  I was there (here) of course, although the meeting was very informal and we concentrated more on just having a relaxing time.  You know, its funny how quickly the time goes when you’re relaxing.  Well, I think I’ve earned it now that the book (the current book, at least) is out of the way.  I believe I said, it won’t be available on the Internet as that greatly reduces sales.  Can’t blame people really.  I mean, why buy a book if you can download it on the Internet for free?!  So, you’ll just have to make do with the three short extracts I’ve already put up!

Admittedly its far less work publishing something on-line as this cuts out the work involved of supplying distributors (like Amazon, for example), and posting it out to bookshops all across the country; not to mention, to various organizations and people and all the work involved in postage there.

But enough of that!  Back to our meeting . ..

Well, Speedqueen overcame her ‘politeness’ and wore the same black velvet dress she wore last time.  In fact, I asked her to saying nobody would mind.  They didn’t!  Patsy brought her camera as she said she would as my birthday is not too far away; and, of course, I got some pics. as well.

I got some Pizzas in; not so much because I like them, but because they’re easier to prepare.  In fact, I didn’t have to do anything in that respect  really as Patsy just ‘commandeered’ the oven – which reminds me, I still have to do the bloody washing up!  I really DO need another domestic secretary.  No offence to Patsy as she does an excellent job with the BPOS –  but when it comes to things like feeding people, I’m not so good!

Patsy left at a good 11.30 so I just hope she got back alright as she didn’t have the car this time.

Gareth stayed until about 2.30 saying he was quite happy to get a night bus.

Then Speedqueen and myself just sat up talking until I finally got her a taxi.

So, a good night in all, and, of course, we had some wine to drink.  (By the way Speedqueen, what exactly WAS that wine you brought?  It was a mix between white wine and dry sherry.  And of course, it didn’t help that the bottle was all in Italian!  But I still liked it!).

We talked about organizing some more ‘ghost trips’ –  but not till March when the clocks have gone forward and the weather is warmer.  Need to get some more photographs of haunter sites for the new edition of “Dark Journey” next year – still, that’s a long way off yet  I have to finalise the other book first for this year – that remains the proiority

And so with all that excitement, I shall now walk up the road as a few supplies have got a little low!

For the moment,


Slightly Honoured . . .

Time seems to be racing ahead.  First Christmas was looming; then New Year.  But now, we’re getting into January, and time seems to have slowed down a bit.  Well, not for me! Work-wise things to be racing ahead; in fact, so much so, that its difficult to keep up with them!

Anyway, the first book (the new autobiography) has now been printed, and it won’t be long before that is on the shelves.  Then I’ll start sending copies out to everyone who has ordered them or been promised.  The next book won’t be too far behind, but I’ll keep everyone informed.

On another matter . . .

Listen, Speedqueen,  Are you still alright for that day we arranged?  The others are (its been confirmed now) so please try and get along.  Just phone me – that will do!  They are all looking forward to meeting you, so just be flattered!

Me?  I’m just a little tired trying to meet on-going obligations – but somehow I always manage to.  It’s a really good job us ‘witches’ have been trained to be resilient as under ‘human law’, otherwise I would have given up long ago! 

Other news?  Precious little really.  Been asked to give another Talk in March, and have provisionally accepted because it seems OK.  Venue is just outside London, but not far enough out to be inconvenient.  I can only be slightly ‘honoured’ to be invited like this.  Must mean that some people take notice of what I’m actually saying!

Other less important news:  I went to the door this afternoon and was surrounded by ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses (again).  My name must have somehow remained on their files as a ‘possible subject for Conversion’.  Me, of all people!  But then, I think I was just some person they had listed in their ‘book’.  I don’t think I am intolerant – but on the other hand, I just cannot take to intolerant people.

Its much warmer now.  That ‘cold-snap’ has really gone.  Not before time either!

Till the next time,


I Had No Idea What To Expect . . .

Well, its finally turned a lot warmer, but rain in its place instead.  Heavy rain!  I got drenched unexpectedly,  just walking 25 yards or so from the bank to the supermarket  Yet I prefer that any day to the bitter cold.  Luckily, I had an umbrella – but that didn’t do much good.  Just made everything wet in the bag in the shopping I was getting.  You can’t win!  Anyway, got home and changed my socks, as sandals don’t give much protection.

Well, I saw Speedqueen last night, and we had an enjoyable evening just talking and . . . well, never mind!  She brought me a present, but it wasn’t wrapped in Christmas paper, but a sort of black velvet material!  (The girl’s got taste!).  Anyway, we’ve agreed to meet up again soon; especially as I want to introduce her to Gareth and Patsy.

Now got a copy of the finished book and it looks really good.  I don’t want to give anything away yet.  But I am sure the person who wrote the ‘surprise Introduction’ (or one of them) won’t mind me just quoting this . . .

“I knew David had been very happy in the past to be filmed by student film-makers, and give long interviews for free, to get his side of the story out there.
     Armed with this and a bit of family history, I approached him.
     I had no idea what to expect.
    Would he be the vicious, cruel, Satanist with a penchant for sacrificing domestic pets?
    Would he be the mad eccentric writer who was hiding behind a multitude of identities?
     He turned out to be an extremely polite and soft spoken gentleman, who opened the door to a relative stranger and was both warm and hospitable.
     Sometimes, the truth really can be stranger than fiction” . . .

So, there you have it.  Just one more person who seems to reject all the cruel propaganda which has been circulated about be courtesy of one particular ‘gentleman’ who seems ‘hell bent’ on trying to change my character!

It doesn’t really matter in any event, but I’m not revealing the author’s identity at this stage.  You’ll just have to wait.  And even then, you might be just left to guess!

So, what else?

Well, just mundane things really, such as letters, phone calls, and such-like.  But nothing really of interest.  Us ‘witches’ tend to lead very boring lives sometimes!

For the moment, everyone,


With The Words “David Farrant” . . .

If I’ve been a bit quiet these last few days, its only because of the cold.  I mean, it went from being ‘cold’ to being bitterly freezing,  and its much warmer sitting over the fire than at the computer.  Even a few feet makes a difference in this weather, and on top of that there has not really been that much to say.  Don’t get me wrong; I have still had loads of things to do by day; some of which have meant going out in the bloody cold!  I suppose the good thing is, it won’t last much longer so around the beginning of next week, I’ll try and write more.

Most interest of late has been in the new book though, which you should now all know is completely finished.  Well, I still don’t want to give too much away, but I can tell you that the ut price has been set (all in) at about £15, it has 270 pages with 20 pages of b/w photographs inside. The cover is in black and white; not to save expense actually, but because we thought it looked more ‘nostalgic’.  The title is a secret at this stage, but I can tell you the title is illumed with the words “David Farrant”.  (Well, why not?  I’ve always been a little conceited, and I am the author after all!).
The next book is well on the way to being finished as well, and has a picture of its ‘star’ on the cover.  The title has not yet been finalized but I’ve had several suggestions.  Not sure I’ll take some of them, especially when you get suggestions like . . . “The Confessions of Judas Iscariot”!  It wouldn’t matter so much, but it’s the wrong sex!

So I have been still working, but just shying the cold.  Having that, the flat is a lot cosier now, and is being improved all the time.  The next step is to restore my worktop in the kitchen to its original position –  but that can wait till its warmer.  Got to put some new shelves up as well.  I didn’t realize that I had so much stuff.

Well, its back to the fire again everyone.  Maybe a glass of whiskey later.  I’ve got a good excuse with this cold weather!

For the moment,

David (Farrant)

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