December 2008

Just Taking It Easy . . .

You know,  I don’t really feel like it, but I felt I should write another Blog tonight.  Why?  Because it’s the end of the year, of course!, and a time when I don’t want to be seen as missing out completely on all the celebrations.  Not that anybody will read this until tomorrow, with all the turmoil, but I wouldn’t have completely ‘missed out’.

Looking back in retrospect  (its not midnight yet!) I can honestly say, 2008 was quite a hectic year for myself.  So much work – but luckily, after all the hard work, it seems to have come to fruition.  Or will have done so soon in the early part of 2009.

Going back to 2007; well, that was really a year when treachery and deceit abounded; it was a year of betrayal from a close friend,  although that act only inevitably resulted in their own misery.  I suppose, you could call it Karma,  when what you reap inevitably comes back to you.  It is an independent Law which is out of all human hands, and so no human being can really be blamed for it – only a perpetrator who has put such a Law into operation.

Looking ahead to 2009, I foresee that to be quite a hectic year too (for myself anyway).  I still have to continue with a fair amount of writing, because that is not yet finished. Books and articles to complete, letters to be written, internal arrangements to be made . . . the list is endless!

But regarding tonight, I am just taking it easy.  A quiet night for me because I always ignore such celebrations.  I can enjoy a glass of wine just as much without going to some Club or pub and being subjected to ‘forced New Year’s drinks and/or being covered with paper streamers!  (Don’t mind the New Year’s kiss’s at midnight though – but even so, thought I’d give it all a miss!).

And so, that’s really my New Blog ‘message’.

Nevertheless, enjoy yourselves everyone!


That’s Just Me And Computers

Sorry everyone, but I slightly messed up my “Enfield Coach” ghost article on Christmas Day; as I expect some of you would have noticed!  I took the article from one of the other computers and in the process, lost the menu on the right.  At least, I hadn’t lost it, it had just disappeared to the bottom of the page out of sight because that article had been done in a different formatting on one of the other one’s.  This is what happens sometimes, when you try to work from four different computers.  At least, it is what happens to me being no technical computer expert.  Its not really ‘incompetence ‘cause I did try.  That’s just me and computers!  Anyway its fixed now thanks to . . . well, never mind, its just been fixed!

I actually went out yesterday for a Christmas dinner – or should I say a ‘Boxing Day’ dinner.  I’m not going to say to where, because that’s really nobodies business!    Except maybe mine and theirs!

Anyway, the person piled up a great plate of food for me and said . . . “You’re eating all that, and no nonsense”.  And would you believe?  I did!  But it was really nice food and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Couldn’t hardly move for a bit afterwards though.  But I expect that was because I’m just not used to big meals.  Or being ‘pampered’!  Lovely time though and I don’t regret having a ‘proper day’ off.  (Well, everybody else seems to take days off over Christmas, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy just one of them!).Its so cold again.  But it won’t last forever.  Anyway, my new gas fire is lovely and warm, as Speedqueen can attest to.  The back room is much colder though, probably because its much bigger and there’s no gas there.

Well, that’s Christmas over.  Now we’ve just got the New Year.  And then onto 2009 and a load more work and fun!  Well, I mean, my motto has always been that you can mix work with pleasure;  in fact, if you can’t, there’s not much point in working!  Maybe I have a special point in saying that:  to be honest, I’ve witnessed so many people who dedicate themselves to ‘work’ at the expense – or with the sole motivation – of ‘down-grading’ others,  just to satisfy some particular obsession they might be pursuing.  I think that is quite tragic, really, when you happen to see it happening.  I just thank the good Lord that I am capable of laughing at such things.  Which really comes back to what I said . . . If you have to be dedicated to something – which probably involves material work – at least make it a pleasurable exercise, or just don’t bother to do it!

So then, there you have it!  A little Christmas adventure.  A lovely meal; a refreshing break,  and everything back to normal!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the holiday folks – because its not yet over!

For the moment,


A Little Christmas Ghost Story


Here is a little ghost story seeing as its Christmas.  It isn’t new, but was published in my ghost book “Dark Journey”.  I am repeating it again here in the event a few people might not have yet read it.  Anyway, it saves doing a Blog!

David Farrant



IN ENFIELD OLD TOWN, on the northern outskirts of London,  there have been reports of a spectral black coach drawn by a team of phantom horses that rushes silently down bell lane and suddenly vanishes.
If legend is to be believed, the coach belonged to the evil ‘hanging judge’, Judge Jeffreys, who rides inside – the notori­ous  17th century Lord Chief Justice who believed in
incarcerating and hanging political rebels until his own un­timely death in the Tower of London brought an end to his reign of terror.
These reports of the coach, however, have been forthcom­ing for many years  and it would appear sightings of it are usually at dusk or by night  and that it is invariably  seen trav­elling in a southerly direction.

One of the earlier reports on record relates that in1899, three factory girls from Ponders End on their way home from work witnessed the coach ‘rising out of the ground’ where­upon it sped off noiselessly with featureless passengers who could be seen through the windows. 
In 1912. It was again reported by a lamplighter  who saw it ‘passing through’ a house – presumably one that obstructed its original path.
Of course, it is obviously difficult to check the authenticity of some of the earlier sightings but a first hand report from one local resident that recently came to light gives an unique insight into this phantasm  and  (notwithstanding that this sighting occurred a while ago) provides new details about the Enfield mystery.

Mr David Hanchett (a pensioner who sadly died in De­cember  1992) who lived close to Bell Lane at the time, re­called his encounter with the phantom coach to the author in 1989 and his intriguing account is as follows:
It was an unusually hot and humid summers evening on June 28th 1944 when, at about a quarter to ten whilst he was cycling home, just as he approached the junction of Bell Lane,  (that particular section of Bell Lane having since been re­named Eastfield Road), he noticed an ominous black cloud approaching from the Southwest that was rapidly obscuring the remaining light.
He stopped temporarily to switch on his cycle lights.  It began to drizzle when, to his surprise, he saw two moving lights behind a hedge which bordered  some allotments to the left (now the site of council flats).  These were some way off but, prompted by a sudden feeling of apprehension, he paused to watch, somewhat consoled by the fact that it was probably people walking out late.  The lights got brighter and larger and it was plain that they were approaching the hedge.
The next moment, a tall black box-shaped coach drawn by a team of black horses, rocking silently from side to side with a coachman in the driver’s seat, came ‘straight through’ the hedge and sped parallel to this for some distance before veer­ing off in a gradual curve and disappearing through the gates leading to some old garages which served some cottages standing a hundred feet or so away.  The coach made no sound but an ‘electrical blue light’ surrounded its outline  (in­cluding the wheels which were a foot or so above the ground) and as it passed directly in front of him, a brilliant white light momentarily illuminated the interior to reveal several passen­gers inside.  The driver was wearing a tall black hat and a long whip was attached to a socket at his side.
But this was not quite the end of the story. Apparently, a young boy on a push-bike nearby also witnessed the incident.  He fled, but David Hanchet was sure that he would not have forgotten the occurrence and that if he came forward  (al­though he would now be in his late sixties) he would be able to verify this account.
After the coach had disappeared, Mr Hanchet rode about a hundred yards to Enfield Highway and asked a pedestrian  if he had noticed an ‘unusual coach’ in the vicinity.  This person had seen nothing, but Mr Hanchet noticed that the trolley-bus cables overhead were vibrating wildly and he thought this un­usual as there was virtually no wind and no trolley-buses were in sight.

Anxious to shed further light on this incident, shortly afterwards, Mr Hanchet visited nearby Forte Hall and there he noticed an old map displayed on a wall  that showed an old trckway  and boundary line that ran alongside a field,  denot­ing the exact route that the phantom coach had taken.
Asked about his reaction to what he had witnessed, Mr Hanchet explained that there had been more disbelief than fear, although he remained adamant that he had definitely seen the coach.

In an attempt to discover more about David Hanchest’s experience (and aided by a detailed diagram drawn by him­self), I visited the location where he had seen the coach dis­appear. The garages themselves were no longer there, but a resident of a house in the immediate vicinity remembered the old cottages.
85-year-old Mrs Jessie Hargreaves had resided in the house since it was built in 1952 but said that the cottages themselves had long since been demolished.  She had never seen the coach although her late husband had.  He had been walking home late one night and had seen a coach drawn by black horses travelling down Bell Lane; interestingly enough, in precisely the same location that Mr Hanchet had seen the ghostly coach.

Another report from a resident who lived in the immediate vicinity would appear to verify further the existence of this elusive coach.  Mrs Brenda Guiver was brought up at number two Eastfield Cottages where she lived with her family from 1948 until 1967.
It was Christmas morning in 1957  (she was then nine years old).  She awoke in the early hours and, looking out of the window, she saw a coach and horses which she thought was the Christmas sleigh bringing presents.  Excitedly, she woke her brother and both children distinctly saw the errie outline of a coach as it passed the gates of Albany Park before disappearing from sight down Bell Lane.

Evidence for the existence of Enfield’s phantom coach might well be accumulating by virtue of previously unpub­lished accounts such as these.  In fact, there probably exist many other sightings spanning decades that may never come to light, partly due, perhaps, to the reluctance of some wit­nesses unwilling to risk their personal esteem or credibility.
Yet another report that I followed up might be seen to give further credence to the existence of this ghostly coach; albeit that on the occasion the coach was sighted in an area some two or three miles distant from Bell Lane. It comes from Mrs C. Ellis who describes her experience with few reservations about what she had actually seen.
The year was 1951 and Mrs Ellis – who lived in Lordship Lane at the time – describes a sighting she had in February of that year when she saw a coach clearing visible against the snow gliding silently down the road before it abruptly dis­appeared.

One evening in February 1951 about 8 o’clock  when I was eleven years old and my whole family were in the living room laughing and gossiping and making the usual noise, I went over to the window to gaze at the snow which was falling heavily.  It was so thick that that it came almost level to the kerb.  Cars were few and far between then, and everything was so silent and so white, it was  beautiful. I was only there about five minutes when this coach appeared from nowhere, but it was so plain to see.  It was white with gold trimmings and the horses were slender and they were white too. There was a man sitting on top, he wore a red coat and black top-hat.  That is all I saw; it was going at such a fast speed.  I pressed my cheeks sideways against the window and just saw the rear wheels disappear.  Even at that age  I felt that something was not quite right but, although I told everyone I was not believed as there were no trackmarks in the snow . . .”
This sighting, whilst occurring occurring about 2 miles away from the common haunt of the Enfield coach, should not nec­essarily assumed to be an entirely different phenomenon.
Of course, the question remains open to debate, but in many of my past writings on this subject, (and as already stated) I have pointed out that a fact often overlooked when investigating psychic phenomena, is that many apparitions – be they of objects, animals or people – are subject upon certain conditions to bring about or aid their materialisation, an im­portant one being the element of water.

But another important factor in the ‘psychic equation’ should not be overlooked here.  For it is possible – in fact, highly probable – that many ghostly apparitions are dependent upon the presence of ley lines to aid their materialisation  and that ‘they’ can travel along the course of these to lines and appear at different locations upon them, to be subsequently witnessed by unsuspecting people. 

Briefly:  ley lines are invisible – yet potent – lines of energy  that criss-cross the earth’s surface connecting many ancient sits and monuments; or it would be more correct to say, that many ancient monuments – such as Abbeys, churches and stone circles – were constructed directly upon them. 

This is not to imply that all cases of psychic phenomena are dependent upon the presence of ley lines to aid their mate­rialisation, but it does mean that many cases of psychic phe­nomena  (and I believe this to be the case with the spectral coach witnessed at Enfield) or ‘active apparitions’ could in­deed prove to be no more than non-intelligent images or re­flections of past events that have somehow become ‘caught’ in these fields of energy to be intermittently ‘replayed’ as shad­ows of their original forms.

The mystery of Enfield’s phantom coach is, of course, an old one and in the absence of scientific fact to explain its ap­pearances – like so many cases of unexplained phenomena – will probably remain as romantic legend , with sceptics branding potential witnesses as being over-imaginative or misguided.

That much might be true in accordance with a scientific line of reasoning.  But then it should perhaps be remembered, that many cases of ghostly phenomena cannot simply be ex­plained away as ‘unsolved fact’, when so many rational people (many of whom are not even involved in the field of psychical research) attest so frequently to their actual validity.

That’s One Thing You Could Say . . .

A friend phoned me earlier.  She wanted to wish me a ‘Happy Christmas’ in lieu of tomorrow and asked if I was going to write anything on my Blog.  ‘About what?’, I asked,  ‘because I really don’t feel like writing anything at the moment’.  ‘But its Christmas’, she reminded me, ‘so you could write something’.  ‘Well, I didn’t intend to’, I told her.  ‘There’s just really nothing I can think of to say at the moment’.

I meant, of course, that everything is so quiet at the moment – at least during the holiday – and I just didn’t want to ‘force write’ anything.

She said . . . ‘Well you could just write about how you remember Christmas as a child; that’s one thing you could say’.

Well, quite honestly, I think that would be a bit boring! But as you asked sweetheart, here is a general memory of it . . . Its only a very general one, as quite honestly, all years felt particularly the same.

It would be from the early 1950’s mainly, when I was still quite young;  yet old enough to remember distinct impressions.

Christmas days were all more-or-less the same.  The house was full of people from nearby and a few of them shared dinner from a huge table.  I remember the turkey being sliced up (its poor spirit have long since departed to the ‘turkey heaven’!) and people nattering with the usual social talk. The crackers would be pulled and adults would giggle at the childish gifts inside them.  There would be the endless Christmas drinks (mainly sherry, red wine and port mainly) but these were strictly for the adults and any children were confined to bottles of ‘pop’ or ‘still’ fruit juice.  Then, of course,  there was the afternoon session with 78 records being shared on an old radiogram and even people dancing if any sounds happened to be to ‘smoochy’!.

Everybody had a good time though, amidst all the commotion.

That was it mostly.  But personally, I always preferred Christmas Eve, to the actual day itself.

I remember, the house itself was huge and old, but every room had a coal-fire which all gave out some heat when one or more were going.  My father often used to turn the lights down, as the flames themselves provided more than sufficient light.  But that made it very cozy.  Christmas may have been looming, but on Christmas Eve’s, it seemed to take such a long time to actually ‘get there’.

I remember our dog often used to go to sleep in front of a lit fire; stretched out on the hearth rug although sleep patterns hadn’t been invented.  Sometimes there was a piece of ‘rouge coal’ that would ‘explode’ sending him quivering to the other side of the room.  Everybody laughed, but he looked mournfully back as if to say (or rather think)  “Don’t laugh at me, you must behave known that piece of coal was going to explode’!  Of course, we didn’t.  But that was one of the ‘hazards’ of the old open coal-fires.

But it was nice once cuddled up in bed.  The flames used to cast flickering shadows all over the room and these almost hypnotized you top sleep sometimes.  But this was usually the case in winter months.  Christmas Eve was always special though, as there was always the prospect of presents in the morning.  But then, of course, the prospect of that long day with a house filled with chattering people!  But I always liked Christmas Eve the most.

Happy now, sweetheart?!  Because that’s all I can really think to say about that!

Be happy, everyone,

For the moment,


You’ll Just Have To Wait! . . .

Well, the Winter Solstice and the time of the original ‘Christmas’ in the Old Religion.  It was a time when ancient people celebrated the final end of the darkness into the birth of light of the new year: a celebration when holly and fir trees were revered as being symbolic of life everlasting (or ‘evergreen’).

Of course, it is known that the early Church ‘stole’ this date and attributed to the birth of Christ; although most scholars agree that Jesus was not actually born until the end of January.  Still, I suppose this matters little.  Really, Jesus’  message remains the same at whatever time He may have been born.  So the point itself is really just academic.

It really has been much warmer again today and I’ve been sorting through a load more stuff which I still have not unpacked from all the boxes yet.  If nothing else when its finished, I’ll have a much better idea of where everything is.

On another note, pleased to tell you that all my ‘fall’ bruises have gone now.  Completely.  You wouldn’t even know they’d been there!  It was a bit embarrassing a few days ago to keep getting all those attentive looks!

On the book (which is now finished):  Gareth’s Introduction reads fine.  I just let him write it, by the way – I didn’t tell him what to say.  As a matter of fact, I don’t really care what people may say about me; but its always obviously better to have opinions from objective people as opposed to those motivated by malice.  But here’s the surprise . . . Another person (actually a close friend of mine) asked me if they could write something as they felt they had something to say.  I said ‘fine’ but I only asked that they did not touch on Alison as I felt only I could really do that and anything else would really only have amounted to just more speculation.  They agreed, and so I now have two Introductions which adds yet more pages to the book. But you’ll just have to wait though to see who it is!

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us (or rather ‘commercialised Christmas for most) and it was brought home to me in the store earlier today.  Most people were buying Turkeys, Christmas puddings, nuts and so on.  Then when I went home there was some guy struggling with a giant Christmas tree which was so heavy, he had to keep stopping!  It was quite funny really: more to see people almost ‘hypnotized’ by the ‘Christmas spirit. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with people enjoying themselves.  I just think it a shame (which I have clearly stated before) that people – or many people – cannot feel the same goodwill towards others all year round.

And with that everyone, I will finish now.  The book may be completed but I have many other things to do.

For the moment’


Talk Went Well

Well,  my Talk went well earlier this evening.  It was only local so much less of a problem, considering  my ‘wounds’ of a few days back   Its turned a lot warmer, so that helped too.  I mean, I don’t mind going out so much.

Anyway, it was well received.  Almost an empathy between the audience and myself.  It was only in a religious Community hall but there were quite a few people there.  I only ‘skimped over’ matters relating to vampires.  How can you talk about things that you know don’t even exist – although I am expected to do so, so often.  And I said so!

So after 10 minutes or so, I said . . . “Is there anything you want to ask me about related matters?”.

Several suggestions, until one girl said . . . “Can you tell us, do you believe in God?”

And so it went from there.  But I’m not going to summarise it all here.  I understand that the Talk (which was recorded) is being  used in their next Community magazine so I might quote some extracts here when its published next month.  But all in all, a good night, and none of the questions at the end were ‘hostile’.

Somebody gave me a lift, and I was back home in less than 10 minutes.

I just wish all my Talks could be so easy!

Aside from that, things have been fairly quiet.  By that I mean, not as hectic as usual.  Should add, that at the end, I was offered a couple of glasses of wine; which somewhat disproves the theory that Methodists are not allowed to drink!


I just went to nibble at a Pizza.  I  don’t particularly like Pizza’s, but somebody left it.  The wine and the fresh air has obviously made me hungry!  Well, I opened a bottle of wine while I was at it, I must admit.

Well, things should certainly slow down a little now, what with everyone having ‘Christmas fever’!  Its only today week but I’ll be really glad when its over.  I’m by no means caught in the rush; I just think Christmas has become so commercialized generally, and lost its true meaning.

For example, all the merchandise with its accompanying advertising with shop keepers just out to make a profit.  And then, all the Christmas cards sent to everybody in sundry – sometimes, people we only remember just once a year.

Personally, I have made it known that I don’t want to receive any Christmas cards.  I never send any either, unless it is to people who are special.  That is different because at least it has some genuine meaning.

And so, with another Talk out of the way, I leave you for now.  Apart from which, I’m still partially recovering from the intense – but amiable – Talk I gave a little earlier.

For the moment,


Book Cover Is Finished

Not a long Blog today, I just don’t really feel like it.  Didn’t get to bed until 2 on Sunday afternoon (after having been up the whole of the night before) but slept right through until 8 this morning.  Not bad, 18 hours continuous sleep – for me anyway.  I suppose I’d better tell you, but just before I went to bed, I tripped into the door  downstairs.  And no, I wasn’t drunk, so sorry to disappoint my critics!  I suppose it was just a combination of no sleep, and overworking,  and not taking enough trouble to avoid any pressure on my bad foot.  Anyway, there was a sudden jolt of pain and I lost balance and crashed into the door downstairs.  It must have made quite a noise as a guy downstairs came up to ask if I was OK.  I was sitting on the stairs at this stage, half stunned or rather half knocked out.

“Yes, I’m Ok”, I told him, “Or will be in a minute.  Who put that door there?!

“You don’t look OK”,  he said. “You know there’s blood all down your face”.

I touched the pain in my cheek, and sure enough there was blood.  Not much, but enough to confirm I’d hit the door with some considerable force.

So I decided to go to bed realizing that it was just the body’s way of telling me it had had enough!

I was just about falling asleep, when there 5 distinct raps on the wardrobe door.  The light was off and the curtains drawn so it was pretty dark.  I just told ‘it’ to go away as I was very tired and I turned over and went to sleep.

Its not the first time this has happened actually.  The other night when Gareth was here (about 10) the door just opened by itself quite distinctly and you just knew this wasn’t due to any wind.  You should have seen Gareth’s face; it was a picture!

Well, I had to go up the road this afternoon, and had a proper chance to examine my face.  The force had taken some skin off, and I couldn’t really disguise it.  So I just went out and tried to ignore it..  Well, I did ignore it but several other people noticed.  So there you are.  One injured ‘witch’ with quite a tender head!

But there was some good news just before this.  I was emailed the finished book cover, and it looks really good.  Even got a bar code inscribed at the bottom, though I understand I still have to get this registered before it can work.  Around £30, or something.  I’ll certainly be worth it for shops; although mail orders don’t really matter.

What else is there?  Well, nothing really, as if that’s not enough!

Going to have a quiet night tonight.  Think I deserve it!

For the moment,


Only That . . .

I was thinking earlier about this, that, and the other, half contemplating whether to write anything, when I suddenly realized it was Sunday.  Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, except the day itself  has always tempted me to get onto religion: or at least,  reflect it in my writings.  Appropriately, I reflected mainly  upon some ‘religious issues’ (which I have written about in the near past) that I felt quite strongly about;: mainly about the existence of that Divine Principle – or God – and people who attended  different Churches from all various denominations, to worship Him.

I was not criticising anybody personally, only saying basically, that God could be worshipped outside Churches as well as inside them, with the same dedication attached to such worship.

And I still say that.  I am not changing anything that I said – not one iota – which was basically that God was freely available to everybody, of what ever particular religion, but that He could be worshipped anywhere, not necessarily only in a particular Church.

That’s  all I was really saying. Only that.  But the problem is, some people took this personally, and considered my words applied directly to themselves.  They (my words) did not; when in fact, I had been stating such an assertion long before many of my ‘modern critics’ were even born!  But having said that, a handful of people took exception to my observations and thought I was  ‘singularing them out’ for some sort of individual criticism.

In fact, I was not (although I suppose you could say . . . if the ‘particular cap fits, wear it’),  but human nature can be strange when it comes to religion!  They can feel that any remarks that may be seen to counteract their own particular faith are ‘blasphemous’; little realizing that God makes little,  or no, distinction between genuine people who set out to worship Him.  But that’s all I was really saying.  Only I think some people missed the real point. 

The point is, of course, that God is really Infinite Being whose very essence is compassion and Love.  It is only human beings who believe that God in some way ‘sits in Judgment’ over evil, when the only ‘evil’ ever possible, can only originate from human beings.  There is no other source for ‘evil’,  just that.  It is the human mind that invariably promotes evil – and such evil only ‘punishes itself – but God, or Divine Principle –  never has anything to do with it.

Well, its still slightly warmer today, but not much!  I walked through the Woods tioday inbetween the rain, and even the animals seemed to notice the horrible winter.  The squirrels were long since hibernating, but the birds were scare and seemed to be sheltering in their winter nests in the trees.

They’re probably just waiting for Spring – like I am!

For the moment,


More Than A Bit Of Trouble

Dare I say it but its actually a bit milder; and it looks like staying like that over the next week.  My ‘witch powers’ in progress?  No!  I snatched a quick look at the BBC weather  forecast on the computer.  Won’t be quite warm yet, but at least no more of those near freezing nights.  That affects me perhaps more than most people as sometimes I stay up writing into the early hours.

Talking of which, Gareth has switched his day back to Friday again this week (today), although there’s only a few technical ‘bits and pieces’ left to do on the new autobiography – then on to finishing the next one!

You know, I predict that this next book is going to cause more than a bit of trouble when it hits the shelves next year.  And I mean ‘Trouble’ with a big ‘T’!  Well, its caused trouble before its even hit the shelves, so God alone knows what will happen when its made fully public.  I expect to get the usual threats and ultimatums,  but then I shall only be sticking to the true facts, so don’t really care.

What my potential critics cannot really grasp, is that this next book only had to be written because of malicious and untrue stories being persistently made public about myself in the first place.  That always seems to be conveniently forgotten!

What else?  Well I forgot to shave again yesterday (and still haven’t yet!).  Well I didn’t actually forget; I remembered, but it was too damn cold!  Will later.

There’s something else while I remember; people keep emailing me to ask when the second UTube film will be released.  We have been working on it, but the cold and the books have obviously slowed it down a little.  But it will be released soon.  Maybe not this side3 of  Christmas, but not long after.  We will have a ‘special guest’ in the next one (well, maybe more than one!), so please be patient good people!

I see that new ‘vampire’ film has caused a bit of a stir.  I did see the trailer for it on UTube, but quite honestly, it is nothing like the real thing.  Its not as if they were not aware of events as they really happened as the director of it consulted me last summer.  But it seems they just chose to take a different ‘angle’.  More along the lines of “The Blair Witch Project”, if you ask me.  (Had to bring sex into it though, didn’t they!?).

They (the landlords) finally fitted me a fridge yesterday.  Yesterday, of all days!  I’m sure it was just coincidental, as even the milk didn’t need one!  Maybe they’re trying to tell me something, I don’t know.  Or more likely it was just a coincidence.

And with that everyone, I will conclude.  Something’s bound to happen over the weekend, and be assured, I’ll let you know!

But for the moment,


She Said She Was Concerned . . .

Saw Gareth last night.  Few final things to do to the new book.  He couldn’t come on Friday again so I had that evening off.

But was quite a hectic weekend, what with one thing and another.  On top of that I ‘messed’ my sleep patterns up, or rather ‘non-sleep patterns’.  I guess part of the problem is, I have never had any respect for the laws of ‘man-made’ time, which doesn’t help.

Well, I can certainly say that I’m not a ‘creature of habit’, and I certainly abhor petty rules and regulations.

As an example, I got on a bus last week holding an unlit cigarette when I showed the driver my pass.  “You can’t smoke that on here – it’s a thousand pound fine”.  “I know”, I said.  “But you can’t get fined if its not alight!”.  Some people behind me laughed.  But  I really didn’t think it was funny.  Such mentality!  I mean, I could understand if its was alight, but it must have been obvious I didn’t intend to smoke it!

Anyway, human non-intelligence aside:  I have to go out later to get some food in the place (knowing my luck, I’ll get the same driver!).  I didn’t even realize until I went into the kitchen and realized there was nothing to put in it!  Its probably because a friend was lecturing me on the phone about not eating enough. She said she was concerned because I never kept my promise to eat a proper meal and that I really needed somebody to ‘look after me’!  I just told her that nobody would put up with me as I was too set in my ‘non-ways’.  “Well, I have to”, she said.  And with that I tried to change the subject!

I don’t want to sound repetitious, but it really is bloody cold again.  Although the back room has now been complexly redecorated, its really too big to keep warm properly.  The front room isn’t so bad because it’s a little smaller and there’s gas in there; but the problem is,  I have to use the back room as well as there’s still so much stuff in there to get sorted.

But I open a bottle of wine by the gas fire now.  If anybody is wondering about the beer; well, it’s a bit too cold to enjoy a beer at the moment.  That’s a warm weather drink really.

So, with little other news other than that, I suppose I’d better get ready for my outing before the darkness sets in.  Not to mention any ice!

For the moment,


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