November 2008

THAT I Did Mind!

Well,  I’ve got a ‘Gareth free night’ this evening as he’s going to a meeting with his group.  I know its an important one and a ceremony is involved; but I guess at least it’s a little warmer!  Anyway,  I can’t do much on the new book now as its all written but I’ve still got the next one to finish.  So I thought I’d take a couple of days off and get back to that ‘fresh’ again on Monday.  Still got some more documentation to find to go with that, but I can do that tomorrow.

       An important phone call to make overseas later, but other than that ‘I’m free’!  – for the moment anyhow.

       I hurt my back again last night.  Went to sit in the chair, and it just collapsed (and ‘no’, I wasn’t drunk!).  There was just a big ‘snap’ and the main frame split in the middle and suddenly I was on the floor after banging my head on the wardrobe.  I didn’t mind that so much but the small table behind me was also knocked over spilling a glass of wine on the new carpet.  THAT I did mind as it was red wine and needed sponging up immediately.  Problem is, I could hardly move as I’d landed on my spine, in the very place I’d already displaced the vertebrae which is causing the problem with my walking.  Anyway, after about half and hour, I managed to get up although in quite some considerable pain.  It was okay lying still, but not trying to walk.  But I knew the quickest way to heal it was to make myself keep moving (which I did) as I didn’t want to cancel our ghost trip on Sunday (which I’m not doing).  Anyway, enough of that.  Its much better today (apart from a massive bruise) and I’ll be okay tomorrow.

       I should have been more careful with that bloody chair as I knew it was very ‘wonky’ at the best of times!

       Oh! Its alright Speedqueen,  I’ll still be seeing you next week as well!

       But apart from that, everything has been fairly quiet.   The house is much warmer now, now that its all been re-plastered. And that’s something as well.

       Some more book orders in the post in the post yesterday, so I have to get on with packaging those up as well.

       So, still in slight pain, but aside from that still active, I leave you with a slightly shorter Blog.

       For the moment,


I Kid Thee Not!

Its very slightly warmer – but not too much.

Anybody reading the replies here will have gathered we have another ‘ghost trip’ planned for this Sunday.  We cancelled the same one (I mean to the same locations) last weekend because the weather took a turn for the worse.  I will tell you about it afterwards – at least, some of it depending on what happens.

Caught up with a few letters this afternoon, but haven’t posted them yet (land mail one’s).

Speedqueen indeed phoned me up last night, and we’ve made our meeting for next week.  Not that it is anybodies’ business but a couple of people keep asking me about it.  But ‘no’ Mark, we have no ‘marriage  plans’, so please DON’T  start printing that in your mag!  She’d probably half kill you for you thing; and if she didn’t, I would!  No, we’re just meeting for a drink and a chat, that’s all.

Talking of meetings, I have been invited to give another talk near Reading next March.  Provisionally I’ve said ‘yes’.  Probably mainly because they want me to expand my explanations on Consciousness which the people had taken the trouble to copy.  Well, that is really my favourite subject and it would be good to get away from talking about ‘vampires’!  And I love a challenge; especially if I happen to be talking to skeptics

I’ve got to get up the road shortly, got to get some stamps for these letters for one thing. For another,  I don’t have enough cigarettes to last until morning.  But at least its not wet or slppery.Bit cold last night.  Looking for a hot water  bottle, but couldn’t find it anywhere.  Too cold to keep looking really so in the end I just ‘braved it’.  Its probably got thrown out.  Either that or some visitor took it.  No, I’m not kidding.  I actually knew a middle-aged woman who had a ‘hot water bottle fetish’ .  I kid thee not!.

Got one more letter to write for a guy downstairs when I get back, then have to get back to more writing.  But I’ll have enough cigarettes, and I suppose I’d better get some food

Well, no use sitting here delaying it.  So out into the cold!.

For the moment,


First Things First

Well I’m pleased to tell you everyone that as from today, the new book is finished.  When I say ‘finished’ I am talking about the written text, but there is still work to do regarding the cover, pictures, etc.  I guess you could say the main part is finished; I mean, the actual writing of it.  Its been hard work and taken many long hours (often though most of some nights) but all been worth it.  I suppose it has helped considerably that I’m such a good writer!  and can put down what I want to convey without wasting time over that.

The pictures have all been sorted but have yet to be copied to disc as these will be going onto glossy paper.  The bar code is being sorted out and there will be about 270 pages.  Then of course there’s flyers to go out to bookshops and impatient people who keep bombarding us with emails about it.  That looks set to cost a small fortune in postage but all well worth it as that has been accounted for in the selling price.

And then . . . on to finish the next one which looks like having even more pages.  Luckily, I’ve been working on that at the same time so that is about three quarters done.  But first things first.  First this one!

We were scheduled to go on another ‘ghost trip’ today, but decided to postpone that until next weekend.  There will be Patsy, her husband, Gareth, myself and possibly a surprise guest.  I’m not saying more than that except she’s a female.  And I will be sitting next to her in a nice warm car  and keeping her well away from Gareth!  I know Patsy’s looking forward to meeting her so I just hope she can make either Saturday or Sunday next weekend.  We’ll see.Anyway, this has meant I had a well earned day off today with nothing really pressing to do; which is one reason I’m writing this.That other talk next week, so I hope it warms up for that.  Well they are arranging a taxi for me there and back, so not really so bad.

Unfortunately, the new book won’t be finished in time to sell there, but it doesn’t really matter.  Plenty of other material! And so on that note,  I shall leave you all for now.  Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.  Which should leave you plenty of scope!

For the moment,


The Film Was On . . .

I’m not going back to doing a Blog every day, but as I had a spare evening yesterday, thought I could just fit that new book extract in for you (which published  almost ‘smoothly’ except the font was slightly too small.  Well, I did say I’d be doing another Blog Thursday and as I have now seen the film showing, thought this would be an appropriate time.

The film was on the whole history of the Highgate/Muswell Hill areas and, perhaps needless to say, my part involved talking about the so-called Highgate vampire.

The film had its first showing on Tuesday and was well-received (not just because I was in it, I hasten to add!).  It was very well made, and even told me some things I didn’t know about the area.  I knew Muswell Hill was named after a couple of ‘sacred wells’ on a (then) nearby hillside but hadn’t realized the original name for one of these was “Mossy Well” – which is obviously where the name “Muswell” derived from..  (You live and learn!).

I had not realized either, that famous Alexandra Palace (built by Queen Victoria and supposed ‘cursed’) was used as an Internment centre in 1941 for ‘unlisted immigrants’ during World War 2.

There was stuff about the old over-line steam track which ran from Alexander Palace into Finsbury Park  (a ‘gate-way’ from suburbia into the City).

I did know that infamous serial killer,. Denis Neilson, used to live just around the corner from me (which raised a few laughs!) but not that he was eligble for Parole in some 20 years time or so!  Somehow, I don’t think he’ll get it!

And then, there was just ‘little ‘ol’ me’ talking about ghosts and ‘vampires’ , speaking from my newly decorated back room.  Still, I won’t bore you all with that as sure you’ve heard most of it before.

The film will be doing its rounds around Youth Clubs,  Day and Evening Centres, and Church Community centres in North London. 

A little funny bit . . .  as we were waiting for the ‘encore’ a person (who shall remain unnamed) came up behind me and remarked that he expected I’d be ‘taking autographs, afterwards’.  I replied ‘no’ and was sitting at the back so I could remain unnoticed and similarly slip out afterwards.

Shortly after that, however, all such hopes were dashed when the person introducing the film told people that I was in the audience.  All heads turned back, and I was embarrassed before the thing even started!

But it was a very well-made film, and I feel quite honoured to have been a part of it.

So, that’s all for now everyone as I have to get back to finalizing the new book.

For the moment,


And There Was More

Well, I didn’t go to the Pagan meeting with Gareth this evening.  Its slightly cold but that’s not the reason.  They have stopped you smoking in the big room upstairs, now and I’ll be damned if I’ll be restricted like that.  Wouldn’t matter so much if the Summer as I could just take my beer outside.  So sorry everyone there, you’ll just have to miss me.
 So with some unexpected time, thought I put up that book extract.  Having said that, I’ve copied it from the other computer, so if anything goes wrong with the font, you’ll know why!
 Anyway, its about the time I was expelled from the private school in Weymouth in  . ..  (guess!!)
I’d already been ‘half kicked out’ by being forced to board at their Junior School for dating girls out of bounds.  Then I refused to get my hair cut well . . . that  really did it!!
 Here it is (I hope!)
For the moment,



Though while my interest in the supernatural and another existence had taken a definite turn towards an active interest as opposed to the fascinated awe towards such things in my childhood I realized that I none-the-less remained a partial captive of my physical surroundings; more especially when I was drawn back into the physical world by petty mundane everyday tasks and obligations.
         But I basically remained immune, and I also discovered a real pleasure in disrupting the squalid rules and regulations that I saw as contributing towards such an environment.
One of my favourite past-times, or means of escape, was to arrange secret dates with girls from a nearby comprehensive school, and, joined by just one or two of the other boys, wed smooch in the bushes that surrounded the school playing field.  Wed giggle and feel prohibited flesh; like naughty children revelling in the shreds of respectability that wed dared to violate.  I had no conscience, knowing I was doing nothing wrong, although the scandal and rumours that swept the school gave me more than good reason to keep doing it!  I did not stop these clandestine meetings, only was just more careful with the venue and found places outside of the school grounds to foil many of the other boys who were bent on my capture.
         Most of these Judass were either moral bigots or just inwardly jealous, but they would have turned me in at the slightest opportunity.
         But perhaps the most offended by these unheard of atrocities was the headmistress herself.  A staunch and conservative Christian, she eventually demoted me to board at the Junior school about a quarter of a mile away a distance I had to walk twice a day to attend the regular Senior school lessons.  I felt decidedly out of place as most of the Junior school inmates were at least five or six years younger than me.  Perhaps the only advantage of this peculiar situation was that the children were too young to really harass me, or even understand the situation.
         The school was run by a Mr. Berry and his young wife who were kind and sympathetic to my plight, and although they never said so in so many words (almost certainly because of their position), I sensed they both found the situation both incredulous and amusing.
         In fact, I had many long conversations with Mr. Berry himself about the complexities of life and living which he understood with great perception and ability.  Courteous and understanding, I just did not have the heart to carry my vendetta into his school.  He was one of the few people I had come to know who understood that my reputation had really been formulated by bigoted principles which he did not necessarily agree with.
          As it turned out, my stay at the school was not destined to last much longer and a dramatic event shortly afterwards resulted in my being expelled from the school.
         This occurred in early July, less than three weeks before the end of term.  One day I was approached in class by the headmaster of the Senior school and, in front of astonished pupils and an equally surprised teacher, ordered me to leave lessons and go out and get a hair cut.  This was certainly prompted by my refusal the previous evening to go back to the senior school to get a hair cut by the visiting barber.
         I said nothing, but left in apparent obedience, though once past the school gates I doubled back in the other direction.  I walked to the beach and lay amongst the sun-drenched rocks; in half a mind to run away, but in fact, past the point of really caring.  London was a long way off and besides, I quite enjoyed staying at the Junior school and the peaceful attitude of Mr. Berry.  Yet at the same time, I realised that Id eventually have to go back and, without the required short back and sides, face a confrontation that could only really result in yet more tragedy.  I had no desire to invite the latter but, on the other hand, I was equally determined not to get my hair cropped to the insidious level of my zombie-like companions.  It was my hair and if I chose to let it grow (it should be remembered that in 1961 it was completely unheard of for schoolboys and young men to have long hair; it was not supposed to grow over your collar), nobody had any right to instruct me otherwise.
         I decided to force a show-down, and after a care-free day on the beach, I returned to the senior school and was there confronted by an out-raged Mrs. Crocker.  She was apparently more concerned about my hair than the fact that Id run away for the day.  She pointed out the seriousness of my offence and asked me to consider the bad example I was setting to the other boys.  She added that apart from this, long hair was dirty as well as being a health risk.  Id been trying to keep a straight face but these words brought an unavoidable smile to my face (I couldnt help wondering how she’d neglected to apply this to women), and she then said I must go and report to the headmaster.
         I did, but in his study I again refused to obey the order.
         Furious at such unheard of defiance, I was warned of the ultimate consequence of degrading the schools good name (I knew he was also referring to the meetings with the girls although he had no actual proof of that and this was not mentioned), and he gave me a final choice between acceptance and the humiliating act of expulsion.
         Naturally I chose the latter.  I had been given some three weeks grace until the end of term, but I didnt really care.  The Junior school was like a mini hotel and besides, at last Id been given a chance to have some say in my future.

From the new book by David Farrant  titled . . . (guess again!!)

What Will Turn Up Next!?!

Thought I do a Blog this evening as I’ve actually got some time on my hands for a change.  Well, not only that but I don’t have much time before Thursday now. An appointments tomorrow (at least I always make them in the afternoon!) plus more filming later; that local event Tues,  then Wed that Pagan event (maybe). But its nice to be able to just relax.  And I had a very relaxing evening as well yesterday.

I have been told to put up one more short new book extract up here as its now getting so close. Well, mine is not to ‘reason why’ and when certain people have helped me so much, it’s the least I can do.  But it can wait till Thursday as I’ve got to find a ‘new’ bit that will be suitable.

I didn’t get up till 4 today, and by the time I had made some tea and found a shirt I wanted, the daylight had almost gone!  No, its not ‘laziness’ ‘cause I didn’t get to bed until about 6 this morning.

Having a bit of a sort out, and its amazing what you find.  I actually found the original of “New Witchcraft” No 4 which I feared had disappeared for ever!  But its found its way back so maybe Fate is trying to tell me something!  Seriously though, am glad I found it as it really is a classic.  What will turn up next?!?

That reminds me, I’ve still got to wash my hair tonight for the filming and don’t want to leave everything till the very last minute.  One of my pet hates is having to rush; especially when you don’t have to.

What else?.  I forgot to tell you.  Had a letter from the Tax Office last week asking me to declare my ‘income’.  “Somebody” might have been on to them giving them false information.  Well, the letter had a ‘normal’ land number on it (I don’t dial 0845 or 0870 prefixed numbers out of principle) so I phoned.  Really ‘catty’ woman.  I won’t repeat it all here, but basically I told her I was not prepared to ‘declare’ anything.  She said I was – I said I wasn’t.  She then got mildly threatening and so I said (something like) . . . ” Look love, I’m NOT trying to tell you your job.  But you shouldn’t even be in your job if you haven’t got the intelligence to realize that people don’t have to pay VAT on books or newspapers”.  She said that’s not what she meant.  I said it was what I meant as I didn’t have any other income than that.  She said they’d be getting back in touch.  I told her not to bother as they’d just get the same answer.  I added that my private life was my affair and none of her business.

I don’t know.  Some bloody people!   Talk about ‘intelligence’, or lack of it.  I’m far too busy to be bothered with all that nonsense.

Well, its now quarter to nine, and I think time to open another bottle of wine.  Good thing I stocked up yesterday as somehow I seem to have lost a day somewhere!

For the moment,


Just A Disciple Of Life . . .

Great deal more work done on the book last night (thanks to Gareth), now there’s only a couple of chapters left.  The cover is nearly finished and I’m getting a bar code put on it (and the next one) this time.  Pics. all been selected, I think I said 20 pages of them.

K coming over later so she’ll be pleased.  Got another surprise for her as well.

Think I said, stair carpet has all been laid wall to wall now (with underlay) and you can hardly hear yourself walking on the stairs.  More like ‘floating’ now!

The place is almost finished now, except I’ve got to buy another mirror for the front room.  Probably do that Monday, if I get round to it. Only be a cheap one though as ‘us witches’ have no regard for ‘material luxuries!  Though I can appreciate beauty in human beings though!

Another ‘ghost trip’ planned for next weekend.  Confirmation expected tonight.  Not far – some 35 – 35 – 40 miles.  Tell you about it afterwards.

Well, as Barbara pointed out in her last reply its all ‘fun and games’ on the Highgate site.  Mostly the usual; ‘him’ pretending not to be himself as usual.  Thanks again Agent 374, I would have missed that.  Probably because I don’t go chasing people all over the Net like he does.  I of course know your true identity ‘x’, and haven’t forgotten I owe you an email.  I forgot to say if you want any pictures for the new site, just email the Webmaster (or is it the Webmistress – you never know!) at the main Web address and he/she will send them to you.

Got this local event this week, then the other Talk soon after that..  I’ll tell you about those afterwards as well.

Gareth has invited me to some Pagan meeting on Wednesday evening so I might also go to that.  I know I’ve said this before, but just because I go to such meetings does not mean that I am a Pagan or anything else.  I really do value my self-identity too much to adopt any such labels.  If some people like to think I’m one, then that’s really their problem, not mine.  But I often get people trying to ‘label’ me in some way.  I remember in some student video I made back in 1998, I was pressed to describe myself.  I answered that I was ‘just a disciple of life’.  And I guess that’s still the best was to describe it!

Well, its nearly time for a glass of wine now.  You know that is really  still a classic . . . when somebody tried to imply I was an ‘alcoholic’ – or that my doctor (bles her!) so described me.  That still makes me laugh, when all I had done was to show the person a note from my doctor I needed to get my bus pass renewed (it was).  Gosh, the mentality of some people!

So, on that I will ‘love and leave you’.  And I hope those of you with any sense, will share a glass of wine with me.

Until later,


Can You Imagine That!?

Its turned cold again, and you all know how I hate the cold!  Maybe I’m just not ‘fat enough’ but it seems to go right through me.  Quite apart from that, I’m having to wear sandals at the moment (because of my foot) which doesn’t exactly help the temperature.

But apart from moaning about the English climate, I am OK.  A lot of people a lot worse off than myself and at least I’ve got a roof over my head (and one which does not leak anymore!).

So, what’s news?  Nothing really – at least nothing too significant.  Two public events coming up almost imminently now, but nothing I can’t handle without any preparation.  This is really true, actually.  I never prepare for talks or anything like that – I don’t have to when all the facts are in my head.  Of course, there’s always the very human inclination to sensationalise or exaggerate things (especially when it comes to such things as ‘ghosts’!) but then there’s really no need to; all that’s necessary to do really, is just tell the truth.  People can then just ‘take it or leave it’; whatever, it then becomes their problem, not mine.

Talking of which, I made a very useful contact at the Kensington Talk I did on Oct 30th for Halloween.  I met a guy there who was a book publisher (his own company) and he approached me afterwards to say he was interested in the next book.  Said he’d like to take 50 copies for sale and distribution as he’d seen how popular my other books had been on the Internet.  I offered to deliver them ‘sale or return’, but he said to just send him an invoice as he knew these would go.

I forgot it really, but he phoned me this afternoon to confirm the publication date (which I obviously told him). That was a bit of good news; especially as it coincided with the moment I was right in the middle of one of the last chapters!

Didn’t really feel hungry today, but I managed to buy some ‘reduced muck’ from the store.  It was horrible!  But I made myself eat it.  I just get funny when it comes to food.  My usual policy is, if I’m not hungry, I just don’t eat.  But I suddenly realized today that I’d had nothing substantial for about 4 days, so I thought I’d better buy something.  Well, the packet didn’t look too bad, but when I tasted it, it was awful!

And that’s all the boring news, really.  Book nearly finished; then its just finishing off the next one.  And then, a break!  Then a few weeks of interrupted bliss – can you imagine that?!

For the moment everyone,


Been A Bit ‘Blog Lazy’!

Been a  bit ‘Blog lazy’ – as usual!  But I’m getting better.  Most of the work on the  new books has been completed now, so I must get back to posting here a little more regularly.

So many things have been happening (apart from the books) and I feel you have all got some right to be ‘filled in’ with on-going news.

So, another ‘ghost trip’ planned soon – not to the Silent Pool next time but somewhere to the North of London.  Four or five locations planned (all in close proximity), then back to London for the evening.  Hopefully some more good photographs of reputedly ‘haunted locations’, and maybe – just maybe – we might actually spot something!  Whatever, that doesn’t really matter; but the on-ground gathering of information does.

I have another Talk coming up in South London again in little over a week, so I’ll let you know how that goes – afterwards!

Pictures are ready for the new book now (the autobiography) and the others are not far behind (for the other book).  Anyway, first things first as the autobiography is the next priority.

Do you know, I’ve spent at least 6 hours working on the book today, but thankfully, its nearly finished now.  The ‘laborious’ bit is still to come though; stocking the wholesalers up with print-ready copies, etc.

Well, its Sunday tomorrow but this won’t be a ‘Blog day’.  Not that I care, but so many people keep asking me religious questions, so its nice to avoid them for a change!  Please don’t get me wrong; I know many of the questions are serious, and I’m not avoiding them, but it is a serious topic and one that requires really serious answers.  Which is another reason I’m pleased, as I’ve just been too busy!

I wandered out around five and realized its actually dark now (well, not far off it).  Met an old friend up the road who kept me talking for ages.  I nearly asked her back, but didn’t.  Maybe in a few weeks when the books are finished I’ll be back to my old self again.

Just ‘shut up’ Cat!  Come to think of it, just where is that mangy tabby? He (it!) hasn’t posted here for ages.

Well, a few more pages to complete, then I’m really off to bed.  Got to be fresh for any new ‘fights with the human world’ tomorrow!

Having said that, I might have just one more glass of wine.  Sort of a night-cap’, you might say!

For now though,


You Never Can Tell . . .

A rather dreary Tuesday, with nothing too much to say really.  Although a couple of people did turn up this afternoon with a view to me doing (or rather di8scussing doing) a second part to my “Twisted City Tales” programme which was first shown on the Discovery channel a few years ago. This was about ‘ghosts’, ‘vampires’ and ley lines for any who may not have seen it, or might not remember.  They said the programme had proved immensely popular, and had been repeated several times across Europe, and is still being.

Well, I was slightly (inwardly) ‘angry’!  Here am I who only got paid once for the transmission, and here it is being repeatedly endlessly with me not being paid further for it!  Should have known really when I signed the contract.  Meaning I should have checked the small print for further world-wide repeats which I did not check.

I made it plain, that IF I agreed to do a follow up, I would have to be paid a percentage of any following ‘repeats’.  They said ‘no problem’; but there is, for I have somehow never trusted that word!  Anyway, just have to wait to see what happens next.  But I just don’t see why I should just do something on a one off basis, being paid just once, when other people (well countries} are making thousands upon thousands of additional pounds out of it.

I have never really been interested in money, but other people (one person in particular) have told me I would be mad to do it without a properly sealed contract.

Anyway, that aside, its really been a pretty quiet day.

Went back to working on the new autobiography this evening, and that is nearly finished.  Page count so far is 230, but you can add another 100n to that at least allowing for the photographs, Introduction and Forward that still have to be written. Then its ‘all go’ and just on to finishing the other one. Now that (the latter) really should prove interesting.  Talk about “Guy Fawkes Night”, that will really deserve its own date on the Calandar!

But apart from that, no real news.

Another ‘Highgate event’ in a couple of weeks regarding ‘local history’, but then (hopefully!) things will be quietish in the period approaching Christmas.

Well, I hope.  But you never can tell!

For the moment,