October 2008

Halloween Once Again

Well, its Halloween, the date when ‘ghosties’ and the ‘spirits of the dead’ are supposed to return to the earth.  Whether these really do however, is another matter.  But I won’t elaborate upon that  here as it would take far too long.

My Halloween talk took place yesterday at the Central Kensington Library and everybody seemed to like it.  I spoke at length on the long Highgate ‘vampire’ case mainly but included some other investigations from the time.

It was a good audience and everybody seemed interested in what I had to say, especially K who had never heard me give a live Talk before.  The whole thing lasted for almost over two hours if you include yet more questions and all the books I sold afterwards.  Made a few useful contacts anyway.  (Talking of which E, I received your email on the main Website but am just waiting to this to be forwarded to me so I can answer you personally.  I’ll chase the person up so you can expect an answer soon.  Or you can always reply to my Blog but just mark it personal then I won’t publish it).

The other South London talks is coming up in about two weeks (as I already mentioned) and the details are to follow.  Just got to get some people and filming rights sorted out for that.

Talking of filming, I heard from one of the students this afternoon who told me they are pleased with the film they made in September.  I haven’t seen that yet, but obviously I know what the parts on myself were about as I was in it!

I had a day in today as its turned much colder and, quite honestly, I still feel a little ‘drained’ from the hectic past couple of days.  Got to go out tomorrow though as I’m getting a little low on essential supplies – wine for example!

Now, I can’t remember if I mentioned this (sorry everyone but I do have so many things to deal with that I can’t be expected to remember everything!),  but a new book has just come out by Melvin Coverley which includes the Highgate case.  It has been reviewed in the current Fortean Times and called Occult London.  Just thought I’d mention it for the sake of any collectors!

And on that, I will close off for now everyone.  More work to do on the new book tonight.

For the moment,


Far From Over!

Well, two more BPOS investigations today in Surrey: one at the Silent Pools near Guildford and one at a hospital not far away by another group,  I cannot tell you about the results about the hospital yet because I am awaiting to get a report (and photographs) back from them and  – as at the time of writing –  they have not got back to London yet.  (I hope they’re OK and no ‘ghosties’ have got them!)

But I can tell you about the Silent Pools one though, as I was on that myself today:

I went down there with Patsy and her new husband, and Gareth.  We left around midday (an hour later than planned because they were delayed by London traffic jams) and arrived at the Pools in about an hour and a half. There are two Pools (a lower and a higher one) and the place was practically deserted.

The story is, that a ‘water wraith’ has often been sighted there; the ghost of a young maiden who reputedly committed suicide in the  Pool back in Medieval times.  She was the daughter of a local woodcutter who lived near to the Pools, and one day she was bathing naked in the top pool, when a vagabond horseman spotted her who pursued her – on his horse – into the Pool.  She panicked, but in a desperate attempt to get away, waded out of her depth, and was drowned (or so the original story goes).  Since then, over the centuries, the ghost of this girl has been seen in and around the Pool, but her ghost just disappears after a matter of seconds.

I first visited the Pool in 1979 to try and get more information on these sightings, although I wasn’t too successful – although I did get some good photographs.

Patsy had made two independent visits there (before I met her);  one in 1998  (when she was leading a group of archeology students) and another in 2002.  On the second occasion, she actually got an account from a man selling snacks in the lay by (his van was not there today unfortunately).  He told her that when he was ‘clearing up’ after a day’s work, he saw the figure of a young woman who ‘just disappeared into the trees’ around the edge of the top Pool.

I saw little change in either of the Pools when I visited them again today. Still an area of ‘uncanny silence’ seemed to pervade them both – almost a sense of timelessness and melancholy whose silence eclipsed everything else.

I took a few photographs, but then my camera began to inexplicably malfunction, despite have been loaded with a new film and batteries.  Luckily, though, Patsy managed to use her film up completely, so hopefully, we will still get some good pictures.

And then, back to London.  But not before stopping at an isolated pub not far from Farnham around 6 to get a really nice dinner (which Patsy paid for, bless her!).

So, in all, it was a nice day out.

More about the hospital thing when news comes in  of that, but in the meantime, the Silent Pool’s investigation is far from over!




Whatever Keeps People Happy . . .

Sorry again, everyone for making you wait a little again for my ‘words of wisdom’!  Usual excuse (but a true one); I’ve been very busy having to take care of other things, not least the new book   K. has not been nagging me though (at least not much!) as she considers the books to be the main priority.

I see the usual controversy is going on, on other Blogs.  All about myself, as usual, with others joining in.  But not content to just discuss the paranormal, some people are now making it highly personal to the extent of trying to involve my children and family.  All the usual wild speculation, of course, I suppose mainly because I’m just not saying anything.  For example, “Tell us about your sister or half-sister” (the person just couldn’t seem to make up his mind!),  “Is it true you’ve got a daughter?”;   “Tell us about your girlfriends”, and so on, and so on.   While people should take such an interest in my private life, is frankly beyond me.  But having said that its only really one person writing under an alias.  Oh well.  Whatever keeps people happy, I suppose!

I see my interview on the Highgate case has gone up now on “Paranormal Knowledge”.

Nice to be referred to as a “Famous psychic investigator” as opposed to being referred to as a ‘vampire hunter’!  Have a read, it might interest you.What else?  Trip out of London on Saturday to a reputedly haunted location, so maybe I’ll be able to get a couple of good photographs.  Hope the weather holds anyway, as its out of doors.  Whatever, I’ll write up about it here afterwards.  But don’t expect too much as there’s not supposed to be any bloody vampires there!

Actually, I really must try and get out of London much to look at some more reputedly haunted places.  I just haven’t had a chance this year for obvious reasons.  I am planning a new edition of my ghost book “Dark Journey” for the end of next year and obviously want some new photographs and investigations to go in that.

Back to home, and everything’s been quite quiet.  Got over the worst of the mess caused by the building work but there’s still a lot of sorting out to do.  Can’t really find anything quickly at the moment, but I be able to once its all been sorted out..  For example, a couple of days back I badly needed the stapler.  Do you think I could find it? No!  In the end I decided it would be easier to just go out and buy a new one – which I did

Anyway, everyone.  Better  get a few more things organized.  Still got a bottle of wine to open, but better leave that for an hour or so yet!

For the moment,


But Always Another Time!

I’ve been a bit slow here again, but I’m getting fairly near the end of the books now, so been putting a little extra work into those (if that’s possible!).  no-one’s ‘nagging’ me about this now, as I think they realize the two books must take priority.  It looks as if one of them, at least, will be out well before Christmas which is a good time, I suppose, although it wasn’t timed deliberately.  I never ‘time’ things to accord with commercial dates (which Christmas has largely become now). I just do things (like books), and when they’re ready, they’re ready! 

Filming again tomorrow afternoon.  Shouldn’t be too bad as they only expect me to sit in a chair.  So I guess I’d better remember to shave, as I want to look my best on film!

I’m sure I told you, but that French TV thing was shown (in France and Europe) last month.  That was much more hectic; dragging me up to Highgate for location shots – and it wasn’t a very warm day, despite being April.  I quite enjoyed the two evenings though; for after filming each day, we all just sat around and talked and they bought some really good wine!

My foot is no better, but its no worse either (well, count my busted back into that as well, as the two things really go together.  People can be so kind sometimes.  Often on the bus, somebody gets up to offer me a seat, which is a little embarrassing as usually I’m only going for two stops or so.  I reme3mber a couple of days ago on a full bus late afternoon, a beautiful girl – rather lady – tugged at my sleeve from behind to offer me her seat.  I said “Thanks love, but really, I’m OK”.  Then I realized everybody was looking and so I said, “Thanks, maybe I will”.  But before I knew it, I had to get off.  If they’d been fewer people, I might have been tempted to ‘chat her up’.  But always another time!

Think I’ll take a break from the writing for the remainder of tonight.  There are still a couple of things I have to get ready for tomorrow and don’t want to leave it ‘till the last minute.

Quite a bit of money has been ‘flowing in’ from the books lately.  Which reminds me  I’ve got to change a couple of Bacs references as I’ve got a new bank now.  I hate doing things like that but still, I suppose its got to be done.

Feel very relaxed tonight.  Probably something to do with yesterday’s full moon.  It always relaxes me more for some reason.  Probably from my ‘witch days’! Still, at least I don’t change into a were-wolf as some people might otherwise like to thinWell, I suppose I’d better get up out of this chair, pour myself another glass of wine, and get moving!  Got a fair amount to do yet.

For the moment everyone,


New Book Extract

Its been a very quiet day and weather-wise, quite a pleasant one.
Received some posters for one of my forthcoming Talks: they look quite good actually.  I might go into that more next time though at the moment, I really trying to get some more writing work done, and can’t spare much time for a Blog.

I saw K earlier a little earlier and we discussed quite a few things.  She said I should put up just one more extract from my next book as people must be ‘getting bored’ with hearing about the building work.  She is aware that many people keep asking about the books; especially the new autobiography following the previous extracts when I described running away from school. I asked her to select something (she has read most of it) and she said I should really mention something about Alison, but I said definitely not – at least, not yet. She sympathaised as she realizes this is a ‘touchy subject’, but then suggested something leading on from the early days. So I selected this (which she agreed with). It is from the chapter when I describe getting expelled from the private school in Weymouth for refusing to get my hair cut.

I refer to coming back to London, then traveling through France and Italy to Taramina in Sicily when I was coming up to sixteen.  I met a French girl while I was working in a ‘club’ in Marseilles for a short time.  I had not come into my inheritance then (mainly due to my father’s displeasure at having been expelled from school before taking the exams) so was forced to work in ‘place to place’ to keep going. Well, here is the brief extract.  Make the most of it ‘cause you ain’t getting anymore (K’s ‘orders).


My room was extremely small.  But it had a comfortable bed and running water, so at least I didn’t have to be totally reliant on the sea. Nicola had a larger double room on the top floor, and on her ‘nights off’ she often invited me up for some wine or Anton’s coffee.  On occasions like these we would sit and talk for hours, and she became more and more honest with me about her ‘night life’ in the restaurant.  She said she was expected to entertain a few regular customers in her room, but she always kept to her principles of doing the very minimum to please, or the limitations of what she was prepared to do. I appreciated her honesty; but she must have known that I had guessed anyway, only living on the floor below. We spoke of many other things apart from that, and she told me of the real reason why she had left her parents; or rather why they had almost given her some ultimatum to leave.      

She said her parents had accused her of seducing their neighbours’ son after his parents had complained about it.  She had refused to make a promise to her parents not to see him again or go out with any more dates with him.  This had escalated into some family row, so she had finally ‘put her foot down’ and left.  She said that she really liked him but he had fallen madly in love with her, which had also increased the problem.  She was not about to be told to do anything, she emphasised; her life was her own and she was just going to live it how she intended – even if this meant giving up life at home.

I think Nicola sensed I was a bit naive to this revelation; but she also must have known I was understanding, and held her in no condemnation. In fact, I really didn’t.  If anything, I could only sympathise with the boy for falling in love with a girl so honest and matter-of-fact.  She certainly seemed to understand life, while I was only just beginning.

One night Nicola asked me up to her room, and I immediately sensed something was ‘different’.  She was wearing an almost transparent nightdress (at least, when she crossed the room in the light), and she began to get onto the subject of sex; rather my own personal experiences. 

I told her that I had never gone the ‘full way’ before, although had met quite a few girls the year before (in Weymouth mostly) when ‘snogging sessions’ had taken place, during which I might have run my hands up a girl’s leg or undone her bra. She laughed; not nastily, but sympathetically, and told me I was sleeping in her bed that night.  She explained she just wanted to sleep with her arms around me, and I didn’t have to ‘do anything’ if I didn’t want to.

I was genuinely a little scared, but I had never refused a challenge – even one like that at that young age – so an hour or so later found us cuddled up together in bed.  Our naked forms soon came together, and I remember thinking how easy it all really was.  It just all came naturally.  There were no lessons even though she was supposed to be the ‘teacher’; in fact, I think she was pleasantly surprised!  I did no more than follow natural instincts, and it worked perfectly, just as nature had certainly intended. Years later I remember thinking that although my first real sexual experience had been with a young prostitute, it had been with a person who had also been a mutual friend – and a beautiful and humane one at that!

Well, another glass of wine and back to work now!

For now,


Don’t Ever Think . . . !

Well, its almost midnight when many people are tucked up in bed, or thinking about sleep. Me? I’ve  spent most of the evening working on the photographs for the new autobiography. It has not been easy because there are so many and selected one’s all have to be re-sized and put into black and white.  Then you have to decide how many per page, and so on.  I can tell you that I have numbered 20 pages for photographs (yet to be completed) which when completed there will be 10 double-sided A5 pages of them in the book.  I’ll get back to the text tomorrow, but it ain’t been easy with the pictures!

Anyway, its all coming along and near completion now.

Phone call from K earlier and she told me she can  come over tomorrow, but that she can’t make this Friday because of something or the other.  But she said she’ll try and meet Gareth on Friday week (that’s if he doesn’t change his days again).  He doesn’t do it deliberately, but sometimes he just doesn’t know what he’s doing more than a week in advance.

Well, there’s just the gas fire to re-install in my front room and I can think about moving back in there. By that I mean using it as a lounge again without having to worry about cold evenings.  It is getting well into October now and not likely to get any warmer.

Somebody else  phoned today to confirm details of my next Talk. They said they would be going, so that’s nice.  Its strange in a way because I never try and arrange these things.  They just seem to happen   I suppose  its just going with the ‘flow of life’, if you like.

Going back to the book again,  I might just put up a couple more pages here as I’ve had so much response to the earlier shortened chapter extracts I published. But I want to speak to K first as she might advise that I would be ‘giving too much away’.  But maybe she won’t mind’ and if she doesn’t it’ll save me some writing, just copying material which has already been written.Well, I’ll finish this now as I am a bit tired (mentally at least) from all the earlier concentration. Don’t ever think that an author’s life is an easy one . . . it isn’t!  

For now everyone,


All Quiet On The Western Front

Well, its all quiet on the Western Front, although maybe not so quiet   on the Southern one! Still, it is amusing to hear all the salacious ravings as somebody told me on the phone today.  You think people would tire of raving about absolutely nothing, but I guess this just betrays their state of mind!

Oh, the latest now is that I have some ‘secret daughter’ (born out of wedlock, of course!) and that I have to ‘declare her’.  Well, I’m just not obliged to say anything about my private life if I don’t want to.  I have chosen to do that here, admittedly, but I have never involved other people, and I don’t intend to start doing so now.

Not that there is anything to ‘admit’ when such statements amount to mere speculation. So who really cares if somebody is trying to start that sort of rumour.  Well, I don’t anyway.

I just don’t understand why some people try to start such controversial rumours about myself sometimes though.  Is my life so really important to them that they have to invent all this scandal?  ‘Create’ might be a better word, actually, as hardly anything such people say about myself is true; mostly just figments of their own sordid imaginings.Another common one is, that I must be a ‘Satanist’ just because I write about the occult and ghosts. There is hardly ever any mention of the fact that I write about ALL religious beliefs.  And if I choose to write about the sordid beliefs and practices involved in Satanism, that does not make me a Satanist for God’s sake!  Just where do such people get their warped idea’s from, I sometimes ask myself.

Anyway, I went for a walk today, and met ‘my’ girl up the road.  She’s agreed to meet for a tea or coffee sometime, so I’m looking forward to that.  It was drizzling so I was glad of a chance to speak to her ‘in the dry’.

What else?  Well I got a call yesterday from somebody who told me that they’d seen colour posters of myself all over the West End advertising one of my forthcoming talks.  I haven’t actually seen one yet, but they promised to send me a copy.

My name seems to be getting around a bit, but this is mainly at the instigation of other people.  Me? Well I’m basically just a private person, unless of course I might be giving a committed Talk, which is slightly different.

Whatever, I’m just having a quiet night tonight. Bottle of good wine with my feet up on the sofa. You can’t really beat that!


Even ‘Wicked Witches’ Get Tired!

Bit of interesting news today.  Got a communication from France to say that that French TV interview with myself on ‘vampires’ was televised last month.  No.  I have not got a copy yet, so can’t really tell you how it tuned out.  But it WAS televised, I can tell you that.  At the moment, I can only go from memory about what was actually said.  That is fairly clear, but I just can’t tell how this may have been jumbled up or portrayed out of its original context.  Suppose we’ll have to just wait and see. My friend over there is sending me a DVD of it soon, so then I can tell you.

I have been working on one of the books tonight, so won’t make this too long.  Actually, I started about  4 pm and have got another 3o pages (A5) done   And I have managed to inset all the necessary pictures perfectly.  Well, I guess ‘practice makes perfect’ – or something like that!

Nothing new else than that really.  Well, I say ‘nothing new’ but I learned today that that TV Station has an audience of millions, so I just look forward to any response!

We shall see!

Goodnight K., I’m tired for a change.  But I have sent you an email.

As for you lot, ‘goodnight’ as well.  Even us ‘wicked witches’ get tired sometimes!

For the moment folks,


Not Really Tired

Its late again.  So late – nearly 2 a.m. if my clock is to be trusted.  I guess most people will be asleep now, but I’m quite relaxed and I feel it might be a good time to write a Blog.  K. will be happy anyway, even though she’s told me to try and get to bed earlier.

Not really tired though.  So don’t really feel ready for sleep just yet.  Guess   I’m just one of those unique people who can only sleep when they’re tired –  never by habit.

I said I wouldn’t be mentioning this much again, but the work to the house is now virtually over.  New paintwork; new plastering; new carpeting well . . . new, virtually everything.

All the disruption has never stopped me working, though.  I worked right through  all the midst of all the ‘crashing and banging’, and made a good job of it – if I may say so myself.

K came over last night.  She looked really beautiful and was wearing a really low cut dress.  Not that I minded that as it only enhanced her figure.  She hardly ever wears ‘make up’ – or if she does – it seems ‘invisibly transparent’.  She had just returned from some office ;  ‘do’ or ‘gathering’, but she refused any wine saying she had to drive back.

Felt slightly guilty, actually, as I  was enjoying a glass of wine myself; but she never criticizes me for that.

Showed her the almost finished edition of my new book.  She was very impressed and said to finish it ‘as soon as possible’.  There were some early chapters that slightly surprised her and caused her to remark . . . “Just what have you been doing all my life”?!  A loaded question indeed, and one that I found a little difficult to answer.

She still wants to meet Gareth though, so is coming over again Friday week. Think she’ll really quite like him as she’s heard of his work before as an author.

So there I’ll leave it everyone. Just keeping up to date and don’t want to be accused of ‘slipping’ on my own Blog!


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