September 2008

Fairly Quiet Lately

Well, I’m sort of ‘stuck in’ at the moment as they’re laying stair carpet as I write, and no doubt they’ll need access to my landing and kitchen a little later.  So thought I’d do a short Blog even though there’s nothing really to say.

Gareth will be here later and is doing a short introduction for my autobiography (if he hasn’t already done it).  Spoke to K last night and she wants to come over one Friday to meet Gareth.  Poor her!  That’s all I can say.  (I could also say it’s a good thing she doesn’t mind people smoking or drinking as she’ll have her full quota with us!).

Blog replies have been fairly quiet lately.  Not surprising really, as its all been ‘happening’ elsewhere. Glad to see my ‘Old Friend’ Paul decided to come back  Well, ‘glad’ at the moment as he appears to be behaving himself this time!

Letter from Satelline TV company this morning so have to contact them.  I’ll leave it till tomorrow though as there’s too much noise around here at the moment.  Bit of a mystery how they got my home address though.  Can only think it was from the BBC as they’ve got this address on record back from 1970!  We’ll see anyway.Phone call from the students this morning as well.  Just to say they’re pleased with the film really.  I really wonder how I’m so popular sometimes!  I wouldn’t say I’m ‘slightly unconventional’ though.  I respect law and authority (when its just), though I might be a little more ‘self-independent’ than some people.

Book is going very well.  Well on the way to being finished.  And the other one (yes ‘that’ one) is not far behind.  You know after these books are published, I really must have a short break.  I mean just doing nothing.  That reminds me, someone told me up the road this morning that he’d just bought one of my books.  ‘Which one?’, I asked.  ‘Dark Secrets”, he replied.  Well, I hope he enjoys it as it is one of the ‘naughtier’ one’s!I think I’ll finish this off now as all the ‘banging’ is getting a bit distracting.  Anyway, K will be pleased that I’ve written something!

For the moment everyone.


All That Really Matters

You see I really wasn’t joking when I said a cold east wind was setting in.  It has, and its turned much colder.  I’m not really a psychic but predicting the weather is one of the ‘tricks of the trade’ you learn in Wicca.  I may no longer be actively involved in it, but there are just some things you learn and they just remain a part of your nature.  And that’s one of them.  (I won’t go on about these any more or that blasted Cat will start!).

Now one last mention of the work really.  Won’t be any need to mention it again really as its due to be finished this week.  One of the guys (nicknamed appropriately ‘Scottie’ as he comes from the land of the ‘midnight sun’) is laying some lino down on Thursday in the kitchen, the same day the whole place is being stair-carpeted.  That will be good really because if ever I have cause to play host to some stranded young lady one night, I won’t have to insist she has to put her slippers on to go down to the shower or use the loo!  Imagine, lovely soft carpet meeting your feet for a change – although I’d better avoid such descriptions or next thing you know is, I’ll be accused of being a ‘poofter’! (Well, that’s not really beyond the realms of possibility seeing as I’ve been called so many other things!).

K had a pleasant surprise when she last came over.  I’m talking about the house and my flat, of course, but she was also well pleased at the way the books are progressing.  She has suggested some old photographs for the book (the new autobiography), although I’m ‘drawing the line’ at one she suggested on a beach in Sussex just after swimming in a freezing sea.  At first I thought she was joking but when she saw me laughing she said . . .
”No, I think people would really like to see you with short hair!” Well, I don’t mind that so much, it was more my ‘attire’!

On a more serious note (although she was being serious actually), I have been asked to give yet another talk on ‘vampires’ for Halloween. You think they’d  make do with ‘ghosts’ at that time of the year, but ‘no’, they specifically wanted me to talk about the ‘vampire’ that reputedly haunted places in Highgate. I might do it as they seem nice people, but I really am getting so fed up with bloody vampires. How can you talk about something that doesn’t even exist!; though to be fair, they were referring mostly to the Media reports at the time.  K says ‘Go for it”, so I haven’t really got any other choice, have I?!

I adore the girl, as many people may have gathered.  And what makes her special is that she turned up to support me at such a frenetic time in my life. It was only a little over a year ago, and ironically what bought her into contact was other people who were publicly ‘attacking’ me. She knew instinctively such things were not true, although she only actually told me in person a little later.

I think certain authorities got quite a surprise when she jumped right into the middle of the on-going ‘fray’ at the time. Her letters went everywhere, and indeed, she encouraged some of my own.  Anyway, the truth came out from beneath a blanket of lies, so that is all that really matters.

Anyway, all that matters little now.  Life goes on regardless.  There are some good people around and obviously some bad one’s.  The good one’s often strive to help others: the latter  just seemingly grow old in their own evil.


Don’t Be Shy!

Well, its Sunday and a beautiful day it is as well. I have to go out in a minute as the store shuts at 5 and I need a couple of things.

Gareth came last night instead of Friday and Patsy turned up with her new husband as well.  Might be a good time to inform everyone here, that Patsy has agreed to be new Secretary – I am handing the papers over tomorrow, then it will be really official.

I am still looking for a new private Secretary though as Patsy has her own job to consider as well. (Its alright, both Patsy and K know this so nobody is being ‘deceived’!). So, anybody got any ideas or suggestions please let me know.  It has to be a girl though. And ‘no’ , no ‘Womens Lib complaints please as she’ll be doing it for love, not for money!

I’m actually being serious, folks.  I’ve been so inundated with Society work lately, that I could do with some help.  I don’t care what her ethnic back-ground only that she should care about the subject and care about getting involved.Don’t get me wrong, I still get a lot of help (Gareth’s help has been invaluable for example) but I know everyone would appreciate a little more freedom form Society queries and other obligations.  So, just let me know. Don’t be shy!You know, all this work is enough to drive you to drink! Actually, a couple of cold beers or a glass of wine or two actually help me to relax.  But I’m not a ‘registered alcoholic’ as has been suggested elsewhere on the net by a particular irate person.  ‘Registered’ where, or to whom or by whom, they are careful to avoid saying.  The reason why is obviously because they know this is not true. Well, it merely adds to all the scandal, I suppose!

All this going around about me being some sort of ‘cult figure’ is not true either.  I have always condemned cults, and certainly don’t want or need any ‘followers’!  I have always just been myself and never pretended to be something I’m not, like some people I could mention.  I really don’t need anybody in that respect.  I am fully self-sufficient!

Still, I suppose people will continue to talk about me or feel obliged to write things about me.  But I don’t really care that much really.  I guess its when people don’t feel the need to talk about you at all, that you might have cause to worry!

I have got to go out and buy a vacuum cleaner (maybe tomorrow). Now I’ve got new carpets, I suppose I’d better try and keep them clean even if I can hardly move in most of the clutter at the moment. 

I went out a little earlier and saw ‘my’ girl at the launderette.  She was standing outside smoking.  “Glad to see somebody else has got good habits”, I said.  She just laughed!

Actually, I’ve got to try and stop smoking in the street so much.  People keep coming up and asking me for cigarettes and it gets expensive at ₤5. 30 a packet.  My friend H is still ‘on holiday’ at the moment so I’ll be glad when he comes back and bringing me ‘duty-free’ ones again.  Costing me a bloody fortune at the moment!

Well, everyone.  That’s all the boring news. Something’s bound to happen tomorrow.  It always does!


Finally Felt Tired

Well, ‘Blog time’ again, I guess.  If nothing else but to keep K. happy and show her I’m not being lazy!  

What to write about when you’ve got nothing really to say, is the question, really. News is pretty scarce.  Don’t want to ‘go on’ about the building work again, but that is nearly finished.

Students turned up on Monday and just filmed me talking about ‘ghosts’ and other unexplained phenomena, etc.  That will be shown in November, apparently and I’ve been invited. Not sure if I’ll go yet.  Its one thing being given a completed film to watch at your leisure; quite another to turn up on the night amidst a roomful of unknown people when its first being shown.  IF I go, I’ll just turn up late then hopefully slip away unseen after. (No K.! I’m definitely not ‘plunging right into the middle’ of it).

Sat in a small restaurant last night with a friend.  It’s a cozy place which I’ve been to before. My friend wanted me to talk about myself a little more but I think after a while she gave up and realized I didn’t want to go into long discourses about my private life, especially relating to the past.  I don’t – and didn’t –  there are just some relationships that should be kept private.  It was a nice night though, and I’d almost forgotten what sea-food tasted like! (I just wish they’d cut the heads of fish, sometimes; its horrible to see a pair of ‘fried eyes’ looking at you when obviously you’re not expected to eat them!). Got back around 10.30 but felt quite relaxed from the wine. It’s a good job I never learned to drive or I might have had a few problems. 

 Well ahead with the writing, so no need to catch up there. So I just opened a couple of beers and let my mind wander a little. Do you know, sometimes it really is difficult to comprehend life; or rather where it might be trying to lead you.  People can be so varied, and so many seem to have different interpretations about myself individually.  Who cares really, I suppose. I never try to change anyone but sometimes I just feel that sometimes people are trying to change me.  To fit in with what?  Their opinion of ‘respectability’,  I suppose which I guess they don’t always see in me!

I was thinking about that too last night. Mainly about how some people try and create an image about you which is as far removed from reality as dear old Adam being tempted to eat forbidden fruit. The story is only symbolic, admittedly, for there exists no ‘devil’ outside of the human mind.  But the story is consistent in an important way, I suppose, because it demonstrates how this same mind has ‘cut itself off’ from Divine Intelligence. That is probably the main point of that whole story. I think I concluded that it was the ‘human mind’ that is really the essence of the problem.  Your mind and my mind.  That is the only source where all human and suffering and misery can occur, rather has its origin. 

 Well, I didn’t actually ‘conclude’ that.  I have known it for a long time. And then I kicked my sandals off around 4am and decided to go to bed.  Letters still to be answered and some outstanding bills to be paid.  But I really didn’t care. 

 I finally felt tired and just wanted to go to bed.


“Not At All, David”

People still keep stopping me in the street to ask about the house. Quite a few people know the circumstances now since the Ham and High ran the story last April, so not surprising really.  Anyway, the work looks like being finished this week and then maybe I can get back to normal.  I might keep working from the back room now as its much quieter; apart from which all the computers are set up in there now.  Just keep the front room for socialising  and entertaining guests and the bedroom for working, sleeping and . . . well, ‘other’ things!  

Walking up the road this afternoon, and soon guy came up to me.  He held out his hand and said: “Shake hands”.  We did but I told him he must be mistaking me for someone else as I didn’t remember him.  He said I wouldn’t do as we’d never met before, but he knew who I was and that’s why he wanted to shake hands.  He didn’t say much more except that now he could tell his friends  he’d met a very important person, which was me!  Then he walked off! Well I was slightly surprised because it was so unexpected but I suppose its better than people just ignoring you.  I remember thinking, I just wish it had been a female instead!

I don’t even know why I mentioned that as it’s a bit boring.  I guess its mainly because nothing much more eventful happened today.

Had the usual emails, of course, but nothing really special.  Just from people asking me about the books, or to send others.  Somebody had noticed that that ‘Bonky’ old character  had been complaining that I would not allow his post on my YouTube forum.  Well, I hardly ever censor genuine replies as most people will know and yet I will not allow posts that I know are not genuine and his are not.

Which reminds me, Chris emailed as well to say that he’d found an important outlet for my books, and it looked like being on a regular basis.  He’s going to keep me updated but I don’t expect this will be until next week now.  I’m glad this seems to be happening now though.  It would have been difficult before in the midst of all the building work.

What else?  Well student filming confirmed for Tuesday and K coming on Thursday evening.  At least I hope.  She’s got a new car now and is threatening to drive me out of London early one evening so we can find a country pub for dinner.  Sounds good, but won’t be this Thursday though.  We still  have a lot to talk about,  but she’s been really busy at work recently.   I like talking to her as she’s one of these people who never demands explanations for everything she’s heard, which with me, is quite a lot!  But she’s not really interested in all the scandal!  In much deeper things instead.  Its only because I know who she is, that I can tell her.  Its nice as well, because she never criticizes  me.  I  remember saying to her once here . . . “Would you mind very much if I have a cigarette.  I feel a bit nervous as I’ve only just actually met you in person”.   She just laughed and said . . . “Not at all, David”.  She meant it.  She just accepts me as I am.!  It would be terrible if she didn’t, considering!

Anyway, back to work on the books now.  Reaching a really interesting part.


Just Keep Doing It . . .

Well, they’ve finished painting the whole house now, including my rooms.  And everything should be finished by the end of this week, I was told.  It won’t be finished for me though; still a load of internal work to do.  Silly little things really like getting the net curtains washed (which I done) and getting the curtains washed properly in the launderette which a girl is doing for me tomorrow.  Then I’ve got to get all the furniture moved back to its proper place – and some of it is heavy!  Then I,ve got to get a new hoover to keep the new carpets clean; not to mention a new mirror here, a new chair there, and so it goes on.  New gas cooker been fitted though (far better than the old one) and a new fridge coming this week.

How I going to pay for all this?  Please don’t even ask, I’d rather not think about it!

Anyway, away from that, I’ve also progressed with the books to a huge degree.  Most of that work is done at night (and through the night)b as I’ve got so many other distractions during the day at the moment.

Student film University crew coming early next week.  Not really too bothered about that.  I’ ve already met them provisionally and they’re nice people.  I did tell them I didn’t want to work from scripts as I prefer to do these things without really ‘planning’ anything (in fact, like I do all of my talks).  If you have a clear mind about such things, then its only a matter of telling the truth.  If I don’t know something, I just say so, and say it on film as well.  I think there is nothing worse than trying to impress or ‘be clever’ with words as some people do.  If you can say something simply and truthfully why be complicated about it?

Actually I’ve spoken to K. about this and she agrees.  Rather, she told me that’s what I do so to just keep doing it.  I will!

Its just been so busy all round lately.  Sure things move in ‘fated cycles’.  You think something’s uncalled for and unjust then only good ends up coming from it.  The ‘Lord works in mysterious ways’ maybe.  And maybe there’s a lot of truth in that old saying.

I remember seeing an old James Stewart film once called “It’s a Wonderful Life” (probably one of my favourite films even though I don’t have a television anymore) which probably demonstrates this point so well.

“Remember, no man is a failure who has friends” was the line that struck me at the end of that film.  How true that is.  Nothing really matters when you have friendship.  In fact, everything else is really superfluous.  Not ‘engineered’ or ‘planned’ friendships, I don’t mean that, but friendships that just come naturally of their own accord.

Its strange how life can be sometimes.


I Don’t Know Why I Bother Really

Thought I better do a Blog tonight, as Gareth is coming over tomorrow and might not get a chance then.  I have already promised my “friend” The Overseer (from ‘down under’) that I answer something for him and that I’d do it on Friday.  I don’t know why I bother really concerning myself with old history concerning non-existent ‘vampires’ but I have always tried to answer questions where these concern matters which are in the public domain.  Why do you bother? some people ask me when I have empathiased that blood-sucking vampires’ do not even exist?  Well, of course, they don’t.  But the stories do, so in that respect, I can only set matters straight.  After all, I have written books about that case, so I have a duty in that respect to quash any idle speculation.  Anyway, I have to do that tomorrow – at least, that is one of the things I have to do tomorrow.

Got another carpet today for the lounge which is not far off from being finished now.  Looks good; being laid tomorrow.  Soon, I’ll just have the huge job of moving everything back which I ain’t looking forward to!  New gas cooker in the finished kitchen as well, and a new gas fire for the lounge is coming.  That will be handy for the winter, but its not really needed at the moment.  I know I said this before; but thank the Lord all this work didn’t fall in the winter.  Then I really wouldn’t have been so happy about it!

Students coming tomorrow afternoon as well, to talk about a filming project.  That’s alright, as I really don’t mind the informal student interviews.  I say ‘informal’ but student films sometimes turn out just the same as ‘formal’ TV one’s when sometimes a crew take most of the time up by arranging the lighting! But as well as that, I have a great tolerance for film students.  They work hard, are usually very friendly (and don’t mind me smoking!) and we should remember, of course, most of us were students at one time or another.  (Well, I never was, but I can be an exception to the rule sometimes!0.

A couple of people have asked me if K is ‘my new girlfriend’.  Well, I think I owe it to her to set that straight here, as I promised I would.  No.  She is a very dear and trustworthy friend, but we do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  In fact, she is aware of any relationships I have had – or might be having – but it is really not like that at all.  I am not going to discuss my personal friendships or relationships here, as I already said I wouldn’t.  But K is NOT my girlfriend so please don’t anyone get a wrong impression!  (As some of you seem to have!).

Well, that’s it for a couple of days, but any intrim questions will still be answered.

For the moment,


‘Here, There and Everywhere’

Well I see its all been happening ‘here there and everywhere’.  As usual, myself caught right in the middle of it!  I am talking about ‘Internet Madness’, in a way; you know,  ‘diary gossip’ sometimes taking the place of reality; rather like stories in the Sunday newspapers sometimes do.  I guess some of these accounts and stories are being written by genuine people – and not just journalists who are paid to exploit sensationalism.  As I said, a lot of this seems to be at my own expense, in that just my name alone seems to encourage the most absurd proclamations.  But still, it is all good fun I suppose,  although its just a good job I have some sense of humour, while some other people most definitely have not!  It’s a pity really, as I have always said that one of the most valuable attributes in Life is the ability to laugh at ourselves.

I have always tried to do this, at least.  And if some people find a particular situation ‘funny’, it invariably usually arises from their own interpretations.

‘Little ‘ol me’, I normally just sit back and do nothing.  Well, I haven’t even had enough time to ‘sit back’ recently;  as fast as I glance at the Internet, somebody else is demanding some answer!

Well, we are into Sunday, and in about a week all this heavy building work should be over.  It seems an eternity since it all started spasmodically back in 1999; although I guess 9 years is not so great in the ‘greater scheme of things’.

K phoned me earlier to ask if I was up to date on everything.  ‘Yes’, I told her, just as everybody else seems to be!  She’s coming over towards the end of the week anyway, and I hope we can sit down and have a ‘long evening chat’.  She has apparently had a little trouble at work involving promised money that hasn’t materialized as promised in her contract, so I hope we get a chance to talk about that as well.  She also wants to see how the books are coming along, and I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised about that.

At least she’ll be fairly comfortable in the back room now.  Even that is so much quieter since its been ‘insulated’ with wall-to-wall plastering and a new carpet.  Should be much warmer in the winter as well.

So, with that I finish everyone.  If I’ve forgotten the odd email, please forgive me, they will all be answered.  Its just such a damn hard life being a writer!

For the moment,


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