August 2008

A Break To Do This

I did tell Barbara in a reply earlier that I’d be writing a Blog today, so I’d better even if I don’t really feel like it.  Nothing much to say really, except an end to all this work is finally in sight.  I talking about less than a few weeks as opposed to before when it went on for months at a time. I mentioned I had had a huge sort out; well I had to really as everything had to be moved and boxed, then moved and boxed again.  The large back bedroom is finished and the kitchen will be in a  couple of days.  They only started the lounge a few days ago, but already that’s been half plastered now.  So we’re getting there!

Went in the bank yesterday and said . . . “Look, I closed two of my accounts with you nearly a month ago now but you still haven’t sent cheques for the balances.  Why not?”

‘We’re sorry’ they explained and would get in all in hand.  Originally they said this would take less than a week.  Can you believe it!  I mean they’re quick enough to incur bank charges but slow to give you your own money.

Well, with all this work nearly finished, I guess I won’t have any excuse to get an au pair now!  I mean everything’s painted and clean – although I guess she could still do some washing up.  Yes, and maybe cook the odd meal or two.  So forget I said that.  The idea is still open!

Had an expected mobile phone call earlier.  It was from my old friend who brought me my cigarettes.  I was right, he really is on holiday  – in England and not that far from London.  He said he’d be back soon and not really supposed to be phoning, but he’d borrowed a mobile.  Well there’re only comparatively recent things, aren’t they?, so I suppose the people concerned have a much harder job controlling them.  Anyway, be good to see him back.

I’m still getting on with the writing work. In fact, I took a break from it to do this.  But much more to do tonight.  Guess its my fault for attempting to do two books at once.  But I’m never one to shirk from a challenge.  It’ll pay off in the long run though as I won’t have to ‘start afresh’ on anything, they’ll both be finished.  And then come the fireworks!  Which will be fun.

Anyway everyone.  I can have a day off now ‘till Saturday.  Writing here, I mean.

For the moment,


Now You Know What I look Like

Well, we’re into to Monday now.  The Bank Holiday, no less!  Things still been very peaceful as everyone seems to take the extra day off.

Not  me . . . I have continued working – as I seem to do all the time.  Writing mainly.You know, I was looking for something tonight (which I didn’t find) to finish a chapter, but it was all to no avail.  No doubt (it was legal quotes) it will turn up.  And it can be included later.

But I came across some old letters in the meantime which I’d forgotten about.  But I was ‘pleasantly  surprised’ to find them.

Mostly old ‘fan mail’, but I don’t think I would be conceited enough to include all of that in the next book.  My next book is really meant to be serious, and not meant to be some vain attempt at ‘ego-tripping’!

However, having said that, I just can’t resist giving you one small quote from one of my apparent fans (just to give you the gist of the stuff).

This particular was dated  from June 2003 and read (at least some of it) . . .

“Dear David,

I hope you are keeping well.  Please find at the top   a passport size photograph of me so you now know what I look like”.

She had included a colour photograph of herself as I believe I had previously asked for one in earlier correspondence.

It came – along with many other future letters.

Anyway, I mention this only to clarify that, because of my recent ‘clear out’ (due to re-decoration’) I have uncovered a lot of ‘lost material’.

The above is really only insignificant;  the point is there is so much more like it and that so much material has recently re-surfaced – letters which, in fact, I’d completely forgotten even existed. 

Well, I guess its tempting to throw such fan mail away;  but then, it serves as  some reminder as what can turn up unexpectedly!  That is, when you’re not really looking for it!

But aside from trying to clear up a little, nothing much has happened.  Good sleep last night and expecting one tonight,  so all the ‘hassle’ will more likely start again on Tuesday now when the builders return to carry on work in my lounge.  Bit boring, I admit, but will keep you all up to date on anything relevant or exciting.

After all, it is a long holiday!

For the moment,


That’s Another Day

Its Sunday again, and a long weekend.  I guess that means you get two Sunday’s in a row if you count tomorrow’s Bank Holiday.

Well, I moved all my computers into the back room, which was really one hell of a job.  I don’t mean so much physically, but with all the different leads and gadgets I just couldn’t figure out where they should all connect at first.  But eventually someone came to my rescue and we got it all figured out.  I think!  At least so far.

Anyway, I’m just relaxing a bit at the moment before I eventually decide to get some sleep.  I’m not really tired though, that’s the problem and I never go to bed unless I’m ready to sleep.  Which is just not just yet!

My back bedroom’s looking quite good now.  Its been completely re-plastered with fresh coats of paint.  The new carpet’s really comfortable on your feet, but its still quite cluttered with things from the lounge I had to move in while they’re doing work on that.  But shouldn’t be long now; a week or two at most.  Well its taken about nine years to get this far, so I mustn’t complain. 

Well, at least I found some ‘lost’ things in the process of moving around.  You’d really be surprised at some of the old letters and documents that came to light.  I shall be filing these all away now so they don’t get lost again.  And they probably would do – if I don’t! 

The books are coming along nicely.  One is nearly finished, and the other’s not far behind.  Its taken a lot of work, but if there’s one good characteristic in my otherwise ‘lazy temperament’, it is that I always get things finished.  My attitude as an author is, if something’s got to be said, it must just be said.  There would be no point in writing unless you are prepared to stick to your principles and, of course, no less than the truth.  If you happen to be writing fiction, this would not always apply because people often write a lot of surreptitious things under the guise of ‘fiction’.  But I never write fiction, so of course this does not apply.

And there you have it!  I am a little tired, but not too much.  Just relaxing into the early hours of Sunday and then tomorrow . . . well that’s another day!

For now,


“More than just the Vampire nonsense, please”, she said coldly.

Well, I shall be moving out of my lounge tomorrow for work to start on Thursday.  No problem because the large back room is finished now (plus the new carpet) and I will just move into that.  Lounge shouldn’t take longer than about a week, I guess.  I,ve already put the double bed back in there and that’s really comfortable, apart from which, you never know when it might be needed for guests staying over.

(Shut up Cat!  I’m talking about people who might have come a long way – like from France).

I’ve never had such a good ‘clear-out’, and I’ve created much more space.  And found many things that I’ve been looking for, for ages!

I wrote up another chapter last night from old written manuscript and penciled in notes.  No more ‘previews’ here (as I said!) but itsstuff that K. said I should put in.  Don’t know why really as I told her I considered it quite boring.  Its about the time I traveled to France to work at the age of 15 after having been expelled from an elusive private school in Weymouth for refusing to get my hair cut.  The part I was little worried about was how I had met a girl in Marseilles who was working as ‘night hostess’ in a restaurant.  She got me a job there (well, a temporary job) and I had described our relationship and our respective feelings.

I told K. I didn’t think it that important as it all happened so long ago.  “It is important”, she empathiased, “VERY important”.  “If you’re doing a full autobiography, its important that you put all these things in”.  “But people might get the wrong impression”, I tried to argue.  “No they won’t”. she countered,  “People want to know about the real you, not just more of this ‘vampire nonsense”.

She could have a point.  Well, she must have done as I wrote it up.  Cat will no doubt love it being ‘right up his street’  (sorry, meant ‘alley!) but what K. says goes, and who am I to argue?!?

Anyway, that chapter’s in now; or will be very soon once Gareth checks it.

Just a short post at the moment as I have a very full day tomorrow.  Appointment at the Bank (sorry, just remembered that’s Thursday) and a load more stuff to move and sort out.  In between this, I have to go to the West End to pick up an extension computer lead (as I wouldn’t want any of you to miss anything!).

So, for the moment,


P.S. No prizes for guessing who spoke the immortal blog title line.

What A Laugh That Was!

Gareth is coming over tomorrow (today really as its now gone midnight), so I thought I’d post today instead as probably won’t get a chance tomorrow.  We have to finish off some important writing and I always take advantage of his fast typing. That might sound a bit ‘callous’, but its not really.  We both work together on things and I value his concern and advice… Its not that he tells me what to write.  Quite the opposite.  I show him text that I’ve already written, and ask him to correct it.  Or I might ask him if a certain reference or paragraph is appropriate, and he answers accordingly. 

What else?  I see that ‘bloody Cat’ is poking ‘sensuous fun’ ay my last Blog again.  You mention something in all innocence, and the wretched animal takes it the wrong way.  The girl did not have ‘snogging’ in mind; if anything it was only to come for a drink. 

I am moving into my finished back room in the next few days while my lounge is decorated.  The new carpet was laid this afternoon incidentally.

I only mention it because there is a slight possibility that I might be off-line for a few days.  No problem with the computer (or rather computers),  but there could be in connecting the relevant extension cables.  I asked one of the builders to drill a hole through the wall this afternoon (which he did) but I still have to get the right extension cable.  Anyway, if it happens that I can’t get it in time, you’ll know why.  Don’t really care as I could do with a few days off; but just wanted to tell you in advance in case the worst happens.  If it does, I won’t be ‘on holiday’ in Maidstone again (what a laugh that was!) but just won’t be able to get around to doing things in time.

Went into the bank today (my main one) to get a new account sorted out.  I’m just not prepared to pay the superfluous charges my old bank unexpectedly introduced.  Nor will I.

By the way, talking of formal things, I have a new BPOS secretary now.  Can I give her name?  No!  I just want to leave it until she consents to releasing it  first, and secondly, to give you all a surprise!  She is the official BPOS secretary now who will handle important Society matters.  I am still looking for a personal secretary though, to help with dictation or make me tea or coffee (or whatever).  So that position is still open for offers!

To get back to the writing . . . the new books are both going very well.  In fact, not far from finished.  I guess that will be when the fun really starts!  Mustn’t be frivolous as both books are very serious.  But I can just envisage one or two people taking exception to what I say.  Especially when this is made public in its entirety.  We will no doubt see, as its not long now!


A Long Wait . . .

Well, I really have had a busy day.  For once the builders didn’t disturb me much (except for waking me up earlier than required!) as they didn’t stay that long.  I really got ‘stuck in’ to some writing today.  Started around 3 and only finished less than an hour ago (about 1).  If I was actually getting paid for all this time, you know, I’d be earning a fortune!  But its all in a good cause for the books.

I had to do a load of printing as well so I went up to town around 2 to buy a couple of back up ink cartridges.  Very pretty girl with blond hair served me (only around twenty I would guess).  I asked her if they were still doing special deals on the cartridges – you know, buy two, get the third free.  She said that had stopped until next month, so I said well, I’ll still buy two ‘cause I need them.  Paid, and put my small bag of beers on the counter whilst doing so.

As I was leaving, I suddenly remembered the beer so I just said . . . “Mustn’t forget the beer”!  She said . . .  “That’s what I could do with after work, its been so close in here”.

I said . . . Well, you can join me if you want to!”.  But then I left it as I had the distinct feeling she was about to say ‘yes’.   It was only said in fun, and I regretted it later for not pushing it.  But I really did intend to work, so I made no ‘advances’!  Still, I know where she works now . .  so perhaps next time!

I really don’t want to sound arrogant, but sometimes, I seem to have some incredible effect upon women.  Its never planned, it just happens.  At least with some!

What else?  Well, I made it to the post office before this to collect my mail.  Nothing special, but one letter really annoyed me.  It was from my bank – or one of them.  You have incurred another ₤10 charge as your account has been inactive, it said.  I went to the bank and asked them why.  New rules, they explained everybody has been notified.

I said, well, if I have been notified, it was only in the small print of some of the gumph you send out – you should have written me a personal letter.  “I’m sorry”. She said,  “but it applies to everyone”.

“Not to me”, I said, “As from now I’m closing that account, and won’t be paying it”.  She winced; none the happier as I said loudly . . .  “There’s plenty of other banks around, you know”!

I sometimes wonder why it is that large establishments get so greedy.  It not the ₤10  (twenty in fact) just the principle.

So, after that bit of excitement, I came home, and started to write.  One bank less, but nevertheless, I was none too bothered.

Well, apart from that, nothing today really.  But you know it never ceases to surprise me about  the private interests from some people reading my Blog.  I am sure most are genuine (and I always reply to those), but I am sure some are not.  You can usually tell when people steer their questions away from generalities to asking about specific things or people.  I rarely answer such points.  I really don’t have the time to play ‘silly games’ with people who cannot be straight-forward.

I just like people to be REAL.  I just can’t stand the devious or insincere one’s.

So those of you waiting for any reply – you might just get a long wait!

Anyway, that’s just about all for now everyone.  Bles you K. by the way,  I haven’t forgotten what you said.

For now,


Looking Forward To That . . .

I didn’t have much to do today.  The workmen have gone till Monday so could get on with some more writing without any distractions.  I’m surprised at how much I’ve done so far – its surprising how it adds up.  Gareth’s help has been invaluable in ‘speeding me up’.   He might suggest some incident that I left out of the first book (Dark Secrets) and he usually persuades me to include it.  I just say OK, but I’ll just tell you and you can type it verbatim.  He does; then all we have to do is go back and check the grammar.  (There aren’t many mistakes anyway as he’s a far better typist than myself).

Anyway, I’m still well ahead of schedule even in all the ‘disruption’.

Talking of which, I’m well on the way to getting an up to date kitchen now.  The old one really was a bit ‘grotty’, but having said that, it was not really my fault ‘cause of all the other mess.  If people literally almost ‘demolish ‘ a house and you’re left  with nowhere to put anything, then what do you expect!?

Karen is coming over tomorrow afternoon and I’m looking forward to that.  I think I’ve been ‘good’ lately, so don’t expect to get told-off about anything!  I feel quite relaxed with her and we can talk about many things.  Not what the weather’s been doing – but important things.  She listens; and in turn I listen to her advice.  She’s very excited about the books and keeps saying not to leave anything out – a bit like Gareth in that regard. I keep assuring her nothing will be, and it won’t!

I’m hoping she will be pleasantly surprised when she sees the new kitchen – even though its not finished yet.

Letter this morning enclosed a long over-due cheque.  Quite unexpected (I’d just about given up on it) so that will cover the new carpet.  If people paid me all the money they owe, then I would be really closer to getting a little richer!  But then, who really cares.  I have never really given that much importance to money.

One thing the kitchen work has done, is to get rid of the family of mice.  I suppose they’ll just have to find somewhere else now where food is more accessible.

And that’s really it.  We’re into the early hours of Sunday, and I’m seeing Karen tomorrow so I really mustn’t stay up too late.  Definitely not all night again anyway!

For the moment,




Better Get On With It . . .

As many people will have gathered I am having building work (heavy building work I might add like re-plastering walls and ceilings) but I am pleased to say that my large back room is virtually finished now.  I mean, finished from the point of view of the main work; not in regards to me refurnishing it.  I have ordered a fitted carpet for early next week for a start and then I’ve got to see about getting a new table   The beautiful old mahogany one I had finally fell to bits and I had to agree to send it to the ‘table heaven’.

That was last week.  Its quite funny really as one of the builders came in and said . . . “Och do ye want me to throw that table ooot because its got woodworm in it”.  (you might have gathered, he was Scottish!).   “Yes, just fling it”,  I told him.

I really couldn’t be bothered to argue but there wasn’t any woodworm.  What had caused the damage was it a deluge of water and wet plaster burying it in 2002 when part of the ceiling fell down in 2002.  Woodworm?  I thought they only lived in dry conditions!

Its really strange seeing the room so empty and hearing your footsteps echoing around from the bare floorboards.  Its size is even more apparent now and I’ve made a resolution not to let it get cluttered up again.  Its strange standing there in the quietness; just looking at it and picturing it how it was . . .

I remember thinking how some rooms seem to be almost ‘individual’ with a life entirely of their own.  Its almost as if the walls have their own memories and relay these for you when they know you’re giving them some attention.  Silly?  Not so sure.  So much happened in there that the memories would have to go somewhere.  And where else could they feasibly go really other than to remain in the room?  I have always been fond of that room.  It is almost as if it ‘speaks’ to you as an old friend to give you back the memories.

My God.  There really are enough of those, but some are not re-printable here!  Well, it always was a bedroom (and will be again) – just put it like that!

Anyway, that reminds me.  I may well be forced to get another double bed.   The other one broke in half while being cleared out.  Might just leave that for the moment though to save expense (its TRUE, have you ever seen a rich witch?!) and just try and screw the other one back together.  There’s still a lot of work left to do, but I’m getting there . . . slowly.  (My God, I keep talking about getting a new secretary; I’ll need another wife if things keep going like this!).  On that point in parenthesis, anyone got any offers?!  Applicants should have dark hair, be sweet, loving and gentle and – most importantly of all – be prepared to put up with a total failure who still can’t stop smoking!  Only joking!

On that note, I suppose I’d better finish for today.  Loads more writing to do tonight, so I’d just better get on with it!


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