July 2008

Road to Nowhere (Part Two)

Well, this is all you’re getting for the moment  folks – or I’ll have K. onto me (and others) saying I’m giving too much away!  Its not much really though; just one short episode in my life which contributes to the main story.

Anyway, this stuff has never been published before, as I said.  So I am just treating ‘loyal’ readers here to a small advanced preview..  Hope you enjoy it for what its worth . . .


But my adventure was only just beginning and Id survived the first hurdle, not yet completely away, but out of their immediate clutches.  I knew I must now be especially alert and keep out of sight, because the search would be on and even nearby farmers probably alerted.  A more chilling reflection was that hoards of screaming zombies would suddenly come charging over the horizon; all given special permission to break bounds, and dispatched in all directions with instructions to find and report at all costs.  Of course, this was highly improbable, especially in view of the fact that it couldnt have been much past five oclock; but the thought alone gave me enough incentive to head quickly for Pulborough with the intention of slipping quietly through its sleeping civilisation, to be safe from the threat of any immediate detection.  In fact, it was nearer than I thought, and in less than an hour I was at a round stone bridge which led the river around the town.  Cautiously, I emerged and checked a signpost; then, to the sound of an echoing church clock, ran along a main road for several hundred yards to another one in the distance which I prayed would herald a tiny road, safe from traffic.  In fact, it was a narrow lane and, with a sense of relief hurried on, protected by high banks and early morning mist.  It was six oclock and I intended to walk furiously until lunchtime, ducking off the road at any sound of traffic.  That I was fairly safe was verified by the fact that the road was not even marked on my map although distant place names on other roads showed I was in the right direction.  Passing through villages, I would act casually, sauntering leisurely and perching the bird on my arm to distract from obvious identification.  (Apart from this, for the sake of speed, I kept the bird tucked under my jacket.)

I entered a remote village store and bought some such need food and milk.  Packing a carrier-bag, I learned that Horsham was not much more than ten miles away. 
         Fairly tired from my long walk, I found a sunlit glade and settled down to eat.  The bird went into ecstasy over the milk, and made gigantic holes in a tomato I thought was hidden.  Wandering freely on the ground, it made no attempt to escape; in fact, it would follow me everywhere even if I pretended to walk away.  I rested for a couple of hours  before beginning the long trek to Horsham.
         The road was ideal, being practically deserted, and several hours more brought me within two miles of the town.
         It was dusk, so I decided to settle down for the night rather than risk getting lost or spotted among dazzling lights and buildings.  It was a dangerous time, when little boys were all too conspicuous in a grown-ups world,  and I wanted only the solitude of the night.
         Off the road, I found a disused hut and set about making a bed amongst the disused rubble.  The place had obviously been used for storing fruit or vegetables for small wooden crates and sacks were piled against the walls.  I arranged these to seal off a corner and, using sacks to lie on and for covering, lay silently to await the approaching night.  The bird perched with ruffled feathers a comforting shape in the darkness and beyond, stars glinted in a clear sky which gave the only light through a single window.
         I looked at them, intently aware that these seemed to hold a million secrets, and house strange beings that were way beyond the world of school and everyday understanding.
         Such beings must exist somewhere, I reasoned.  And surely if they did, they would have to be superior to the lowly humans who pursued worthless knowledge and neglected their children.  But if they existed, they were too far away to help; I was on my own on this tragic earth and there seemed nobody to help.
         But I knew that, apart from these, there must be God and the kindly Goddess that I had been assured watched through the night over people and all Nature.  I could sense her somewhere in the distance telling me not to be afraid because She, alone, understood how I felt and the wrongful way in which Id been treated.  I must trust Her because she did care and I must try and understand this as imparted by my mother.  She was not dead, but with Her in distant glory, wanting just to show me she shared in my sadness.  I fell asleep content.  A whole new world was breaking all around, and I was glimpsing a Truth that lived beyond the world with all its petty miseries.
         That night, I awoke to the sound of thunder rumbling ominously in the distance.  There was no rain but lightning lit the hut, and I quickly noticed some dark figure standing in a corner.  I watched intently thinking it could be some uninvited tramp who had come in for shelter.  The next flash of lightning revealed it was still there; unrecognisable, but it was definitely the shape of a motionless man.  The next flash of lightning revealed he had gone, but he had done so noiselessly and I was concerned he might still be inside the hut.  Switching on the torch, I dubiously scanned the hut, but saw that it was completely empty.
         I contemplated leaving and risking the storm,  but I had the torch and it was not long till daybreak, so I snuggled back between the semi-warm sacks; relieved the figure had gone, but aware that out of all the deserted huts in Sussex, I had chosen one that might have been haunted.
         The sky eventually lightened and, cramped and stiff, I got up to await the sunlight.
         I ate the last of my sandwiches, and crept towards Horsham, aware that this large town presented a real danger of capture.  It was not so much the police that concerned me (Id hardly considered the fact that they might have been alerted), but a terrible vision of officials or prefects from the school pouncing on me at the station.  Luckily, nothing of the sort happened and I slipped on a train and invited little more than amazed looks from some people at the tame bird quietly perched on my shoulder . . .

David Farrant


Road To Nowhere

SO MANY PEOPLE  keep asking me about the books that I thought I’d put up a very short extract from the new autobiography here.  It concerns the time when I ran away from school after my mother had died at the age of 13.  

 I in fact wrote this whilst ‘on holiday’ in 1975 but have just ‘re-found’ the original manuscript (or part of it) buried in a cardboard box.  (At least one good thing that has come out of all the building work!).  I believe I left I left several large sections out of the manuscript when publishing “Dark Secrets” in 1999 as I considered them to be a little too personal and long.  (The following chapter tells of my expulsion from a private school in Weymouth in 1961 for refusing to get my hair cut and for dating girls outside of school hours – Cat might love that!).   K. and others have told me that all this stuff must simply ‘just go in’.  And so the whole lot is being included.  But NOT here.  I am not serializing any of the book expect to give a short extract (and even this I have divided into two short parts) just to satisfy all the ‘nagging’!  Then you will all just have to wait for the finished publication later in the year.  The new title will be different, but that remains a closely guarded secret!   The new book will contain some 450 pages, but all you are getting is just 5 or 6 A5 pages here – and even these have been edited here so space purposes.   Anyway, here are the short passages . . .  


 I left one afternoon after lunch on an open sports day which Id avoided participating in by feigning illness.  My pockets were stuffed full with food and other survival items such as a tattered ordinance survey map, a torch and a compass (borrowed courtesy of the scouts), and I had saved up about nine shillings in pocket money.         

Because of all the activity, I knew that I would not be missed until 6 oclock at supper and even then my absence might just be attributed to the fact Id signed in as being sick.  I knew no real alarm could be sounded until I might be missed at lights out at 8.30 in the dormitory.  By that time, of course, I planned upon being miles away.         

I slipped into the dense woods and with the aid of the compass made roughly in the direction of Pulborough, the nearest large town some seven miles to the south.  (It was too risky to head northwards towards London at this stage, as I knew this was the area likely to be searched.)         

The school only lay less than a mile behind, when I was suddenly filled with a sense of overwhelming exhilaration.    Everything was so fresh and free’, and the woods themselves seemed to be transformed from formidable guardians of a prison into something warm and welcoming.  The farther I went, the safer Id be; and I felt completely unafraid in the lonely expanse..         

 A little further on, a black feathered mass fluttered desperately at the foot of a bush..  A baby rook had fallen from its nest high above, and panic had entangled it in the undergrowth.  Apart from the loss of a few feathers, it was quite perky, but I realized that neither myself nor its parents could get it back to the nest to ensure its survival.  I picked it up and snuggled it under my jacket.  It wasnt afraid and when I stopped at the bank of a small stream for some food, it gulped down hoards of moistened bread and butter.          

Careless and light-headed, I wandered abstractively; so full of a sense of freedom that I scarcely noticed distance or the advance of valuable time that was supposed to protect my disappearance.  Id already decided to hide away in the woods when night came, but I was more comforted by the absence of people and gave little thought to my bearings.  (The woods were so dense I had to keep checking the compass to ensure the right direction.)         

Some way on I hit a river, and with refreshed confidence knew I could follow this across country as it led to Pulborough.  This twisted and glimmered in the retreating sunlight; through fields and leafy shadows, impervious to the two intruders who had stolen upon its territory.         

Night eventually threatened and I crept into an isolated barn to make a safe hideaway in the soft hay.         

The bird watched me acutely, pecking at my pockets for food, responding to any gentle stroking of its feathers.  I had no available water, so I had to first chew its bread, but it was indifferent and seemed to share my contentment of the quiet solitude.  The darkness lingered, but I had the torch and felt reassured.  I lay snug in the sweet night air and listened to the noises beyond my den: screeching birds and scampering animals; crickets calling and bats flapping wildly in the darkness; a thousand sounds of friendly Nature assuring me that I was not alone.        

   I awoke scruffy but refreshed; in a flash, back in the wild country and aware of  every potential danger of possible capture.  

David Farrant


We’ll Just Have To See . . .

Interesting phone call earlier from a friend who’d just got back from a short holiday and ‘caught up’ on my last Blog.  She told me a little about their holiday then asked if I had considered putting up a couple of pages from my new book.

Well, no, I haven’t really considered it as us authors are always ‘guarded’ about putting up ‘pre-release’ material before it has actually been published.  Its not as if anybody could possibly ‘steal’ anything as all the material relates directly to myself; its rather that I’d just rather wait until the book (or books) have been released in hard copy before giving any ‘sneak previews’!  I don’t know.  Maybe one or two A5 pages of my new autobiography wouldn’t break this accepted rule, but it might be seen as boring if taken out of context to the rest of the story as it all happened.  And the last thing I want to do is ‘bore’ anybody!  I am talking about the autobiography here which will probably hit 450-500 pages.  That’s a lot, and she was right when she said that could not distract from the whole.  But I’ll have to think about it because I don’t want to incur the wrath of anybody without proper agreement and consultation.  (The person I have in mind doesn’t live that far away but her decision would be absolutely final!  Maybe she won’t mind – we’ll just have to see).

One thing is certain, however, this only applies (if it applies at all) to the autobiography.  “Pact with the Devil” is another book entirely and is so ‘dynamental’  (yes, I know that is not a proper word – but just read for that ‘dynamite’!) it cannot be previewed in any way until its release in hard cover copy. 

But regarding the autobiography: Maybe K would agree to a couple of pages – I really don’t know.  She’ll certainly know about the suggestion though as she reads my Blog methodically.

Lovely and hot again today.  I really don’t mind the heat; just an excuse for one or two cold beers!  It’s the sort of weather that encourages ‘skimpy’ clothing. And you know, I don’t mind that either!

So.  What else is there?  Nothing really.  Just loads of typed words waiting to be put onto paper.  And believe me, when that really happens, the word ‘dynamite’ will become obsolete in the dictionary!

Have fun everyone!


So That Still Stands

Yes, I know.  I’ve been a little slow again!  On the other hand, I think most people realize that I’ve still got all this physical construction work going on all around me which does make normal life a little more difficult.  Still, I have survived far worse conditions, so that will make no difference in the long run.

One of the books (my new autobiography) is not far off finished now.  But I will keep everybody updated on its progress.  It contains ‘brand new’ material – at least it contains old material that has never so far been published.  Its all original stuff that I wrote around 1975, but I excluded it from the first print of “Dark Secrets” as frankly it was too long.  Anyway, now its all going in (even some new “naughty bits” as the late Kenny Everett would say) so that might please some ‘Bonky people’ of this world!  I am not changing any of it (apart from bits of grammar) as its what happened at given times.  It would be ‘cheating’ to re-write history just to accord with feelings in the present.  Its as I originally wrote it, and so that still stands.

Its been a beautiful day, and I took full advantage of it by getting out a little.  I went to the Indian grocer to get a couple of cold beers and there was one old drunk causing trouble in there.  He said he had been short-changed; but I was not fooled by that for a minute as I’d seen him do this sort of thing before.  He ‘started’ on me just outside the shop and asked me for some money.  I looked him straight in the eye and said ‘no’.  He mumbled abuse and I told him he’d get more than money if I caught him insulting friends of mine again.  I think he knew I was serious so he ‘backed off’, but that didn’t stop him hurling abusive insults after me when I was a ‘safe distance’ away.

I could have gone back. But what was the point?  Some human beings are so far removed from reality, that they are just incapable of listening to any but them selves.  What a way to live!  Trapped inside a cage of your own hatred!.  I remember thinking . . . Thank God, I’m not like that!

Then home.  Loads more work (writing) and I’ve only just stopped for a short break.  (Hence this Blog).

My large back room is finished now, so the next thing is a fitted carpet.  Then I can start moving all the furniture back and make some more space in my lounge.  Got to get the double bed back in there as a priority.  Well, its always handy if you have visitors!

For the moment,


Wicca – Where To Begin!?

Quiet today, but an interesting reply here yesterday.  It was from my old friend – better say acquaintance, as there’s some things we just don’t agree about! – Hesselius, who challenges that interesting assertion that Wicca was really only a 20th century invention by people such as the late Gerald Gardner and the like.  That view implies that, if anything, modern ‘witches’ only based the doctrine of their (‘Wicca’) cults and covens on  modern interpretations  of much older fragmented and nebulous beliefs;  which were formulated under the heading “witchcraft” .but  which never really existed in times bygone before their founders  (Gerald Gardner in particular) declared  them to do so.

I hope I have summarized that correctly.  In other words many writers and others say that Wicca is only a comparatively modern invention (the 1940’s and 50’s to be more precise).

Okay.  That’s major view.  Personally I do not agree.  But let me reprint Hesselius’s reply so that everyone can be clear about what he stated or asked.

He said (quote)

            “David hi,

You wrote: ‘Now, Wicca, as many people might know, is an ancient religion or Knowledge system that predates Christianity by many thousands of years..’

With all due respect hasn’t the latest scholarship leant towards the conclusion that Wicca per se dates back to at the earliest the late 1940s/early 1950s and was largely a home-made religion created by Gerald Gardner from scraps of folklore, Crowleyan stuff, the ideas of Margaret Murray and so forth as the ‘Book of Shadows’ shows? Francis King in the 1970s also demonstrated how the Wicca which people in the 60s and early 70s thought was an ancient religion was in his view a modern invention…

I’d be interested to hear your views on this.

Hope this finds you well David and good luck with all your literary work at this time.

Best Wishes

Well, I’ll try and answer you simply if I can, Hesselius, but will have to leave many historical facts out, obviously, for the sake of time and space.  In fact, I am not even going to argue ancient or historical precedents; I can only talk from my own experience as a once member of my own Wiccan Circle.

Where to begin?!         

Well, I was first Initiated into Wicca at the age of eighteen.  It was by a dedicated Cult whose antecedents went far back into history – long before the time of Gerald Gardner.  (As a matter of interest, all the manuscripts I was given to study were authentic documents that had been passed down by families; and we were certainly discouraged from reading modern books on Wicca, especially the views of Gerald Gardner.)

What I am really trying to say here is – and as I have explained many times previously – is that Wicca is in fact a very ancient secret religion.  It had an Outer Circle (often confused by the ancients with Paganism), but it also had an Inner Circle, wherein most of its sacred doctrines were passed on or taught.

I realize I may have oversimplified this, and that many people might not agree (such as my friend Gareth, for example, who tends to take a similar view that this ancient Cult did not – or could not have had any authenticity before the later writings of people such as the late Alex Sanders and Gerald Gardner).

I explained, when challenged by people in the audience on the Robert Kilroy-Silk programme, on June 21st 2001, that Wicca was an ancient religion that predated early Christianity by many thousands of years.  I gave two simple examples: the early Christian church had ‘stolen’ off much earlier Wiccan creeds and doctrines.  I said that the whole conception of Christmas had been based on a wrongful misinterpretation of the Winter Solstice, which was – and still is – an ancient Wiccan ceremony.  We of course have the modern day interpretation of this by the Christmas tree, mistletoe, and holly.  In Wicca, these evergreen plants and trees were used to symbolize immortality.

Again, I gave the example of the Easter Egg, where Christianity had ‘stolen’ an important date in Wicca to symbolize – or celebrate – the death and resurrection of Christ.

In fact, this particular ceremony has long been celebrated in Wicca as a fertility rite, but was ‘taken over’ by the early Church – hence the modern, if not erroneous, introduction of Easter Eggs.

I could go on and on, Hesselius, but I really cannot agree with the modern assumption that it was Gerald Gardner and people such as Alex Sanders who began the modern witchcraft ‘fad’.

No.  Wicca is in fact a secret ancient Knowledge System, that was misunderstood (mainly by the early Church) in its time, and is likewise misunderstood to this day.

Hope this answers your question – although I don’t suppose it will!

For the moment, David.

An Unprecedented ‘Rebellion’

You know I am so often asked about events in my past, and the questions invariably relate to events in my life that have been reported by the media.  I suppose that makes sense really as generally people would be unlikely to know about much else.  But in reality only a very, very few people know anything about my private life, and even then, it is only the result of what I want to tell them.  I am talking about deep things here not everyday material ones.

No it is a fact that most of the things I am asked relate to events that have surrounded myself,  or about things people have said about myself.

One of these events (think a better word would be ‘episodes’ really) dates back to 1978 when at the age of (guess!) I tried to become an MP and stand at the general election for the “Wicca Workers Party” (WWP). 

Now, Wicca, as many people might know, is an ancient religion or Knowledge system that predates Christianity by many thousands of years; and which taught the importance of understanding the Laws of Nature and Ourselves in relation to those Laws governing the universe.

Unfortunately, this religion was much misunderstood by the early Church who later were to equate it with witchcraft and persecute its followers (hence the bloody witch persecutions of history).

I was initiated into Wicca when I was but 18, and underwent further Initiations not many years later.

Then, in 1974, I found myself at the centre of a ‘witchcraft trial’ (as it was referred to in the media) for offences relating to the occult – offences which, in fact, I had not committed.  Nevertheless, I was sentenced to prison for these alleged ‘offences’, even though in reality they were basically the result of vandalism and had nothing to do with ‘witchcraft’ or the occult.

Whilst in prison, I continued to protest my innocence but, in so doing, I refused to give up or abandon those principles which I’d been faithful to during and after my long  period of learning and subsequent Initiations. 

This, in turn, brought me into great conflict with the British government (who had refused to register me as a member of the Wiccan religion) and led to my taking the UK government to the European Commission of Human rights over many aspects of my case.  I won.

Because of my treatment in prison (not from the other prisoners but by the prison authorities) which was upheld by the Home Office and the UK government itself, I determined upon my release to publicly ‘fight back’ against all these injustices and – although not remotely interested in politics – I did so by forming the Wicca Workers Party and ‘forcing’ certain policies upon the UK government.

It was my way of showing that I would fight against all forms of religious persecution.  And I did so with a vengeance.

One of the main policies in the manifesto was to make Wicca the official state religion.  To this end I called for more power to the Monarchy and a ban on communism, which everyone knows is opposed to any belief in God or religious worship.

I had explained at my Trial that Wicca had nothing to do with black magic or Satanism and that I saw nothing wrong with natural sex, but this soon came to be distorted by the media and there followed accusations of holding ‘black magic orgies’!

My reaction to this was fairly immediate.  In the manifesto, I called for a ban on the persecution of prostitutes and to leagalise state brothels.

I also made a pledge to bring England out of the Common Market as I saw this as a potential catalyst for spreading communism in Europe.

All this, of course. Did not go down too well with those commonly accepted values in society, and gave the Press a ‘hey day’ to counter my potential political policies.

I didn’t really care.  I only intended to make my point.  And in retrospect I think I succeeded!

It may have been an almost unprecedented ‘rebellion’,  but then I had spent two long years in prison for offences of which I had not been guilty.

My only ‘offence’ – if any – was to fight against bigoted persecution.  This was the main theme of my defence in Court.

It still remains so today.

That’s all for today everyone.

For the moment,


That Divine Gift Of Life

So where are we now . . . July 13th.  And its two and a half hours into a Sunday, would you believe!  Not my most favourite day of the week, but at least its normally peaceful!  No excuse for not writing.  Which reminds me Matt, I REALLY will answer your query about the “Wicca Workers’ Party” next time.  There’s no evasion here, believe me: I’ve just been so over-run with other matters. If its not one thing, its another at the moment.  Mostly ‘physical distractions’ which have prevented the usual quick responses.  (Well, lets face it, I usually respond quite quickly normally, so don’t need many apologies there!).

K. might dispute that a little; but if I listened to her, I’d be writing 24 hours a day.  (No offence sweetheart!).

No.  Things have really been a little ‘disruptive’ lately.  I don’t want to go on about it – and I won’t – but I am working – or trying to work – under appalling conditions at the moment.

The kitchen has been cleared out and the mice have really gone.  But so has my gas and electricity in there (and water and sink) which makes life a little difficult.

Well I guess it’s the usual day of rest and worship (for a few people).  Some just take it easy; a few others might attend Church to ‘satisfy their souls’ to curse their enemies in the process!  Well, this really happens believe it or not.  Not usually by the priests or chaplains who remain genuinely good people, but by some who take refuge under their roofs’ to expand their worship from its given purpose into pleading God to grant their personal wishes, often – or usually – at the expense of other people.

Anyway, that is why I have always avoided places where people assemble together to ‘worship God’.  I can do this simply in my own way without any scriptures to help me.  Its only really a question of being in tune with the Greater – then the ‘lesser’ (personal human wants and desires) simply disappear. 

To come into contact with Divine consciousness (not imaginary contact but REAL contact, is really a marvelous thing) and this can be done anywhere, and not just inside churches.

God gave us all the gift of life.  How can we know that?  Quite simply because we are all alive.  Indeed, without that Divine gift, none of us would be here . . .


Touch Wood!

Well, its only July 7th – I think!

Bit of commotion with the builders this morning.  Woke me up at the unGodly hour of 9. 30.  Arguing about work needing to be done.  Can you clear your kitchen by Wednesday? they asked. “Yes”, I replied.  But only when if r when the back room has been completed first.

“But we need to have the kitchen cleared”, by Wednesday, they said.

Of course, that was really impossible, I explained.  But they said – they’re manager said –  if you can’t co-operate, its back to Court.  Well, just let them try!  After about 9 years of the nonsense,  I’m just about fed up with it.  And so it goes on . . .!

People can be really funny, you know.  Guess its because money is involved. That always makes some difference.

Me?  Very quiet night – apart from being so ‘rudely awaken’.  I mean, smashing part of the hall ceiling down so early, is not really that funny.

But they have painted  bits of it, so I suppose that’s something.

K. phoned me earlier to ask how I was.  ‘Fine’ I just told her . . . I always will be!

She knows about the ‘girl with no name’.  But only she does.  Nobody else.  That’s the way I intend to keep that – even if I said I wouldn’t mention her again.  She’s someone I can trust (as is K) but I’d never abuse her trust.

Well, everything has been really quiet lately – touch wood!  The usual emails and correspondence, but apart from that . . . nothing!

Can’t say I’m really bothered.

Just nice to have a quiet life sometimes!


One More Letter . . .

Almost Sunday again, can you believe it!?  Luckily we’ve got a day in-between, so I can keep off religion at the moment!  Probably best I do anyway.  I always seem to upset so many people when I go into my simple comments about Divine Existence.  I’m either ‘attacked’ because some people take it personally, or ‘attacked’ by the skeptics  for daring to suggest that Divine Intelligence might exist outside the scope of their material text books.  You really can’t win!

Anyway, who really cares? I guess.  You can only point something out.  If people can’t see it, then they just can’t see it!

So, without ‘edging back’ onto religious topics again, just what else have I got to tell you?

Not a lot really.  (Except, never mind Samuel!  Just because I mentioned a ‘small crush’ in my last post, does NOT mean I’m planning to get married!).

I saw Gareth this evening and we both wandered up the road at about 9.  I had been sitting up until about half eight this morning and did not wake until about 5 p.m. after that.  Then he arrived shortly afterwards and I told him I had to go out to get a few things and he came with me.  It was a lovely evening so I didn’t mind the short walk.

Phone call from K when he was still here.  I actually got ‘ticked off’ for an Internet post I’d made earlier.  It was all in a good cause, I thought, but she didn’t seem to think so!  You know not many months ago, I would not have taken too much notice of anybody – especially where my public writing is concerned.  But she really is special.  Too special to lose again after all this time.  I’m not saying for one minute that that would happen.  It won’t.  Only I just happen to respect the views of genuine people who probably care more about myself, than I actually do!

Anyway, apart from that its all been really quiet.  The usual emails, but I won’t bore you all with those.

I know I still have to reply to Matt, but that is really different.  He asked a serious question about my ‘political involvements’ in ‘witchcraft’, and that still deserves a serious answer.   I will answer that next time . . . I really haven’t forgotten – to quote my last title!

Well, apart from that, its all been quiet.  No jibes today.  But then the first time I ventured out was at 9 p.m. and that was with Gareth!

I’m not usually that bad  (and for me that’s really saying something!): just trying to get the two books finished.

They WILL be.  I can assure everyone of that.! Then I just can’t wait to start getting them out to interested people.

Anyway, its 4.40 now, and sleep is finally ‘nagging’ me.  One more letter, and then, bed!  I think I’ve deserved it!

For the moment,


Quite An Eventful Day

Its been quite an eventful day.

Had to be up early as had quite a few things to do.  I knew I probably wouldn’t make my first appointment at 10 so I ensured some alarm calls – and even with these, I very nearly didn’t!  That’s not really as ‘lazy’ as it sounds, for lately – and especially through the summer – I never get to bed until the early morning light reminds me I’d better get ready.  It was the same this morning.  Having a beautiful dream (up there on the ‘astral plane’, where else?!), then suddenly, the bloody phones start ringing!  I was almost annoyed, but I knew the caller meant well, so I eventually pulled myself out of bed.  Shirt and trousers on in a bit of a daze before I realized, ‘hell’, I can’t wear those, I’m supposed to look half presentable.  So had to change those.  Easier said than done when its so difficult to find anything.  That alone added about 15 minutes to the getting up process.

Splashed some water on my face and made some tea.  Was going to shave but didn’t really need to having done so in the early hours in anticipation.  Lucky I did, as there wouldn’t have been enough time.  Heard the ‘mice family’ scuffling about, but didn’t have time to give them much attention.

Arrived half an hour past the planned 10 dead-line.  But it was nice and warm out and I enjoyed the short walk, so I didn’t really care.  Anyway, I wasn’t really that restricted as I normally make my own ‘time’,  and never commit myself to precise dead-lines.

Then, the post office to post a Recorded Delivery letter.  That was bad with queues out onto the pavement.

Then it started!  Some old nutter came up to me out of the blue and said . . . “Hello.  Have you met Count Dracula lately?”!

Everybody was listening as he was so loud so I just replied . . . “Yes.  I met him last night actually!”  More stupid talk, but that basically shut him up.  When people lke that try to embarrass me, they are usually disappointed!

Went to the bank after that, as had to draw some money.  More queues.  But I didn’t mind.  There’s a really attractive black cashier in there that I really fancy.

By now it was lunchtime,  so it was into the store to get some things for this evening.  Sitting outside on walls and benches were loads of school kids eating their own school dinners (don’t really blame them for that!).

As I passed through the middle of them I heard one girl say . . . “Look, it’s the vampire!”.

I pretended I didn’t hear.  But I couldn’t help thinking . . . ‘Its going to be one of them days!’

Back home, the phone went.  It was an old guy from Exeter.  He’d just found something rather nasty on the Internet about himself and wanted to ‘warn’ me because my name had also been mentioned.  I told him not to worry as everybody knew who the poster, or ‘posters’ were, and nobody really took them seriously.

Then I realized that five book orders were overdue, so they all had to be invoiced a sealed up, which took the best part of 40 minutes.

Then the phone went again.  Craig this time and he said he had some important news from his job about a certain individual.  So I told him to come over which he duly did a couple of hours later bringing a work-mate.  They gave me some interesting copies which they suggested should go in my next book.  I probably will include them, but I really have so much material now that it’s a slight problem to get more in – at least in this edition.

Few cans of beer (bless Craig! He always brings beer with his!) which took up another couple of hours at least.

Slumped back in the chair a little exhausted after my ‘early rise’ and then, yet another phone call from a local newspaper up North. About ‘vampire abductions’ in the Liverpool area!  Well, I couldn’t really help as I never read newspapers (unless something has been specifically bought to my attention) and I hadn’t heard anything about it

She sounded a little disappointed but then asked if there might be any connection with the ‘Highgate Vampire’!   There never was a ‘Highgate Vampire’,  I told her so I very much doubted that! 

A few more questions and she seemed to ‘cheer up’.  They were doing a separate piece about a few interesting ghost cases in the area, so would I mind if she contacted me again for that?  Not at all, I assured her.

Then K phoned about 11 asking me if much had happened.  Not much out of the ordinary, I told her!

For the moment,


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