June 2008

I Really Haven’t Forgotten . . .

Yes, I know!  Its really time for another Blog.  Time for me to think of something else to say – or more precisely, how to say it.  Its hard sometimes . . . its like staring at a blank piece of paper when you don’t really know what to put down; or similarly maybe,  like trying to write some daft essay you have to do in school!  (I remember all that stupid stuff well, but quite frankly, I’d rather forget it!)

But I’d better try.  I know you are ‘watching’ my progress now K. but please just bear with me.  Whoops! That’s a mistake for a start (but I’ll leave it because it was really unintentional) as I know some people really can’t abide the latter expression – Barbara for one.  No B, really not intentional, just came out as I am writing!  Anyway, I’ll soon enough get ‘told off’ by K about it if its out of order!.

Still in a bit of turmoil in my ‘multi-occupied dingy bed-sit’ as a few callous people have described it.  But work is progressing in the flat – its just that I’m a little bit restricted for ‘relaxation’ at the moment.  The sound of ‘chain saws and hammers’ really don’t help – but I’ve survived much worse than that!

And Matt, before I forget, I really haven’t forgotten your important query about the “Wicca Workers Party”.  It is an important one so I’ll do that next time.  Actually, its not really so important; only the way it has been distorted might be.  (Cooking by solar power and an end to the ritual slaughter of livestock being just two of the election promises.  I guess ‘he’ conveniently forgets to tell you all that!).

But its funny you know, how evil influences sometimes spread.  I guess some politicians do it all the time.  Problem is, I have never really been a politician.  A follower of life, maybe; but never that!

On that subject just briefly, its not so funny how evil influences can sometimes spread.  (Look at the world if you don’t believe me).  People can so often be deluded or wrongly influenced by the words or declarations of others, either for good or for bad.  Maybe that is just a part of the human scene (indeed it is).  But it can sometimes be bought home to you if or when it might happen personally.

I know one person, for example, whom I really trusted ,  that fell under the influence of such worldly negativity and evil.  Not their doing as such, but who became influenced by the false declarations of others in that it changed their spiritual values into total negativity.  That in turn changed their  character from a state of love  to one of hate.  (“Its a funny old world”, as I believe Margaret Thatcher once said).

No I am not a politician, Matt, but I just wanted to make that point.  I think politics can corrupt some people, just as some religious concepts can

I have often been asked about my personal reflections on this subject.

I think I may have summed this up best on a television interview I gave recently.  I was asked  for my political and religious views on life in general.

I just replied by saying . . . “I am just a disciple of Life”!

Answer your query in my next post Matt.  Thanks.

For the moment,


But People Still Dream . . .

Well, Midsummer has passed; they call it the Summer Solstice for the benefit of those who might not know!

Gareth came over tonight with a rather beautiful lady – but I will say no more about that, at the moment.  Except that he was busy last Friday with preparations for 21st, so made it tonight instead.

And I am trying to keep my promise to K  . . . That is just keep posting!

She is really a forceful lady (all grown up now) and seems to have – to some extent –  bought me  into realization  with her own concepts of reality.  She can never ‘change’ me (and she knows that) but she has made me think a little about the dangers of ignoring the material world – and the people in it..  There are some hateful people out there (as she keeps saying) just don’t be ‘too forgiving’.  Its only people that can attempt to ‘destroy you’, it is never ‘God’.  Well, I feel she is right there!  The only harm done to others (sometimes) comes very real human beings – ‘God’ has nothing to do with it.. (Although some particularly deluded people might imagine He has)..

Yes.  I agree with her. The problem always lies with human beings.  It never lies beyond that.  ‘Evil’, as such, only exists in the human world – never outside of it.

Try to be aware of evil without the human mind to be aware of it, and you will find that it just cannot exist – at least, no more than a human dream or any other human concept can.

Evil may be a reality in the human scene (which it is), but outside of that, it has no power or reality.  Only the human mind can give strength to, or nurture ‘evil’;  God certainly does not.  But people still dream . . .

Well, the mouse (or mice) are still here.  Living in their own little world no doubt; impervious to the human thoughts going on all around them.

For the moment,


Jailhouse Block

I am getting a little lazy and its no use trying to kid myself otherwise!  I admit that I have a good excuse at the moment with all this physical work and disruption going on; but its no excuse for me really by my usual standards.

You know, in 1974 I began a 2 year 8 months prison sentence for offences I did not commit connected with ‘witchcraft’ and the occult.  That is another story, but it remains the truth.  (I may  bought much of the trouble on myself by my very life-style but I did not commit the actual offences themselves).

The point is that while I was in prison, I determined to set the record straight and try and write  a book.  Let me re-phrase that: I DID write a book!  The word ‘try’ is really still applicable because it was not without much difficulty.

At first I tried to do it officially and I asked for permission.  ‘Yes’, the governor told me. “You can write a book but if its about conditions in prison or your continued attempts to dispute the Trial verdicts, it must be handed in here then sent to the Home Office for approval”.

Well, I was not having that!  In fact, it made me determined to include all the facts, including the active interest many of the inmates had in the occult and ‘witchcraft’ and my case in particular). 

But it was not easy.  All letters, including solicitor’s letters  (although I was later to bring about a change in UK law here) were censored and I simply could not have said what I intended to say.  So I was left to do it the hard – if not ‘dangerous’ – way.

The priority was to get the material outside of prison, but luckily I had two or three regular girlfriends still visiting me, so that was comparatively easy.  But I put much of the material in coded letters which went out officially; right ‘under their noses’, so to speak.

I simply told the people concerned to carefully keep the letters and I would re-copy them later.  It did not take the authorities to realize what I was up to and subsequently they kept moving me from prison to prison to make life more difficult.  (In all I ended up in seven different prisons!).  But it didn’t make any difference.  For what the authorities failed to realize was, was that I had many sympathisers  in prison, and may of these had visitors!

In fact, to digress slightly, this reminds me of a somewhat amusing story:

For whilst writing the book I was also writing unofficial letters  to try and prove my innocence.

One of these was to the late prime minister Sir Harold Wilson.  His then secretary Marcia Williams wrote back to me at the prison saying the prime minister was concerned about all the difficulties I was having with my case (I had explained that three police officers had committed perjury and should be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice) and would be looking into the matter.

Well, they ‘went mad’!  I was called up by the governor and asked how I had sent the letter.  Of course, I didn’t tell them but asked him if he intended to reply to the letter officially.  He was forced to agree, and I did.  And he allowed the letter which contained heavy criticism of the Court and the police illegalities.

Now, here is the ‘funny’ part!

Around the same time I also smuggled out a letter to Penthouse magazine containing an article about sex magic.  They didn’t use the article but rather foolishly sent the letter and the article back addressed to myself at the prison.

Well, I was called up again (the letter and my article were on his desk) and he wanted to confirm that the handwriting were my own.

Of course they were, I told him.  It was my article!

No exceptions were made here.  No ‘prime minister treatment’.  The article was confiscated and I lost 2 weeks remission!  and 1 week ‘down the block’ (Times surely don’t change!).

The whole point is, is that if I could write an entire book under those conditions, I can surely finish my current two with comparatively minor disruption here.

So don’t worry K.  I am getting on with it!

Matt asked me a question the other day about my ‘Wicca Workers Party” (when I attempted to stand as an MP in the general election in 1978).

I think this question is quite important and really deserves more than a limited reply.  I therefore intend to address it in my next Blog here.

I to the lady (Deirdrie I believe it was) with the query about ley lines; I did allow this but cannot reply because – to be honest – I can’t recall how far back it was.  Please ask your question again in a reply to a more recent Blog,  and I will answer it.

Now.  Off to get a couple of things up the road (nearly out of cigarettes) and back to work on the books!

For the moment,


Sleep Tight, Sweetheart!

Sunday again.  Day of rest.  For once I agree with that as its stopped all the mess of the builders!  And its given me a bit more peace for writing . . . and thinking of course as the two  really go hand in hand.

Got a little mouse living in the kitchen somewhere behind the wall. I half suspected I had ‘company’ a couple of months when I heard scratchings and slight noises in the night.  Nothing dramatic, just ‘rustling sounds’ mainly.  Didn’t take too much notice of it as I knew many old buildings have mice (hence the term ‘house mouse’).  It certainly didn’t worry me as I used to keep and breed mice as a child.  They were ‘tame’ mice admittedly, and I remember all the different shades of colours you could get by putting pairs together.  But I digress.

Then one morning about a month ago, I found a loaf of new sliced bread I had left on a shelf with an ‘eaten hole’ about a quarter of the way through.  And there were a few ‘calling cards’ near it..

Well, it was obvious it was getting ‘bolder’, which was slightly worrying.  I didn’t mind the bread, but I was well aware that mice have a habit of eating or chewing paper.

Now I have so many boxes of packed documents at the moment,  and I didn’t want these to be invaded by the ‘little creature’, so I resolved to keep a close eye on them.  (It would be tragic in I found any original letters had been ‘chewn through’, for example).  But I resolved to leave it out some old bread crusts, just in case it had other ideas in mind!

So far, its just been eating them, which really harms nobody.  Or didn’t, until about a week ago . . .

It was one afternoon, and I’d come into the kitchen for something or the other.  And what did I hear?  The sound of multiple squeaking, only faint but very distinct.

It didn’t take too much deduction to realize it had built a nest and had a litter hidden away behind the wall.  No wonder it had been so hungry!

Anyway, as long as they stick to their ‘bread diet’, I don’t really care.  If they invade any of my paperwork, I will seriously have to consider getting another cat, although there were no mice around when I had the last one.

I spoke to Colette for quite a long time the other night; or should I say very early morning.   She is still in eastern Australia but I really couldn’t remember the time difference.  I know now.  Its about 10 hours.  I was phoning about 4 a.m. in the morning so as it turned out, this wasn’t so bad!  Colette was my second wife for the sake of anybody interested!

She sounded a little depressed, but when I brought her up to date on a couple of things (I haven’t spoken to her since early last year) it seemed to cheer her up no end.  “I thought I had problems”, she said, “But compared to me its seems you’ve been to hell and back”!

In fact, I hadn’t really I had to tell her.  And the ‘good Lord’ had delivered me safely through all the lies and deceit.

Well, I realized it was a little too late to phone anybody else then (in England, I mean), so I think then I decided to go to bed.

It was nice to learn she was OK anyway – hopefully that I even cheered her up a little!

Anyway, here is my Blog post for today which gives a couple of more days.  So, as you can see K. I am heeding your advice, and trying!  Sleep tight sweetheart, by the way.

For the moment everyone,


The Source Of Evil?

Well, they’ve started work today, so everything is a little ‘upside down’.  Nothing has been lost, anxious people might be pleased to hear!, but many things are in bags or boxes but can pretty easily be re-found.  Some of the things I  ‘re-found’ are amazing to say the least.  Photocopies that people sent me over the years; photographs and letters – God alone knows how many of them – even some with pretty ‘dolphin notepaper’!

Anyway, apart from any disruption, everything is ‘still go’.  Luckily its warm again or that might have made it a little uncomfortable.  Couple of things to get up the road later,  not least a couple of beers to help wash down all the dust!  But I’m being serious.

There was a question a two days ago from my ‘double’, David, and he asked me this . . .

“With you “thanking God” in today’s post this has thrown up a whole raft of questions about your personal “religious” beliefs. I will not ask them in this reply at the risk of upsetting K (I would hate to slow you down on your book). I would be interested though when you get a chance to hear about your outlook on life. Or how your personal philosophy impacts on the world (meaning of course your “neighbours”).



I told David this was really such a ‘loaded question’!  I guess when you mention the word’ religion’, questions always are.

But I’ll try and answer simply:

In fact, I do not have any religion, as such.  By that I mean I am not a member of any cult of sect and neither do I adhere to the doctrines of the conventional Church – ANY church.  Which is not to say (indeed, as I have persistently pointed out) that I am an ‘atheist’ – indeed, I accept the existence of a Divine Principle, or ‘God’, but just refuse to follow ‘man made’ religion as this is so often practiced.  On this matter, I accept that Jesus was certainly one of the most inspired religious teachers mankind has ever known – or is ever likely to know of in this very material world.  What I reject is the way His teachings have so often been so misinterpreted by Churches set up, supposedly, with the purpose of following His original Word and teachings.  The main message in Christ’s teachings was that of Love – something sadly lacking in this God-forsaken world today, as it has been so in times past.  If there was seemingly one thing Jesus hated above all others it was hypocrisy and the false worship of the true Divine Principle, or God.  He was often harsh in His condemnation of this; that is, man-made laws and customs which, if anything, only separate men from the Source of all existence.

So ‘no’, I can say quite truthfully that I am not – or ever have been – an atheist.  I reject materialism in its physical sense and seek only to come to understand the real Cause behind it.

This is put very simply; but I think it sums up my basic ‘outlook on life’ (as you put it.).

Many years ago, I passed through – rather studies – many religious Teachings and philosophies.  But I was never entrapped by any of these; rather I just saw these as ‘stepping-stones – to something far greater.  I still remain totally unfettered by any religious Cults or Sects.  I have never been a part of any, nor would I ever be so.

I have often been criticized for denying the existence of the devil.  But such criticism has invariably been a misunderstanding of what I meant.

I have never denied the existence of evil in this world; only that it has some ‘supreme force’ of ‘intelligence’ governing it.  In other words, some ‘powerful outside force’ that ‘organises evil’ and waits for you in a fiery hell if you succumb to ‘its’ temptations.

This really is all nonsense.  There is no ‘fiery hell’ – or if there is at all, it exists in this material world today, not outside of it. 

So what is the source of evil?  This exists only in the human mind, surely?  If you remove the human mind – or thinking – evil simply evaporates, and you will not find any devil.

Of course, this can open up other aspects of the subject.  For while the devil might not exist, negative human thoughts and emotions definitely do exist; and not only exist can become embedded ‘in the atmosphere’ to influence, or be picked up, by susceptible people.

If you really understood what I meant by these two basic points, it would not really be necessary to explain any more!

I really have no philosophy in life other than this.

Seek out ‘God’, or that Life which is Divine, and there is really no need to do anything else.  Everything then falls into place automatically.

Well, I hope I have answered your question.

I have tried to anyway!

For the moment,

David (Farrant)

But I’ll Try

Well, 3 days has sped by, as usual. I sometimes wish man-made time would slow down a little and just give important things time to develop.  To take their own course – or whatever they’re supposed to do.  Me?  I don’t think I’ll ever change in that material sense.  I mean, let material time entrap me so as to become a slave to it

And it’s Sunday which everyone knows I’m none too fond of!  But it’s a warm Sunday, that’s something!

Craig gave me a call earlier and was telling me about his trip to Spain.  He had a good time but is glad to be back and told me he actually missed England at times (I wonder why? – but he didn’t say!).

Well, they’re finally scheduled to start work on my flat this week.  That should be interesting; especially as it will be doing done with some ‘reluctance’!  But if it hadn’t been for the long drawn-out Court proceedings, not work would be being done at all.

Basically it will mean (when its finished) that I can start using my large back room again – properly –  and not have it cluttered up with stuff.  The first thing I will do, is put the double bed back in it’ purely for the sake of visiting guests, you understand!  Well, you can’t expect people to sleep on the floor, can you? – although even that has been known!

I have done quite a bit of work on my next book “Pact with the Devil” today.  I promised K  I’d let her have the whole thing on disc which I will.  She’s seen it so far but says I haven’t ‘gone strong enough’ with all the facts, bearing in mind how many of these by twisted by ‘outside parties’ with the sole motive of ‘revenge’.  Revenge against what, I still really don’t know; guess it could have been some perverse desire to succumb to temptation from the powers of darkness, as that’s about the only thing that really makes any sense at all.

But you know, nothing really makes any sense with some people sometimes.  Maybe that’s the reason I’ve become all but a wary recluse – except with a small handful of trusted people.  THEY still can exist, thank God!!

Well, I really don’t know if I’ll be able to do a Tuesday Blog what with all this work schedule pending.  But I’ll try!

For the moment,


For Which I’ll Always Be Grateful

Its quiet, and I have nothing much to do – nothing urgent that is. So I thought I’d better post another Blog or I’ll end up getting ‘nagged’ by K again. (Sorry, K,, you know I don’t really mean it as your concern really helped me through some very unpleasant times last year; for which I’ll always be grateful).

But you know, I never know what to write about, until I actually start writing. News and events are easy enough; although I always try and pick ones which are relevant in some way and won’t ‘bore’ people. Private reflections and feelings are always more difficult; but I always just write and ‘go with the flow’ without really without thinking about it, and it must work because so far I’ve never deleted anything.

So then . . . news. Well its all been happening on the American Radio Forum. I kid you not! Someone is going literally ‘ballistic’ into trying to convince people I’m an ‘evil witch’; and what is funny is, the guy means this quite literally! He seems desperate to try and present me as some erroneous image he’s formulated in his own mind, and that must surely be symbolic of some serious mental disturbance. Good Lord! You know, I can seriously understand how they came to burn witches in the old days! I really can. As I wrote in one of my books, I think . . . “People may have become more ‘civilised’, although often the same deep-rooted fears of the unknown and unknowable remain. We no longer burn witches, that is true. But we think little, probably nothing, of attributing to them the same crimes and absurdities of which they stood condemned so long ago”.

I guess that says it all really. Fear of the unknown. It all comes down to deep-rooted fear and uncertainty.

Many people just ‘turn to God’ as a convenient escape. Nothing wrong with that except when they ask this ‘personalised God’ to take their side and ‘punish people’ according to their own personal desires; it remains just that; just purely personal. In fact, ‘God’ has no part in it, if they only but knew. That Divine principle which gave us all life – which brought us all into existence – could never harm Its own Creation. Only human beings sometimes try and do that.

It was warmer today. So I went for a fairly long walk; if for nothing else, to keep my newly healed foot on the move and discourage it from getting ‘poorly’ again. I don’t think it will now. Still got the smashed vertebrae in my back to contend with though, and that’s not quite so easy.

Still, I’m alive. That’s what really matters.

You know, I look around and see so many people worse off than myself. And it often makes me feel guilty for even mentioning such things as a ‘bad back’ or a ‘bad foot’!

Doing a little more filming tomorrow. That should be interesting – but I’ll tell you about that later.

So Karen, I hope your ‘long lost soul-mate’ is keeping his word now. I love you lots. Just regret I never really had a chance to tell you before. I know you know what I mean.

Well its two days off for me now – at least here except with replies to questions. I’m just watching the other saga with mild amusement. There’s not much else you can do really!

For the moment everyone,


Close Empathy

Had a late visit from K yesterday evening which cheered me up considerably. Not that I was really upset about anything, but just glad of the much needed break. We spoke about so many things; and she seems to know more about myself than I do. Whatever, we have a close empathy between us and it is not so surprising really.

We obviously discussed ongoing events, and she gets genuinely upset when she sees me ‘attacked’ elsewhere on the Internet. She is quite convinced that some of these people have a severe mental problem when it comes to believing in ‘vampires., and so on. Needless to say, she doesn’t!

On a lighter note, she knows Craig really fancies her. Its hard not to though, so I can’t blame her for that. She’s really attractive, and she knows it. But she never takes advantage of it. I mustn’t speak behind Craig’s back obviously, but sure its OK to tell you that.

The hours sped by, but I got her a taxi about 1.30 as she had to get up for work She doesn’t live so far away, and it would be even quicker on empty roads on an early Monday morning. She said she intended to come over more often. She said she had no need to get to know me – she already did do. But there’s a long gap for her about things in the past and she wants to know so much more about that.

I’m really pleased that she decided to come and live in London about a year ago and I hope she meets someone eventually who is really worthy of her and will look after her in the ‘big City’.

Well I see that bloody Cat has won first prize on the American Radio Forum. Much as I hate to admit it (and ‘no’ I’m not jealous!), the creature does possess a great deal of talent and wit. Just wish he wouldn’t keep using it against myself so much though. ‘Cheese-cloth knickers’, indeed!

I’m sure I told you this, but I’m glad to say my foot (well ‘feets’ really) are much better now, almost back to normal and I can fit my shoes on again. Actually, think I’ll stay in sandals now ‘till the end of the summer, for they’re just as comfortable. Especially the new pair I bought to support my feet when I had to. (£64 for a pair of bloody sandals, I ask you; still, it was worth it).

Oh. In case any of you were wondering, that double of mine (the one with the same name here) really is genuine. It really isn’t myself. I‘m not saying its his real name, but it sure as hell a’int me!

Well, K also told me that I mustn’t neglect my Blog, so as you can see, I’m not doing!

For the moment,


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